American Idol 2.0 Premieres Tonight On ABC: Week One: New York! New York!

American Idol 2.0 Premieres Tonight On ABC

Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com

On Sunday, March 11th and Monday March 12th, American Idol returns with a new image makeover when it premieres on the Disney’s ABC network at 8:00 PM. Week One will feature auditions held back on October at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

Here is the background information for those of you who are wondering how it transformed its image from Fox to ABC:

In early 2017, Variety reported that FremantleMedia was in talks to revive the show for NBC or for its original network, Fox.[1] A dispute between Fremantle and Core Media Group derailed these plans.[2]

Then, in May 2017, it was announced that ABC was making a bid to revive the program.[3] Later, ABC announced that it had acquired the rights to the series, and that American Idol would return for the 2017–18 television season.[4][5] On November 6, 2017, it was announced that the revival season would premiere on March 11, 2018.[6]

On May 16, 2017, Katy Perry was the first judge to be announced by ABC.[7] On July 20, 2017, it was announced on Live with Kelly and Ryan, that Ryan Seacrest would be returning as the host for the revival season.[8] On September 24, 2017, Luke Bryan was the second judge to be announced for the revival season.[9] On September 29, 2017, Lionel Richie was the third and final judge to be announced.[10]

On February 21, 2018, it was announced that iHeartRadio DJ Bobby Bones would be the mentor for the Top 24 this season.”

I kind of like the Sunday evening programming myself. And the inclusion of new judges should add to the revitalization process. (Source: Wikipedia)

We shall see how this all pans out in the end but I suspect the connection to Disney should be a good thing. However, it means that a younger line-up of singers will be a priority – of which I am ambivalent. I love the fresh, innocent faces but, at the same time, enjoy hearing the more seasoned singers.

As I am still on vacation until the end of March, I will be counting on your input more than ever. And, I apologize to The Voice fans. I totally forgot that the the show premiered last week. I will stay on top of it now and add another topic about The Voice tomorrow.

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24 Responses to “American Idol 2.0 Premieres Tonight On ABC: Week One: New York! New York!”

  1. I was leery about the new American Idol, but was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. My favorite contestants were the young girl who was really close to her father, the last guy, the guy who sounded like Sinatra, and the young guy who wanted an alpaca. Loved their voices.


  2. Roseanne, I was very sorry to hear about your vision problem. My best to you.

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  3. Thank you Louise. Still struggling here but thankful that my left eye is still working. Not sure if the right will ever improve. Things could be worse….


  4. I missed it. I cannot wait to hear these singers. That Sinatra guy has me intrigued.


  5. Richard Cramer March 12, 2018 at 8:15 am

    What a nice way to open the American Idol season with the opening scene and the monologue from Carrie Underwood…….. The show has made stars out of many….. It is still to early to judge the judges, but from what I can tell they are going to be refreshing…. Nice to see new faces and new constructive criticism……


  6. I only saw the first hour, and while I found some of the singers interesting (I liked the very first singer/songwriter girl), I found the editing confusing and sort of all over the place. Hopefully they’ll settle down as they go and realize that not everything HAS TO BE IN ALL CAPS EXCITING!

    (Also, whoever did Katy Perry’s eye makeup for Nashville needs to direct his or her talents to a different profession. I kept seeing this: every time I looked at her ( 😀 ) and was afraid some of those fake lashes were going to come off and poke her in the eye–I was so distracted by it I didn’t hear a singer Nashville contestant!)

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  7. The new show has a pretty familiar feel to it. Less clowning and less Ryan, but pretty familiar overall.

    My favorite contestant of the night was Alyssa Raghu, the 15 year old girl with that comfortable soothing quality to her vocals that was reminiscent of Norah Jones, even though she sounded nothing like her. I believe she will do well.

    I also liked the last guy, Dennis Lorenzo who did the Alan Stone song Unaware.” I may have been influenced by being an Alan Stone fan but I liked the guy and he did a good cover of the song.

    I enjoyed seeing the little girl from Kentucky who brought her super sweet little sister to the audition. Her vocal wasn’t that strong but she had an infectious likability about her that reminded me of Kelli Pickler.

    The Sinatra kid was fun as well. He was sort of a geeky kid with a not yet mature speaking voice but he had a great personality and brought each of the judges a pair of socks from his collection that suited their personality. The unique thing about him was the Gomer Pyle like quality he had when he transitioned from his squeaky speaking voice to his manly singing voice. He is a would be crooner with a decent sound but I think he is more of a novelty than a threat to remain in the contest. We will see.

    MCL, I’m sorry to read of the trouble you are having with your right eye. I hope that it will improve or that your two eyes will learn new ways to work together to minimize the effects of the problem. God bless you.

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  8. I think the judges have some work to do on their chemistry. It all seemed a bit too wooden out of the gate. When I think of how well the cast could gel I think of the voice. The conversation flow between the judges there is effortless. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but for the American Idol premiere I think they are still working out how it all fits together. Regardless, I’ll be watching.

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  9. I saw bits and pieces. Some of the clips I loved but others not so much. Hard to watch the show with a bunch of vacationing family members. I thought this was supposed to be JUST New York auditions. Wikipedia is turning out not to be a reliable source for information. Lol

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  10. Gene,
    I see that you also like three of my four favorites from last night. You always do a good job of remembering names and the songs they sing! I’m not nearly so observant. I just remember what is pleasant to my ears!


  11. Hi Elaine,
    I’m usually the same way as you, but I took a few notes on names last night.
    I first saw Alan Stone on the TV program “Live from Daryl’s House” w,here Daryl Hall invited both well known and new musicians to his home to jam with his band. It was a great show and most of his guest were worth the effort of watching. I think the episodes are still available on the web if you have never seen the show. Alan Stone was one of the newcomers that Daryl launched on his show and that’s why I recalled him and the name of his song.
    So which ones did you like?


  12. rereader, i had to really laugh at your link, regarding katy perry’s eye make up.

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  13. realityhottakes, you said ‘I think the judges have some work to do on their chemistry’. my hot take on that is, chemistry is something you have or don’t have, and it sounds like they don’t have it.


  14. i’m not going to watch idol. i had seen a number of ads for it and in those ads everyone seemed so young. reading your comments, that seems to be the case.

    i like the fact that ‘the voice’ has ‘well seasoned’ people, and young people and i will stick with ‘the voice’.

    i just watched this last season’s ‘the voice’. i rather enjoyed watching if after the fact, hearing the comments (like really early on blake saying chloe could win it all) and knowing who the winner would be. i didn’t know who else would finish where,

    i stayed away from any spoilers, but the winner was listed all over the place so i couldn’t miss that.

    i’ve always loved watching on itunes, and communicating here so i kind of missed out on that. i did watch itunes, and i knew chloe was doing very well, and i knew that a ‘guy with a low voice’ was doing well (the young cute boy with ‘the hair’), and they ended up being my favorites.

    normally my favorites leave sooner than that, so i was feeling good about the season. i then came here and read your comments. i so wanted to join in, but obviously, the show was gone and forgotten already. 🙂 that was kind of funny to me, since it seemed so real and present since i had just watched it.

    i just don’t have time to watch both shows.


  15. My night two favorites were Laine Hardy, the swamper kid that just liked driving his ‘chuck around burning gas, had a great raspy voice for a young guy.

    Garrett Jacobs seemed like a genuinely nice young man from a great family and a very nice voice to boot. He even called his Grandmother “Honey” cause she was so sweet.

    Then the guy that was hit by a car while riding his bike shortly after arriving in Nashville to pursue his dream of a career in music and was left paralyzed. This guy had a disgustingly great attitude and outlook on life plus the world’s greatest girl friend. I really enjoyed his audition, both his vocal and guitar playing were very solid.

    Katie avoided arrest for indecent exposure or child molestation so it was a pretty good night.


  16. Katy…


  17. One of my co-workers was telling me his opinion of the American Idol reboot this morning. His impression of the judges is that they are too goofy.


  18. I saw most of the second night of Idol and I have to say that someone needs to give Katy Perry a good talking to about sexual harassment, because she is in a position of power over these contestants and the very least you could say is that some of her playing around (if that is what she thinks she is doing) is exceedingly inappropriate.

    That said, the 27-year-old construction worker she was panting over does have a very interesting voice (I mean that in a good way) and is indeed exceedingly good-looking.

    The blond 15-year-old that we saw carrying a guitar and heard playing the piano has a voice years deeper and more mature than his whole geeky-looking self, and I’m with Lionel Richie, I really want to see what he’ll be doing in a few years and I’m very glad he’s going on to Hollywood.

    None of the women on night two jumped out at me.


  19. rereader,
    You said: “I saw most of the second night of Idol and I have to say that someone needs to give Katy Perry a good talking to about sexual harassment, because she is in a position of power over these contestants and the very least you could say is that some of her playing around (if that is what she thinks she is doing) is exceedingly inappropriate.”

    Maybe Ryan could talk to her! Ha

    I hold Katy Perry in pretty low regard.


  20. Idol Girl,
    I saw both shows and I think The Voice was a better show last night than Idol.


  21. Watched the third night of AI last night, and was relieved to see that they cut most footage of Katy Perry harassing male contestants…but I would be happier to watch the show if Lionel Richie was the only judge. At least he remembers that he’s the adult in the room–and it’s lovely when he slips in a bit of coaching.

    Otherwise…I don’t know why, but I’m just not getting invested in any of these contestants. Some have good voices–some surprisingly good!–but once they’re off the screen, I don’t care. Hmmmm.

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  22. I am still on vacation. So, everyday is a blur here. Totally forgot that the show was on. I will be back to normal next week ReReader. Sorry to everyone out there who are watching Idol.

    Also, I am with ReReader. I love Lionel but the other other two judges are a mystery to me. Not enjoying them at all.


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