Spoiler: ITunes Download Links For The Voice Season 10 Top 12 Singers

Here are the iTunes links for the Top 12, with special thanks to MJsBigBlog.Com for the info.  

Daniel Passino – Team Pharrell – Human Nature by Michael JacksonDownload from iTunes

Emily Keener – Team Pharrell – Lilac Wine by Jeff BuckleyDownload from iTunes

Hannah Huston – Team Pharrell – Something’s Got a Hold On Me by Christina AguileraDownload from iTunes

Laith Al-Saadi – Team Adam – Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King (Covered by Cream) – Download from iTunes

Owen Danoff – Team Adam – 7 Years by Lukas GrahamDownload from iTunes

Shalyah Fearing – Team Adam – Up to the Mountain by Patti GriffinDownload from iTunes

Adam Wakefield – Team Blake – Soulshine by Allman BrothersDownload from iTunes

Mary Sarah – Team Blake – So Small by Carrie UnderwoodDownload from iTunes

Paxton Ingram – Team Blake – Hands to Myself by Selena GomezDownload from iTunes

Alisan Porter – Team Christina – Stone Cold by Demi LovatoDownload from iTunes

Bryan Bautista – Team Christina – Kiss From a Rose by SealDownload from iTunes

Nick Hagelin – Team Christina – Mine Would be You by Blake SheltonDownload from iTunes

I am loving some of these songs, especially 7 Years – which was the theme song when I was on vacation in March. Don’t ask. You had to be there. Ha! 

Enjoy the show everyone and don’t forget to download the songs to support your favorites. Time to rally the troops to determine the best singer on Season 10 of The Voice. 

About Masterclass Lady

Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

26 Responses to “Spoiler: ITunes Download Links For The Voice Season 10 Top 12 Singers”

  1. My favorites were Team Blake, I liked all three of them! I liked Laith too…otherwise it was just a ho-hum night.

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  2. So, depending on votes, Paxton could be the one going home!

    I really like Adam, but do wish he would check his smugness at the door! I found him a bit arrogant last night!

    I didn’t think Nick’s song choice was the best, but, he is so gracious and humble, that I find myself liking him!

    APB – Gene, Don B, Louise, everyone, Where are you? Come back!

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  3. Hi Vonnie,
    Let me start by saying thank you for the kind words on the Idol thread. I love you too and will miss the Idol threads and chatting with you there. I have been covered up and haven’t had time to post but I have watched the shows and read everyone’s post.

    Last night’s show was pretty special for me. One guy playing killer blues guitar and singing Albert King’s Born Under a Bad Sign, another playing killer Hammon B3 and signing an Allman Brothers’ song, and and a kindergarten teacher doing Etta James. I’m ecstatic! Not to mention the show began with a Carrie Underwood song and ended with a Kelly Clarkson song. I must have taken a turn “there, at the signpost up ahead.”

    I think the fix is in for Honey Boo Boo but I would like to see Laith win. For a Blues artist to make it into the top 12 is pretty much like winning so I guess I’m happy with that accomplishment. This guy is the real deal. You should look at the list of musicians on his first album; pretty impressive. I like Adam, although last night seemed a little bit like a Greg Allman impersonation. I like what Mary Sarah does and I’ve been to the Boot Barn in Nashville for what it’s worth, but I thought she had a few pitch issues last night. I love Hanah. She seems like a young lady who went out with her girl friends and had one drink too many and decided to take on the karaoke machine, and was pretty good at it. I like fearless enthusiasm for performing and the contrast between her day job and the style of singing that she does. Emily is very enjoyable as well.

    All in, this is sort of a throw back season. I’m ok with that.

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  4. Gene,

    Hi there you! I thought you took your ball and went home! 😃

    I liked Laith last night too, I actually think last night was the first time that I really paid attention to him. He seems very genuine and musically knowledgeable!

    LOL, is Honey Boo Boo and Allison one in the same! 😃😜 If so, I found her to be to shouty for my ears to enjoy. I lost interest very quickly…I actually think Kata sang better and should have had her spot!

    As much as I don’t like it, I am too seeing the pecking order…I think the fix is definitely in for a Christina win this year! Blah!!!

    Glad you are back! 😃

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  5. Honey Boo Boo = Alison. She was actually Curly Sue, but I prefer the other name.
    Yeah, she over sings all of her songs.It’s like she is trying to hard. I thought she was particularly harsh in practice but sounded better on the show. I like her song choices, which, with the exception of last night, are songs that are in my collection from their original artist.

    The young girl that closed last night will be impressive with more experience. She tends to over do it a bit also.

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  6. BTW, both Scotty McCreary and Taylor Hicks were performing here Sunday night in two different small venues.

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  7. Lol…I like Honey Boo Boo much better!

    I do agree with you on Mary Sarah’s song last night! I heard what Blake was hearing, the restriction on the higher notes. I like her voice so much, it has a brightness to it that is pleasing to my ears, but not so much last night; she’s still one of my favorites. I think the right songs and she will go far in this competition.

    Did you go see Scotty and/or Taylor? I’ve seen Taylor, he puts on a great show, very bluesy/jazzy (if there is such a thing) and a lot of soul.

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  8. I like Mary Sarah a lot as well and the niche for traditional country is slowly developing so she may find an audience for what she likes to do. I’m surprised that her album of duets with Dolly and other country stars didn’t do better.
    I didn’t get to see either of them. I had seen an ad for Scotty coming a little while back but the place where we ate last night had concert posters on the wall and I noticed both of them were here. I guess it’s possible that their two tours may overlap elsewhere as well.

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  9. Hi Vonnie,
    I am so glad to read that you and Gene aren’t big fans of Alison. She’s good, I guess, but she doesn’t appeal to me.

    I guess Adam is probably my favorite. I like Mary Sarah’s voice, but haven’t liked any of her performances as much as I liked her audition.

    Laith is quite good, but I can’t see him winning.

    Saw that Taylor will be touring with Clark Beckham. That’s a show I could enjoy!

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  10. I’m really bummed that Emily was eliminated tonight. There weren’t any of them who were under performing to the extent that they no longer deserved to continue but this girl was such an authentic old soul with good musical taste and a real direction for such a young artist.

    I was impressed with Shalyah Fearing in the Team Adam group sing tonight. She had a great feel for a song that is probably from her Grandmother’s generation, her tone really cut through the rest and her ad-libs were very tastefully done.

    Louise, you captured my sentiments about Alison, “she’s good, i guess, but she doesn’t appeal to me.

    I also agree that Mary Sarah’s “Where the Boys Are” was my favorite of her performances.

    Nicholas David was the artist from a past season who was most like Laith, even though Laith is Blues and Nicholas was a Soul singer, and he was able to make it to third place, so he may do better than we expect him to.

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  11. Hi Louise,

    I agree too…she’s good, I guess, but doesn’t appeal to me! I feel the push for a team Christina win, and I think it will be Allison who is expected to clinch that win for her.

    I would love to hear Mary Sarah sing an Allison Kraus song, they both have that sound that is pleasing to my ears. I agree, song choices have been wrong for her.

    I would like to hear Adam sing, Simple Kind of Man and Paxton sing Wishing Well by Terrance Trent D’Arby!

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  12. Vonnie,
    The Voice app has a “suggest a song for a contestant” feature. You might give that a try.

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  13. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsUgh. Emily was sent home. Ugh. I LOVED her. Such style and substance in her performing style. Beautifully trained voice. I cannot stand the Instant Save. Still some great singers left and I do love Owen but I thought there were other singers that could have been eliminated before those two young artists. However – the viewers decide. What can you do?


  14. I don’t like (hate) the instant save either. The finishing order was already decided by the previous nights votes and iTunes sales and then in the last minute a small group gets to change that order arbitrarily. Emily was third in iTunes sales behind Adam and Alisan, not to mention she and Owen were four chair turns. She does have a lovely voice and good taste in music as well.

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  15. Oh good to know Gene. Must check that out and provide a link to the App in my next Voice article.


  16. The results this week showed that iTunes rankings aren’t a sure indicator of the outcome,

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  17. I think that iTunes only adds 10% to the votes, right?

    Yeah! I was going more by those yesterday, but I guess everyone who voted, doesn’t necessarily download music; I know I don’t anymore!

    When does America’s Got Talent start again; what is Simon Cowel going to be doing with it this season?

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  18. Gene,

    My son has been listening to Nahko Bear and Trevor Hall for quite a while now, didn’t know if you were familiar with either of them…his hippy is showing!!! 😜


  19. An iTunes download equals one vote. If a contestant makes it into the top ten on the iTunes top 200 chart at the close of the voting period, their votes generated through iTunes sells are multiplied by a factor of ten, so 100 sales equals 1000, votes, 10,000 sales equals 100,000 votes. These votes are in addition to votes generated through all of the other methods.The top two contestants sent through to the next round were the top two in iTunes sales but they were the only ones who charted in the top ten and got the multiplier.

    In past seasons you could pretty much look at the iTunes chart, even beyond the top ten, and see the likely finishing order. It makes sense that someone willing to spend actual money will take another minute to vote by one or more of the simple methods available to them. It is an unusual contestant who generates actual sells at the third place level but only generates enough votes for a twelfth place finish. Getting a dollar out of someone’s pocket is much harder than getting a click from them.

    What is particularly odd to me is that The Voice has established a system where a last minute twitter vote trumps an invested iTunes sale vote. Who is more likely to follow their artist, buy their future work and go to their concerts? Twitter’s sponsorship dollars are more important than the future of the Voice artist. It could be the now homeless “cute guy” Idol voters have found a new home at The Voice.

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  20. I’m stumped by those two names but I will heck them out when I get a chance

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  21. Thank you MCL…Just read that Simon Cowell is taking Howard Sterns place on AGT, that Howard has left the show!!!🙀

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  22. Completely heartbroken to hear of the passing of Prince! The hubby and I got to witness this brilliant artist in the 80’s, what a concert he gave! He was so far before his time! 😢

    I remember him mentoring on idol, I was so excited to see him on there!

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  23. Oops! Didn’t mean mentoring, meant performed; I do remember it was not without controversy, but he did end up releasing a song for Melinda Doolittle to sing, right?

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  24. Vonnie – I just came in the door and heard the news. Completely flabbergasted. I am writing an article now – don’t know where to start quite frankly. I remember him on Idol. Sweet, talented man.


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