Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 7 Of The Voice: The Top 5

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I am late adding this topic. ‘Tis the season and all that.

So, what do we have here? An all-male Top 5? This is unprecedented for The Voice where, in past seasons, the mix of genders was somewhat even.

Here is the breakdown of the remaining singers:

Team Adam
Chris Jamison
Matt McAndrew

Team Blake
Craig Wayne Boyd

Team Gwen
Taylor John Williams

Team Pharrell
NOBODY! Wow. I did NOT see that coming. His team seemed so strong.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday, December 8th and 9th at 8:00 PM on NBC.

Please add your comments and recaps in the comments section – let’s dig deep together and really analyze the performances together.

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18 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 7 Of The Voice: The Top 5”

  1. There were some VERY strong performances tonight! I was quite impressed with most of the remaining guys. I have no idea who will win this season, and honestly don’t have a favorite. They’re all good, in my opinion.


  2. wow, i just checked itunes. absolutely amazing!! craig wayne boyd’s Old Rugged Cross is at number six. i had thought that song might not be the best choice for itunes et al, but wow!! i loved blake’s response to him, knowing how happy craig was to fulfill a dream, singing that with strings and orchestra. i’m blown away, number six in that short period of time, really, the show just ended two hours ago.


  3. i’ve not been particularly turned on with Chris Jamison AT ALL. but his (and the show’s) final song tonight really perked up my ears. i was impressed!


  4. now craig’s Old Rugged Cross is at #4, 2 1/2 hours after the show ended. i bet it goes to number one very soon. what i forgot to mention earlier…craig was gotten rid of TWICE. if it were not for the save/steal, he would be history. gwen stole him, gave him a makeover, and the rest is history. what an amazing story. and he looks so good now. he really does seem like a nice, genuine, guy.


  5. so, does anyone watch ‘the sons of anarchy’? while matt was good, and seemed to stir up the audience, and is at number 8 now, i note the ed sheeran’s original version is at number 5. i played it and really like the version better and may just buy it. and i have to check out ‘sons of anarchy’ just to see what it is about.


  6. matt sang ‘i still haven’t found what i’m looking for’ and that was ‘fine’ but i’ll never forget the version sung by a norwegian plumber on ‘world idol’. everyone thought kelly clarkson would win world idol and that norwegian plumber walked away with it. i thought his version was better than the original u-2 version. that was the day before quick and fast downloads. i went through great trouble to buy the norwegian plumber’s album. i was a bit disappointed. again, that over-produced thing.

    i should be in bed, what on earth am i up for?? 🙂


  7. I think Damien and Taylor will be cut tomorrow.

    Maybe we can get one of the girls back into the Top 4 with the wild card. CWB’s “Old Rugged Cross” was outstanding.
    Like you Hunter, I haven’t gotten Chris at all this season but I thought he was very good tonight. I think Matt had the best night from both a vocal standpoint as well as performance style. He was very believable as a pro performer. Craig’s Vegas style arrangement of Working Man’s Blues” ruined the song.

    I enjoied seeing Ashley Monroe on the show tonight. She does another duet with Blake that’s pretty funny titled “You’re Not Dolly, You’re Not Porter.” For anyone who enjoys traditional country music I would recommend her album “Like A Rose” that was produced by Vince Gill. Good stuff.


  8. I agree with Gene about Craig’s version of “Working Man’s Blues.” Did not like that at all. But he was spectacular with “The Old Rugged Cross.” It reminded me of the “moment” Bo Bice had on American Idol when he sang “In a Dream” a capella. Craig really stunned me when he did ORC last night.

    I also absolutely loved Damien’s first performance. Wasn’t watching, but heard him and I had to watch because it was so beautiful. And Chris Jamieson has really grown on me during this competition. I loved his last performance too.


  9. Louise, I agree with you regarding Damien’s Michael Jackson cover. He did a great job with it and it was at number one on the iTunes R&B chart a few hours after the show.I don’t know how he did on the overall chart.


  10. My favorite performances tonight from the Wildcard pick were Damien, Luke and DaNica. We shall see . . .


  11. I liked Reagan and Kat. Both had their best live performances of the season and both made song choices that suited their singing style more so than what the coaches had chossen for them in past weeks.

    The same could be said for Luke but I was disappointed with Danica. The less is more rule or the just because you can doesn’t mean you should rule would have servered her well tonight.

    The others didn’t get my attention. If you go to The Voice page on iTunes you can here the save-me songs that were recorded by the three contestants saved earlier in the show, Chris, Craig and Matt, who did not sing tonight . Of course the others are there as well.


  12. “Kat?” I’ve lost my mind. Sugar Joans sounds more like it.


  13. Damien won the wildcard vote. That’s not much of a suprise given his voters had already voted him to the fourth position prior to last night’s elimination. Damien is fine butI was hoping for a more interesting result from the competition standpoint.


  14. I sure was hoping the wildcard pick would have been either Sugar or Ryan. I’ve always liked them alot. They were both so very impressive last night! Damien has quite a voice, but I think Sugar and Ryan had better performances last night, and I feel more marketable. I’m starting to think they should rename the Voice “The Adam and Blake Show.” Sigh….


  15. They could call it “Smoke Get’s in Your Eyes” cause they sure are blowing a lot of it.

    I would have liked to see Sugar as the wildcard. She was the most unique and interesting of the females. Four males, with three of them on the same team sounds pretty dull.


  16. I haven’t been keeping up with this show at all. I lost interest once Reagan was eliminated but I do love some of the remaining singers. I take it Pharrell and Gwen are done? How did that happen? I initially loved many of the singers on both of their teams.


  17. In the case of Pharrell’s team it’s pretty easy. All of his singers needed to be reined in a little and he was encouraging them to oversing their songs. He did the same thing in every round since the battle round.I didn’t care for his arrangements much either. He should have encouraged his team to do a better mix of old and new songs as well.

    Gwen did a little better with her team, they apeared to be growing from week to week and she helped Taylor discover a little bit of his inner Mic Jager in his stage performance style that he didn’t know was in him. I think she mistakenly pushed Ryan too far in the diriction of rock when he was more suited to pop. She was very good coaching in the area of stage performance as well as general encouragement.

    Adam and Blake are much better at blowing smoke about their contestant’s performances during the live hows than either Gwen or Pharrell have been, so they may have enflueinced the voting to some extent.

    There are others that I wish had made the finales but it’s hard to fault any of those who made it. I think each of them has made a good case for being there.


  18. Gene – great, great analysis. You summarized the internal problems with this show perfectly. I still am waiting for a break out star from The Voice. Some of these singers are true stars. It then nothing happens post The Voice. Sad.


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