Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 5 Of The Voice: The Blind Auditions Week Three

Another week of Blind Auditions? Watch my eyes cross and my brain disintegrate!

Two weeks x two days per week would have sufficed if the producers had eliminated the filler.

Plus, we would have been able to see full performances by all the singers – not the favoured few and their backstories and their post-audition sagas.

However, from where I sit, Adam, followed by Christina, appear to have the strongest team of singers.

Tonight will tell all. I am sure the producers saved some real gems for the end, so get ready to be vocally impressed once again.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday on NBC.

How about you? Do you have any favorites? Share all in the comments section.

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16 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Season 5 Of The Voice: The Blind Auditions Week Three”

  1. Boy, they really know how to draaaaggggg out the season, don’t they? We could have just watched last nights program to see the whole season to date, plus a preview of the battle rounds. This time could be better used on the top five or so instead of rushing them off the show two at a time.

    They have an interesting line up of singers but they always seem to change between the first and second rounds. Still no real favorites for me yet.


  2. Gene – exactly what I thought as well. Which is why I watched CNN instead.

    The Voice is suddenly becoming predictable and old.

    And, yes, the singers actually become less fascinating in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

    There are some phenomenal singers this season but I think a guy has the win this season.


  3. Hi MCL and Gene,

    I watched a few minutes of this show the other night and Christina really got on my last nerve, so I turned it off!!! I watched about 30 minutes of X-Factor last night and turned it off…so far this season I am not watching any reality tv. I guess I am waiting for idol to come back on, but am not happy if it is true that JLo is returning!

    Gene are you still watching Nashville?


  4. gene, i totally have a favorite, it is preston pohl, singing ‘electric eel’. i think i’m going to download the song. i also liked the young blond girl, holly henry, singing ‘the scientist’, but i don’t play it over and over like i do ‘electric eel’. here’s a link for preston:


  5. MCL,
    I usually default to the Fox Business Network. Lou Dobbs is priceless.

    There is a new movie out that you might like to watch the next time you get bored. It’s a documentary actually, titled “Muscle Shoals.” The title refers to a small area where four cities come together on the banks of the Tennessee river in North Alabama that was the home of several small recording studios that generated a unique style and sound known as the “Muscle Shoals Sound.” The river in this area was said to “sing” by the original Indian inhabitants of the area. Even though Nashville is less than 100 miles to the NE and Memphis is about the same distance to the NW, Muscle Shoals has a sound all it’s own. It’s where Aretha found the Queen of soul; where Helen Keller learned her first word “water”, and where WB Handy began discovering the Blues. The rhythm section there was known as the funkiest and most soulful to be found anywhere, and to the surprise of many musicians when they arrived for their sessions, they were all white boys just out of high school in the early days. It’s available on Pay per view if anyone is interested.

    Hi Vonnie,
    So you don’t like the new kinder gentler slimmer and somehow younger Christina? I’m wondering how long she can be this nice. I tried a few minutes of the X Factor as well and it was the worst I have ever seen.

    I am still watching Nashville, how about you? I’m not sure if you already said this or not but I recall you talking about the young sisters before. MCL may be interested to know that they are Canadians from about 600 miles south of her. Her parents are a singing duo known as “The Stellas” who competed on the singing show “Can You Duet?” third season and finished fourth. The Country Duo “Joey& Rory” who I have mentioned before finished third on that same show the previous season. They all live near Nashville now.

    I like both of them as well, but I haven’t gotten to the point of using anyone’s real name yet. We know half of them were chosen as cannon fodder so I will wait a while yet before learning their names. The “guy with Sam Moore’s mouth” apparently is named Preston and the “whispy blond girl” is Holly Henry. There’s a glimpse of my system, or lack of one. The girl who sang “Back to Black” was pretty good too. I hope one of the rocker chicks does well but the preview of the battle rounds left me a little concerned about the girl named Cat chance of surviving.

    Honestly, the whole thing seems pre-arranged this year more than ever, but I have enjoyed many of the singing performances. My guess is that Cee Lo or Christina will win this year with Christina having the edge. She has done a lot of personal work during her sabbatical that may have something to do with a career re-launch. T If she does win, and considering MCL’s suggestion of a likely male winner this season, the boy Christina sang with may be a contender.


  6. Gene,

    LOL…the new Christina didn’t impress me much, she seems to be a little…well, maybe alot more annoying!!! I have only watched the other night when they were showing her putting her team together!

    X-Factor changed so much, what is with the switch of contestants…I watched the boys group last night and that was a mess…so I “switched” the channel.

    Still watching and loving Nashville…I think they have moved passed the music now though and are taking us deep into night time soap…not complaining to loud yet though, I really like all of the characters and love all of the music we do get…I love the young Stella sisters and do hope that this show really showcases their talent! I’m
    thinking Rayna needs to sign them on her new label…

    Chp Eston (Deacon) was on the Chew the other day and they were talking to him about his singng on the Grand Ole Opry recently…that is really awesome! I really wish that they would showcase him singing more on the show, I love his voice!!!

    Dancing with the Stars is the only reality tv for me here of late, the only other reality that we watch are Pawn Stars and American Pickers cause the hubby thinks that is good tv…I have gotten addicted to the Big Bang Theory and Castle…


  7. gene, i had to look up the names, i don’t remember them either. 🙂 i was actually thinking that adam has the best team thus far.


  8. off topic: gene, i missed seeing you ‘around’ all summer. there were a couple things i wanted to mention to you. one was a dvd of a live performance of patti smith. since you and i seem to often like the same ‘sound’ i thought you might like it. it is called ‘patti smith live at montreux 2005’. i didn’t really ‘know’ patti smith until i read her book, and then i became interested. she was a ‘soul mate’ of artist Robert Mapplethorpe, and an artist too. it was later she began singing. i really didn’t realize i liked ‘punk’ because i didn’t know what it was. i got the book from the library as an audio book, she read it, and i loved it (i listen in the kitchen). i also understood robert mapplethorpe as an artist far better after reading the book. i also got the dvd from the library. it is absolutely magnificent and i thought of you as i really got into it because i think you could too. really deep and moving music.

    the other thing that had me think of you this summer: i saw someplace that one of your favorite artists from ‘the voice’ (from the austin area) was going to be singing here. i can’t remember her name now though, unfortunately, which makes this story less interesting i guess. 🙂


  9. Well hail hail the gang’s all here! Welcome back everyone! Glad everyone here is on the same page as me!

    The Voice is very staged this year – I think, after 5 seasons, we have pretty much figured out the formula.

    Also, Christina personality metamorphosis seems artificial. No way will she be able to keep this “sweet gal” image up forever. It’s worth tuning in just to see her “blow up” somewhere down the road.

    What else? Oh yes, the X factor! Haven’t watched it yet but I see from your comments that I haven’t missed too much. I am sick with a cold so I might just tube in and watch it tonight. I need a good laugh.


  10. Gene. Thanks for the Lou Dobbs tip. I will check him out. What time is he on?


  11. Hi Vonnie,
    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Christina so far this season. She is still very much about herself, but in a friendlier way than previous seasons. Shikira earned herself a fan by just being a nice woman who seemed to really care about the kids she coaches. I haven’t heard any of her music that made me want to buy it, but that’s ok, she has plenty of customers. I like the woman though. Christina had moved herself from someone whom I was neutral about to someone I just didn’t care for, so for me she is working her way back to neutral so far this season.

    I hope Deacon can sing ‘cause he’s through swingin’ an axe. But, that’s how Dwayne Allman became the world’s greatest slide guitar player after breaking his left wrist I believe. I saw what’s her name (Hayden Pantiere?) Juliet Barns briefly on some TV show with what looked like a boa constrictor around her neck. It was her pet. Disgusting! The Scarlett character is my favorite voice on the show. Did you watch the series “Friday Night Lights” when it was on?

    Sorry man, remember I was keeping a low digital profile. 🙂
    Yeah, I remember Patti Smith. I had a girlfriend in the mid seventies that liked her so I listened to her a little; I wasn’t a fan though. Some of her better stuff that is more jazz than punk I guess you might say, reminds me a little of Rickey Lee Jones, who I do like.

    I’m not sure who you are referring to that is going to be performing near you who was on The Voice and comes from Austin, TX. Danielle Bradberry comes to mind but I checked all my recent favorites that came to mind and couldn’t find anyone else from Texas. Give me another hint or two. What kind of music does she sing?

    Thanks for the video link. That guy really reminds me of Sam Moore (Sam and Dave)

    “Sharon Stone and the Dap Kings” coming up next on “Live From Daryl’s House.”

    I think you would enjoy the movie, I know I did. Dobbs is a common sense kind of guy with a fairly pleasant presentation. You may like him. He has a smile that looks like James Coburn if nothing else.


  12. Gene,

    I did not watch Friday Night Lights, but must say Kyle Chandler is my all time favorite Actor…we did not get the channel for a long time when the show came on, our satelite provider couldn’t get those channels at the time…so by the time we could watch it, it was on it’s way out. My love affair started with Kyle Chandler on a little show called, Home Front where he played a baseball player in the post World War II era and then on Early Adition. I keep hoping that they will bring him on Nashville!!!

    I think I am just reality singing show burned out, Christina was just the icing on the cake…so I will stick with Dancing and then wait for idol…of course JLo is about in the same bracket as Christina…thank goodness they kept Keith, cause other wise I would not be tunning into that show either!!!

    Hi MCL…Bummer on the cold, hope you will be feeling better quickly.


  13. Hi Vonnie,
    I was thinking of Connie Britton having co stared in Friday Night Lights. We watched it on Netflix using a little streaming device called a Roku. It’s simple to do if you have high speed internet. I remember that yours was very slow at one time though. FNL was a very well written and acted series that became addictive to the point that we would watch four episodes a night. It also promoted good values which is hard to find on TV anymore. It has been hard to adapt to the coaches wife being a fading country star, but I’m about to get used to it.

    I’m always glad to see Idol coming back for another round but the changes they have made don’t really address the problems they have. I wish we had seen the last of Ms Lo as well. One of the things I like about the Voice is the judges performing together and with their teams some. The judge’s performances take them out of their comfort zones a little bit and they are just having a good time instead of some lame pantomime performance to promote their latest album like we get from Idol. Keith and Harry are both capable live performers, so maybe that aspect of the show will improve a little. I don’t really have much interest in Keith’s soft rock / pop style of country music though.

    Seeing the kids perform is my main interest in watching any of these shows.


  14. Gene…this is my first show with Connie Britton, she is a wonderful actress. I think the talent on Nashville is outstanding! Still wishing that they would sneak Kyle Chandler in there somewhere; he would make a fierce controlling share stockholder or publisher…

    LOL, finally went to warp speed on the ole internet…still have not graduated to a smart phone…the dumb one works just fine, so I am still pecking away on the laptop; I knew all of that hunting and pecking on the typewriter would come in handy someday. Nothing in my previous training will help me when it comes to using a smart phone, I am outdated!!!

    I haven’t really listened to much of Keith’s music either…I just liked his way of judging last year and am glad that idolleft him there! I think JLO’s coming back is a backwards step for idol…to many other talented ladies out there that could have filled that seat with a whole lot more to offer the contestants and the show! After last year the last thing idol needs is another woman who doesn’t know when to shut up!!!


  15. Hi, all,

    I’ve really enjoyed The Voice so far this season. It’s the first time I’ve actually watched all of the episodes. So far I love some of the talent, and I’m enjoying the judges–even Christina. I’m not finding her nearly as offensive as in previous seasons.

    I tried the X-factor one night and couldn’t deal with it so I won’t be watching that this season.


  16. Hi all!

    Oh my Louise, the poor X-Factor. I have not tuned in at all because (a) I keep forgetting about it or (b) not time left in my week to stay glued to another show.

    I really didn’t enjoy it last season and, overall, the show’s vision didn’t mesh with mine. I thought that diamonds in the rough were going to be discovered and then morph into stars over the weeks via fashion design, A&R material, vocal and performance technique etc.

    Some may think that this has been the case but, to my mind, I haven’t seen any superstars in the mix – with the exception of Carly Rose Sonenclare.


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