Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol Season 12 Top 2 Singers: Candice Glover And Kree Harrison

American Idol

By: Rosanne Simunovic

That was a pretty riveting Top 2 Performance Finale. Both Candice and Kree sang the juice out of their songs, giving strong, meaningful performances and verifying why they are the Final 2 standing.

However, in fairness to Top 3 Finalist, Angie Miller, she deserved one of those spots. That young lady was a strategic and vocally strong contender in this race and, no doubt, will have an enormous career post-Idol.

Here are my evaluations and, remember, I am reviewing each singer in (first name) alphabetical order. Your comments are always welcome. To quickly access individual singers, simply click on the singer’s link below.

Candice Glover, Kree Harrison

CANDICE GLOVER: “Chasing Pavements” (Simon Fuller Choice), “I Am Beautiful”(Coronation Single) and “I Who Have Nothing”

Strengths: Candice – your first number, “Chasing Pavements”, was delivered in glorious style. I loved the fact that you showcased the lower end of your voice in the first part of this song because, for me, that is where I hear the true beauty of your vocal timbre. It is your signature because few singers have the ability to project so beautifully in this area of their range.

However, it was wonderful to hear the full range of your vocal capability and, as the song moved along, we were treated to the robust energy in your upper range and stronger dynamic.

As always, your strong performing skills were there for all to see. You always display such a confident persona on stage – where your truly belong – front and center.

Your second song, “I Am Beautiful”, was a superb original. I loved the lyrics and the melody and you delivered both so expressively well, pouring your heart and soul into this gorgeous song.

And I smiled when you tickled your head voice toward the end of this song. So much magic comes out of your mouth and you made it look and sound so easy. Your artistic passion and vision is truly stellar, Candice, and, because of this, the performance was truly a memorable one.

An a cappella beginning for “I Who Have Nothing”? Woah Candy girl! This was one of the most exciting performances I have ever seen on this stage! Dramatic diva all the way. Stellar technique and, once again, incredible vision and artistry.

What can one say after a performance like this? Here we go:


Candice Glover – You! Are! A! Star! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to write these articles for you.

Brava and Standing O!

Critique: Candice – be careful that you guide your lower range with full diaphragmatic support. I felt that your pitch was not fully centered – you cannot lose intensity in your support system when singing through your lower range. If you do, not only does your voice sound unsteady but, when you enter your upper range, then problems start to ensue there as well.

As a result, the opening of the second half of the song was a bit chest heavy because the diaphragm was not fully engaged – so, once again, that push from the throat muscles took over.

Your second song, “I Am Beautiful”, was a gem! Perfection! I have nothing more to say and nothing you need to improve upon. Not one iota.

Your third song? Perfection! I am speechless!! Congratulations Candice.

KREE HARRISON: “Angel” by (Simon Fuller Choice), “All Cried Out” (Coronation Single) and “Up To The Mountains

Strengths: Kree – your first song, “Angel” was the purist vocal I have ever heard from you. Your voice sounded relaxed and fully liberated. This song cries for a fully “head voice approach” and you wisely followed this lead to deliver a clean, heartfelt and real performance. Very genuine and strong communicative skills!

“All Cried Out” was a great original song choice for your style and sound. And you sang the gangbusters out of this song. Your persona and your voice were so naturally expressive – truly beautiful.

And your voice reflected your persona. Your added incredible nuance and color to your voice and always in very relaxed manner. You never over sing. I have always loved this about you. You brought fully ingrained technical foundation to this competition that has served you very well. Because of this, you have been able to add passion and energy to your voice without compromising the fragility of your vocal cords.

Your personal selection, “Up To The Mountains”, was very well performed and you added some marvellous inflection in your voice during this performance. As always, your voice was technically sound and, yet, the passion you brought to this song was real and heartfelt.

Brava! This was a wonderful trio of performances. Soulful country all the way!

Critique: Kree – your first song, “Angel”, was just so beautiful. I loved everything about this performance – simplicity was key here and it worked. And, with all that head voice, your pitch was perfection.

Ditto for your second song. I just loved it – beautiful sound and beautiful performance.

Your third song, “Up To The Mountains” was very good, although, intermittently, I felt more of a push to your vocal sound. Be careful – use your diaphragmatic skills – always. Never waver.

And be careful to not raise your head when singing through your upper range. That creates more tension in your face and neck and impedes the full liberation of your voice. It also creates a less confident persona, as the viewers lose eye contact with you.

Sing over and never reach for your upper notes, Kree. And bend your knees. It will release raise the soft palate, thus leaving the throat open and free.

Congratulations, Kree. These were your three strongest performances to date. Great timing!!

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8 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol Season 12 Top 2 Singers: Candice Glover And Kree Harrison”

  1. Please, Please, Please Let Candice be the winner!!! 🙂

    Great vocals tonight, but I believe Candice won the night!


  2. Absolutely Vonnie. No contest, although Kree sang very well


  3. Overall, it was not a very exciting finale, although I agree that both sang really well. But my preference is still for Candice to win–she has been my favorite from the beginning. Her last song was gorgeous!!!


  4. First of all, let me commend Masterclass Lady on the very fair and ‘classy’ comments for all contestants every week. I read your blog to learn something about the technical aspects and for that I am grateful.
    My biggest issue with the show is the unfairness, and sometimes the plain rudeness of the judges, it is tiring and insulting and hopefully they will rectify it.


  5. D.V. Thank you very much for the classy comments. :). Very kind. I think we all try to be fair with all the singers but, like you, it drives me crazy when the judges’ critiques don’t match the performances.

    I am hoping for a Candice win – she is a phenomenal, diverse vocalist and deserves the title.

    Kree has a beautiful voice, as well. I just prefer Candice’s style of singing. However, I am sure the country industry will continue to embrace Kree and she will have an excellent career.


  6. The best performance of the night was Adam & Angie’s duet. Now that was magic. Pure magic.



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