Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol Season 12 Top 6 Singers: Bacharach/David Music And Songs You Wish You Wrote

American Idol

By: Rosanne Simunovic

I absolutely love the music of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Yes, it is not current, but the melodies and the lyrics are timeless. The stuff of true classics! And, the fact that they stand the test of time is testament to the writing talent of these legendary composers.

Their songs provided ample contrast to the Top 6 personal selections, dubbed from a list of “songs which they wrote”. I am not sure how much input some of the Idols had in these song selections but, overall, this grouping of songs suited their individual styles quite well.

It was also great to hear songs that have never been performed on American Idol, so it looks like the producers took up a money collection to obtain copyright clearance for some new songs for the show.

However, it was still a bit ballad – heavy for my taste. What is going on this season? Enough with the ballads already!

Here are my evaluations and, remember, I am reviewing each singer in (first name) alphabetical order. Your comments are always welcome. To quickly access individual singers, simply click on the singer’s link below.

Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller, Candice Glover

Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Lazaro Arbos

AMBER HOLCOMB: “I Say A Little Prayer” by Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick and “Love On Top” by Beyoncé

Strengths: Amber – I thought both songs were perfect for your voice. And the kicker was that they were both upbeat songs, so after weeks of ballads, we were able to enjoy a more energetic style of performing from you. Brava!

Your first number, “I Say A Little Prayer”, is, of course, classic Bacharach. Originally performed by the great Dionne Warwick, this song was a natural fit for you. You looked so relaxed during this number and you navigated the stage just the way I like to see it – andante, well-paced movement, indicating that the choreography never got in the way of the vocal delivery.

And the star power in your performing style and the level of confidence and skill you brought to this number was incredible. Incredible! You never pushed your vocal sound – it oozed from your golden throat. You have such vocal power and control and, yet, never seem to throw it in our face. Everything you do looks and feels so natural.

The manner in which you bent the phrases, especially toward the end of the song, was magically creative. Except for a few vocal glitches at the end of the song, which I will discuss below in the Critique section, I have to say this was a spectacular performance!

During your second number, “Love On Top”, you highlighted all the reasons why I have come to admire your performing style. Not only do you have an exquisite vocal instrument, but you also have a glamorous performing style that one has come to associate with a select grouping of artists like Beyonce, for example.

She approaches her music with a classical bent in her delivery and I see this in you as well. The head voice never strays far from your vocal mix and you sustain your vowels and elongate your phrase lines with continued ease.

You performed this song with a sense of joy and energy – it was palpable. I loved how those upper notes just popped out – like no big deal. You paced this song extremely well and always had control of the vocal reins.

Congratulations Amber! You gave us two fantastic performances this week. Brava!

Critique: Amber – oh I wish you would round your mouth on the “ee” vowels. Those upper notes on the word “me” toward the end of this song were a bit off-balanced and there was a slight crack on one note in particular.

You really do need to round your mouth when sustaining this – or any – vowel, as the circular shape will keep your throat open and free. This will assist your voice to move freely toward your vocal masque via proper diaphragmatic support. Let the air guide the delivery of your vocal sound at all times.

You want to achieve an even sound with all your vowels and the only way to do this is too keep that circular mouth shape a constant. And, along with this, your jaw must stay relaxed, dropping into a half yawn effect when you approach your higher range.

Bend your knees as well when approaching your upper range – this technique raises the soft palate, allowing the vocal sound to move freely from your mouth.

During the second number, that mouth shape was still not making me happy; however, this song was a little busier in the melodic line, so you never had to sustain notes for a long period of time.

How you were able to “pop out” those upper notes is just a God given natural ability. But! But! You are young and as the voice matures, it tends to deepen and those high notes don’t just magically appear any more. This is why technique is so darn important.

Singers have to approach their craft similar to an athlete. The vocal cord is a muscle and, when we are young, all our muscles are very flexible and resilient. But, over time, this resilience is tested and only innate technical skills can further all they we could naturally achieve when we were kids.

However, Amber, you are a very strong contender in this competition and I envision great things for you in your future. Congratulations young lady! You are star bound!

ANGIE MILLER: “Anyone Who Had A Heart” by Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick and “Love Came Down” by Kari Jobe

Strengths: Angie – although both of your songs were ballads, you selected two numbers that reinforced the reason why you are such a strong force in this competition.

Your first number, “Anyone Who Had A Heart”, is an oldie but goodie. There is so much emotional power in the lyrics and the rhythmic drive of the melody reinforces this powerful force.

Your voice glistened throughout this number. You never forced your vocal sound and I so appreciated this. Your vocal sound was veryseamless and fluid.

And your articulation was crystal clear. No matter what Mariah says, articulation is very important for two reasons: the words are communicated with clarity and it imparts energy and drive to the vocal delivery.

Your second number, “Love Came Down” by Christian artist, Kari Jobe, is a first for American Idol and, of course, reminded everyone the direction you wish to take with your performing career.

Seated at the piano, your voice was resplendent with a hushed intensity at the beginning of this number. Then, when you opened up, all the emotion and sensitivity came pouring out.

The second song was proof that choosing a song that you truly believe in is absolutely integral to performing success. And, although it makes absolute sense, so many performers try to be something they are not.

When a performer strays from the true core of their artistry, he/she is not only betraying himself/ herself and but also confusing his/her audience.

Therefore, you chose two numbers that played to your strength as a vocalist. As I said last week, you have to stay true to your artistic vision and ignore the critics who don’t get where you are going with your music.

I saw no evidence of artifice in your emotional approach. I thought that, with both numbers, you communicated the emotional core extremely well, allowing your sensitive head voice to glimmer throughout.

The head voice element has become a signature sound with you, Angie, and in a world full of belters and chest voice fanatics, the angelic quality of your vocal sound is not only a welcome relief but also necessary for vocal resilience and longevity.

And, combined with proper diaphragmatic breathing skills, head voice is also responsible for developing and strengthening numerous technical elements such as pitch, nuance, vocal focus and resonance etc.

So, all in all, you performed your dual showcase extremely well. Great work, once again!

Critique: Angie – I think all the critique about your supposed theatrics and technical acuity is starting to negatively impact your performances, especially in your first song.

As a result, I found you were very tentative while performing your Burt Bacharach number, almost like you were over- thinking the process or else worried that you were going to be too emotional.

All I know is that something was clearly wrong. As I said, above, I didn’t feel that you were so much trying to conjure up false or pre-planned emotion as, perhaps, guarding against over-doing the emotional delivery.

As a result, the judges called you on this, telling you that the song lacked emotional substance when, truth be told, to me it just looked like you were trying to strike a proper balance between emoting in a genuine manner vs. being overly dramatic.

So, I was relieved when I saw you in your element during the second number, seated at the piano and performing a song that was truly part of your artistic make-up. You are a Christian Music artist and there is a huge market for your music. So, you must never waver from that. This is what sets you apart from the pack.
Also, part of me wondered what would have happened had you performed your Burt Bacharach number seated at the piano? I think we would have sensed a more relaxed, genuine vibe from you because clearly your voice and your performing skills escalate dramatically when you are behind the keys.

So, here is something to think about for next week. Try beginning a song at the piano and, then, to add visual interest, stand up midway through the song and make your way to center stage.

I know – I can almost hear the judges saying: “Why didn’t you stay at the piano”? But, in all honesty, even out greatest singer/pianists – Elton John, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow etc.- move way from the piano at some point during their shows, if for no other reason than to establish a closer connection with their audience.

So, I have, hopefully, given you some food for thought for next week, Angie. You are a gifted musician and will only get better with hard work and experience.

Excellent work this week! Kudos!

CANDICE GLOVER: “Don’t Make Me Over” by Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick and “Love Song” by The Cure/Adele

Strengths: Candice – your first number, “Don’t Make Me Over” by Burt Bacharach was written in 1962 for the great Dionne Warwick. It was her first recording -ever – and it is a blockbuster of a song.

And, it was a perfect song for you! In fact, the punctuated style of the phrases reminded me so much of your Top 10 performance of “I Who Have Nothing”, where you pretty much brought down the house!

The power behind every phrase can only be emphasized by a singer who possesses a consummate vocal gift and ability to tell a story. Yes, I am speaking of you, Candice.

You drove the momentum hard in this song, each phrase sounding more powerful than the next. There was a forward momentum in place at all times and it grabbed the listeners eyes, ears and heart.

And I loved hearing the clarity of your head voice, nicely exposed and centred. This was a performance steeped in nuance and inflection and it does not get better than this.

Your second number, the jazzy and soulful “Love Song” by The Cure/Adele, provided sharp contrast to your Bacharach number. Your rich vocals were still very evident but you relaxed the sustaining technique just right so as to convey a more subtle and intimate delivery.
You have an innate ability to change the sound and inflection in your voice to suit the style of the song you are singing. It’s unbelievable really! i hear a different voice coming from you with each song and, yet, it is all pure Candice.

This song was brimming with every level of nuance. And those ascending and descending glissandos during this song were exceptionally done. They exposed how vast your vocal range is and how even it is from top to bottom. You made it sound easier than it was.

And, we could feel the emotion coming through your voice – it guided every level of this performance and there were many levels of greatness achieved with every word or phrase that you vocalized.

It was so outstanding, so multi-dimensional and, guess what? You never had to move from your place on the stage to communicate and touch your listeners. Your confident, nuanced voice and magnetic stage presence did all this for you!

I honestly have to say that I have rarely heard a performance as good as yours on this show. Good? It was beyond good, great, excellent, extraordinary. It was a performance of distinction and one that signalled greatness.

For all of us watching, it was an exciting, riveting experience because we were witnessing a mega star unfold before our eyes.

Your voice, your artistry are gifts from God. You were put on this earth to achieve great things with your voice and this is most definitely the start of something very huge in your life, Candice. Brava!! A Masterclass Performance x 2!

Critique: Candice – technically and artistically, both songs were insanely stellar.

I was hoping that you would perform an upbeat number this week. Two ballads just didn’t cut it for me, especially knowing that you can perform uptempo numbers with great success. So, that was somewhat disappointing from my end

However, if you are going to sing two ballads, you just showed everyone how to do so with signature style and substance. You just gave two Masterclass Performances in one night and I bow to you m’lady. Standing O O O!!

JANELLE TAYLOR: “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” by Burt Bacharach and “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

Strengths: Janelle – overall I feel that you gave a very strong performance of both songs.

Your first song, “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”, was very well done. You walked around with freedom and ease on and off the stage, and that voice – that voice – was pitch perfect. You picked the absolute perfect key for your voice, signalling what a difference a tone or semi-tone makes.

You sang this song with tons of personality and proved to the viewers that you feel absolutely comfortable in front of a live audience.

In your second song, “The Dance”, you captured the perfect mood for this song from beginning to end. And I loved the visual dimension – rising from a seated to a standing position. I wish more singers had done the same this week.

You emoted this song so well. And your voice glimmered like crystal. That head voice is your ace in the whole – it never strays far from your vocal mix, does it? As a result,your voice always sounded centred and beautifully focused during both numbers.

All in all, you gave two solid performances! Good work, Janelle!

Critique: Janelle – I actually enjoyed your Bacharach number and cannot find anything to nitpick here – unlike the judges! Ha!

If anything, I would have to say that it was too fluffy for you – not enough substance or filler, if you get my drift. It started and then it ended. There was not enough happening in the middle.

In retrospect, it might have been a good idea if you had re-arranged the tempo. You certainly have the arranging smarts to do so, as you have proven in the past! How much more effective this song would have been had you started with a slower tempo – perhaps a cappella – then picked up the speed with instrumentation after the first four lines!

And, what happened to your sidekick – the guitar – during your second number? You should have used your guitar skills to remind us that – yes – you are a consummate musician. It was such an intimate, quiet song and this would have been the perfect opportunity to use this instrument. In fact, I was expecting it and I am sure I was not alone here.

Even during last week’s showcase, I was wondering why you did not use your guitar to reinforce the country-style genre in your performing style. Strange to see this two weeks in a row.

However, your voice sounded expressive and secure but artistic decisions made with the first song selection detracted from the overall success of this dual showcase – as well as the lack of guitar in the second!

Hope to see you back where you should be next week, Janelle, with guitar in place. We know you can move around and connect in a very tangible manner. It’s all good. But now it’s time to bring out the guitar and remind us once again why you were selected for this Top 10 in the first place!

Good luck next week, Janelle!

KREE HARRISON: “What The World Needs Now” by Burt Bacharach/Jackie DeShannon and “Help Me Make It Through The Night” by Kris Kristofferson

Strengths: Kree – your first song, “What The World Needs Now” was a smart song selection. It is such a classic and extremely relatable to the listener.

I loved the a cappella beginning, the way you played with your phrases. I think this is what impressed me the most about this song. You sang freely and unimpeded – wrapping your voice so beautifully around this lovely melodic line.

You effortlessly built the dynamic level in your voice, all the while not compromising the translucent quality in your voice.

Technically, I could not ask for better – that round mouth, the relaxed jaw, the wonderful sustaining quality of your voice – all these elements were there in living color.

I had goosebumps after this performance. The simplicity and beauty of your vocal and performing style was so genuine, so real.

For me, it was your absolute best performance to date.

Your second song, “Help Me Make It Through The Night”, was similar in style to your first – very exposed in melodic and lyrical content. And, again, you took this song where it should go – straight into our hearts.

As in the first song, I applaud your relaxed jaw and the manner in which you glued your vowels to the melodic line. There was always a forward momentum throughout this performance and the phrases were nicely stretched and fluid.

Very good work, indeed, Kres!

Critique: Kree – your first song was just stellar and you are “Kree-tique” free. Emotionally, perhaps, I could have used a little more variation in nuance, but, still, all in all, it was a technically clean performance.

Now, during you second song, I absolutely needed a more nuanced approach. I was looking for more inflection in your voice, more angst perhaps, as well as increased emotional revelation in your face and eyes. I didn’t feel that you were connected to the song at all – it just lay there!

You really needed to dig deeper with this kind of number; I felt that your expressive vocal sound remained on one level – safe and secure. But, to render memorable performances, a singer needs to take risks and you have not fully challenged yourself to do so.

Every song sounds the same to my ear and, even your performing style remains unchanged from number to number. I am waiting for a “knock-out” performance from you, Kree, because I know you can do it. You just have to believe the you can do it!

Although both performances were technically good, they felt too sterile and I was left wanting more.

Good luck next week, Kree.

LAZARO ARBOS: “(They Long To Be) Close To You” by Burt Bacharach/The Carpenters and “Angels” by Robbie Williams

Strengths: Lazaro – your first song, “(They Long To Be) Close To You” is an absolutely beautiful song and it worked very well for your sensitive performing style. I wish I could give you more positives but, honestly, I cannot. You either need to work much harder or realize that you may have limitations to how far you can succeed as a serious vocalist.

Your second song, “Angels”, was a strong song choice and I feel that you were emotionally connected to this song. Seeing that you did have a hand in this selection, then it is no wonder that you performed this song with more conviction.
Your voice sounded more energetic and resonant, although still lacking in the control that I was looking for. But, it is amazing that, when equipped with the right song material, you are able to open up and give a more meaningful performance.

Good work, Lazaro!

Critique: Lazaro – why do you always look so worried? You were dripping in sweat at the end of your songs?

Well, I guess I can answer my own question: you are worried because you came to this competition totally unprepared for what lay ahead of you and not equipped with proper technical skill and savvy to see you through the brutal rehearsals.

You never open your mouth, resulting in poor vocal presence and projection. And your pitch was problematic in both songs because your throat was very tense and constricted.

Additionally, you have not yet discovered the magic of inserting head voice into your vocal mix. Even your chest voice is not being supported properly via the diaphragm.

Basically, you sing whatever comes out of your mouth with little to no thought of how to produce a seamless, nuanced vocal sound – one that is multi-dimensional in range and dynamics.

Also you need to articulate with more precision. You tend to mumble into the microphone and when you hold the mike so close to your mouth, it signals a less confident performing style.

As a result, your vocal delivery lacked energy and purpose. Diaphragmatic support is absolutely necessary at all times, during the louds and softs, the highs and lows.

You need to get on a strict regimen of daily technical practice so you can truly discover the full potential in your singing voice.

Also, you need to go on a searching expedition and explore the history and evolution of pop music. It is very important that you discover the many styles of popular music, if for no other reason than to find a genre that is totally suitable to your singing style.

Yes, this this takes hard work and time and effort, but the preparation will heighten your confidence level so that you can give meaningful and diverse performances in the future.

Good luck, Lazaro!

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16 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol Season 12 Top 6 Singers: Bacharach/David Music And Songs You Wish You Wrote”

  1. MCL…I can think of three judges who are eating a little humble pie after Candice’s performances last night…she blew me away! That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    My Favorites of the night were Candice and Kree…Yep! I can see Kree at the Grand Ole Opry, she has a style that has long been gone from Country music, when she sang the Kris Kristofferson (? spelling Grr) song, I was taken back to my childhood playing while my momma did her ironing and listening to the radio, I could here Tammy Whynette singing that song!

    Candice and Kree is my hopes for a finale, with Candice taking the win!!!


  2. Vonnie – well you and I are on the same page regarding Candice. We both love her. Who doesn’t? She is simply breathtaking to watch.

    But, Kree just doesn’t resonate with me but I can understand why many others love her. Very laid back and casual.


  3. MCL, As I was reading your critique of Candice, and you mentioned “For all of us watching, it was an exciting, riveting experience because we were witnessing a mega star unfold before our eyes,” it brought back memories of the first time I heard Barbra Streisand. I have never forgotten the first time I heard her sing. And I cannot get Candice’s last performance out of my head today. I only hope that Candice goes on to have the good fortune that Barbra had because I want to be able to hear her and buy her music for many years to come.


  4. Oh my yes Louise. I remember the first time I heard Barbra sing. I believe it was on the Ed Sullivan show during the time that she was making her debut performance on Broadway in “Funny Girl”. Goosebumps! Beyond goosebumps! Just inspiring, singular talent that cannot be taught or learned.

    Candice reminds me of Barbra in that sense. Plus, she has worked hard – of this I am certain – but she has inherited a natural gift – a need – to bare her soul through her music via her extraordinary vocal gift. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be a mega star someday.


  5. Yes, the Ed Sullivan Show was the first time I heard Barbra too. That was quite a long time ago, but I think she sang “People.”


  6. Vonnie,

    Candice was sensational last night. But it is an appeal contest in 2013. Everyone forgets that. Katherine McPhee sang lights out on the show, in many ways every bit as well as Candice. Taylor Hicks won. The voting demographic, not the audience demographics rules the roost. I am probably wrong but my instinct from day one has been Angie or Kree will win because of the demographic. I am older than dirt but when I listen to my granddaughters and their friends, about to be teenagers I hear Angie Miller. When I hear Angie Miller, I hear my granddaughters and their friends. They talk alike, they have the same mannerisms, they listen to 2013 music, not Burt Bacharach stuff. The video they showed of Angie making videos is classic 2013 teenage stuff. She is the youngest of the group I think. She has 90,000 followers on twitter and dwarfs the rest of the group. I think that is the voting demographic. One last thing. I’ll bet the appeal thing that endeared both Angie and Candice to everyone who watched were the tears of emotion while the judges talked. That may have been Candice’s salvation, not the singing.


  7. Yes she did!! We were watching at the same time and now we are both yakking on this blog. Crazy, fun life!


  8. MCL, I think she also sang a second song on his show that had the word “color” in the title, but I can’t remember what it was. Do you know what I mean?


  9. MCL,
    I just googled BarBra Streisand on the Sullivan Show and found out I was wrong about her singing “People” the first time she was on. You may be interested in looking at this link . . .



  10. MCL,

    I always appreciate your vocal critiques. I am glad that you spoke about Kree’s inability to connect emotionally or dig deeper in her performances. That is the problem I have with her. Many times I have been called out for supposedly wanting only technical skill, but that has never been the case. Of course, there has to be a certain amount of technical ability, but singing notes without understanding what the words mean leaves me empty and unmoved.

    I am not thrilled with the judges and their incessant shilling for Kree. Every contestant can use constructive criticism. They are not doing her any favors by just being cheerleaders. Young singers need to develop and work on their performing style, vocal technique and ability to interpret the words of the songs. She would be better served if the judges would keep it real and actually give her some advice that would help her. She could have had her own moment last week with the Janis Joplin song. But it didn’t happen, because she couldn’t find an emotional connection with the song.

    Candace showed everyone how it’s done last night. This is what singing is all about. She showed artistry and a depth of feeling along with stellar vocals. She really connected with the words of the song and told a powerful story. I don’t know if she will win this competition. She may be too good, as some have said. But she certainly had a special moment and gave a timeless performance that moved people in an extraordinary way.

    Reading on other blog sites, there has been some trash talk about Amber. I don’t get it, but that’s the way it goes. She is still my favorite and that won’t change. I am glad that you mentioned some of the technical issues that she needs to work on. It does seem that she can produce sounds so easily without any effort, like it’s a God given gift. She hits those high notes so easily, but the technique has to be there for the long hhaul. I am happy that she went out of her ballad comfort zone and challenged herself with two upbeat songs. I don’t think we have seen the best from her yet.

    Angie’s voice doesn’t resonate with me as much as Candace and Amber’s voices do. I guess that’s why who we like can be so subjective. She is technically strong and that’s always a good thing for me. But something is missing. I do think that her theatrical delivery, facial expressions that don’t match the feeling of the song, are problematic. However, I think that she should do very well with Christian music. She definitely was so much better, more natural and relaxed at the piano.

    I also appreciate your thoughts on Janelle, who is getting thrown under the bus. I though her first performance was much better than the judges made it seem. Her voice is truly lovely and even moving around didn’t throw her off key. This girl is not getting the credit she deserves!

    If there is any justice, then Lazaro will go home tonight. He is nowhere near ready for this kind of singing competition.


  11. Yes. – I think I know the song but can’t remember the name. Color My World? Nah – doesn’t sound right. Too easy. Haha


  12. Ah yes, Louise. The March 1964 show she was singled out in the audience. I remember that. So, she never sang “People”? Interesting. I was so certain that she did. That is a great link and we finally solved the mystery of the “color” song. 🙂


  13. Mindy – I always enjoy reading your commentary. You are very insightful and add so much perspective about this show.

    Something is very strange about all the Kree love. It reminds me of all the Jacob love last year. I never understood it myself. (Shrugs)

    However, Kree is very connected to the Nashville Scene – she knows Kellie Pickler, knew the late Mindy McCready and Lord knows who else so it make me wonder if American Idol is cashing in on an easy sell to the country people.

    At any rate, I find her style too generic. There is nothing totally unique about her at all. Nice girl but….


  14. MCL,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. It means a lot coming from you. I should really join in here about hearing Barbra Streisand sing for the first time. I don’t remember seeing her on the Ed Sullivan show. I think that I was too young and my parents didn’t always let me stay up to watch it. I think it was on another tv show. But I just can’t remember which one. I do remember her special in which she famously sang a glorious duet with Judy Garland. You could feel the affection between them. Years later Barbra talked about that moment and how wonderful Judy Garland was to her, how supportive and caring.

    Barbra has been my personal Idol for years. There aren’t words to express what her singing has meant to me. I don’t know that we will ever see someone like her again. I just can’t help wondering what might have happened had Barbra been born decades later. Would she have had this kind of success? Would she have been able to get the experience and training and time to develop and grow? In this world of instant gratification and a music business that is focused on the bottom line of big bucks from sales, I really wonder if a great singer can have the chance to breathe and come into their own.

    You helped me to understand why I don’t connect with Kree. She seems very generic to me. But I understand why TPTB would be salivating over her. As you said, this would be an easy sell to the country people. They could make some quick bucks and that seems to be the goal. I didn’t know that Kree was connected to the Nashville music scene. That would make it even easier for her. What I really dislike, is when any judge calls out one of the contestants at top six and virtually anoints them with success. It should be earned, not handed out as though it was a sure thing. I really dislike that kind of shilling and think it’s incredibly disrespectful to the other talented female singers.


  15. Rosanne, it does sound like Kree really doesn’t need to win in order to find success in the Country Music scene. In fact, if Kellie Pickler wins DWTS and Kree wins American Idol, they will be getting matching tattoos. Yes, they are very close. I also believe Angie will have many doors opened to her through Coltan.

    Yes, I would love to see Candace win, but there are obstacles in her way. I have seen people say she looks mean and angry. They don’t like her face. Also, her weight has been brought up. For me, she is the best singer of the group. I hope Jimmy Iovine can find the R&B Urban market opening up for her. I have gotten to know her better than the others through Twitter.

    My second favorite is Janelle. She seems to be a very lovable and funny person. I am sure Nigel will be looking for opportunities to highlight these qualities. ;o)

    Amber surely is the most stylish of the group and I’ll be watching out for the outfits she wears! Oh, she also has a good voice.

    I don’t know what Kree can do to make a better connection with us. Is she the one with a young niece? Maybe seeing her connect with a child will help? I would like to believe the best singer will win, but we all know that usually doesn’t happen. Looks, image, and personality will also be key factors. I do see TPTB manipulating things here and there.

    Thank you for an excellent analysis!


  16. KariAnn – I think there is an “agenda” going on with Kree. She is in the Top 10 for a specific reason. – her connections, her backstory – it all makes for good marketing.

    I would be fine with that except, to me, she is no Carrie Underwood or Kellie Pickler. She has no defining personality. I will be interested to see how she will be marketed when this show is over. Although Carrie was shy on Idol, she had the complete package happening for her plus, in my opinion, a better voice. And Kellie was a natural in every way.


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