Dancing Masterclass Discussion For Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Week Four


I have to confess – I have yet to see a single performance from last week’s episode. Mea culpa! I need an 8th day in the week for “catch-up” time. Ha!

So, I am leaving it to all of you. How do you think this show is doing this year? Is Wynonna improving?

I hear that Kellie is getting better and better. And, apparently, she is a good friend of American Idol Top 6 competitor, Kree Harrison. What a surprise! Are these two show piggy-backing each other? I know, I know, the networks are different, but still, it makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

The show airs Monday night at 8:00 P.M. and Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. on ABC. I look forward to your feedback. Share all your thoughts in the comments section.

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8 Responses to “Dancing Masterclass Discussion For Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Week Four”

  1. the shows are in the same studio or building or however they are arranged, so that they see each other.


  2. Kellie went over to visit the Idol set a few weeks ago and introduce herself to Kree because they both live in Nashville. On last week’s Idol we saw how friendly Kree is and we already know Kellie is pretty easy to get to know, so as I understand it, they became fast friends and made plans to have lunch together. As hunter said, the two studios have been described as being across the hall, across the lot and in the same building so the two cast tend to mingle like when Mark Ballas and Pia (what were you thinking) Toscano were seeing each other a few years back.

    Wynona was eliminated last week.

    Tonight was a tribute to the best year of each contestant’s life. Aly’s dance was based on her Olympic year and featured a lot of gymnastic floor routine style steps. She and Mark earned 3 9s for their effort which put them at the top of the leader board.

    Zandaya (sp on all of the names tonight) celebrated the year she was discovered, 2009 and danced to a Beyonce song. She and Val looked like a pair of professional dancers. Excel ant choreography as well as an excellent performance. It brings up the fairness question again given the type of dance she did along with the theme allowed her to perform in a style that me be more like what she does professionally. They have young contestants every year, so I’m less concerned with that than her dance experience. The argument that hip hop dancing has nothing to do with ball room dancing seemed reasonable until tonight. She and Val earn a 9 8 9 from the judges.

    Kellie celebrated the year of her marriage with a very touching piece of intro footage followed by a very graceful dance performance accompanied by her husband playing his guitar and singing a song that he composed for her and sang to her during their marriage ceremony. It was a beautiful performance but I thought that it was lacking in choreography in a competition setting.

    Andy Dick’s dance was very simple but well executed and was dedicated to his family as I recall but based on the fact that his daughter used to dance for him all the time when she was a little girl so he wanted to dance for her. It was very touching to see and left Carrianne in tears and literally sobbing. She could barely gain her composure, even after a short delay to give Andy a hug, but did manage a short critique. I don’t recall his score, maybe 7-6-7?

    Dl Hugely was much improved this week and nearly passed out, liberally dropped to his knees, when he received 3 7s from the judges.
    The Real House Wife actually did pass out during practice and had be taken to the doctor and then home, cutting her practice week short. The lack of practice was apparent in her performance yielding a 5- 5- 5.

    My attention span was maxed out so maybe someone else can fill you in on the remaining contestants and offer more details on the actual dances.


  3. I see the show tape delayed on the west coast, so it’s still very fresh in my mind,

    Andy Dick got three 7’s. DL Hughley also got three 7’s and dropped to his knees in shock.

    I thought the judges were correct in calling out Kellie for being a bit too staccato in the rumba. She was still very good, but it was kind of odd to see the sharp lines instead of the smooth sensual moves of the rumba. I was very touched by her story about growing up with an alcoholic father and never really knowing the kind of love she has now with her husband.

    Jacoby Jones dedicated his foxtrot to his little baby boy. He spoke about how his own father abandoned them when he was two and he never got to know him. So he wanted to do this dance for his son and let him know that he will always be there as his father. I could tell that Jacoby didn’t love this dance, but honestly he is such a natural on the dance floor that he can never go wrong. He seems to have a natural rhythm and grace. I think he can do even better. He got three 8’s.

    Ingo did a very nice Viennese Waltz. The position of his arms got a bit funny, but overall this was a decent effort from him. The judges gave him his highest score of two 8’s and a 7 for a 23!

    That reality woman Lisa fainted during rehearsal this week and didn’t make the decision to perform until the last fifteen minutes. I think she has some kind of bug, maybe the flu. Of course the lack of rehearsal time made the cha-cha-cha look pretty sloppy but she got through it. The judges gave her three 6’s.

    Victor didn’t do well at all with the Paso Doble. He was just stomping all over the floor and not doing the real steps. He got three 6’s.


  4. Mindy and Gene. Thank you for your nicely detailed synopsis. Very well done!! And, thank heavens that Wynonna was eliminated last week. I don’t know how she would have lasted much longer, to be honest!!

    Your description of each performance has stimulated my interest. I am going to catch these performances online ASAP!!

    One again – thank you both!


  5. Hi Mindy,
    Yeah, that sounds like what I saw!

    We have a relative in intensive care so, in addition to not knowing anything about dancing and having a poor memory, it had been a long day when I watched the show.

    Thanks, I’m no dance reviewer I just like to watch as they say. I can’t disagree with you about Kellies performance and thanks for reminding me of Jacoby’s. The introduction was very touching and I’m glad that he has been able to turn a negative in his life into a positive for his son. Maybe there will be a trickledown effect from his example.

    For MCL or anyone watching a recorded version of this week’s show, be sure to watch the taped pieces introducing each dance.


  6. Gene,

    I am sorry to hear that you have a relative in intensive care. I hope all will go well. I think you did a great job, considering what you are dealing with personally. I just wrote it all off the top of my head because it just ended out on the west coast.

    Sometimes on other blog sites I will get into more detail about the dances. I have picked up some knowledge of ballroom dancing watching this show since the very first season, but I not a trained judge. It’s interesting how I can see now when there are some mistakes in the dancing that I would not have spotted some years ago. But I try to stay in the moment and just enjoy the performances first and foremost.

    I like this theme because it gives us a personal look into the lives of these celebrity contestants. Jacoby’s son was so cute as he watched his father dance! I was very moved by his story and it’s great to see him trying to be the father that he never had.

    I actually had tears in my eyes after Andy Dick did his Viennese Waltz for his daughter who was in the audience. He talked about sobriety and having another chance with his kids. I also think he did his best dance.


    Gene is right! If you do get to watch a recorded version of this show, don’t miss the intro pieces with the personal stories of the celebrities.


  7. Gene – my prayers are with you. It is not easy to watch a loved one suffer. Hope and prayers for a speedy recovery.


  8. Mindy,
    You have a wonderful way with words and I enjoyed reading your review very much.

    Thank you Mindy and Rosanne for your expressions of concern and for your prayers. This is my wife’s cousin Mark and he needs prayer. Unfortunately a self destructive lifestyle has led him to the point that yesterday the doctor’s prognosis was that he had only 10% chance of survival. The news today is a little better and he has shown some minor signs of responsiveness but remains in a coma on a respirator. God is still in the miracle business though, so we will see.

    Thank you both again.


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