Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 7 Performance Show: Rock Music: No Ballads

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Look at all the gals in that picture! American Idol was salivating at the bit for a female winner this season and it looks like they are well on their way to crowning one. Mission accomplished, American Idol!

But, at the expense of eliminating some stellar male talent in the earlier stages of this competition? Not cool, I say! Is it any wonder the ratings are down, Down, DOWN?

Not to undermine the talent of these young women, but, seriously, is this any way to go about achieving your agenda? The show is pathetically unbalanced now and the chemistry between the guys and gals – which makes for exciting television I might add – is seriously missing.

I am almost hoping that one of these guys lasts longer than some of the ladies, just to toy with the producers. I would laugh and laugh.

However, each of these young women are extremely gifted and deserve a place in the Finals. The question at this point is – who? Or whom? We haven’t had an all-female finale since Season 3’s Fantasia and Diana Degarmo.

This week’s show should be interesting. The singers will be performing rock music with a twist: no ballads allowed! Oh dear! Anyone else here think that Lazaro and Burnell are going to have a tough time this week? I don’t even know if I like this theme, to be honest.

And, to think we get to hear them twice ( if we are referencing last year’s Top 7 show) or, perhaps, some ensembles. Oh boy! This week’s Vocal Masterclass article should be a long one.

Anyway, here we go! In just three hours, the performance show will air on Fox. But, the real party starts here in the comments section, so I’ll be waiting for you!!

Best of luck to the Top 7 Singers! Rock on!

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24 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 7 Performance Show: Rock Music: No Ballads”

  1. Given there isn’t an ounce of Rock and Roll in the group, I think they pulled off a decent show. There was nothing to compare with the great performances we have seen in past seasons, but decent.

    Three performances were noteworthy to me. Candice, as might be expected had the best vocal. we have seen her do a decent job with classic rock this year with her Beatles week song and last year doing Buddy Holly, so it’s no real surprise that her versatility extends in this direction. I can’t really feature her as the original artist of the song though.

    Amber gave a very polished performance working the stage well and looking the part of a working singer doing a song in her own concert. it wasn’t the best I’ve heard this sung but over all, a very nice performance.

    In past seasons we have heard country oriented contestants take on rock by singing it as a straight cover. Carrie did this as well as Kellie Pickler with varying degrees of success. Janelle took a different approach. It was as if Reba had been invited to sing at a tribute concert for Billy Joel. Reba wouldn’t try to sing like Billy or even like a rocker, she would sing his song like Reba and Janelle sang it just like Janelle. She looked like a real pro on stage and even seemed sincere and natural when she touched the sway bot’s hands.

    I think Janelle and Kree compete for the confetti.


  2. Ummm! Tonight was okay! I didn’t think anyone had a moment…while I know moments are hard to have on Rock night…some do have them!!!


  3. PS

    Keith Urban earned ten bonus points for wearing the Duane Allman Tee shirt tonight.


  4. Vonnie,
    Yeah, they want a girl but not a Rocker chick apparently. they always get the heave ho early. This year there were none in site from day one.


  5. Vonnie. Thanks for the link. Looking back, Season 11 was pretty darn fantastic. Lots of unique talent a-rockin’ that stage!!


  6. gene, sometimes a rocker chick stays a little longer despite the judges best efforts to not give praise. i’m thinking of a few years back..the young hispanic girl with the strip of colored hair. she was 16, and i loved her singing. she did get pretty far. i haven’t watched last night’s show yet but had to chuckle gene with your ten points to keith for his tee shirt. 🙂


  7. Gene…did you watch Nashville last night??? Rayna’s girls sang again…really good, plus there’s a new guy in town, he and Gunner sang last night and sounded really good!!!


    Are you thinking of Allison Iraheta, she was on with Adam!!!


  8. Hunter,
    Vonnie’s correct. Allison was one of my favorite contestants of all time. She made it to fourth place due to goofy Gokey’s sympathy vote. She would have easily made third or better if not for that and that despite Simon’s best efforts torun her off. Her debut album is a good example of what happens to girls, especially young girls, who get a contract after Idol. It was mostly bubblegum pop, and while she showed a lot of versatility on Idol, she had the heart and the voice of a rocker.


  9. Vonnie,
    No I didn’t watch Nashville last night. I usually watch it “On Demand” but it doesn’t get added to their menu for nearly a week. The little girls were good when the featured them singing in the car on an earlier episode. I’ve never seen a show with such a lax production schedule as this one. They seems that they make a new episode when they take a notion.

    Why do they keep saying that Janelle has an accent?

    Did you notice which contestants got the best “edit” from the roast from fellow contestants?


  10. LOL…I know as I am sitting there listening to them talk about her accent…it’s like what accent, everyone around me talks pretty darn close to that…her drawl is a little more pronounced…we around here call our drawl the redneck drawl…but they are about the same!!!

    I felt so bad for Lazaro last night during those “roasts” I think he has a witty personality but it is so hard for him to express it!!!

    Some of them were pretty darn funny! While a couple of others they didn’t show in the best of light…my girl Candice being the main one!!!

    Yes! Nashville’s schedule is a little off! It was apretty good episode, so if you get a chance to watch it, I think you will enjoy the singing…the story line is getting a little soap opery for me but love the singing!


  11. If dial idol is to be believed…I think the affects of the “perfectly timed roast” are right on the money for idol…


  12. I got a big kick out of what Lazaro said about Janelle. The girl in the corn, but she hasn’t lost all of her teeth “yet.” The way he was telling it made me think it would be a serious comment, and then you can tell he feels like he may stutter so he throws in the hand gesture across his teeth. It was his best performance of the season!

    I thought that Janelle and Kree (my two finalists) came out on top in that drill. Candice’s charm was more in telling the stories than being talked about. It showed her in a more youthful light than she normally appears. Burnell was funny too. They were all pretty funny describing Janelle’s accent and dramatic way of expressing herself and talking about Kree ironing and knowing / slash hugging everybody.

    What is dial idol saying? Nothing on Idol happens by accident. I knew when Lazaro had a decent performance and they began to praise him again that he wouldn’t be going this week, but I already believed he needed one more week to complete his work.


  13. I looked at DI but all of the contestants are within the margin of error for first to last place. How do ya make anything of that?


  14. Hey everyone. Great comments as always. I wouldn’t trust DialIdol anymore. Not with the online voting and texting etc. It is totally inaccurate as you can see. Everyone is just about even which is probably not true at all.


  15. Their little prediction icon to the right of the column places everyone in the range of first to last each week, so they are “always right.” I’ve never looked at it before, but that alone made it seem useless to me. When your point is added to the mix it would seem to make it totally useless.


  16. LOL…Dial Idol seems to have lost their steam! But I truly think tonights bottom three line up will prove dissappointing to those of us who would like to see a singing competition this year!!!

    Gene! Yes, the corn comment was so funny, how frustrating that must be for him to want to say something but not be able too…hopefully he will be able to go to a speech therapist after the show and calm some of that down!


  17. Angie Miller

    Amber Holcomb

    Kree Harrison

    Lazaro Arbos

    Candice Glover

    Janelle Arthur

    Burnell Taylor


    This is what dial idol is predicting top to bottom…I put my theory on the newest thread!!! LOL What is an idol season with out a good conspiracy theory???????


  18. That’s the order that they apear on the list but did you notice that they all fall within the margin of error for any position between first and last place? There are also the other voting methods that MCL mentioned to take into account. We will see soon.


  19. Oh! Sure…they used to show who was predicted to be safe and who was predicted to be voted off…but any upstanding prediction betting site wouldn’t want you to be able to come back and prove them wrong!!! 😉


  20. Gene,

    Dial idol was right!!! Expect for Lazaro and Amber!!!


  21. Yes. Oh boy. Lazaro is Top 3? That is crazy!


  22. I think we should all join team Lazaro and vote like crazy until he is crowned the next American Idol. Ba Ba Lu! He will not go next week either.

    The special guests were pretty lack luster, weren’t they?

    The TV is still on FOX for no particular reason and I have seen two of the special Idol behind the scenes segments so far. In the first one, Nicki and Keith are with Burnell, Nicki is in an arm to arm embrace with him and boohooing, tears rolling off of her face as she tells him how bright his future is. Burnell is just his usual smiling easy going self. The second segment has Randy and Kree providing comfort and encouragement.

    Dial Idol would have been right no matter who finished in whatever place when you look at their predicted placements. If you look at the left column, the error in Amber’s case was massive. How could an “over rating error” occur if they are measuring busy signal? I will remain a skeptic.


  23. Lol…Gene!!!


  24. I have been ill and need to rewatch the show. I fell asleep. Thank goodness, for Infinity One. I do remember liking Candice performance. I don’t know how they’re going to get rid of Lazaro. Vote For the Worse has him as their chosen one.


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