Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 8 Results Show: The Music Of Motown

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Live Update Beginning At 8:00 P.M. Eastern

So, I wonder which guy is getting the ax tonight? Seriously. Because all the girls were in mighty fine form last night. Which means, well, maybe one of the girls will be eliminated instead?

However, we will find out soon enough and, in the process, will be treated to some mighty fine entertainment as well.

Scheduled to perform is Season 5 Runner-Up and star of the NBC’s series, Smash, the great Katharine McPhee. She will join “One Republic” to perform their new single, “If I Lose Myself”.

Also scheduled to perform is Season 11 Finalist, Colton Dixon who will showcase his new single, “Love Has Come For Me”.

And, Keith Urban and all his awesomeness will hit the stage as well.

That’s a lot of filler but this week it is great filler.

Last evening’s show was better than expected and I thought Smokey Robinson generally guided the singers in the right direction. He was a very caring and supportive mentor.

Regarding the performances, it was mostly highs with a smattering of lows and I found myself enjoying this show more than I thought I would.

If you haven’t read my Top 8 Vocal Masterclass article, you can catch it here. It will pass the time before the show airs at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on Fox.

I will be live blogging the Results Show so join the party in the comments section, would you?

  • Live Update
  • The Top 8 just performed a rocking version of “Old Time Rock And Roll
  • The Idols are going to be involved in missions. How cool is that? Mission 1 involves working with children where, of course, they work with the children singing Phillip Phillips’ Home. Nice mentoring job Top 8!
  • Candice is featured first. Jimmy says she was natural, had feel and was true to herself. She is going to stay. Janelle and Kree‘s duet is featured and Jimmy says Janelle was weak. Whatever! Lazaro, says Jimmy, did better this week than last. Jimmy said that Janelle really redeemed herself with her song and took the house down with her version of the song. Devin, says Jimmy, was very good but he came up short compared to some of the others. Jimmy loved the trio and they had a unique sound and look and he would make a record with those girls tomorrow. Jimmy said Burnell. Was very impressive. He went inside the song, discovered it and delivered it. Jimmy went on to say that Angie got it wrong. The presentation, the feel, the whole package was wrong. Jimmy also said that Amber was great and she will not be in the Bottom 3 this week. The boys’ trio, said Jimmy, was terrible. Pfftt. I thought it was cute! Kree has a unique gift in the top register. That top end will take her to the finale. Jimmy says the boys will be in the Bottom 3.
  • Aretha Franklin phoned in and complimented Kree. Boy they really are pimping Kree, aren’t they?
  • Colton Dixon is featured in performances from last season before he makes his singing appearance tonight. He has done well with his singles and his success is growing. Bravo! He premieres his single Love Has Come For Me. His performance is very strong. Good for him. I really like this kid.
  • He complimented and thanked Angie for covering one of his songs a few weeks ago. Very nice and a boost for Angie after last night’s dismal performance. Poor kid. She will be back on track with a great song next week
  • .

  • One Republic and Kat McPhee are on next. I won’t lie – I just want to hear Katharine. Haha. The OR band starts first and they really are terrific. Katharine starts her solo seated with the Top 8. Her soprano voice just soars. She is gorgeous and oh so talented. One of the best singers to emerge from Idol.
  • Commercial break? No interview? Well, that just is, well, not good!
  • Keith Urban is rocking the stage with Long Hot Summer. I never realized how light his voice is – a true lyric tenor, in classical terms. He is a great performer but his vocals sound a tad shaky a maybe nerves? I still love him like crazy though. Not to worry.
  • He is an amazing guitarist. And knows how to sell a song at all costs. This is a very strong performance now that he has settled in.
  • Keith said that they will be touring across the country doing small towns and huge amphitheatres. Covering all the bases, I guess!
  • Elimination time. Kree is safe. Candice is safe. Janelle is safe. Angie is safe. Amber is safe. There guys in the Bottom 3
  • .

  • Lazaro is leaning across the seats like he doesn’t give a rat’s whatever! Too funny!
  • Burnell, Devin and Lazaro are in the Bottom 3. Results after the commercial break
  • .

  • Burnell is safe. Lazaro safe. Devin sings for the save.
  • Devin is reprising It’s Impossible and he is knocking it out of the ballpark.
  • Mariah is in tears and I am almost there as well. Standing O from the judges except Nicki. And they decide not to use the save and Ryan is shocked to the gills. Me too. Nuts!
  • See you next week!! I am depressed!
  • About Masterclass Lady

    Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

    44 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 8 Results Show: The Music Of Motown”

    1. I think my ears must have been broke tonight…for me:

      Candice and Janelle were the standouts…yes! I said Janelle, Lol

      What was in Mariah’s cup tonight??? OMGosh! She wouldn’t stop talking!!!


    2. Vonnie – this show was better than I thought it would be tonight. Everyone pretty much raised their game. Will say more in my Vocal Masterclass article.


    3. I’ll agree with that. I do wish Janelle had ended the song differently. Even though she gave the song her own spin, it just doesn’t seem right to end a motown song with long drawn out notes. Same applies to Brunell ending a Stevie song with long held notes.


    4. I have not been a Janelle fan, but she blew everyone away tonight with her solo. Great job!


    5. I think Janelle had the greatest challenge this week because of the mix of her traditional country roots and the Motown theme, which don’t mix well at all. Well, not since “Vanilla Fudge” has anyone brought anything better to “Set Me Free.” She really made it her own! I was very impressed with her arrangement, her vocal and her whole performance. She said she had never played her guitar with a band before and that she made her guitar. Given what she was up against, I think she was the best of the bunch tonight and demonstrated that she too is an artist.

      Candice was very good and she covered both of our request (Vonnie) in this one song by bringing both blues and jazz into the mix. One of my favorite things about Candice is that she keeps dodging the stereotype of what you might expect her to sing she might sing. She did a great job of kicking off the show.

      I’ve been waiting for Burnell to sing Stevie Wonder because that’s who his voice reminds me of. I’ve also seen him do a few Stevie body and facial gestures during the season. I liked his performance except that the way he phrased the title line of the song with too much emphasis and that sounded sort of strange to me.

      Amber was very good tonight too but I don’t think I would agree that hers was the vocal of the night. She continues to surprise me with her performance ease and she seems to give more than you expect from her each week.

      I liked Kree pretty well and she continues to show her versatility but on the other hand, if you’re going to do the Queen of Soul you need to *bring it* and I didn’t feel like she quite brought it enough for me. Nicki’s comment to her about standing next to a beautiful woman on stage… was downright insulting, though I’m sure that wasn’t her intent. I wish she had done “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.” It would have suited her better. I always like to see how the young performers on Idol will react to fellowshipping, you might say, with legends like Smokey Robinson. Kree had it just right.

      Angie picked the wrong song and I agree with the critiques that she received from the judges. She pulled it off ok but there were three or four “pitchy” spots in the song. But that wasn’t a big deal compared to just looking like a fish out of water. Take a note from Scotty and just do what you do well.

      Devin continues to be Devin. What can you say? I like him and always enjoy his performances, but I don’t think he will last much longer. If the theme allows, it may be time for him to do another bilingual song next week.
      Lazaro got his way this week and didn’t have to meet with mean ole Jimmy. They even had a monster superstar suck up to him. He brought a lot more of his Ricky Recardo side in tonight’s performance. The critique was about as expected and then he went on to screw up the group number by, once again, forgetting his lyrics. I hope the fans get it right this week.

      Both of the girls’ group numbers were good but the song choice for Kree and Janelle was a bit strange. The Supremes were, well, supreme.


    6. Burnell rather bugged me tonight by adding an “m” sound to the end of each line in his solo performance. I noticed it throughout the song, and then saw that Michael Slezak on TV Line noticed it too. Made me think he didn’t know what he was singing.


    7. For me Amber had the performance of the night! I love this girl’s voice! She picked a lesser known Stevie Wonder song and poured so much feeling into her performance. I can’t explain how difficult it is to sing this song. Yet she managed to do it with ease. Her vocals were exceptional. She reminds me of Natalie Cole. I think that their voices are different, but the gorgeous tone and effortless way she navigates such a tricky song, all remind me of the great Ms. Cole. I don’t want to get too attached to her, because my favorites never last. But I do want to just enjoy her voice for however long she is in this competition.

      I also loved Janelle’s brilliant reworking of the classic Supremes song “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”. It’s not easy to take an iconic song and make it your won, but this girl did it! She made it new and fresh. Well done!

      Candace made more of an impression on me this week. Taking on a Marvin Gaye song is quite a task. However, I appreciated her rich vocals and great stage presence.

      Kree is growing on me. I think she was smart to pick a lesser known Aretha Franklin song. Too many times female singers go for the classic hits that Aretha owns. She has great stage presence and confidence.

      Angie is the only one who made the wrong song choice. “Shop Around” is more of a group song and not a solo song. It was all wrong for her voice. She was off key at many points throughout the song and never seemed comfortable. It’s like she was fighting the melody all the way. She also has that affected style of performing that kind of puts me off. In that regard she reminds me of Haley Reinhart. But Haley came into her own during that season. Angie has a big voice and needs the right song to showcase it and her stage presence.

      I didn’t realize that they would be doing duets and trios tonight. The girls fared much better than the guys! That’s all I am going to say about that!


    8. I am hoping Lazaro goes home this week or next. He’s way over his head andit’s onl going to get more difficult. Please forgive me for laughing and replaying the trio song. You don’t expect anyone to forget lyrics this far into the show. Then there was Nicki’s comments, Burnell saying, “I did what I was suppose to do” and Devin poking Lazaro’s chests. I don’t like Nicki as an Idol judge. She’s so off-the-wall sometimes. Maybe she won’t return next year?

      I voted mostly for Janelle, Idol’s dark horse and also for Candice. Both gave terrific performances. Poor Angie tried to get out of her comfort zone and messed up. I question whether she really selected that song? I would have rather heard any Supreme song from her. Kree did a nice job as did Amber.

      Lazaro should go home, but Devin might go home. I loved the MOTOWN (Motor City) theme. Some of the best music ever made came from this record label!


    9. Gene,

      Candice sounded really great…!!! I’m putting all of my eggs in Candice’s basket for the win!!!

      I don’t think Lazaro is going anywhere…he has a couple of good weeks left in him!!! It’s going to take one or two of the good ones to go home before America stops the sympathy votes!


    10. Vonnie,
      Candice IS great and I should have mentioned earlier that her arrangement of this song stood it completely on its head. Very well done. She has done a very good job of playing the Idol game this year by not being predictable. It would have been so easy for her to pick some Aretha boiler plate number and sing it just like Aretha and take it to church so Randy and Mariah would howl, but that’s not what she did. I wonder if they cut her intentionally last year so she could come back stronger this year? I think she was the best singer last year as well from the few times we saw her.

      The win? I don’t know about that. She doesn’t fit the profile of a winner. She sings too well for that. She hasn’t received undue praise and she hasn’t stayed comfortably in her style no matter what the theme was for the week. To be honest, if I were in a position to hire a R&B female singer to launch into today’s market from this group of contestants, I would probably choose Amber over Candice even though I have said all along, and still say, that I think Candice is the best singer in the group. You may have been closer to the winner with Kree than Candice.

      I hope you are wrong about Lazaro but that is how the Sanjiah syndrome works. I have a feeling that either of the other two guys might ruff him up a little if he stays at their expense. They weren’t too kind to him after he screwed up the group number. Forgetting lyrics has become a pattern for him.


    11. Vonnie & Gene

      Yeah …. I wouldn’t be totaly surprised if Lazaro/Sanjia didn’t go home this week. He definitely deserves to go home. Its just not fair to his fans that he;d come as far in the competition and slack off because he believes he has the votes. He’s “just a ” posing away and winking. Poor kid. The devil “done” deceived him into believing he is really Ricky Recardo, LOL. He sounds horrible. When they finished singing that song Devin put his hand up and looked like he was getting ready to slap him. I played it back about 4 times. The “little voting girls” think he’s cute though and feel sorry for his little problem, so they keep voting for him..

      Now Devin, I think hes alright , but its something arrogant about his performances. There is almost an air or an “I’m all that” that comes across that shouldn’t be. I think that will be his downfall, not necessary his voice. Those things are turn offs to Idol voters.. There have been a lot of guys like that. I think that was the problem with that first guy that got voted off. Devin is just as good as the rest of them to me, who I think all are just “all right” .

      The young girl with the dark hair who sang with Candice and Amber, her solo wasn’t good at all. Not a good night for her.

      Brunell, to me as I said before, is not the most talented singer there, but to me is the most unique. A very distinguishable voice. He also has that “humble country boy” spirit. I’d be VERY disappointed if he went before Lazaro but I wouldn’t be 100% surprised. This show is the same every year now, same songs, same kinds of talents, just different people, voted off at the same times, season after season. I don’t remember when Sanjia was voted off, but I’m sure its will be the same for Lazarao.

      Now I want to change the subject for a minute to Ms. Mariah. Man ….. that mouth was gone. I was screaming “shut up already” at the screen. That was unbelievable. Wooo. It seemed like she wasn’t going to ever stop. To me she is Paula all over again. Oh My !!

      And lastly Candice. To me she is the best singer there in my opinion as I’ve been saying all along. Ive also said that even though I feel that way about her, she’d never win. Last night however, I started seeing something else. She has several different singing styles.She can sing jazz, R& B

      She can go rock, and she sounds like she’s even able to do country well. If its true that she can really do all those genre’s well like that. I think she;ll beat out Cree. Speaking of Cree as much as I think she’s got a great voice , if she wins or even gets to the top 3, this will be last year for me. I’m not going to listen to one more season of “Country Idol”


    12. Brother Karl. Thanks again for your comments. Agree with everything.

      But re the verbal diarrhea, I think Nicki crossed the line when she rudely dismissed the male trio. Even Simon wouldn’t be that mean and that says a lot right there. I mean – to tell them to get off the stage because of missed lyrics? At least they kept going and their choreography was spot on.

      Kree and Janelle just stood there like lumps and did not even sing their duet that well. But they were praised to the hilt – well Kree was at least.

      This show is getting ridiculous. The ratings are down because they are eliminating solid male vocalists with experience and diversity that could attract another segment of the viewing population. And yes – the same old themes year after year after year. Where is the Big Band theme. Can no one sing or play it anymore? Sad.


    13. Brotherkarl and Gene,

      I really am hoping for a Candice win…

      OMGosh! Mariah drove me nuts last night…and yes MCL, Nikki was pretty off the wall….I think sanity should be a criteria for idol judges…but it must not be!!!


    14. Rosanne

      Yes … what Nikki did was way over the top. Its nothing wrong with thinking it but somethings should just be left unsaid.


    15. MCL,

      I agree with you about Nikki. There is simply no excuse for that kind of rudeness! Watching this season will be a challenge because of someone like Nikki on the judges panel. She doesn’t seem to have a filter or know when not to cross a certain line. She sounds phony and affected and full of herself. She just gets on my last nerve!

      As for Mariah, she is a lot like JLo in talking a lot but saying very little. But at least she is not outright offensive, like Nikki.

      I also agree that Idol is paying the price in the ratings for not just putting through the best singers, be they guys or girls. It’s way too obvious that they have stacked the deck for the females this year. The guys are being thrown under the bus and even they must know it.

      I think it might have been better if Burnell waited another year or two to come on this show. I don’t think he’s quite ready. He certainly has the voice, but he needs some maturity and time to grow into his voice. This was definitely not the season to be on the show if you are a guy!

      My feeling is that Amber’s voice is too good for her to win this show. That’s why I have accepted the fact that she won’t win and may not last all that long. But she is phenomenal, blessed with a God given gift. I also think that Candace has a great voice. I don’t know if she can win. But Amber’s voice appeals to me more. It’s all very subjective.


    16. OK, I’m just going to say it….This show sucks!!! I’d been saying I hope Devin doesn’t go, and sure enough! I had this gut feeling the judges were not going to save him. I’m glad Ryan responded to the decision like he did. Devin sounded incredible tonight, and brought out his Spanish again! It absolutely stinks what they’ve done with the boys this year. Sure, I’ve been wanting to see a girl win this show again, but how AI has gone about making it happen sucks to the core! I’m so angry right now!!! Amber is one of my favorites, but I know they’re keeping the Save for her. It’s obvious the judges and Jimmy have her picked to win it all. I had tears in my eyes listening to Devin sing tonight!


    17. Roseanne-I think they need to get rid of Nikki! I was appalled at how she treated those boys. She sure has got alot of nerve!


    18. Anita – I thoroughly agree. How come The Voice was able to crown a
      Female winner in Season 3 without manipulation but Idol cannot. Tonight was hard to stomach. Devin sang his little heart out and Nicki sat there like a spoiled brat – she was the reason why Devin was eliminated. Why did she have to give him such a horrible and ungracious send-off? Disgusting. And she did the same to Paul last week. I wish she would just disappear. Truly. Idol are you listening?


    19. I didn’t comment on last night’s show because I fell asleep and missed some of it! Hard day at work!!! 🙂 But tonight I watched the performances that I missed last night. Janelle and Amber were phenomenal–I loved both performances. And Candice was also terrific, and, as I said last week, Kree is growing on me. I don’t understand why Amber doesn’t seem to have a bigger fan base. She has a gorgeous voice. I was glad that Burnell was safe, but sad that Devin left. How many more good people will have to go before Lazaro finally leaves?


    20. Rosanne-I didn’t even notice Nikki was acting that way while Devin was singing! I’ll have to go back and watch it again. I noticed your tweet about Nikki being the one who chose not to keep Devin.


    21. Rosanne – I said that about her before they even said they even decided. She is just very rude and not sensitive at all. Devin was one of my favorite guys but they “the little girls club” loves Lazaro . I think the save is for Cree, Candice and Brunell and may be Amber. She isn’t one of my favorites but she was very good this week.


    22. Anita – ha!! I had to tweet that. I was so angry. It’s one thing to see him eliminated but to be treated so rudely by a judge. It is unforgivable!


    23. Is Lazaro now the judges worst nightmare or is he still fulfilling the duties he was chosen to do…if he stays, boys goes home…if boys goes home, we have an all girl top five and from there it’s up to America which one wins!!!


    24. Vonnie,
      Rickey Ricardo Malicar is doing his duty exactly as planned. They have used this method several times before. We can only hope he has his own conga and a good rendition of Babalu left in him since we will be seeing him again, if he can remember the words!

      Everyone should keep in mind that while Nicki was obnoxious last night, the other judges sat on their hands and said nothing. If any of them had opened their mouth and put the blame for the mistakes in the boys group number where they belonged (Lazaro) we may have had a different result tonight.
      She was also completely off base in her criticism of Janelle’s solo number. At least the other judges spoke up in that case.

      Devin was very good tonight and left in a classy manor. I hate to see him go, at this point anyway.

      Miraha should study a little bit for her seventeen million dollar a year salary. It wouldn’t hurt for her to prepare twenty phrases or so (that don’t include the word darling) and just choose the one that most closely fits the performance she is judging. It would be much better than what she’s doing.

      Keith should ask Janelle for a quote on building him a new guitar. His is one sad axe.

      You may want to give The Voice another try this season.


    25. Gene…I stand by my statement from the first week that I see Kree as the winner….but I really want Candice to win…

      I loved the feel that she gave her song this week, she reminds me of Elise, in the sense of she knows what works for her voice and for a song.

      Still waiting for that Big Mayabell, Eta, or Billie song…we’ve heard “At Last” on this show before, but I think Candice could take that song for a walk…

      I think that if Nikki continues to make Jimmy look like a bully, and a lacky…she won’t have to worry with being asked to stay on for next year…

      I enjoyed Keith’s performance alot tonight…Colton was also very good!!!


    26. Hey Gene

      I think the reason Randy, Keith and Mariah didn’t say anything when the guys group performed was that only one judge commented for each group and when they performed it was Nikki’s turn. Keith and Randy generally pretty straight up when something sounds bad. Mariah, well as I said earlier she’s just “Paula Allover” she doesn’t like to say anything bad

      Nikki comments however were waaaay over the top. This group has talked about this before on this forum. Comments made like the ones Nikki’s on such a huge stage can be very devastating to the confidence of young kid. I agree they sounded pretty bad, but as they say , its not what you say its how you say it. “She could have just said, “That wasn’t good”. She didn’t have to say “Get off the stage”. That women needs help. I’m irritated just by sound of her voice.

      Re: The Voice: I peaked at it. I’ll try Gene. I wonder if Duets is coming back this year. I did enjoy that show.


      Colton was great ! He’s a very interesting singer to me. Alls I can think of when I think of the music he did last year and what he;s doing now is “its very big”


    27. The sad thing is, Idol has done all of this to themselves…their quest to guarantee a female winner has left them stacking the deck… at these young men’s expense!!! These guys are good, but I will in no way believe that this was the best of the best…there were a couple in vegas who got dumped that could sing circles around these guys!!!


      Colton has another song out too..”You Are” that is really good, the radio station that I listen to plays his stuff alot…it is amazing at how many idols are on Christian radio! I hear Mandisa, Jason Castro, Chris Slye, and Colton…


    28. Judges have their favorites. That should be pretty clear. Lazaro. Devin went home for several reasons all unrelated to singing. First, they might have saved Devin if Lazaro were out of the competition, but they know that a much better singer than Lazaro might go if they don’t save their save for that better singer if selected for elimination. They won’t take that chance as long as Lazaro is around and the person being eliminated definitely doesn’t have a shot at winning. Devin didn’t have a real shot at winning. Second, it’s not a singing contest (despite what Simon Cowell used to say) nor is it a performance contest. It is an appeal contest and more importantly it is an appeal contest to those who vote. All the past winners had the most appeal in that season to the segment that voted. Third, Devin was consistently in the bottom, a clear sign that he would go as soon as any potential save wasn’t available, so the judges didn’t want to use their save for a lost cause. Fourth, and more opinion than the other three, each theme night presents a real problem to certain candidates. Top Ten night shouldn’t have been a problem for Devin, but the Beatles and Motown were a difficulty because they were fifty years ago. Devin couldn’t really relate to that, nor could he express the songs he chose in any appealing way. Devin was one of my two favorites going into the top ten.

      The age demographics for the show just came out and the average age of the viewing audience is something like 50 years old, a significant increase over last year.Average is just that and they don’t all vote, but I think who is going to appeal most to a fifty year old audience. It has tremendous implications for advertising and theme selection night.


    29. Vonnie ,

      Yeah I heard Mandisa a while back she recorded with little man ( I can’t think of his name) oh yeah, Kurt Franklin. By the way Sundays Best (the gospel rendition of Idol) should be beginning its 6 season in a week or so.


    30. Don B – you raised many valid points and I totally agree. However, every year they say they are going to make Idol new and fresh and every year, the only thing that changes are the judges and some ridiculous format decisions.

      They had it oh so right with the Top 24 semi-finalists years ago. Stacked the Top 12 with stellar male and female singers. It was exciting and then appeal to the viewers was across the board.

      I think the producers are over-thinking the changes. They put so much effort into finding “star” judges that they have little energy left for the workings of the show.

      They have their star, in my opinion. Ryan Seacrest. He is huge and the show would be a mess without him.

      I like all the judges except for Nicki – she is too volatile. But, I still think that they could have done just as well with the three judges.


    31. Brotherkarl…what tv station does that come on, I will have to check it out!!!I I know that Rueben is also doing Gospel, I haven’t heard him on the station that I listen to as they are Contemp Christian!!! Shouldn’t the Dove Awards be sometime soon???

      Don B,

      Ahhh! Don’t count us 50 years out to quickly, LOL…we still have some rhythm and moves going on!!! We just turn up our hearing aides and groove to the sounds..LOL

      For someone who truly loves music they change with the times…I listen on occassion to the top 40..the lyric content has gotten so bad though that it isn’t fit for any ears to be listening to…and with technology today, these kids who are singing on the radio cannot carry a tune in live shows…even Beyonce lip Synching is a sign of the times…

      I love music, all types of music…I can appreciate someone taking a song from 50 years ago and making it sound current…music has lost alot of it’s flavor, and those of us coming from the flavor years, knows what flavor is…

      I don’t think theme nights are geared to the 50 year old audience…I think it has everything to do with the rights to songs and obvioulsy Idols catalog is very limited…Idol needs to start shelling out the bucks and buying some rights to more current songs to give these kids a more current feel…BUT, that said, if you can’t sing a simple melody from an older song then you ain’t gonna sing a riff running rap mix from today!!! A great singer can literally sing the phone book and make it sound like it is a number one hit!!!

      Don B…I love you posts…you inspire me to think, and to fully understand why I listen to music…Thank you!!! 🙂

      But I can assure you that this 50 year old is not a cheek pinching Grandma loving on Lazaro!!! LOL


    32. Don B

      The above post is done completely out of light hearted fun…:-) 😉


    33. Hey Vonnie

      As a rule I don’t generally look at any of the award shows so I don’t know when the Dove awards comes on, but Sundays Best is on BET . If its first show isn’t this week. Its coming up soon. It shows all the wild auditions first just like Idol (no thousands but hundreds). The judges pick out the top 10 and eliminates them as well each week , the viewing audience only picks out the winner. Liitle man (Kurt Franklin) and his choir is now featured every week on The American Bible Challenge which comes on GSN the game show network every Thursday at 9:00


    34. Thank you Brotherkarl…I will check those out!!!

      You know what we are missing from idol this year don’t ya…What a wonderful woorrlllddd, Oh Yeaaaahhhh!!! Candice could so do this for us!!!!!!!


    35. Hi Karl,
      Good Good Friday to you and all. Sorry for the lag time getting back to you.

      You make a good point about the judges taking turns on the group performance comments. I hadn’t paid that much attention to it. I think Nicki was speaking the company line though. I believe that is true of all judges’ comments. They are not reading from a script but they do have an agenda. She is a crude, coarse self centered individual so the words and method she used to convey the company line are reflective of that. You and I talked about her selection as a judge when she was first announced and neither of us was looking forward to the prospect. I was pretty confident the others would do a good job though. Miriah has been a disappointment because she has more to offer but isn’t willing to hurt anyone’s feelings and isn’t very good in the extemporaneous environment. Nicki, on the other hand demonstrated much more ability than I had ever expected to offer useful, actionable critiques to the contestants and show a compassionate side as needed. It doesn’t change the fact that she is crude, coarse and self centered and that I don’t like her at all. Simon was the same in a little different way and many missed him when he left. The show got boring when everyone was nice and when Randy stepped up to the tough guy role it didn’t work well for me. I think she is here to stay as long as she likes.

      Duets were a good show that didn’t demand a lot of the viewer. Sit back and be entertained was all you had to do. I doubt that it will be back though. Jennifer was about to give birth so that’s a new responsibility for her on top of her career. Kelly got married right after the show as I recall, which is likely placing demands on her time so I would think that if it returned, those two would not be participating. They were a major part of the show, and both are remarkably versatile, so they may be hard to work around. The judging panel for the Voice has changed and they seem to be working well together so far. A girl who was Michael Jackson’s duet singer and backing vocalist at the time he died passed her audition and is pretty good. You may like her. It’s early on yet, so you haven’t missed much.

      Angie Miller is the female Colton Dixon. They both has a similar style, both are Christian contemporary singers, both play piano and both are a little overly dramatic. I wondered earlier in the season what had become of Colton’s sister Skylar who got her second golden ticket this year and then seemed to disappear. I think Angie may be what happened to her. Angie may be this year’s “shocking elimination.”


    36. PS Karl,
      Mariah did make one comment this week that I thought was very funny and well delivered. I don’t recall who Randy was blathering on about but when he handed off to Mariah, she looked at Randy and said questioningly “She too(?) is in it to win it?” Then Randy answered with one of his elongated yeses. “Yeahssss.” If you missed it that may not make since or sound funny but it was at the time.


    37. MCL,

      I really enjoy your posts. I learn so much. Nicky talking sounds like nails on chalkboard to me. It may be impossible to be more nasally than she is. It is as if she were deaf and had no listening feedback mechanism. That being said she seems to oscillate between 90% self promotion and 10% spot on comments. So I try to filter out the nasal tone and listen for the intelligent comments when they pop out.


      Thanks! I am much older than fifty! I still try to hear what other people and other generations hear. So I have been listening to an old Sinead O’Connor CD called Am I Not Your Girl (slow jazz night club stuff from my parents’ time) and Jesse J on you tube, trying to figure out what my parents heard and what my grandchildren hear, the sounds of their generations, and why they liked/like it.


    38. Don B,

      Funny Stuff..I thought that you were a youngin’ in your 20’s or so!!! 🙂 That is why I wanted you to take it easy on us AARP~er’s!!!!!

      I just jumped on the 50 wagon!!! I was shopping this evening at Pier One…and they were playing some awesome Frank Sinatra and Big Band, swing stuff, I was dancing and singing and then it switched up to some Terence Trent D’Arby’s Wishing Well (loved him) then on up to some current sounds…I realized…I was singing along to all of them! I stopped and thought, I am crossing generations and genre’s and I’m still singing along…

      My son who is 20 can sit and listen to Frank to current (he will not sit in the presence of country music though) and he loves it…we are waiting for Michael Buble to come back into our area to go see him…he is always coming to me with songs and asks, do you like this sound mom…

      Sinead has/had an amazing set of pipes!!! I think that I can listen to just about anything, Now there are some things that I can’t listen to for very long, LOL. Choirs and screamo bands are 1 and 2 on that list…my son likes the screamo’s too!


    39. Hey Everybody ! And for all who believe believe …. Happy Resurrection Day !!!

      Been away for few days because I had to do a lot of preparing and getting ready for this morning, but we had great time.

      Hey Don –

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen your post here before. Love them , and most of them almost express my sentiments exactly, just like a lot of others here. I’ve been telling folks every since I’ve been here, that this contest is not about “who is then most talented singer”. But when people see the person they think is the most talented voted ….they just keep on saying its not fair, and fixed and all. I just don’t believe all that. Its a television show and its absolutely geared towards appealing to their largest audience. If they don’t, they won’t be on. Thats why those country singers and the guitar folk almost always make it to the to the top 5. If they weren’t there, Idol would be gone.

      In my opinion, I thinks its very obvious who, on that stage,who is ready right now to record an start doing those concerts. Its also very obvious who the largest part of this audience is going to who is going to go all the way. And I promise you …the most talented performer of this show …will NOT win. It will be the person who appeals to the largest portion of the Idol audience …and it will be Ms country singer: Cree. Unfortunately for me, I don’t do country, so who I’d like to see win this …won’t .


      It’d be great to hear Candice do “What a Wonderful World” . Every time I hear that song, I think about how you and I were talking about it that time and the writing literally started appearing outside of the post (LOL). That was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen from mere postings (LOL).

      As soon as I learn the date “Sundays Best “starts, I;ll let you know.I’m sure they have some good “You Tubes” on too. If I find some. I’ll let you know.

      Hey Gene

      No need to apologize. We just do these whenever we have time.

      For me, there are only two singers on that stage that appeal to me (there were 4 but 2 are already gone) and unfortunately who’s most appealing to me does not appeal the widest portion of the Idol audience. and thats Candice and Brunellel. Brunelle as much as I enjoy his voice, is not very versatile so I can’t see him appealing to the larger part of the Idol audience. And Candice, well she’s singing so many different styles that I think its going to be hard for the audience to identify who she really is. Cree’s performances on the other hand are consistent. Shes one of the ones that are not going to let Jimmy or the judges change her, PLUS she does appeal to their larger audience. For me this is a no brainer who’s gonna win this .

      Re The Voice: I’ll look this week. I’m going to search around and see if I can find something regarding Duets. I enjoyed it. A very interesting way of identifying good talent

      I think I love talking to you guys here about these shows more then I like the actual shows themselves.

      Thank you Rosanne for the forum and I love the way you run it


    40. Happy Resurrection Day to you Brotherkarl… 🙂


    41. The inside scoop is that because the judges did not save Curtis, Niki has vowed to not save anyone. 😦 Devin sang his heart out and deserved the save.

      Lazaro just is such a lounge lizard, I want him going HOME.

      This just may be the season where the top 5 are all female.

      The one growing on me is Jannelle. Not a country fan but she has huge amounts of
      charisma and personality and REALNESS.

      The other gals while technically better singers lack IMO one or more of those characteristics.


    42. Aubrey- yes I had read that about Nicki and it disgusted me. Poor Devin – he sang beautifully – so heartfelt – and Nicki sat there pouting like a spoiled brat! Awful. Even Ryan was shocked. He looked like he wanted to walk off the show with Devin.


    43. Niki was horrible to Devin and it really made me upset and I am thinking of not even watching the rest of this season. I am liking the talent on the Voice. 4 nights watching singing is too much so I may be done with Idol.


    44. Aubry,

      Niki wasn’t chosen for insightful musical presentation comments. She was chosen to appeal to a specific demographic and to create talk – good, bad, or indifferent – about Idol. She accepted because she gets a boat load of money and she keeps her image in front of America so she can sell herself. Idol is paying her so she can market herself and part her hair every thirty seconds. It’s a crazy world. Even though Devin was one of my two favorite top ten, it was clear early on to me he wasn’t making it to top six for non-singing reasons. I still really enjoyed everything he did immensely. Niki can make an occasional non-tantrum comment of value about the singing itself or about the presentation. I just have to be alert to what she is saying. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often.


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