Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 20 Results

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I will be live blogging the Results Show at the bottom of this blog topic.
Are you excited? I am! I am!

The talent runs pretty deep this season, especially on the female side, so I am anxious to see how all this plays out in a couple of hours or so.

The guys gave fairly decent performances but there were so many ballads. Although I do understand that the slower songs allow the singers to connect with the listener – really pull at the heart strings and encourage the viewers to vote.

So that being said, I will keep it short and sweet and save my energy for the live blogging yada yada.

I hope you will join in the conversation by visiting the comments section.

Live Update

  • Ryan says that nobody knows the results – not the judges, contestants or their families. Well, I hope not. Otherwise, another cat is out of the bag!
  • Judges are introduced. They walk out together. Ryan says 39 million votes were cast. A video montage of their journey is being played. Filler!
  • Commercial break. Already? Ha! Better get used to it. This is a 90-minute show.
  • First up for results are the guys. A recap of their performances is played.
  • Ryan is in a room with the guys. He says that Paul Jolley is in the Top 10. He brings him out to the judges and the audience and there is cheering galore. He sings a victory song – Alone by Heart. Now that’s different for sure. Congratulations Paul.
  • The next person moving into the Top 10 is Burnell Taylor. He performs I Am Ready For Love. Pretty good vocal but his voice is so constrained. Very emotional performance, however. Mariah loved his performance and appreciated the intricacy of his vocals. Congratulations Burnell.
  • Commercial break time.
  • The next person to make it through is Curtis Finch Jr.. His palms are soaking wet, apparently. Ha! He is ready to perform his victory song and it is So High by John Legend. Very impressive choice and performance. I love when singers speak – sing and really communicate the words with sincerity and passion. But his upper vocals are pretty unsteady – pretty off-center. Must be the excitement but I still think he needs some technical guidance in this respect.
  • Commercial break.
  • The next person moving forward is Devin Velez. Wow! He is surprised and so am I. His victory song is The Power Of One by Israel Houghton. This is a pretty decent performance but, like all the other guys, he squeezes out his upper range instead of letting it flow freely through diaphragmatic support. Nicki congratulates him and says that using his Spanish obviously helps. She says that this has never been done on Idol before. Really? Two words. David Archuleta.. Congratulations Devin!
  • Commercial break!
  • There is only one spot left for the guys and it goes to Lazaro Arbos. He talks to Ray Chew, the band director and tells him to follow him during the final notes of his victory song because he didn’t rehearse it. Hahah. He performs Bridge Over Troubled Waters and is singing it pretty well. He negotiates the key change flawlessly. The ending is coming up – this should be interesting. And Ray follows him beautifully. The judges give him a standing O. Mariah congratulates him and says that he has grown with each performance. She wants to hear the richness in the lower end of his voice, as was evident with this performance. Ryan acknowledges the five who do not make the final cut and he makes a special move to Charlie Askew, telling him to “stay strong”. Aw Ryan – this is why we love you!
  • A recap of the Top 10 female performances are played.
  • The first female vocalist to move to the Top 10 is Janelle Arthur. Yay she is one of my favorites! And she is a country gal! I love this backstage stuff with Ryan and the contestants. Very cool. Her victory song is Home by Dierks Bentley. Never heard this song before but it is very nice and her voice wraps so beautifully around the melodic line. And she sings the song confidence and passion. Excellent. And a standing O from the judges. Nicki loves her and says that she came alive tonight during this song. She said that she is going to be a humongous country star. Congratulations Janelle!
  • Commercial Break! Sorry. I didn’t write the script!
  • The next lady moving into the Top 10 is Candace Glover. Brava! Ryan tells her to take a deep breath and just go out and have fun and enjoy this moment. Wise words! Standing O from the judges. Her victory song is I’m Goin’ Down by Mary J. Blige. And she is singing the guts out of this song. She is clearly such a comfortable singer on stage and exudes confidence and poise. Another standing O for this extremely talented young lady. Randy loves her – all the judges do! Congratulations Candace!
  • Ryan says that Angie Miller is in the Top 10 and only the male judges are giving her a standing O. Interesting. She sings I Was Here by Beyonce and what a great, great song choice. She really squeezes every ounce of juice out of this song. She is a vocal force in this competition. Keith is in tears and he said that she needed this break so badly because she is ready to go. I agree – it is only a matter of time before she explodes onto the music scene. She is extremely marketable on many levels. Congratulations Angie
  • Only two singers left to complete the Top 10. The 9th singer is Amber Holcomb. Awesome! All my favorites so far. Ryan guides her to the stage and all the judges, except Nickistand up to greet her. She confidently sings I’m Every Woman? and Mariah is ecstatic to see her in the Top 10. Congratulations Amber
  • The last person to make it into the Top 10 is Kree Harrison. And a standing O from all the judges. She performs very well but I see no star power there at all.
  • Well, here’s something. Next week, there will be a sing-off between the guy and gal who came 6th in their group of ten and then the public decides, via voting, who gets to move on to the Top 11 and then the subsequent tour. Okay! This should be verrrrryyy interesting.
  • See you next week when Vocal Masterclass articles will begin for Season 12.
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    10 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 20 Results”

    1. I’m a little confused that the comments from February 28 are showing up here???

      I was generally pleased with the results tonight, and I think the girls can sing circles around the guys. I absolutely love Candice!!! And I was afraid that Janelle would not make it because of Kree, but was very pleased to see her in the top ten. I’m looking forward to seeing where this season goes.


    2. Louise – you and me both! What is going on with WordPress? The mobile app is severely compromised in many areas. Very strange.


    3. Ok Louise I deleted the comments so we are back on track and current. However, there are still problems with the app that need to be addressed. Thanks for pointing this out because it wasn’t evident via the mobile app.


    4. I was hoping that either Bree or Aubrey would move ahead of Kree. They had the complete package.


    5. MCL, I agree with you about Bree or Aubrey. So where is everyone here? I’m very surprised that the usual bloggers didn’t have something to say about the top ten!


    6. I was thinking about Kree and it made me think that this is now the point in the competition where personality and likeability matter almost as much as singing ability. So it’s hard to predict anything at this point. But as talented as Angie is, a few times I’ve seen a glimmer of something from her that makes me feel that she’s perhaps over-confident and a little full of herself. I might be wrong about that, but that’s not something that appeals to me. I sort of feel that way about Curtis too.

      If right at this moment someone asked me to pick someone from the top ten to win the entire contest with the likeability factor thrown in, I’d have to say Janelle. But whenever Candice sings, I just love her. In thinking about any of the others, I can’t imagine any of them winning. So now I’ll have to sit back and see if I’ll have to eat those words when the winner is chosen in May.


    7. I’m very disappointed that Breanna didn’t make it. I would have preferred Breanna over either Janelle or Amber. I’m also disappointed that Nick didn’t make it through. I definitely prefer him over Curtis, whose over-singing is very off-putting to me.


    8. katillac . . . I’m also sorry that Nick didn’t make it. Really loved his voice. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll be the one who is added next week.


    9. Yes Katillac – I somewhat agree. But I would have preferred Breanna over Kree. Or Aubrey.


    10. Louise – not sure where everyone is but I am sure they will show up eventually. Perhaps I should put out a missing persons alert? Lol


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