American Idol – You’re Giving Me A Headache. Pick A Judge Already.


Oh, American Idol! What is happening to you. Since when have the judges become ultimately more important than the singers themselves?

Let’s see now. So far we have Mariah Carey and, uhm, Mariah and, uhm, oh yes – Mariah!

Now, according to Entertainment Weekly, we have this enticing news release:

As has been widely reported, rapper Nicki Minaj is indeed near a deal to join the show as a judge. If hired, she’ll join pop singer Mariah Carey, who signed a contract worth about $17 million per year. Carey fills one of the spots vacated by singer Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, whose exits were announced earlier this year.

The third spot, sources say, is most likely going to Australian country music star Keith Urban. The top runner-up for his spot (or, if Fox and producers decide to go full throttle, for a fourth spot) is Spanish singer-songerwriter Enrique Iglesias. And, hanging in there with an outside chance, Idol veteran Adam Lambert is still in the mix.

American Idol veteran judge, Randy Jackson, will continue on in some sort of mentoring role. No one really knows if Jimmy Iovine has gotten the boot but I suspect that he will.

I don’t know about you but this sounds like one hot mess. Way too much star power at the judges’ table. Will we even be able to focus on the singers?

One reader over at EW.Com said that the show should be called American Judges. That made me laugh but sad at the same time. The show has morphed into some sort of circus where the judges are the featured act.

Thanks heavens Ryan Seacrest is still employed as host – he, at least, is a wonderful and reassuring reminder of what this show used to be about – the singers.

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9 Responses to “American Idol – You’re Giving Me A Headache. Pick A Judge Already.”

  1. MCL, I hate to bring this up but during season 9, when the judging was so disjointed, and the judges droned on trying to outdo each other; even Ryan was put off his game that season.
    When the season 7 top 10 appeared on Larry King one of them pointed out that a contestants performance was more than just the song. It actually consisted of the song, the judging of the song and Ryan’s follow-up to the judging. The contestants performance doesn’t end until the host gives out phone #. …I think that’s absolutely right, I think that’s why it is important that the judging not overshadow the singing. Randy, Paula, Simon and Ryan got that. They could be witty, crazy, caustic or emotional but never to the point of overpowering the song. Howie, Sharon, Howard and Nick of AGT get it. The judges and hosts on SYTYCD and DWTS get it. I would like to think Idol producers are trying to find judges who will get their role. I don’t hold up much hope as it hasn’t happened the last three seasons (and I don’t think Kara D. ever got it.)
    Losing Iovine is ok with me. I never liked the idea a record label with signing rights for selected contestants having such a large influence on the contestant’s show performances.


  2. I agree skifflower. I guess I missed that remark on Larry King but it is a valid one. All of these factors weigh into the voting results.

    And, the very fact that these judges have yet to establish any kind of chemistry is a bit worrisome. They are off to a rocky start if the rumors that Mariah does not approve of Nicki’s participation as a judge are true.


  3. I have to say, none of the proposed judge combos make me want to watch Idol next season. They need judges who are not big stars, but judges who are knowledgable about singing and performing–not at all the same thing–and who are not there to compete with the Idols!


  4. Rereader, I have to agree with you, but it seems Idol is convinced having famous singers is the way to go. There has also been talk about having Enrique Iglesias as a
    4th judge. It is obvious the Judges will be the highlight of the show and NOT the contestants!

    Personally, I don’t want to see Nicki being on the Judge’s panel. I feel a little bit bad about Randy Jackson leaving the panel; however, he had the opportunity to change his style of judging and made no attempt to do so. Maybe he was getting bored with the show? I wish one of the judges would be a part of the music industry and not a singer.


  5. ReReader and Kariann – thank you for your comments.

    Clearly, the producers of Idol are out of control and grasping at straws. The selection of star judges is absolutely ludicrous.

    The latest news was they offered Justin Bieber 25 million dollars to be a judge knowing that he would attract a young demographic. Not that he is skilled and proficient at his judging responsibilities!! It’s all about the ratings.

    No wonder I have heartburn lately! Haha.


  6. MCL: As I have said before: AI is need of some SERIOUS adult supervision!

    And these–if I had the untimate powerof the universe[after solving otner important problems on this planet and possilby others]–would be the new judges:

    1. Myself
    2. Scott Macintyre
    2. Aretha Fanklin
    4. Ms. T, the MCL

    Just think: I believe that we would all be happy to each work for 5 mil/year:) Cheaper than hiring the Biebs for a year. And he does LIKE the show.

    Just think howthe four of us would ROCK the house. Heck, I would even be willing to become the ‘unofficial’ personal trainer to Lady A.


  7. This image popped into my head of David Cook standing on the stage after a performance and anxiously awaiting the sage advice from the Bieb and Nick Jonas. How sad is that?


  8. Haha Skifflower. Well said. Funny and sad at the same time. In fact, many competitors are much more experienced than these two teen artists. This show is going in the dumpster I’m afraid.


  9. What they need are professionals in the music business – not necessarily millionaire singers. Simon Cowell wasn’t a superstar, and he was the best judge they ever had. As a contestant I’d be much more interested in a music executive critiquing my performance, because that’s the sort of person who would be offering me a record deal. I wouldn’t care what Nick Jonas or Adam Lambert thought about my singing because they don’t pick talent – they’re singers. But if someone in the industry told me I was good, THAT would mean something.

    Another thing – the show needs bluntness, someone to tell bad singers they’re bad singers, not say dumb things like, “Well, your hair looks pretty” if their singing is horrible. That’s what made Simon a great judge – he was nasty and the contestants were desperate to impress him. You don’t grow as an artist if someone tells you you’re great all the time. Blunt honesty is what AI needs, and I don’t see it coming from any combo of these judging possibilities.


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