Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven: The YouTube Show


Aaaaand we’re back!! After two weeks of Olympic-style TV, America’s Got Talent is ready to rock your lives once again. Or not. It’s your call!

This week, NBC’s America’s Got Talent’s live show highlights the exciting Top 12 YouTube Finalists garnered from online voting.

Beginning at 8:00 P.M. on Tuesday and airing on NBC.Com, this show will feature performers that we have not yet seen this season.

So, I am excited to see what these acts have in store for us. Will another Jackie Evancho phenomenon be discovered?

And it will be very interesting to analyze Sharon Osbourne’s demeanor in light of her recent and abrupt announcement that she would not be returning to America’s Got Talent next season. All this stemmed from what she feels was discriminatory actions displayed by NBC toward her son, Jack Osbourne.

And, according to the New York Post, Howard Stern wants to confront Sharon on live television.

Oh, give me a break, already! This screams ratings ploy. These poor acts will never achieve stardom because the real show will be happening in the Judges’ Booth.

Nevertheless, the YouTube acts will perform Tuesday evening, with the Results Show on Wednesday, where four of the YouTube acts will move forward to the semi-final show in a couple of weeks.

Comment away! The floor is yours!!

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9 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven: The YouTube Show”

  1. Hey Rosanne

    I was very excited about seeing AGT finally back on, but I must say I wasn’t excited at all about the contestants they found from their You Tube videos. To me I wouldn’t be surprised if tonights show brought in the lowest ratings of the season seeing nobody would really care who got in.

    You mean to tell me that of all the people that submitted videos, those were the best contestants they had. I find that very hard to believe. The only outstanding act of the pack to me last night to me was Clint Carvalto and his Extreme Parrots.

    Something else I noticed was that the AGT ‘s You Tube pick of the season was , 16 year old Drew Erwin , once again proving how much these talent show audiences love the WGWG. He wasn’t a bad singer, but to me there was nothing great about him other than he fits that audiences mold to a tee.The judges all gave him pretty low critiques, which unfortunately are going to work in his FAVOR as usual when that happens.

    The only other act to me that was half way good was “The Academy of Villan dancers”

    So I’ll say, Clint Carvalto, Drew Erwin, and Aademy of Villans will be saved.

    I don’t know who the 4th will. It could be any of them. In my opinion none of the others there should even be competing with the others picked… may be country singer, Bria Kelly.

    We’ll see.


  2. BrotherKarl – last night’s YouTube show was abysmal. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! And, I’m with you. I like the Parrot Guy, the gothic dancers and Drew. The rest – umm no!

    There is so much talent in the USA – this is the best that YouTube produced? I don’t think so! No wonder the ratings are in the dumpster. Sharon is wise to leave. The show is a mess this season. The editing, the sound, the acts? Generally very mediocre.

    This is no reflection on the judges or Nick Cannon. They are the best in the business and AGT is lucky to have them on board. Let’s hope they all stay. Even Howard Stern is undecided. Oh boy….


  3. Hey Rosanne

    Wow!! If this post in anyway reflects the interest the public has in AGT this season, then I guess nobody really IS looking or even cares at all about whats going on with the show because nobody here is saying anything or HAS said anything regarding any of the AGT post you’ve put up.

    I guess the show is really a mess this season. Too bad. And this weeks show was probably the worst show of the season

    With the exception of Drew each of the contestants you and I said would make it through … did. And added to that list is “The Magic of Puck” the guy with the dancing handkerchief’s. I’d be shocked to see any of these among the top 4 though. If we do then t AGT must be really coming to an end.


  4. BrotherKarl – I agree. I was going to mention the lack of interest myself but since no one was interested except you or me I hesitated to do so. Lolol

    The editing in the preliminary stages of this show was frantic and edgy. It gave you no time to truly absorb the acts. I found it confusing, actually.

    I think the element of surprise – like we experienced when Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. or Jackie Evancho hit the stage – is missing. I know they are singers, but they mesmerized the audience in such a phenomenal way. A hard act to follow.


  5. Landau and Jackie. Wow!! When you mentioned their names my mind went back and I thought …what remarkable singers!! Not one act in this competition could even come close to making those leagues.

    I wonder was it the producers plans to shoot for something other than singers this year and in their efforts to do so, their plans backfired. Its just so curious to me that none of the singers who have tried out and made it through, are exceptional.

    At this point Rosanne, I guess their can be no surprises like you mentioned now, because all of the finalist are now picked and even if they were singers chosen as wild card picks, there’s no “make me faint” talent that can be picked from that bunch.

    The only singers in the finals to date :

    Edon , Tim Hockenberry, Marice & Shannice (father and daughter team) and now after this week country singer Bria Kelley.

    To me the best singer in that bunch is Tim …but he’s got a lot of great acts to stand up to if he wants to make to the top

    Looking Forwards


  6. Yes, BrotherKarl. This is what happened. They purposely went out of their way to make sure that no singers were highlighted this year – at least singers that made us all gabbing and chatting around here and the blogosphere. No water-cooler talk.

    Now, I see that the little Spanish singer is back as a Wild Card. I love him. He is different. And, he should go through.

    When will these shows ever learn that manipulation at the top end does not work. This is a talent show and all talent should be celebrated.


  7. That would be Sabastian and El Curoro deOro. He was great!! And I could see him going much further in the competition …. much further than Maurice and Shannice. I think the attraction with them was more that they are father and daughter, then great singers.


  8. “I think the element of surprise – like we experienced when Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. or Jackie Evancho hit the stage – is missing.”

    Yes…. I really almost stopped watching this year, it’s just boring.


  9. Kitty – it really is disappointing.

    And even more disappointing is how little the show has done to promote Landau. Call me crazy, but he is quite the find.

    I was hoping to see him on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno since both Leno and AGT are on NBC.


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