SPOILERS INSIDE: Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Top 2 Finale And Results Show


How strange! ;This blog topic is publishing nicely, unlike my last one about Phillip Phillip’s outstanding performance of “Home” last evening. And, I can’t link to it because the technical glitch of “linking” is the problem. I just realized this when I was typing these opening words. Weird. Weird!. Update: All fixed!

More updates at end of article

Anyway, I am excited for tonight’s show. It sounds like it’s going to be one wild ride, doesn’t it? A little Reba with Skylar, a pre-recorded performance of Kristen Chenoweth with Jessica and more via The Hollywood Reporter and MJsBigBlog. ;.

You will have to travel there on your own as I cannot provide click-through links yet. ;Honestly WordPress – get your act together. I’m trying to run a resourceful blog here. UPDATE: My bad! I forgot to close the YouTube link with a “]” symbol. My apologies to WordPress. I’m getting old! I love you!

I have added the information below – but if you don’t want to be spoiled then stop reading! Ha!

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that this year’s female finalists will pay homage to the late ;Donna Summer ;while the boys will honor the recently departed ;Robin Gibb ;with the songs of the Bee Gees.

Helping the contestants translate the Summer’s classic songbook (the disco queen appeared on the season 7 finale) to a group performance with ’70s icons ;Gloria Gaynor, ;Thelma Houston ;and ;Gladys Knightjoined by ;Nelly Furtado, ;Sheila E., ;Jennifer Holliday ;and, of course, the Season 11 girls (later in the show, they perform with ;Chaka Khan). In addition, Broadway and ;Glee ;star ;Kristin Chenoweth ;will trade vocals with finalist ;Jessica Sanchez ;on the Summer-Barbra Streisand girl power anthem, “Enough is Enough.”

Among the other stars set to perform with the finalists are ;John Fogerty, who will duet with ;Phillip Phillips, ;Reba McEntire, who will kick up her boots with Skylar Laine and the long-awaited ;Fantasia-Mantasia mash-up – a no-brainer for second runner-upJoshua Ledet.

Sanchez will join ;Dreamgirls ;soul-mate Holliday for an encore performance of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going,” and the boys will sing with ;Neil Diamond ;for yet another group number.

Latin superstars Wisin and Yendel will salsa with touring partner and ;Idol ;judge ;Jennifer Lopez, while ;Hollie Cavanagh ;will team with Season 6 winner ;Jordin Sparks ;for a Broadway showtune.

Previously announced performers include hitmaker Rihanna and rockers Aerosmith.

Update: Over 132 million votes. Idol and World Record. Holy! Those are crazy numbers.

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  1. Maybe I’ll watch afterall tonight!!!


  2. Definitely watching!


  3. What about Deandre? I am watching mainly to see Deandre,Colton & Hollie.


  4. Aubry – I know. I was disappointed as well. But, he finished so low on the totem pole that it’s to be expected that he wouldn’t have as much performing opportunity as some of the others.

    It is quite a let-down and American Idol should be ashamed of themselves for not promoting him and recognizing the enormity of his talent.


  5. Woo – we have a party going!! Awesome!


  6. Wow!! MCL …..Now that sounds like a real finale!! Excited!! What I must say though, I’m more excited about is seeing if my little theory about Idol is going to be confirmed. I’m kind of secretly hoping that its all going to fall apart, so I can be knocked off my “Mr. know-it-all” rocker 🙂


  7. Haha BrotherKarl. Hard to say what will happen. I think Jessica may win the whole kahuna. Oftentimes, the singer who is least impressive during the Top 2 Performance show will win, so, it’s hard to say what will happen.

    It seems that the Idol Machine want a Phillip Phillips victory but I still smell a Jessica win. Don’t know why? I just do. Watch tonight! Subtle hints!


  8. Louise – still think she is gonna beat those odds. Don’t know why, I just do. But, DialIdol has Phillip as the leader, so I will probably be wrong. Ha!


  9. The finale is half over right now. So far, my favorite thing was the look on Scotty’s face during that epic screamfest between Joshua and Fantasia.


  10. So, congratulations, Brotherkarl. Would you mind explaining again why you were so sure that Philip would win?

    Phil seems like such a gentle guy–SO close to his family!!! It was a very touching ending.


  11. There were many special moments tonight! Some are complaining, but I’m not. Love, love, love Ace proposing to Diana on stage. Oh so sweet! Loved Jessica’s duet with Jennifer Holiday. I actually thought Jessica did a better job. The singing of “I Will Always Love You” proved that Jessica is a real winner!

    The girls performances were OK. I really enjoyed the guy’s performances and tribute to Neil Diamond and Robin Gibb. Yes, Neil has lost his voice (at age 70) but he is a true American treasure. The Bee Gees are one of my most favorite groups ever. I know the youngin’s are complaining, but I really found the evening entertaining. Holly and Jordin had a special moment – didn’t they?

    It was so good to see the other Idols of Season 11. It was a good season. I wish Jessica could have sany a high energy song last night, but it wouldn’t have mattered. There was no way Phillip Phillips was going to lose. However, in the end – Jessica Sanchez is a winner!


  12. Congratulations to Phillip!!! I’m thinking of ya, Vonnie! Even though I voted for Jessica, Phillip had me in tears, and I even blew him a kiss when he started crying. What a sweet heart he is, and despite what peoplei might say on other sites, he is very talented and deserved to win!


  13. Malden – I tweeted about this. It was hysterical. Priceless!!


  14. malden-I could handle Joshua, but Fantasia was awful! Oh my goodness, what is going on with that woman. I know she can sing better than that!


  15. So BrotherKarl – your prediction came true. You must share your theory with us. Of course, Phillip fits the WGWG description but still it would be nice to see Jessica win. Both are deserving but it’s time for a female winner.

    Phillip had me teary-eyed when he rushed into the arms of his family. He must feel relieved that he can now take care of his health and spend time with his loved ones.


  16. Anita – all that screaming. And it has been reinforced via American Idol. They started her on the road to this madness and Joshua is going to follow closely behind if he doesn’t take care of himself and his voice.


  17. Rosanne-I think that was the worst I’ve ever heard Fantasia sing. She screamed the entire time! She is Joshua’s idol, and the judges would never bring the screaming up to him, so I’m afraid that he just might follow her lead. Hopefully not. I didn’t catch the look on Scotty’s face. I also taped it, so I’ll have to go back and look!


  18. I was shocked at seeing and hearing Fantasia tonight. What has happened to her??? I voted for Diana DeGarmo that year. The proposal was really a neat moment!

    I have to say that overall I didn’t enjoy tonight’s finale as much as I have some others. But I was extremely touched by Philip at the end. I certainly wish him well and hope his health improves.


  19. It is really funny to watch. He looks stunned – as so he should.


  20. Yes Louise. The finale was a bit of a sleeper and I don’t know why? Let me sleep on it. There were some special moments though the best of which was Phillip rushing into his family’s arms. Very, very touching!


  21. Congratulations to Phillip and his family and fans! I know Vonnie is doing her happy dance.

    I was prepared to say that Hollie and Jordin’s duet was the performance of the night, and it was very good, but the show stopper for me was tiny 16 year old Jessica going toe to toe, note for note, growl for growl, and ugly for ugly with Jennifer Holiday. Watching their faces was half of the show. Jennifer had one of those great “you go girl” looks you see when a veteran performer is admiring a new comer’s chops and Jessica gave her a few admiring smiles as well. I was impressed with her maturity in keeping her composure in the face, and I mean, right in the face of this monster performer. She seemed worn out during the last two weeks shows to me, but she took the show, if not the title, with this performance. Jessica has had school as well as all of the Ford commercial shoots to do on top of the other Idol duties. I think her performance of I”I will Always Love You” earlier in the season was the biggest Idol moment of the season followed by Elise’s “Whole lotta Love.” I was happy to her Jessica sing this great song again tonight.

    I thought Philip held his own John Fogerty pretty well, an old favorite of mine.

    Random thoughts on the night: Where was the cool blond chic that plays sax? They should make her the Idol “swagger coach.” I take it that Joshua was declaring for gospel over the R&B route tonight. Two Tasias on one stage were a little hard to listen to at times. The phone book bit was pretty funny. I was surprised that DeAndre didn’t do more with the Robin Gibb tribute. Thanks go out to J-Lo for the extended snack and bathroom break provided by her performance.


  22. Hey all.

    Great show to me!! Loved every part of it. Also good to hear the news about Ace and Diana. “Who’d da thunk it”.

    Of course whats really tripping me out is that once again my predictions about Idol have once again come to pass. Who I personally thought was the most talented this years on Idol was Joshua and Jessica and thats who I voted like crazy for. Who I predicted would win early off however was Phil

    My little theory is nothing really way out or deep. I just think that the finalist favored and voted on are judged more then just on vocal ability. I think a big factor of how they are picked has to do with humility and the confidence they display which is seen in how they interact with the judges, mentors and other contestants. Lastly, if the contestant has that “Idol style” (because its an Idol audience thats picking them, and over time that audience changes), Thats basically it,

    They can rate low in vocal ability and high in their “display” of humility. Or they may rate high very high in vocal ability and low in their “display” of confidence. Phil did not always rate high in vocal ability, but his display of humility and confidence when not performing seemed always very strong, despite any critiques that he got. What he rated higher then anybody is in “Idol style” and Idols “current” style is country and rock. Nobody at all in the competition in my opinion was able to fit that bill, but Phil. Lot of you guys liked Hollie, but she did not have that Idol style. Joshua , DeAndre, none of them did. They were great singers but as many of you said Idol continues to push out singers from these cookie cuter molds and no matter how great they are if they don’t fit that mold and meet those other test, they won;t make it to the end.

    I’ve picked the Idol winner every year early off in the competition and those are the things I used in picking them. Vocal ability, display of humility and confidence when not performing, and most of all “Idol style”

    Its nothing great, but hose things get the contestants stories, air time, favor from the judges and mentors and more important, votes from the viewers.


  23. It’s known as “the edit.”


  24. Thanks, Karl. So it sounds like the audience wants to be the contestant’s best friend. I understand that there are all sorts of musical tastes. I preferred Taylor Hicks to Katharine McPhee even though I was well aware of the fact that she, and even Elliot Yamin, had better voices. I just didn’t like Katharine’s personality. I can see that similar feelings could have been at work this year. There were moments when some people could have perceived Jessica to not be quite humble enough. I think that may have been why some of the others were voted off earlier too–Colton, Elise, and perhaps even Skylar come to mind.

    Gene . . . very amusing comment about JLo’s performance giving you extra time for a bathroom/snack break. I couldn’t agree more!!!

    I also enjoyed the Jessica/Jennifer Halliday moment–WOW!!! I was wondering why they didn’t bring back Jennifer Hudson for that since she sang it quite well in “Dreamgirls.”

    And I also was expecting DeAndre to be featured in the Robin Gibbs tribute, but was disappointed.


  25. BrotherKarl – thank you for sharing your theory. How right you are!! Are we ever going to look at Idol the same way now? I mean, as soon as we see a singer with a guitar singing country or rock who displays humility and confidence, then it’s game over?

    They could end all this nonsense by eliminating instruments altogether but then I feel this would be a step backwards. I like to watch singers perform with all their musical gifts intact and for the world to see.

    Will singers now be more inclined to learn guitar? As if there are not enough guitar players out there already?

    Interesting that Ryan never said the difference in vote numbers between Jessica and Phillip. Phillip must have won by a landslide.


  26. Yeah ….actually I started looking at it differently the season after Carrie won. (I can’t remember now, who the next winner was … but yeah … way back then). Do I think it’s “always” going to be that same guy with the guitar and band? Yeah … for a little while ..UNTIL that guys career starts flopping. Once they start seeing him become a total “burnout” out here, then they’ll change. Until then, it will be either him or the closet you can get to him … may be a “her’, maybe a black “him, but it will always be that same “Idol style”.

    Kelly Clarkston is very close to a “rocker” in my opinion.( I don’t remember her ever singing in the competition the kind of music she sings today), but in her coming out and being so successful she set a standard and now about 95% percent of the singers that have won, fit that country /rocker type mold. So yeah ,for the next couple of years if Idol continues…if that person makes it to the top 24 and has the vocal ability, and is good at “displaying” true humility and confidence … for me … its “game over”. Until a different kind of singer in the Idol top 10 comes out with a really slamming super star career, I’ll always know who the winner will be. The Clay Akin’s and David Archeletta’s, the Yamins, the Dolittles will always be there hanging around the top, because of their outstanding vocal ability, humility and confidence but until the style changes, unfortunately none of them will EVER win. I know its a bit of a downer but to me, its just one of those hard truths, that I believe has more to do with the audience then the show itself.


  27. Now ….Gene and Louise …

    Jennifer Holiday and Jessica. 🙂 OMG !! LOL !!. I know a lot of people don’t get off into that kind of thing …, but for me …I loved it!! I;ve seen Jennifer Holiday make those ugly faces before, but this time it seems like she decided to go for gneiss book of world records because it looks like she made every ugly face that has ever been made in history. 🙂

    Talk about contortionist’s ….she raised the bar. One time it look like her mouth was all the way on the right side of her face touching the bottom of her ear. 🙂 LOL!! OMG!!. I was loving it SO much. What really got me was little Jessica. Usually when Jennifer does those duet’s like that she makes sure she out does her partner …. but it looks like Jessica said “look, I can pop my eyes out like that too … bring it” and she held her own. It was an awesome performance to me. Different strokes for different folks. Yes last nights show was indeed “The Mother of All Scream Fest ” shows … like a lot of rock concerts, I was ALL in. It was a show that I am SO glad I didn’t miss

    I did want to ask you guys something though.

    When I was typing my last post I thought about Elliot and Malinda and if I’m not mistaken, both of them were 3rd place winners. Well, I was just thinking …both of them in my opinion are R&B’rs …well Joshua is an R&B’rs too. I’m just wondering ….that you know of, have there been any other 3rd place winner’s who were R&B’s? I’m going to go back and look over some things, Its just a curious to me. I think Latoya London was a 3rd place winner too.


  28. Poor thing’s voice is as Gone as Scotty McCreery swinging a mike at pretend baseball: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/05/24/american-idol-jessica-sanchez-finale/


  29. Brotherkarl,

    I’m not positive about this, but I think these are the third place finishers beginning with Season 2 . . .
    2. Kimberly Locke
    3. Jasmine Trias
    4. Vonzell Sullivan
    5. Elliott Yamin
    6. Melinda Doolittle
    7. Syesha Mercado
    8. Danny Gokey
    9. Casey James
    10. Haley Reinhart
    11. Joshua Ledet


  30. I’m having trouble posting so this is just a test.


  31. Really Gene? Must be a WordPress glitch. I am having wireless issues off and on because of major forest fires in our area. Been truly chaotic here.

    Thanks for your comments everyone. Will add more later.


  32. Well, it won’t except my post so I will say that Jessica and Jennifer brought the house down. That was one of the most incredible performances I have seen anywhere. I like your description Karl, and understand, I wasn’t calling them ugly, but just saying the “got their ugly on.” It’s where you just don’t care and are giving it everything you have, especialy in the swager department. Outstanding!


  33. MCL,
    Yes ma’am. I usualy compose my post in Word, for everyone’s bennifit, 🙂 and then cut and past it here. Today it will only except what I type directly into the box. I even tried to trick it by typing a few words on either end of my cut and paste document and it was a no go.

    What did you think of Jessica and Jennifer’s duet? Speaking of duets; will you be watching Duets?


  34. Louise :

    Thanks for that,

    Thats very interesting because Kimberly,Jasmine, Vonzell, Elliot, Melinda, Syesha, Danny and Joshua are all Soul type R&B’rs to me which means that with the exception of season 9 & 10 , 3rd place was always held by an R&B’r. The rockers start holding first place after season 7 and then no more R&B’r’s until this season. Very interesting. I think that speaks a lot for whats has happened to Idols R&B audience over the years. Its really dwindled. At one time it picked the actual winners, then and with the exception of this year, it was only strong enough to pick 3rd place winners. Hmmmmm.


  35. Loved the show last night! Especially loved Jennifer and Jessica. To see something that amazing unfold before your very eyes was overwhelming for me. I don’t know why I started to tear up and choke up during that performance. It was absolutely breath taking and I can’t even explain it. I watched it again and the same thing happened. I have never had that reaction to performance before. I have never been a huge fan of Jessica or Jennifer so I don’t know what I was feeling. OMG!

    Can somebody explain that to me what happened there? LOL

    On the other hand I have never seen such a mess as was Joshua and Fantasia’s performance. That was just strange and absurd and wasn’t a good note for Joshua to go out on in my opinion. Fantasia sounded awful just awful. I know someone who was in the audience and they said that everyone said that was the worst musical experience of their life.

    I loved how they decided to play up all the criticism that the show and some of the contestants have gotten over the season. Randy does need some new material before next year if he’s coming back and I loved the whole singing the phone book segment.

    Over all great show minus that little “mantasia” fiasco.

    Good job on picking the winner BrotherKarl. Phillip deserved to win and I congratulate him and wish him all the best.

    Congrats to Jessica too! She is an amazing singer and an amazing person!


  36. Gene;

    You said you weren’t calling them ugly. I wasn’t either but I;m not going to say those faces that got made were n’t ugly 🙂 Eyes and veins popping out, both looking like they were going to knock somebody down. Woo. It was awesome!! Thats one I’m going to rewind over and over again.

    I liked everything. I guess there’s just one thing that I’ll never get use to and thats the continual pairing these kids with people who are 60 and 70 years old. All the old songs …the whole nine yards. I just don’t get it. I know you guys tried to explain it to me one time before …but I guess my head is just to thick for it. Why is it that they almost never bring in more current stars to perform, with them. Rhianna was there. Adele, Ga-ga, Usher, Timberlake …. anybody. They’re always bringing in these older folks who are pretty much retired. I mean, they;re good too ….but to me …if I were a kid the height of my life would be performing with my own Idol, not my mother or fathers Idol.


  37. Taymaro,
    I can’t explain it, but what you described is exactly what happened to me, word for word. I was also sweaty after watching it, both times. That was all part of my post that wouldn’t post. Even if I had watched J-Lo it would have been worth it just to see that performance.


  38. Karl,
    OK, we’re on the same page. To answer your question; one reason is that most of the people you mentioned can’t really perform live. They are illusionist. I idn’t watch Rhianna’s performance, but usually that type of performance is pre-recorded before a live audience, who sit through take after take until they get it right. J-Lo’s performances are like that and so are Usher and Bieber’s. The old folks work cheap and the majority of the viewing audience are over 45. Teens and tweens just vote in disproportionately high numbers (of votes)


  39. One other reason that comes to mind this year was that they were tributing Robin Gibb, Donna Summer and Whitney Houston which accounts for some of the group numbers and two of Jessica’s songs. The kids have an imput too when they site their musical heros, Idols and inspirations early in the year and through the sng choices they make during the competition.


  40. Taymaro;

    You know what you felt!! The power of Jennifer came through the set and grabbed you 🙂
    I know … it got on me too (LOL). And I’m with you … Jessica sings beautifully. Every week she got my votes.

    They use to have segment where the viewers would send in a song they wrote for the Finale and one song would win …and both contestants would sing it (something like that). Whatever happened to that I wonder.


  41. Gene;

    I didn’t realize that about the performances. I just thought they were live. I DO get the part however about the older folks working for cheap. Ok, Ok, OK … I’ll let them off


  42. It is good to see so many favorites returning. I have no idea about Vonnie except we did post togeher for several years, and I miss her!

    Watching the Grandbabes right now, but I have a formula that will probably repeat for next year’s winner – If Idol puts another attractive white male from the South who mentions his Christian beliefs – we will have the winner for Season 12.

    People are complaining about the “old-timers” on the Finale. It didn’t bother me. I missed the tribute to Donna Summer! Was it really necessary to have that awful tour of Steven’s house? It was tacky, boring, and out-of-place. Rather have heard Jessica and Kristen sing the tribute. Now, how do we get to hear it?

    Idol knows there needs to be changes made – wonder if they will replace a judge! Will you be following “The Duets”?

    Thank you Rosanne for an informative and interesting blog. I almost always agree with you! :o)


  43. You are most welcome, Kariann. And, yes, they do need to make changes and soon. I think even Ryan looks unhappy with the way things evolved.

    And some of the song choices for Jessica over the last two weeks? Rubbish. Pure rubbish! The girl didn’t stand a chance of winning.

    Also, I think they need to bring on older singers into this competition. When did 20-something seem old? Older singers bring experience, finesse, refined artistry to their performances. David Archuleta was the exception to the rule but he is truly a vocal prodigy and a rare find in this business.

    I miss the David Cooks, Michael Johns, Carly Smithsons, Constantine, Taylor Hicks level of singing and performing. And, if there were older singers on the show, maybe the ratings would rise.

    Honestly, ever since they turned this show into Teen Pop and Country Idol, the ratings have plummeted significantly.

    There is something to be said for “paying your dues”.


  44. MCL,

    You made a really good point about increasing the age of the competition. But unfortunately I’m not so sure that will ever happen. I’m quite sure that money is the bottom line for them, so they’ll try to appeal to the largest segment of the population that buys music. And I may be wrong about this, but I think that’s probably teens.

    If I’m remembering correctly, Taylor Hicks was probably the oldest winner because he was close to being 30 when he won. This season, Erika and Elise almost seemed out of place because they were in their 20’s. Personally, I’d prefer older contestants too.


  45. Louise – two words. Susan Boyle! She has sold millions of CDs. Older contestants do work if marketed properly.


  46. Who watched the new kid on the block, ABCs Duets? If you didn’t see it, I thought it was interesting and has a lot of the features that we say we are looking for in a singing competition. It featured mostly older singers and there is room for people who don’t meet the traditional star pattern. They had qualified judges who are all great performers. They had a combination of subjective remarks and objective score numerical score, much like DWTS. The ground work was laid for more in depth constructive criticism on future shows. Free star studded concert with every show. Check. Live band (you have to look closely but they were behind the curtain and backdrop. Check. There was a WG but he was W out G. There was playful banter and comradely among the judges as well as sincere professional regard for one another.

    The performances weren’t over produced, even though a few of the contestants may have been overwhelmed by both the band and / or their mentor.

    I’m not sure where this show is going or what its ultimate goal is but it seemed like good, low keyed entertainment. I didn’t get the impression that they are out to launch the next superstar singer, but that has yet to be seen. Of course there are a few rough spots to work out, but on the other hand, I enjoyed the first round. Our own Kelly Clarkson is currently in last place.


  47. Gene,

    Sucked in again…I watched and loved this show, the judges are awesome….I loved Jennifer and John’s duet, beautiful.

    Does anyone know if there is a 12 step program for reality singing shows??? I am so addicted.


  48. Hi Vonnie;

    Wow!! Thanks so much for reconsidering. I watched “Duets” and liked John and Jennifer’ as well and after hearing John the other night I have officially declared him as one of my top 10 male vocalist. What a smooth voice. I likes all of the acts.

    Hey Gene;

    Yes, while looking I thought about our comments here too. It has a lot of things we talk about here. One of the things I like is that they get rated on something other than just their vocal talents.

    It seems like its going to be nice, but I’m not sure I’m “for” or fully understand how the judges are voting. I know they can’t rate the acts they pick for the show , but it would seem to me that if a judge wanted his particular act to win, he would always give lower scores to the other acts. Ummmmm. Not really sure I understand that part yet. Whats also interesting is that we were talking about a show having older acts, which this show does have, and Kelly’s acts which seem to be the youngest of all the artist have gotten the lowest ratings. A lot yet that I don’t understand, but I did enjoy it.


  49. Good morning Karl and Vonnie,
    It’s good to see you back Vonnie. I hope to see Mindy back as well. Congratulations on another championship. My best finish for the year is 2nd place on DWTS, but that was a great finish for an unknown foreigner. The twelve step program is a good idea. The best thing going in that area right now would be to watch the X-Factor. It will break you from wanting to watch another singing competition ever.

    I tried not to get too involved with the contestants on Duets and just enjoy the show. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to their names either, but yeah, Jennifer and John were good. I was surprised more by his performance than his voice. He seemed like a big ole puddin’ dumplin’ in the interview segment, not really the dynamic performer type. Can’t judge a book… I would have preferred to see them do more call and answer or swapping of verses than singing together as much as they did. As powerful as Jennifer’s voice is, It’s hard to tell much about her partner. You could hide two rings of the Ringling Brother’s Circus under her vocals and no one would notice.

    I also liked Olivia with Robin. She had such a cool laid back approach in the rehearsal. The softness of her voice was lost on stage though. The two of them created a very believable sexual tension though. For some reason, Bridget, that sang with John, sounded a little better to me in practice than on stage, but she also seemed to be the most professional performer of the lot. There were also some interesting singers who were not chosen by bother Robin and John.

    The scores are a double edged sword. The next round should be interesting in that regard as they try to get even for the first round. They could add in an audience average score along with the mentors scores maybe. Every scoring and voting system that I know of in use on these shows has flaws and I prefer the DWTS model to all of the others that I have seen. But with public voting, young people will always have the advantage over older voters because they are more willing to put forth the effort to use multiple family phone lines or create extra email accounts and on and on. They could also make the judges show the score they have given, but the polite air of the show would go right out the window. They play similar games on the Voice by over praising as well as throwing away good singers in the battle rounds to keep the competing teams from getting them in the blind round. It would be helpful if the leader board had the stars name as well as the contestant to help us (me) associate the names and get to know them, and a team average score for the mentor would be a nice addition. I think they may have over scored the first singer, J, because he didn’t seem to be the best of the night to me.

    I don’t know if I like the limitation of only singing the mentors own songs or not. That could get dull.


  50. Hi Gene,

    Not back per sey, just came back on this morning to chat with Mindy, and couldn’t resist your post…!

    I liked a couple of the singers on Duets, like you can’t remember names, but Robin Thicke Oh! My! Who knew, wowza!!! Moving right along!

    Hi brotherkarl,

    I will post here and there…I really do need a break from reality tv, I enjoy this site so much, I will be keeping an eye on you guys! Gotta make sure you and Gene don’t get gum in someone’s hair! 😉

    I am watching Duets and AGT…I must say I am really shocked with Howard, he is quite amusing, loved when he got up and danced with the camo guys!

    Hope you guys have a fun safe Memorial Day weekend! 🙂


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