Top 3 of American Idol Season 11

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Singers: Judges’, Jimmy Iovine and Personal Choices


Spoiler Below: Picture Of Song Picks Below Article. Source: MJsBigBlog.Com

Ugh! Just ugh! I am so underwhelmed with this show right about now. So many great singers were eliminated much too early in the competition (Shannon and DeAndre) or else unfairly treated until they were eliminated (DeAndre and Hollie).

This is not to undermine the contributions of the Top 3 –Jessica, Joshua and Phillip.

They are excellent singers and have a strong fan base. So, I can’t argue with those statistics.

However, of the three of them, Jessica Sanchez is far and away the biggest star on that stage. She is young, charismatic, current, genuine, super-talented and my pick from Day One along with Top 8 Finalist, DeAndre Brackensick.

And, along the way, I adopted sweet talented Hollie Cavanagh, who graced that stage each week with such grace and poise, singing her heart out to lukewarm judges’ comments. So sad. So ridiculous!

After DeAndre’s elimination, I was really anticipating a Hollie/Jessica Finale. What a combo! But, alas – no, no and NO!

So, tonight’s show should be interesting. They don’t have Hollie to pick on, so who of these Top 3 will be fodder for negative criticism? My bet is on Phillip – as if the poor guy doesn’t have enough to contend with via his health issues. Or else it will be a love fest ad nauseum!

However, I do wish the Top 3 the very best tonight. But please – just don’t scream! You can get your point across without the screaming.


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17 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Singers: Judges’, Jimmy Iovine and Personal Choices”

  1. Jessica tweeted that her throat was sore.

    Jessica Sanchez ‏@JSanchezAI11
    Drinking tea. Throat isnt feeling at its best. :/

    After her visit back home she may have picked up a bug. I hope she hasn’t done any damage with the ridiculous and unnatural way they are encouraging these kids to sing.

    Nothing but best wishes for all of them. Will be looking forward to the performances tonight.


  2. If one goes with the no surprise line up, I would think:

    Phillip: Bob Seger/Matchbox 20/Madcon – I just listened to the second two on youtube. I don’t love the MB20 song at all, but the Madcon song fits Phillip perfectly. It has a nice driving style that hopefully can be whittled down to 1:30. Do you think he’ll do the rap part? Maybe a guest? The lead vocalist definitely has a “lilt” to his voice like Phillips’ (or vice versa probably).

    Josh: Aerosmith/Jackson 5/John Lennon?

    Josh and Jessica really could share any of the songs, excepts maybe the Jackson 5. I’m giving Josh “Imagine” because he doesn’t have a ballad in there.

    Jessica: Etta James/Mariah Carey/Mary J. Blige
    That’s a lot to live up to in one night, you think?


  3. Yes – Jessica has her work cut out for her but a great part of me senses that she is up to the task.


  4. Audrey Lefkowitz May 16, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Unfortunately this is the final that I have no interest in at all. They are all like cardboard characters and do not appeal in any way. Jessica always looks like a little girls singing grown up songs and she does not appear believable at all. Joshua´s style of singing is too screechy for me and Philip is cartoonish. The only one I have any future interest in is Elise, Gwen Stefani´s stated she is the one who stands out. I must say I agree. Quite sad but I wish them all well. Part of the problem this year is the bias of the judges and particularly Randy who has become like a clown with his yo yo. It definitely needs a revamp next year.


  5. My boy Phillip…AWESOME!!! 🙂


  6. Given that Phillip was my least favorite of the Top 3, this was a very strange night for me. Here are my opinions:

    Worst song choices: Jessica

    Most boring performance: Jessica “My All” by Mariah Carey. Reminded me of that “Stuttering” song that got her voted off by the viewers.

    Most over-wrought, screamy performance of the season: Joshua “No More Drama”

    Best home visit: Phillip

    Best song choices: Phillip

    Favorite performance of the night: Phillip “We’ve Got Tonight”

    2nd favorite performance: Phillip “Beggin”


  7. These top three were the biggest let down of any past Idol season. All of them had issues in their songs and all of them failed to deliver a Idolesque (if that were a word) performance in my opinion.

    With Phillip it is all of a sudden about who is singing the song than how the song is sung. That should never be the deciding factor of whether or not it is performed well.

    It just makes me sad that there were contestants on the show who could have nailed these song choices a lot better than these three did. I am not even wasting my time voting for anyone tonight.

    I hope I am not the only one that feels this way. I am glad for you if your favorite is still there but the truth will stand when the world is on fire.

    I wish your favorite the best but I can’t do it. I’m sorry.


  8. What a strange – and stupid – show. Even Ryan looked disgusted, as he should. Who would have thought that Jessica would be sabotaged tonight because she surely was. Three ballads. Three? YouTube has great performances of her performing upbeat current songs pre-Idol.

    So, it’s a Phillip – Joshua finale probably. Woah! Never saw that coming. Never.


  9. I agree MCL, I think it’s all about who you would want to have a beer with. That would be Phillip. They can create the voice artificially. But tonight I was really disappointed in all of their performances. Jessica does not have the vocal control to sing those slow soft tunes and when she tried to do Jermaine’s part of “I’ll Be There” it went sour. Jessica was out of her league trying to sing Mariah. She really was.

    Joshua picked a song that he could not sing well. He couldn’t do the falsetto in “Imagine” so he just screamed it.

    Phillip was being judged on improvement rather than how he actually sang the song. There were still rough spots all over the place.

    This was not a show worthy of the top three of American Idol. People have been eliminated and some never even made it to the live shows that could have nailed each of these songs.


  10. Ultimately it’s American Idol’s choice who gets to shine. They puts chains on Jessica and let Joshua loose. Hopefully the public does not forget who has the voice on that stage. I really hope I see Jessica and Phillip on the Finale.


  11. The Vocal Masterclass article is up! This must be a record or something. I have never had it online on the night of the performance show. Enjoy!


  12. Congratulations to Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip for a great show tonight! I believe Jimmy’s song choice for Jessica was a poor one. Of all the songs he could have chosen for her, why “I’ll Be There”? I loved her rendition of Mariah’s song, but because this is such a big night, I think Randy could have done better as well! This makes me really afraid to hear the results tomorrow night. Why oh why did Josh pick Imagine to sing, since David A. had already sung the bejeebers out of it? Why did Josh want to do that to himself? I really liked Phillip’s last performance. He did a great job, I must say! He also had the most touching Homecoming I feel!


  13. This was not what I expected! I had high hopes for Jessica getting in the TOP 2.

    I think the producers looked at the vote totals and determined that there was NO way Jessica could beat Phillip. So, they decided to build things up so the two guys would be in the Finals with the possibility of Joshua beating Phillip.

    Now, do Jessica voters back behind Joshua to help him win? Was Jessica’s voice hurting tonight? No growling or high runs. Maybe she was sick? Probably her worse night.

    Actually, Joshuah and Phillip didn’t have a big moment, but they did a nice job. I feel sad for Jessica and would like to know what’s going on. Also, I was surprised how the Idols were cheering on Joshua, but not Jessica. They mildly supported Phillip. It doesn’t matter, we will have another WGWG as a winner.

    MCL, your comments are right on! This is such a let down.


  14. Here’s the deal for me. What performance (if any) on Idol this season made you hit the replay button? What performance (if any) made you say to yourself, “What just happened?”.

    I rest my case.


  15. janey79, what i played over and over was phillip singing ‘stone’. is that resting your case? 🙂


  16. Exactly!


  17. Lady, 3 ballad song is no big deal and none issue. Remember 1 of the 3 is her pick and she could have pick other genre IF she is not comfortable with all ballad. Jimmy’s pick “out of thier zone” song for them is a good test. Joshua on Mary J song was ok. Philip on a Kenny/Sheena duet was beautiful, Jessica on young MJ song was awful. Based on the performance I think it should be Philip & Joshua in the final.


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