American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Finalists

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Results Show Part Two: The Music Of Queen And Personal Choice


It’s a big night tonight. I have no idea who is getting the old heave-ho, but there is going to be some mighty fine entertainment to take the edge off the anticipation.

Scheduled to perform is American Idol Season 10 Finalist, Stefano Langone, along with the very talented Katy Perry. I love both artists and am particularly happy that Stefano’s career is starting to evolve. He is a wonderful performer.

That was some horse race last night, wasn’t it? I have no idea if there is even a dark horse left in this competition anymore. All the performers pulled out even performances during their dual showcase.

And, overall, I can’t even say that I totally disliked any of them. So, I don’t even want to venture a guess about how this is going to play out tonight.

Do you have any guesses? Well, share them in the comments section. I’ll leave a trail of popcorn kernels so you can find me.

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37 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Results Show Part Two: The Music Of Queen And Personal Choice”

  1. I agree- very even line-up this year! I would say Holly is the next one on the chopping block…. you can only be in the bottom 3 so many times… Impossible to call who is gonna win this year… I had pegged Colton to win…. boy was I wrong….


  2. MCL:
    I am SO excited about tonights show, actually for each of the shows over the next two weeks. I’m like you, I don’t want to guess who’s going but I am very interested in seeing
    Hollie. Not so much about hearing her but more about how the fans actually supported her last night. So for me …tonight all eyes are on Hollie. She did beautifully last night and she got great reviews from the judges. I just want to see if the things they said effected the vote any. I think everybody expects it will be Elise thats going because she;s been in the bottom so much. I hope not because I certainly voted a lot for her … but you just don’t know. The one person who I think is pretty solid tonight is Skylar. See you guys back here after the show.


  3. I also think Hollie is the weakest link of all the 6 remaining artists of AI Season 11. But should I judge on who has to go based on my personal gusto, I should say it has to be Skylar as I am not very much impressed by her adenoidal quality of voice. But of course, this is very personal and I must admit 100% that her portement on stage compensates largely to the wanting coloratura of her vocal chords. I wish them all the best as it is for certain that each one, at this point, has already a career ensured.


  4. Well sad for all the Elise fans but good for Holly. Next week, it’s her turn to leave. I would be surprised if she didn’t but TPTB do not like this sweet, talented, adorable girl. Horrible to watch and yet she is still so positive and sweet in the face of it all.


  5. Phillip should of been bottom 3, not Skylar. The right person went home though. No disrespect to Elise fans, but she’s been in the bottom 3 enough.


  6. BUMMER!!! Sad to see Elise go home!


  7. I’m so relieved Hollie is safe at least for another week. I just hate the way she’s been treated, and it breaks my heart that she’s been in the Bottom Three so many times. I also hated that so many people booed at the end. Holie has worked so hard to please everyone, and always has such a positive attitude, and she has the voice of an angel!


  8. The Booing is interesting. I don’t think they were booing Hollie for being saved …I think they were booing the voters for sending home the person they like. It could sound like they were booing voters for saving Hollie but I think it was because they were sending home Elise. They do it every time someone goes home. Elise worked hard too. I’m really sad to see her go


  9. brotherkarl-You’re probably right. I have always really liked Elise also. She, like Hollie, has been in the Bottom 3 too many times. It’s really sad and has got to have been so frustrating for that to happen week after week, even after having strong performances.


  10. Hollie may not know that the audience is booing the viewers at home. It has to be beyond stressful for her to be there again. It was worse last week when Colton was sent home. I remember seeing Hollie being so upset as she watched him sing for the last time. She was crying uncontrollably. We assume that she knows why they are booing, but if any of us was in her shoes, what would we think?


    Did you hear what Jimmy said tonight about Hollie being off key? Then they showed that clip with the volume turned way up and just isolating that one note over and over. I listened to that note a few times last night and thought that she didn’t totally hit it cleanly, but corrected it. But why are they making such a big deal out of one note? So now Jimmy is the one who is on the “Hollie isn’t technically good” train.

    Unfortunately, since she was again in the bottom I think next week her time will be up. So TPTB will get what they want.

    It is at times like this that I truly despise this show. And I really would like to be spared that stuff about how she will go on tour, get all this exposure, etc. I know all that. But it doesn’t make me like what they are doing to her. She has done so well and the result is still the same. I didn’t like it when it happened to Erika or Deandre and I am not liking it happening to Hollie.


  11. I am really sad to see Elise go home, she was over critized for her sour faces when hearing the judges comments, but she just like Hollie couldn’t seem to please the judges…evryone else could have sang the ABC song and gotten a standing O for it.

    I also think for Elise, when you are 27 years old and you have worked your rear end off in this business, you would like to be spoken to like an adult and not like an unruly teenager…just sayin’.

    It would be hard to stand in front of America and have some one tell you they didn’t like what you were singing! Not making excusses, just defending my girl.


  12. I wish I could get an explanation why Idol blatantly attacks one or two contestants for no apparent reason. And, they are always one of the more talented ones each season.

    Holly in Season 11. Diana Degarmo in Season 3. Syesha Mercado in Season 7, especially toward the end. Siobhan Magnus in Season 9. The list goes on and on.

    And, the strange thing is, there was very little backlash from any of these singers despite the negatively-biased criticism. Am I missing something here?


  13. MCL,
    So glad to see that you mentioned Diana Degarmo. I thought she was terrific, and improved each week. I was hoping she would win, but alas she did not. But I’ve been reading about her lately and see that she is in a relationship with Ace Young. Not bad!!!!


  14. I just saw an on-line poll and this is how people have voted:
    1. Hollie
    2. Jessica
    3. Philip
    4. Skylar

    5. Joshua


  15. Louise – where is the online poll? Interesting! I don’t think Holly was anywhere near the bottom last week.



    You have to scroll down. It does not say how many people have voted.


  17. Hmmm … that poll. I can’t get with it. Its certainly not based on the way things have gone so far. Phil, Skylar, Joshua and Jessica have all only been in the bottom once. Hollie has been there about 4 times. It just seem odd to me that everybody would all of a sudden change and now all are going to start casting all of their votes to Hollie when they never gave it to her before. It’d be interesting. That has never happened to anybody in the history of Idol that I can think of. To me they are all great. They beat out thousands. But there can only be…ONE ……..American Idol. Ah Ahhhh!! Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!!

    MCL, For me .. it doesn’t seem like they are treating people any more negative on the show then some folks have treated the singers online (some even here on this site). I’ve heard people say some singers were total trainwrecks, some call their singing screaming, they say they don’t like them. I’ve heard people say “its time to hit the road”. I’ve never heard any of the judges be that cruel. I think the judges are saying what the see, the same as everybody else online. Is that wrong? There are people we like better, and there are people the judges like better. If they just told people singers who they thought sounded awful to them …”that was great” they;d be lieing I love that kind of honesty. Thats why I love this site so much. We’re all just speaking it the way we see it and we all are seeing it differently. Like Phil …to me, he never hits his notes and he dresses like a bum. I have never heard a judge be that brutal. Well …maybe Simon sometimes, but not this bunch. I’d never buy a Phil Phillips CD but I love watching that brother sing. He gets all the way in!! DO IT BROTHA!!

    You might be on to something there …..but as far as that pole …wow …. I duno.
    Mr Phil Phillips …. And I say to myself …..Whut ah wondaful woooooorld. 🙂


  18. Mindy,

    I could tell after Jimmy was talking about Hollie, Joshua looked rather irritated. I don’t blame him. He has to listen to these people saying one negative thing after another about his best friend week after week. I love who all the contestants came onstage to be with Elise and Hollie. It was really touching!


  19. I just think Idol likes to create controversy so others in the cyberworld (and television shows) will talk about it. People complained when all the judges were too kind. People complain when the judges say a few unlikable things. I don’t thinki they have been fair with Elise and Hollie. With Phillip, they really haven’t said too many negative things.

    It will be interesting to see how this goes. I thought the Final 2 would be Colton and Jessica. Guess I was wrong about that. I do think Jessica will be in the TOP 3. I like the British theme for next week. I hope some go with the classic British Invasion!


  20. Brotherkarl,

    🙂 🙂 🙂 I wish we could type in sounds, cause I really want to be able to type the sound of Louis’ voice singin’ ” what a wonderful world!!!


  21. I find the photo for this topic very interesting…are they grouping them as they want thier top three to be???


  22. brotherkarl,

    Phillip has never been in the B3. Jessica has once. Joshua and Skylar have been twice & Hollie, 4 times.


  23. Look for another “shock” elimination this coming week. Most likely, Phillip or Jessica will go.


  24. Chad,

    Maybe…but if the theme this week is British Invasion, then we are talking…the Beatles! Phillip will fit comfortably in this theme! He’s still one of my picks for the top two, Elise was the other pick, and Hollie.

    Jessica is un- raveling, not being able to do Whitney and others who she can sound like is affecting her, I am not dissing her, I like her, but have noticed that when she can’ t sing exactly like a person she can mimic, she over sings and does alot of runs and screaming.

    Plus, for some reason the judges are starting to gas up a bus with her name on it, they are starting to call her out on her performances!

    So, who are they gearing up to put in the finale??? SKYLAR! They have the best chance for a female win with her! But Hollie could steal their thunder and I think they are now starting to realize that…standing O anyone!?!?!?


  25. Chad
    Thanks for that. I really wasn’t sure about Phil. I keep thinking that someone else was also in the bottom with Colten who had never been there before that nght. Was’nt sure though.

    Based on that, that tells me that Phil stands to have the biggest chance of winning this. I don’t think we’ll see anymore surprises like we did with Jessica and Colten. While people are always surprised to see their favorites go home usually after the show has 2 big surprises like that and its this close to the end, the voters see how serious it is and start voting a little bit more. I’ve never seen them have surprise after surprise after surprise “continually” on this show

    If its based on who’s been in the bottom the most the first to go would be
    Hollie, then Skylar or Joshua, then Jessica ending up with Phil as the winner

    Surprises??? If there are indeed anymore surprises left, it would have to only be Phil going home or being in the bottom (since he’s never been there). I’ve heard numbers of people say more than once that they expect Hollie,Joshua, Jessica and Skylar to be next. So while folks might be be disappointed to see one of their favorites leave, according to the way things have gone, no one should be totally shocked over next weeks elimination unless its Phil. If he escapes the bottom again this week then I think the next weeks for him will be a clean sweep.

    Looking good for your boy. Are you ready. Lets go …….
    And I say to myself ….whada wonderfullllllllllll world. 🙂


  26. Another thought about Phillip…each year TPTB and the judges makes sure there is a cute guitar picking guy in the top 12.

    I think it was mika who talked about the demographics of the average idol voter. Female, 48, southern christan, white…I think this how it was posted…anyhoo, I fit that list to a T.

    So I questioned why? What makes me fall into that mind set as far as an idol contestant that I like…Taylor Hick, guitar strumming, harmonica playing southern boy, handsome and polite. Jason Castro, guitar strumming, handsome polite boy from the south. Lee Dewyse, handsome guitar strumming boy from the south. Scotty, good looking polite, guitar strumming, southern boy, PHILLIP! Good looking guitar strumming boy from the south…and the list goes on ( Adam was my goodlooking non-guitar strumming west coaster, who took me back to the 80’s the era of music that I LOVE)

    So upon great reflection over this I have figured out why this demographic votes for this type of boy!

    I grew up listening to Elvis, Hank Williams, george Jones, Charlie Pride, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, the list goes on and on, on up to rock groups, where they all have sometjing in common…most of them were good looking southern boys strumming a guitar.

    As a young girl I could sing you any Elvis, Hank Williams and Charlie Pride song that you wanted to hear. Along with my girl Patsy Cline!!!

    These kids take us back subconsciously to a time in music that we loved…music today cannot hold a candle to those times!

    From the 30’s and 40’s thru the 80’s that is my music comfort zone! So as long as idol keeps putting this kind of singer on stage, I will be drawn to him!!!


  27. Brotherkarl,

    Oh! Yeeeaaaahhhhhh! I listened to that song just this morning!!!! 🙂


  28. One more note…I think the demographic is a little askew though, cause I think the voters are middle aged women in general, I’m thinking we are from everywhere, and are not simplified by a race!

    I also think that men also fit this demographic!!! Which would lead one to think that more women watch this show than men maybe OR maybe men are less likely to vote!?! Thus the elusive female win!

    Okay! I’ m done theorizing!!!


  29. Where will Elise’s votes go now??? I am thinking they will go to Joshua and Hollie!!!

    Hollie needs a really good week this week, she could beat out Jessica if she is on her game!!!

    Somebodies gotta do the Pet Shop Boys west end girls, this week and also, who sang 99 Red Balloons, that would be a great song for Hollie!


  30. well I think it will be Phillip and Jessica Finale. Jessica winning AI. Jessica has a lot of fans in social media like twitter and facebook and if you will look the youtube views,WOW!This girl had millions of views while the other contestants had 100 thou plus. It means that what happened to her for the save really helped her a lot to gain fans and supporters.! For what happened with the results with the top 5,only the 3-phillip,Joshua,and Jessica was safe,so! WE ARE NOW SEEING THE TOP 3!


  31. I dunno Anna…think backto the past judges saves, Stephano, Casey, who else, they all did really well the following week but then fell right back off and went home!


  32. Well one thing is for sure … even if they all do really well …somebody’s still going home. All of their performances can be the best Idol has ever seen …somebody’s going. Whoever has the largest fan base is the person thats going to stay and one thing I think we can all be all be pretty certain of is, it won’t be Phil going even if he gets in the bottom (which I doubt). Cause he’s never being in the bottom proves his fan base.

    I think whatever two we see in the top tomorrow will be the final two. I think it will be Phil (certainly not my favorite). I’d like one of those top 2 Thursday to be Jessica or Joshua. In my opinion they are the best singers. If Hollie goes and Skylar is in that top two Thursday with Phil, then next week we’ll see Joshua, then Jessica and Mr Phil will be the winner. Thats not the way I way I want it or the way I
    I’m going to vote but I think its the way its going down.


  33. Well Vonnie,anything is possible,you should not compare what have happened in the past season because any season is different. Search about Jessica Sanchez on wikipedia,you will learn there how many popular artist have supported her unlike the other contestants. We will just what will happen.BrotherCarl is right. If Jessica and Phillips is safe on the result show this week it means that they will be in the finale..As of now many Filipinos and Americans are backing Jessica Sanchez in America. And I could say that my friend who is a half american and half filipino has all the support. They even rallied for Jessica. I think there are 4 million filipinos in America and a lot of Fil-ams there. I think this season is the very exciting year!


  34. All I know is that a Holly or Jessica win would make me very happy. Both really sweet girls with huge voices.


  35. Anita,

    Thanks for your observation about how Joshua looked when Jimmy was making some of his stupid comments again. I think the bias is so obvious that it’s almost funny. The judges have not been consistent. That’s why people are disgusted with them. It’s not that they are meanies, it’s the contradictory comments and how they criticize selectively. Hollie having any pitch problems is pure bs. Sorry to be so blunt, but that’s the truth! I also loved it when the contestants came on stage to be with Elise and Hollie. Very sweet.

    Kariann Hart,

    I agree that the judges have not been fair to Elise or Hollie. That’s just the way it’s been. Also, they have been off base in their comments. For instance, why did Jennifer tell Hollie to look like she was enjoying herself and be happy when she is singing a song called “Save Me”? It’s about someone who feels that they can’t go on. It’s about angst and pain and Hollie approached the song in the right fashion. Then the week before, Jennifer told Elise to have more emotion when she performs. That was after she sang Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”. At least, that’s what I think she said after rambling on incoherently. That had nothing to do with Elise’s performance at all.

    So at the least their comments seem kind of out of touch and unrelated to what is happening on that stage. They are all over the place.

    Finally, one clarification about the theme – it’s British songs and also songs from the 60’s! YAY!!


  36. Thanks for sharing this week’s theme, Mindy. For those of us who were around in the 60’s, it could be a very entertaining night! 🙂


  37. Supposedly these are the songs that will be sung tonight . . .

    Not as exciting as I’d hoped for!


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