American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Finalists

[Updated:Spoiler]Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Singers: The Music Of Queen And Personal Choice


Update: A picture of the song list can be seen at the bottom of this blog topic. The Queen numbers are very predictable and so are some of the personal choices, although for one of the latter numbers, you have to fill in the blanks! Ha!

Well, put on those ear plugs. The scream fest continues tonight as the Top 6 belt out music from the legendary rock band, Queen.

In addition, the six vocalists will be singing a second song of their own choosing, which should be interesting and, perhaps, helpful. Hopefully, with a personal selection, each singer will have an opportunity to showcase their individual style, rendering a highly relaxed and believable performance.

Queen’s music is so difficult. How can you not compare it to the original – that iconic sound coming from the golden throat of the late and great Freddie Mercury?

I don’t have high hopes for this theme on Wednesday and, worse, I can visualize the decibels going up mucho notches during the performances. But, hey, that’s just me!

At the very least, they should be able to hit a vocal home run with their Personal Song Choice, give and take the red tape headaches they had to endure to obtain copyright for televised performance of their selected song.

You know, a few years ago on American Idol, the singers had to sing their two numbers back to back. I liked this approach. It gave me an idea of how the singers would fare during an actual performance.

It would be great to see this idea implemented once again. And, if the singers could add a short spoken intro. to each song, that would be bonus. Another way to attach themselves to the audience and give us a wider glimpse into their performing personality.

Add your comments and song predictions for the singers in the comments section! Let’s see who comes closest!! 🙂


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25 Responses to “[Updated:Spoiler]Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 6 Singers: The Music Of Queen And Personal Choice”

  1. I am going on record to predict the top three…Phillip, Skylar, and Joshua! With Skylar and Phillip rounding out the top two, with the results being much to TPTB’s dismay, Phillip for the win!!!


  2. Hmmm quite possibly Vonnie. That would be a pretty dismal finale if so IMO.


  3. I agree with you Vonnie just with Skylar winning. I see this being a lot like season 4:
    6th- Jessica- great technical singer, can’t connect with the audience because she is “too good” (season 4- Anwar was 7th but close enough)
    5th- Elise- unlikely idol contestant, survives over fan favourites, seems to have an attiude problem (season 4- Scott)
    4th= Hollie- ballad singer (season 4- Anthony)
    3rd- Joshua- r & b contestant
    2nd- Phiilip- rocker
    1st- Skylar- country girl


  4. Mika,

    You could be right with the Skylar win too!!! But agree, Skylar, Phillip and Joshua complete the top three…and after hearing Jessica just now, yeah, she could be in trouble!

    What was with the Wizard of Oz thing going on in the background while she was singing??? All those faces!!!


  5. Holly! Holly! Holly! She sounded stunning tonight on BOTH songs! What Randy said about her being the one who needed to step it up was ridiculous. Holly outsang both Skyler and Phillip during both rounds in my opinion. Well, I better get voting for her. I’ll be back later!!


  6. Jessica did a fabulous job with Dance With My Father! I can just hear DeAndre sing that song in my mind. He would sound so fabulous too. The warmth in his voice singing this would just kill me for sure, LOL!!


  7. I loved, loved, loved Hollie’s last performance. Also loved Jessica and Joshua’s last performances. I thought Skylar was good singing the Queen song, although I really disliked her second song. And I wasn’t particularly a fan of Elise’s performances tonight. And Philip was interesting.


  8. Better vote for Hollie like crazy. That standing O – going last combo is the kiss of death. She was absolutely outstanding tonight.


  9. I rather enjoyed Elise’s first song by Queen,I thought her performance was totally rock. MCL, I’ve been curious who you think Elise sounds like. I’ve been listening to her since Top 12,and it finally became clear,Diana Krall. She’s got that same jazz/blues voice and husky vocal delivery,as well as the great vocal runs that she does. What’s your opinion?


  10. MCL,

    So you are saying that they found a better way to get rid of Hollie? I thought something was up with that standing “o” from the judges. I am voting like mad right now out on the west coast.

    I thought both of Hollie’s performances were great. But I thought there were better Queen songs for her to sing than “Save Me”. Will anyone even know it? People may not like the Myley Cyrus song “The Climb”, but Hollie showed how it should sound if you have a terrific voice. I don’t know how people are going to respond.

    I thought that all of them had at least one strong performance and one weaker one. I wanted either Jessica or Hollie to sing “The Show Must Go On”, because I think they have the voices to do it better. Skylar gets by on her showmanship and stage presence. The more I hear her voice, the more ordinary it sounds to me. Also, I heard her miss a few big last notes in that first song. The second song was a real turnoff for me. One of those traditional country ditties that doesn’t do it for me. But she is the only country singer and has a big advantage.

    Philip was Philip. You either like it or you don’t. It’s not my thing. Elise did well with her Queen song, but that Jimi Hendrix song was all over the place. I thought it was a bit of a trainwreck, if I am being honest. Joshua did good with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, but the screamy, shouting vocals were back. He did so much better with “Ready for Love”. We finally got to hear him singing sofly, restrained, nuanced and with pure vocals. This is what I want to hear!

    Jessica should never have touched “Bohemian Rhapsody”. No one should ever sing this song on Idol. It doesn’t work in a truncated, abbreviated version. Also, I didn’t feel any connection from her with the emotion and power of this song. No one is going to ever do this better than Freddie Mercury. There were much better Queens songs for her to do. This was a real disappointment. However, her second performance was brilliant. This was Jessica at her best. She was totally in the moment with this song and her vocals were beautifull controlled and measured. Well done!

    I have no idea who will go home. Because no one really had two knockout performances and it was a mixed bag, it could be almost anyone. I know that Hollie and Elise are considered to be the most vulnerable, having been in the bottom so many times. Hollie did well and that’s all I can ask.


  11. I do agree Jessica could not give a stunning performance with the limited 106 seconds alloted “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I wonder if this was her first choice? It seems “Dance With My Father” is a favorite on several polls I have read. She gave an outstanding performance and showed her emotional range. I loved it!

    Elise had an outstanding Queen song and put her own unique twist on it. This might get her into the TOP 5. Actually, I’d like all four girls to be in the TOP 5 with Joshua! However, what are the chances that Philip will go home?

    The judges are favoring Phillip and too hard on Elise. Why can’t Idol have better judges?


  12. I sure hope Hollie stays! She was incredible last night! I’m kind of glad there are only 4 weeks left. I’ve been sooooo sick of all the game playing, and the fact that the BEST male vocalist left three weeks ago. How Andre was treated was the worst!


  13. DeAndre is going to blow everyone’s minds during the Idol Tour. People will be wondering how he only made it to 8th Place. I’ll say it’s because the show is run by idiots who don’t care about these kids or their talent. They’re more interested in sending them to the TMZ wolves and humiliating them on National television!


  14. Vonnie;
    You and I definitely see the same things. I’m not yet ready to throw in a name for my predicted winner but as you know those 3 you have are 3 that I’ve always said on here that will be in the Top 5. We are no the same vibe. And while I like all 3, my favorite 2 are Joshua and Jessica. (I’d be surprised to see either win) But let me say this ..if Hollie makes it in the top 5 tonight. Thats a game changer for me and I;m going to relook at my top 3, because I never thought she’d make it this far and if she makes tonights cut, that tells me she’s got a fan base thats able can take her to the end. If she doesn’t then the top 5 I predicted are in are solid..

    You also see what I’ve been saying . You call it the ‘kiss of death” I’ve called it the “judges curse”. We’re both are seeing the exact same things. I don’t think they praised Hollie to get her off the show though. I’m not sure I understand why some people think the producers and judges want some people off when they are all so talented. I think they praised her because she deserved it . Especially last night. To me that was her best performance ever. I just hope the voters didn’t think the praise meant she was “safe” though. Thats where it almost always backfires. I think we’re also going to see some backfires tonight from the “low reviews” . Its SOOOO exciting. Looking fowards.

    Anita and Karriann
    I still think DeAndre was one of the best guys that left. I would never choose a CD from Phil over DeAndre. Its just so rare to hear a singer like that these days. His voice is just mellow.


  15. Brother Karl -according to DialIdol.Com, Hollie is at the top of the heap in results. Safe as can be. We shall see if this turns put to be true. All the rest are at risk, with Elise the lowest vote-getter.


  16. Brotherkarl,

    If Holie stays she could change maybe Skylar and Joshua’s standings, I don’t think her staying will affect Phillip in the least, I think his fan base is his alone and does not share votes!

    I really like Phillip, not because I am of the opinion that he is the best singer in the group…he and Elise has that something that makes me want to listen to them, Hollie has what I think is the purest voice in the competition, her notes are so clear, if I could choose this would be my top three with any one of them being the winner!

    Phillip has always reminded me of Louis Armstrong, vocally, personality and just a sense of getting what he is singing and able to express it, mind, body and soul…I love me some Louis Armstrong, and would love to hear Phillips interpretation of “What a Wonderful World” aalong with ” When you’re Smiling” and “Skokiaan”


  17. While I’m not a big Joshua fan, I thought his 2nd performance was exquisite. It was lovely hearing him sing so restrained, and it reminded me of the similarly haunting performance by Theresa Sokyrka from Canadian Idol Season 2.


  18. Vonnie:
    I can hear Phil sing that. I can really hear that. It would give him that Fantasia moment when she sang “Summertime”. I think that would lock him in as the winner. I’m sure it would for me,. Wouldn’t it be something if he got the opportunity to do it.

    Last night Sklyar said Josuha has had 12 standing ovations for the judges. That concerns me. Ummm ….we’ll just wait and see. If Elise stays in tonight, then I;ll know for sure exactly how things are going to go down. Can’t wait. Type at you later.


  19. I didn’t know that Hollie was safe on Dial Idol. I hope that it’s right this week. I do believe that if she makes it to top five, then it will be a game changer. That will throw things for a loop. I also wonder if Hollie coming on strong will mean problems for Jessica. I see these two joined at the hip in this competition. How will America react to Jessica taking on Bohemian Rhapsody? That is a song that no one should even go near. Did her second performance help redeem her?

    I am also wondering how the viewing audience will respond to Elise this week. Was her first performance good enough to keep her in this competition? What about her second performance, which I feel was not nearly as good. Can she make it through?

    If I am being honest, I would love to see someone other than Skylar be the last girl standing. That is, if we can’t have more than one girl. Ideally, it would be at least two of them. I think that Philip is safe no matter what. He has this sound that many seem to really like. He is the WGWG this season. It’s not my thing but I respect his talent. If he isn’t in the bottom this week, then I think he is as close to a sure thing for the finale as anybody.

    My other question is how will America react to the ridiculous pimping of Joshua by the judges? His first performance wasn’t great, too much of the shouting and screaming. However, his second performance was absolutely brilliant. If Jacob Lusk could make it to top five, then Joshua should go further. However, I think this season the talent is even stronger. It would be wonderful to see him do well. It’s been a long time since a male r&b singer was able to go deep in this competition. He has the voice to do it, but I wish the judges would pull back a little.

    If I could tell Hollie one thing, it would be to ignore what the judges are saying at all costs! I still have no idea what Jennifer was blabbing about in her critique of Hollie’s first performance. She should look happy, like she’s having a good time? Huh? The song was called “Save Me”! Hello! I think Hollie got it right emotionally. Can I say how proud I am of Hollie for really stepping up last night! She has come so far, even in the face of absurd criticism. There are no pitch problems with this girl!

    I really have no idea what will happen tonight. We are in crunch time and anything can happen.


  20. Brotherkarl,

    It would be awesome if he got do sing some Louis!!! Maybe they read here…Phillip, pick one of these songs!!! LOL


  21. The B3 at are: Jessica, Skylar and Elise w/ Elise going home. When I checked dialidol last night, Skylar was going home. I really enjoyed last night’s vocal performances and thought the weakest performances were Skylar and P2. W/ P2s fan support, he is not going home so soon but I’m not sure if he will prevail. Hollie is coming on strong.


  22. Well, Natasha, Jessica is in the Top 3 so we shall see what happens. Should be interesting.


  23. Vonnie
    Its getting closer to what we predicted. I said earlier if Hollie went then I would know exactly how things would go down. Well …she didn’t and Elise went instead (one of my favorites), so I;mm not exactly sure who’s next. I’ve been saying for the longest that Phil, Skylar, Joshua and Jessica would be in the top 5 …and they are all there sharing it with Hollie. Hollie has never hit me as she has some of the other folks here and I don’t think she has the fan base to win. At any rate next week it will be her against my 2 favorites Jessica and Joshua and against the Idol audience favorite Phil ad Skylar. Its getting real interesting. Don’t know who will win yet but I will say Phil will definitely be in the Top 3


  24. Well I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Phil will NOT be Top 3. They want him outta there. Watch him go first next week. Or Holly. They are not the darlings of the producers or the judges. Holly is from the big huge state of Texas as opposed to the smaller state that Phil is from – Georgia.

    Then there is Jessica from San Diego, California. Not sure how much support she has there.

    And Joshua is from Louisiana and Skylar from Mississippi. Both states are small compared to the massive Texas.

    It all comes down to ratings and if Holly is pulling in massive votes from her state then…… Well you see where I’m going. Especially since homecomings are planned for the Top 3? Or is it 4?


  25. I dunno MCL…with Hollie being in the bottom so much, Texas isn’t power voting for her!

    Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi, all power vote states; which puts Skylar, Joshua, and Phillip from states who will rally around their idol.

    This is the same with Jessica, California is not a voting machine either…Kat and Adam both from California, remember their home visits? It took the rest of the country to get them to the finale.


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