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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice: Conclusion Of The Battle Rounds


Thanks heavens that we are finally reaching the conclusion of The Battle Rounds with tonight’s episode of The Voice. Talk about flagging a dead horse! The road they are taking this year with this singing competition is severely flawed.

There are far too many semi-finalists and, for the life of me, I cannot remember anyone at this point.

Additionally, the show’s momentum is constantly interrupted by commercials. The build-up to the performances, showcasing the rehearsal segments, is long enough and then, bam, a commercial ensues when one is expecting the actual performance. Brutal!

So, for those of you who are still watching this show, this blog topic is for you. Move forward to the comments and add your thoughts. I will hang in here with you.

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Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

10 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice: Conclusion Of The Battle Rounds”

  1. Hi MCL,

    Im still watching … for now! I think last night may have fixed me though. I didn’t care for a couple of the match ups and the fact that song choices went to the judges favorite contestant. The duo definitely outsang the rapper kid!


  2. actually i liked the rapper kid better. to me that was the only competition that had energy, it reminded me of last year when these ‘battles’ were full of energy. i thought christina was really ‘fair’, because she took something neither competitor was comfortable with, and they had to compete.


  3. I stopped watching the battle rounds after week 1 for a number of reasons, at least one of which was hearing your opinion of the battle rounds, MCL. But I forgot that there are these great recaps of the Battle Rounds on Rolling Stones online. Here’s the link for last night’s Rounds.

    I did start watching American Idol in the interim. Colton (last name???) reminds me of James Durbin but we more control. He’ll be interesting to watch.


  4. Hi hunter.

    I too like the rapper kid. But do not think he outsang the duo! I think both of these would have been worthy to make it to the top 24.

    It seems sad to me that when these people are picked in the chair turn around phase, they seem to be picked as fodder and as a contender. Then fodder is pitted against contender for the battle round.


  5. Vonnie said “they seem to be picked as fodder and not as a contender. Then fodder is pitted against contender for the battle round”

    That’s the system in a nut shell. I think they also choose people to keep the other teams from getting them. The two R& B guys as well as the young girl who battle Kym, aka, Chaka Khan. Both of the loosers of those rounds may have done better as the top R& B male or female on another team instead of the second place member of the team they were on.

    There is something about this show that is producing forgettable performers this season. It’s a shame it has been outperforming DWTS in the ratings. I think people keep watching just hoping it will get better. The practice / mentoring sessions have been much more interesting than the performances to me. Robin’s comments about vowels were very informative. I enjoyed seeing the contestant’s reaction as his remarks resonated with him. One of those “yes” moments.

    I liked the guy with a beard better than the bald headed Broadway guy. Broadway guy is a great performer but he had several bobbles in his vocal. The other guy was very good for a small time local band musician.

    The guy from the “Line” duo was good but the girl was lacking in her performance abilities. I was surprised by how well the rapper kid did.

    They need to add more elements to the show to make it more interesting with more riding on the decisions made. They should figure out a way to allow a judges to pick up an eliminated contestant from one of the other teams. They could have a built in empty slot on each team for this purpose.

    They might also give the judges / team captains a onetime option to pair the contenders in a battle round into a duo or group for the rest of the competition.


  6. I agree with so many of your opinions on The Voice. I find it frustrating when the mentor choses the obviously weaker singer. Now, I have heard this is done to make “their” favorite look more attractive and sound better on live TV. Blake admitted they are looking for singers who will sound good on live TV. I also believe TPTB have a good idea who they want to see in the TOP 3.

    IMO, the first battle round had some terrifc singers. I am just so angry Christina pit Chris Mann against Monique. Both should have been selected for live TV. Everyone of these Reality Shows have way too many commercials that last way too long!


  7. jrzgrl1, I do agree that Colton Dixon seems more in control of his voice than ames Durbin. I support both. I feel Colton will get a contract with a label producing Christian music. He seems like such a nice kid.

    I am enjoying Idol and would love to see Jessica win. She’s different – unique. I hope she does well.

    I think The Voice is also looking for a female contender.


  8. Vacation almost over here so just dropping in to say hi and thank you for your comments.

    The final Voice segment for the Battle Rounds was much better, but not by much.

    I think this show has lost its footing – too many contestants, way too many commercials, far too much filler that, in the end, goes nowhere and almost biases the audience against or in favor of certain singers.

    However, to be honest, I didn’t watch last week’s show, so maybe I missed something?


  9. I agree with much of what has been said about the battle rounds. I watched the show live and recorded DWTS and now regret it. When I watched DWTS, I enjoyed it much more!

    It is true that some of these singers are just cannon fodder in these battle rounds. It feels staged and manipulated. Also, it’s not entertaining to watch two mismatched singers. I liked Wade over that Broadway guy. There is something to be said for emotion in a voice and Wade brought that quality to his performance. As far as the rapper guy and the two line singers, that was quite the trainwreck. I think with the line singers, the guy was much stronger than the girl. The rapper guy showed that he could sing, but the whole battle seemed awkward and not entertaining. I also noticed that the line girl was very upset after the decision and their elimination. The guy asked her if she was okay and she said no and then said she didn’t want to talk about for the camera. You have to remember that millions of people are watching and it’s important to be gracious even in defeat.

    I agree with Gene that the mentoring/practice sessions are so much more interesting. I loved the advice Robin Thicke gave about the vowels. Also some of the mentors have called out the singers saying – I don’t believe you, when they aren’t connecting with a song. At least we can see that these singers are getting some valuable advice that will help them in their careers.

    I think they do need to add something to make these battle rounds more interesting and not a foregone conclusion.


  10. Mindy,
    What did you think about the anouncement of the new ABC singing competition comming in May and the fact that three of the four judges are currently mentoring on NBC’s The Voice?



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