David Archuleta, My Kind Of Christmas

Video Of The Day: David Archuleta Reinforces The Magic Of Christmas His Way


This video featuring David Archuleta performing his original composition, “My Kind Of Christmas” brought such a smile to my face. The melody and the lyrics are brimming with the spirit and joy of the Christmas season and David’s performance captures the magic of the Christmas season so well.

Presently on a Christmas Tour with his “My Kind Of Christmas” show, David is following his own career path with the vision and passion he brought to American Idol Season Seven.

He has a very intelligent, strategic plan regarding his career, knowing full well that there is huge audience out there ready to embrace him with open arms.

To follow your dreams without the security blanket of a record label takes courage and maturity.

And, as David said, being tied to a record label is very restrictive for, given the nature of today’s music industry, it can be an erratic and disloyal partnership.

David has released a CDand DVD with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir called Glad Christmas Tidings.

It is an absolutely exquisite “watch and listen”, capturing the spirit of Christmas through stellar vocal and instrumental performances.

It is available for hard copy or digital purchase from Amazon.com or via ITunes.

Also, author Pamela Pike’s book, “Through Our Eyes, is the perfect reading complement to this CD and DVD. You can purchase Through Our Eyes: A Fan’s Perspective on Artist David Archuleta At Barnes And Noble or at Amazon.Com

Enjoy the video featured below and make sure you share the joy in the comments section!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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23 Responses to “Video Of The Day: David Archuleta Reinforces The Magic Of Christmas His Way”

  1. Love this!!! Get to see this show in Cedar City, Salt Lake City and Beaver Creek. So have you just loved the DVD of MoTab and David?


  2. A beautiful performance expressing his love for the Christmas spirit! Ne never gives less that his best! He has taken a giant step without a label and is moving towards a future of success and longetivity! Bless his moxy!


  3. Yes indeed Pamela. I have watched this video many times and never tire of it. I just thought of something. I am going to link to your book on this blog topic. Right now!!

    Gemzone – I have listened to the CD and will watch the DVD next week. Busy traveling weekend coming up here! I love the CD so very much!


  4. How generous and thoughtful! Such a great morning,,,,,David Archuleta performances and your article! Thank you! Happy Friday!


  5. You are most welcome and thank YOU as well for your encouragement and support. 🙂


  6. He is pretty much one of a kind, isn’t he? Have you seen his Little Drummer Boy? I am anxiously waiting for Climb Every Mountain that he dedicated to the children’s charity he is talking about during the tour. I saw 2 fans on twitter who “adopted” children last night. David will be proud to know that people are stepping up.


  7. Thank you Masterclass Lady! David A is a one of kind gifted human being all around.

    My pride and admiration grow and grow for him.


  8. Thank you Masterclasslady!!! Love the new song and the performance was priceless.

    Everybody was estatic about the Opening concert,the involvement of local students and children. David was on fire and also enjoyed himself thoroughly.

    Glad you like the GCT CD. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you experience the DVD. I was there during the Live performance and will say that captured everything very well. The Close ups made it that much more special.

    Enjoy!! P.S Some of the Canada fans captured a picture of him holding up a sign about Canada and told them to tell all the Canadian fans hello. Check out SnowAngelz.com


  9. Thanks everyone. I am sorry that this has taken so long but I hope you know how much I value and treasure David’s enormous talent.

    It’s a busy time of year and I haven’t had a moment to breath but today was just for me – the perfect chance to promote David and his wonderful gift of music.

    Next week, I will have a chance to listen to the DVD, thanks to Geri. She was kind enough to send one to me and I am so grateful to her for her thoughtfulness.

    Off to see my own daughter in a Christmas concert tomorrow and to celebrate my granddaughter’s 6th birthday. Lots of fun!

    Thanks again David fans! You guys are truly the best!


  10. No one sings Christmas songs better than the incredible David A.!!


  11. I loved that he brought kids on stage for the song, even if they were kind of shy. Glad Christmas Tidings is fantastic. I have loved every second of it.


  12. Oh my I just love this! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂 Love the poem so much!


  13. Thanks MCL! Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season <3.


  14. MCL – Thanks for sharing this video with us. I love it as well. I am looking forward to reading your full review of Glad Christmas Tidings. However, take your time and enjoy the holidays. It sounds like you have a lot going on. Best wishes!


  15. Harold Weinstein December 3, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Just to here David live is what his fans calmer for. His voice fills up the room then touches your heart. There is magic In his phasing that leave you spell bound. David gives of himself like no artist I have ever heard His emotion is intense and innocent and leaves you unarmed when you hear this soulful voice! David is a force that will continue to gain strength and fans world wide. This is just the beginning!


  16. MCL – I MUST share this Ave Maria video from that same concert. The look on David’s face during the interlude is..priceless. I can’t quite tell if he’s wiping away tears. I love the fact that he is always so emotionally invested in each of his performances. We can feel the power of his music so deeply because he feels it too. Enjoy!

    I’ll stop now before I overload you with links. From what I’ve heard, the entire concert was breathtaking.


  17. mcl, here’s a link to kris allen singing ‘imagine’. i know that your guy is david, and you may compare this to david’s version, but i’m just curious as to what your trained view is of kris’ performance. i think he sounds stronger and better than he was. he had been my favorite although i know you didn’t think he was the strongest singer:



  18. Bee – it looks that the video is no longer accessible. Darn. I do love Kris and was anxious to hear the improvement in his voice.

    And, just so you know, this site celebrates many excellent singers, one of whom is David. I generally love innovative singers with something new to offer.

    Hopefully, I can find another video clip of Kris’ performance on YouTube.


  19. mcl, i clicked on my above link and the video is still there, i just listened to it again. i don’t know what happened. i’d say try again..


  20. MCL,
    There is a Michael Buble special on TV tonight.


  21. Louise – thank you. I knew about it and do plan on watching it. Been ridiculously busy here and had no time to add a blog topic about it.


  22. Like Archuleta…. Normally I don’t like pop singers attempt classical music, but I do like Archuleta’s rendition. I’d probably still prefer classical singers’ singing Ave Maria given a choice, but this is lovely too. Archuleta has a very good voice.



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