Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Brown, Judges For NBC's The Voice

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season One Live Semi-Final Show


Tonight’s show will featuring two singers from each of the four teams competing on live television for one of four spots in next week’s Finale.

However, the fate of eight singers from Teams Adam and Cee Lo must be determined before the live performances begin.

These singers performed during last week’s show and the votes haven’t been made public.

Wow, that’s pressure for you. Nothing like practicing your song for the semi-finals only to be told on live TV that it’s a “no go”.

I am going out on a limb and say that Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo and Javier Colon from Team Adam will garner the public vote.

Then, it is up to Adam and Cee Lo to decide which singer from the remaining three in each team will join the Top 8.

Hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to add you comments after the show.

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16 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Voice Season One Live Semi-Final Show”

  1. Yes, MCL – I am enjoying The Voice! All the performances were really good. Not a bad one in the bunch. I agree that Vicci and Javier will be there in the finals along with Dia. I actually preferred Frenchie performance to Bev’s, but most are saying Bev will make it. I found Vicci’s performance quite exciting! Nakia did a nice job, too.

    I have a definite crush on Blake Shelton and loved that he brought in Dia and Xenia. He’s the mentor i would want.

    I may be the only one around who thinks Adam Levine’s comment about not knowing Adam Lambert’s song was a scripted moment. I guess the Glambert’s were upset about this. Anything to cause DRAMA on a reality show. I think he knew both the song and the artists OR some one said to pretend otherwise.





  3. Dia is still at the top of my list but Vicci runs a close second. Vicci had the best performance of the night but Dia still suited my personal taste better. They both got my votes for their respective teams. I have a suspicion that Blake favors Xenia though. I wouldn’t mind having a large budget and a year to make a star out of Xenia. I think it’s doable. She is only 16 and already has a single name that starts with X and a unique tone. That’s not a bad start.

    I have to give props to Bev for getting my attention by choosing to do BB King’s “The Thrill is Gone” and to Christina for liking the song as well. Bev was completely off my radar before this but it won her my vote for Christina’s team. Even though I didn’t like her rendition of the song , it was sort of a “thought that counts” sort of thing for me.

    Javier definitely has a nice voice under all that angst on his face but he fails to meet expectations for me. I think it may be the songs he chooses aren’t working for me. He still gets my vote for his team. It seemed odd that they spent so much time talking about his hat and head instead of his performance.

    You are not alone in thinking Adam was targeting the Glamberts with his remarks. I’m mean, why not? They are so easy. There have been several shots at Idol during the competition, most notably with song choice. Although Nakia did a decent job with the song, I think he should have gone with his strong suit at this stage of the game.


  4. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Gene – I agree that Blake favors Xenia. I just cannot get excited about this girl.

    Dia already has her star package wrapped up so well plus she is a gracious, unassuming young woman.

    Too bad AI didn’t discover her. She may have been the female winner they were pining for.


  5. I am loving this fast fire show – you really have to decide whose singing your like – no time to get invested in the personality. Vicci is my fave – I love the feeling she brings in her performance. I do admire Dia but prefer Vicci.

    Grammie Kari – totally agree – I have a new crush too.


  6. Barbara- as long as Dia is in the Finale then I will be a happy camper. Dia, Vicci, Javier and Beverley are my Top 4.

    Grammie Kari-Blake is a real country gentleman, isn’t he?


  7. MCL, since itunes sales are a big indicator, then Dia is definitely making it…she’s #5 on itunes as a whole!! Vicci and Javier are not far behind so they will probably go through as well! : D

    I’m not too sure who will make it on Christina’s team. Beverly did better than Frenchie but IDK.


  8. Here’s something else I want to point out: There are two gay contestants in the final 4…Vicci and Beverly. Just goes to show you how viewers of this show are more open-minded than those who watch Idol.


  9. MCL,
    It looks like we will have a good finale. You could tell that Blake has become very attached to Xenia when he had to let her go. Giving her 50% of his points was another indicator of his favoritism toward her. While I believe she has a lot of potential, she is in no way on the same level with Dia at this point.

    I believe Dia is the odds on favorite for the win. Vicci has probably already shown us her best but I don’t think Javier has yet. I see Beverly as a distant fourth who has done well to make it this far.

    Besides the iTunes from the competition, all of the finale four contestants have music available for sale online already. I have all of Dia’s iTunes but I need to spend more time listening to her other material to see if there are any tunes that I like.


  10. Gene – I am with you. I think Dia will win this competition. Javier will give her a run for the money, but the live audience clearly favored Dia over the others. And her ITunes sales reflect that.

    Interesting, in just two months, The Voice has been able to snag 3 female singers out of 4 in the Finale. And out of 8 singers in the semi-finals, 6 were female.

    When has American Idol ever been able to do that? Now, I know the judges did have some say in all this, but my point is that the show has still been a ratings success despite the fact that it showcased primarily female singers.


  11. MCL,
    That’s an excellent point about the success of females in this competition. I have noticed it as well and wonder why. Do you think this show has a different viewer / voter demographic or that the difference lies in the way the competition is organized or the voting method?

    If The Voice had a predetermined favorite like Idol does, I was unable to detect who it was. Do you think they were pushing anyone? I agree with you that the coaches play a major role in the outcome throughout the competition.

    All of my Idol favorites have been females, so I live for the disappointment when I watch that show. Haley is my top finishing favorite so far. I am encouraged by the success of the female contestants on The Voice, especially Dia. Her iTunes downloads are very good, BTW.


  12. MCL – Dia is in the final (never doubted it) judging from itunes she may well win it all. I do think it is between her and Javier for the final vote.

    I do tend to go for singers that produce a reaction within me (emotional or otherwise) – probably why I like Vicci.

    Gene, I think the producers stayed away from pre-determining a fave – most people have had reasonably equal treatment in air time. However I think the coaches definitely have had favourites.

    For example Blake – favoured Patrick – and put him through on the battle rounds when he was not the best. I have seen an interview when Blake candidly said that Patrick was his front runner from the beginning – but he had changed his mind, and now Xenia was his fave. However he said it in a way that didn’t detract from Dia – also he didn’t use that preference to affect the results, be giving both 50% of his mark.

    it was interesting that only Adam stuck his neck out with a clear preference on his voting percentages, and I can’t blame him there as Javier was much better.

    I was very touched by how much some of the contestants within their team and with their mentors have bonded esp Frenchie/Bev.

    On the public vote percentages Dia/Xenia (56%/44%) and Bev/Frenchie(43%/57%) were the closest to each other. Vicci/Nakia (75%/25%) & Javier/Casey (73%/27%) were much clearer cut.

    In one way pitting the members of the team against each other might mean that if there are 2 good people in one team, one might not get to the final when they might have polled more votes over all. However I think they way it has fallen out (judging by itunes) the only misalignment would be that Xenia is probably more popular than Bev.

    Guessing the result next week, most unsure about Javier/Dia who will win
    1) Dia or Javier
    3) Vicci
    4) Bev


  13. Gene- I think they let this first year of The Voice play out spontaneously with no immediate favorite. Yes, Javier, was an early favorite with the viewers but Dia quietly came out of nowhere to steal some of his thunder.

    Reminds me of Kelly Clarkson’s journey on Season One.

    Plus I do believe the voting system is innovative and honest. I know I have been correct 100% of the time when singers were eliminated on this show and so have the media and fans.


  14. MCL, Idol’s voting system will never change, unfortunately. The voting on this show rocks…can’t believe six of the eight semifinalists were girls…total opposite of Idol, I guess its because you don’t have young girls voting a million times for a cute guy.


  15. Hello everyone. Finally got around to watching the show via the miracle of TiVO. Unfortunately, I didn’t record Wednesday :(. But I know who made it to the final 4 & I’m very happy except maybe Beverly beating out Frenchie. I thought her performance of “Like a Prayer” was innovative and downright sassy. I think Beverly’s song choice was very safe for her. And OMG Casey was so brave doing “I Will Always Love you”. I think she knew that this was probably the last sing she would sing so she went for it. She was a little nervous at the beginning but she pulled it together & made that song her own.

    I think Vicci was amazing. So much energy. I think she made a very conscious choice to sacrifice some of her vocal stability in order to own the entire stage. I like her version of “Dog Days are Over” better than the original.

    And speaking of liking something better than the original….absolutely not. I think it was a bad song choice for Nakia. I don’t understand it at all. I have close ties to the Glambert community (mostly via Twitter) & it was very entertaining to monitor the reaction to Adam Levine’s comments. Of course they were scripted. Glamberts take themselves way too seriously sometimes.

    I didn’t even listen to all of Xenia’s song. I was bored after a few measures. I longed for Jared Blake. What were you thinking, Blake? What were you thinking?

    Javier sang well but I really didn’t like the song at all & I didn’t think it was a great performance. I liked him better last week.

    Finally, the brilliance of Dia. Taking one of my favorite songs of all time & just owning it. I bought the iTunes recording. I also bought Heartless. I was frankly mesmerized by her. I am definitely in the Team Dia camp.

    Can’t wait for next week!


  16. I still like Dia and Xenia! Javier was okay for me I liked Casey alot too…I wasn’t sure why Adam felt that he first; needed to diss Adam Lambert and also why he felt that he needed to score his own team the way he did…? I like Adam Levine but just questioning his tactics!

    I like the judges responses on this show, they are all positive, even to the other teams! Not sure that I like the judging system to well…with the scores from the judges! Equally a little confused by the judges picks…I think the only team that was actually a competition was Frenchie and Beverly…I wasn’t sure which one of these would go through!

    But all-in-all I like this show! Will the same judges be on next season or will they change them each time???


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