Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 6 Results Show: The Music Of Carole King

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I am very excited for tonight’s Top 6 Results Show.

Season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox is performing and that should get the fans excited to tune in.

I am also looking forward to hearing American Idol’s Season 10 Top 7 Finalist’s Stefano Langone’s Idol, the great Bruno Mars.

I love everything about him – his sound, his look, his piano skills, his writing ability.

Who is going home tonight? It’s going to be a nail-biter from here on in!  Post your predictions here and let’s see what y’all think!

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Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

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  1. Based on last night’s performance, the right contestant was eliminated, but he’s still talented, for sure. We’re at that stage in the competition. I’m thankful at least that we got to hear Casey sing “Your Song” after the song; that is still his vocal highlight for me.

    I didn’t watch the results, but according to MJ, the results were revealed in random order. We don’t know who the B3 or top 3 were. In any case, I am so thankful that Haley is safe and very proud of her. Who thought that she’d reach the top 5 at the beginning of the competition? I’m not sure anyone did.


  2. * after the song = SAVE

    Typos, you got to love ’em! =P


  3. When Ryan said at the beginning of the show that the result would be disappointing to alot of people, I thought right away about Casey. When it came down to he and Scotty, that was enough to confirm it for me! I just had this gut feeling before tonight’s show that Casey was going to be in Huge trouble tonight after that crazy performance last night, and I was right. I’m really going to miss him. Casey brought such uniqueness to the show. He needs to stop that growling, and share his great “singing” and artistry with the world. I wish Casey all the best!


  4. That was the first time I have ever heard Ryan say that the results were revealed in random order. I can’t believe this never was done before. As far as I’m concerned, they manipulate the order on a whim.


  5. Rosanne,

    You’re right that the producers are very sneaky about the results order. They insist that the eliminated contestant is always the lowest vote-getter, and I can do nothing else but believe them, but they have admitted that unless Ryan explicitly says “this is the bottom two” or “this is the bottom three,” the order that contestants are sent back to the couches does not necessarily reflect their standing in the votes. That means of the last two singers standing there, agonizing, the one who survives is not necessarily the second-lowest vote-getter. That image of being in the “bottom two” sticks with viewers, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened to Stefano, for example.


  6. I actually had a feeling that Casey could go home after last night’s performance. I am with J in being glad that we got to hear him sing “Your Song”. That was a highlight for sure. He got the save and stayed on for five weeks, so that’s a lot of great exposure. I think Casey forgot that America voted him off because of all that growling and screeching. They wanted to hear jazzy Casey.

    I am really happy that Jacob is still on the show. Yes, at times he has tested my patience, gotten on my last nerve and made a huge mistake opening his big mouth and telling America that if he wound up in the bottom then it was because they couldn’t look at themselves in the mirror. Yet he is still standing! I love how there have been so many suprised, twists and turns every week. You just never know for sure this season. Many didn’t think that the last two girls would survive this far. It’s a good thing! I think Haley is the wild card here. She has been coming on strong and who knows what might happen.

    As far as the random order of revealing the results, I don’t know exactly what TPTB were up to tonight. There is always some hidden agenda or ulterior motive with them. You just never know. I think they have manipulated the results before, not giving away who was really the other person in the bottom two. I don’t think Scotty was bottom two at all. I think it might have been Lauren or even Haley. Maybe they don’t want to tip off the fans of that particular contestant. Goodness only knows with them!


  7. Sorry, it should read – there have been many SURPRISES!


  8. These are quotes from Marshall Hawkins, the Jazz Program Head at the Idyllwild Arts Academy which Casey attended for 4 years and where his father is also the Head of Film Production. Mr. Hawkins is also a well respected former professional musician.

    ” Casey came into the program not being able to read a note and four years later left writing and arranging for others and scoring films. He is selfless, he gives to others and shares what he has and what he knows. He gives everything. ”

    I love this kid, he brought something different to Idol and I am the richer for it. It was his time to go and I wish him well and something tells me this won’t be the last time we see him.

    I love this show because it gives these kids a chance which they might never otherwise have had. I try not to read too much between the lines and just enjoy. I am looking forward to the rest of the season and wish them all well.


  9. MCL,

    I read your vocal critique of Scotty’s performance. I have listened to it several times, since I remembered to record it. After a few listens, my ear did hear the words kind of being lost a little at the end. Scotty has had breath issues all along and there was some of that. I did hear him straining for some of those high notes. They may be pushing him out of his range. I loved reading your advice and comments about what he can do to improve his vocals. As good as he is and he was great last night, he can be even better.

    I can’t get over the fact that this performance grabbed me so much that my ear didn’t initially hear the things you pointed out. That does not happen very often. I think it was the sheer emotion of his singing and my emotional response to it. The tears came as soon as he sang the first few notes and I had them all through his performance. I have never heard him give this kind of deeply heartfelt, beautifully poignant and fully realized interpretation of the song. He really understood what the song was saying and he did tell the story with his voice.

    I hope he can incorporate some of the wonderful things you mentioned. Even hearing them after I listened to it a few times, it still didn’t take away my enjoyment of the performance. I am particularly interested in your idea that they take him down a half-note lower. I think that would be so much better for him.

    Your comments and observations come from a place of love and caring. It was lovely to read all the detailed suggestions. It shows how much you want Scotty to be the very best he can be!


  10. There defintely was something going on behind the scenes. I think it was both Lauren and Scotty in the bottom three (or four) directly related to the southern states horrific weather conditions. There could have been millions of expected votes that never came in.

    Yes, Ryan did NOT reveal the number of votes that came in. I think that is because the votes were way down from the expected 50 million. Some feel Idol didn’t want to place Lauren in the Bottom 3 because of her confidence problem.

    As I mention elsewhere, It worked out for the best because Casey had the Judge’s Save. His going on would have deprived one of the others of the $50,000 promotional fee for the gig at Disney World Idol Experience. Both Matt and Mike had to put up with criticism because of it. I think Casey will be involved in music after Idol.

    I also thought Jacob did a nice job last night and seem to be having fun. That could have also made a difference.

    Anyone else getting tired of Jimmy Iovine on our television set week after week?


  11. Grammie Keri,

    I also go on MJ’s blog and sometimes comment, but I don’t post under my real name. Maybe I will give you a shoutout so you will know who I am. In fact, I just came here after catching up on all the comments about tonight’s results.

    Did you see the twitter from Ryan that someone posted on the blog for the results? He said that what we saw wasn’t the real bottom three. Then he joked about getting our hearts racing. So do you think he is still playing with us? I have no idea how the tornados in the South might have affected the voting. Also, I don’t think Ryan revealed the number of votes last week or some other week. He doesn’t always tell us.

    I am actually not that surprised that Casey went home. He just went back to doing what got him voted off earlier. Maybe he got caught up in the idea of what he wanted to do, but forgot to focus on the vocals. I think that MCL really nailed it in her critique. You can’t try to talk your way through part of the song and then growl instead of sing. Casey was always fun to watch, always brought the fun and showmanship. I never thought he had the voice to compete on the same level as the others, but he got by on his artistry, great musicianship, creativity and great personality. When he did strip it down and do an acoustic performance, it exposed the weaknesses in his voice.

    Scotty and James really had moments last night. When you have people bringing that kind of vocals, it’s going to trump someone who can’t really do it as well. Haley also brought it, even though I truly did not like that song for her. It’s just that she is good enough to tackle almost anything.

    Yes, I have had enough of Jimmy Iovine on my screen! He is pretty blunt and in your face with his opinions about everyone. Needless to say, I didn’t agree with a good deal of what he had to say about the contestants. He’s in the biz, but I still know a great voice and what I like. He wants to sell records. Haley couldn’t hide how she felt about what he said. Good for her! It’s not like she will get any help from the judges or Jimmy’s arrangements. Now I am really wondering about all the noise with the backup singers and the band while Haley was desperately trying to be heard. One of the female backup singers was so loud that I couldn’t tell at times whether it was Haley or her. What happened to the word “backup” as opposed to the solo artist?

    If the producers were trying to protect Lauren by not letting her know that she was in the bottom three, then I think they are doing her no favors. At some point she will go home, unless she wins this thing, which I don’t think will happen. That’s why I don’t like seeing these young kids under this kind of intense pressure and in a situation which they are unable to handle. This girl needed another year or two and she would have more maturity, confidence and poise.

    I will tell you, I am in this to the end! I wouldn’t miss this for the world. So many crazy results and all the behind the scenes machinations by Mr. Evil, otherwise known as Jimmy Iovine! 🙂


  12. Well, MJ’s blog has revealed the theme for next week. It’s called “Now and Then”. They will sing one current song and one from the 60’s! YAY! Something for everyone!

    Okay, where is Gene! It will be more oldies but goodies! I really like the idea of combining something current with something from my golden era!

    Should be good!


  13. Thank you Mindy, for passing along the information about the theme next week. Many will be happy they are singing current music, but you know me – I like the oldies. I hope James goes with a slow number for one selection. He has such a good voice! I was also very pleased with Scotty’s performance, and I loved the theme! Yes, James had a MOMENT too!

    Sorry if you see me repeating my posts over at MJ’s and here. LOL! Good to know you post there! :o)

    We may never find out who was in the bottom three, but I am now more sure that one was Lauren! Maybe Scotty WAS in the bottom three but Ryan wants us to think they are playing games. They would never acknowledge that the weather influenced how the program went!

    Good for her! It’s not like she will get any help from the judges or Jimmy’s arrangements

    Haley picked a good song, but that arrangement was horrible. Actually the band and background singers were too loud on Jacob’s song too. Jimmy has the power to make a song better or mess it up. I laughed at your nickname… MR. EVIL! I hope they will do something different next year. I don’t mind if Jimmy comes by, but not every week. I know I am not the only one. Is he deliberating making these errors for his least favorite contestants?

    You made a good anaylsis of Casey’s voice and performance. I have nothing to add to that. I do believe he will have some kind of success beyond Idol. It upset me that Michael got to go to Disney World when it should have been Siobhan. Then in Season 8, Matt got to go for the promotion and Anoop came in 6th place.

    Glad to hear Haley give a shout out to Adam and then Siobhan! C O O L !!!

    About the votes… no total this week; last week 52 million; the week before 50 million. At least that’s how I remember it. LOL. I think James got the most votes because he probably got some of Stefanos fans… like mine.

    Thank you, Auntieaudie, for letting in on the personal info on Casey. He seems like a generally nice young man!


  14. Grammie Keri,

    My screen name on MJ’s blog is Nativenewyorker. So you can look for me under that name. I don’t know why I decided to use my real name here and this other name on that site. I feel more comfortable here using my real name.

    So you are one who thinks that Lauren really was in the bottom three? What about Jimmy saying that she is going to be around for a long time or a while, whatever he said. He sure was blunt about his opinions regarding the contestants! I just don’t know if Lauren will be up for it. She looks like her nerves are getting the best of her.

    I don’t know if Ryan was telling the truth or not, but he sure is going out of his way to keep reminding us that we did not see the real bottom three tonight. At least we know that Casey was one of them for sure! Now I am wondering about Jacob. We only have three other options beside the ones we actually saw. So it could have been Lauren or even Haley. I doubt that James would have been in the bottom three. The thing is that some are saying online that now there is the appearance that Scotty was in the bottom two and that will hurt him. Maybe that’s why Ryan made sure to send out that tweet.

    I don’t blame Haley for reacting the way she did. That was pretty harsh from Jimmy. Maybe she didn’t know who she was as an artist when the finals started, but she sure does now! Then he said that America is catching on. Where does he come up with this stuff! He doesn’t have any of Simon’s charm. Somehow when Simon said it, there was a sense of irony, wit and a cutting edge but always with a touch of humor. Jimmy does not have any of those qualities! I would hope that maybe they might go back to the guest mentors next season. I thought that Babyface was actually brilliant in some of the suggestions and advice he gave to the contestants. When he told Scotty to sing the beginning of the song using his higher range and making it airy, that was absolute genius! Scotty got me from the very first note! I am so proud of him!

    I think Casey will be fine. He is a great musician, loves to write and arrange and should have a fine career. I think he is a better musician than he is a singer. I can see him with a nice jazz band of his own and doing his thing. I think the reason he loved being on Idol was getting to perform for an audience. That is what he always excelled at, putting on a great show and having a good time.

    I forgot about the $50,000 and the opportunity to go to Disney World. Poor Siobhan was deprived of even that. I loved Haley’s shoutout to Adam and Siobhan! So nice of her.

    It killed me when Jimmy said that he worries about Scotty being too subtle! Good grief! What is it with this guy, all bells and whistles? That performance was so unbelievably good that it left me stunned and overcome with emotion. I don’t know that he likes Scotty that much, either. I guess it’s his job to be the voice of reality, but he comes across so tough and harsh.

    I wonder if “Everybody’s Talking” will qualify for the 60’s song for Scotty. I am pretty sure that was in the late 60’s when the movie “Midnight Cowboy” came out. I don’t know that Scotty will revisit it, since he decided not to do it the last time. I was reading some of the song suggestions on MJ’s blog for next week’s theme. Of course, I am lost when they start talking about the current songs! I really do live in the past, musically!


  15. I’m sorry we won’t be seeing Casey on Idol any longer, but I knew he wasn’t going to go any farther than the fourth spot. And from the outset, I didn’t think America would appreciate him, so with the judges’ save, I’m glad I got to enjoy him for as many weeks as I did. But I’m not surprised that he was voted off last night, although my preference would have been Jacob.

    I hadn’t thought about the weather issues causing less votes to come in on Wednesday night, but it makes perfect sense. I also agree with those of you who think Lauren was probably near the bottom. There’s no doubt that Lauren is very talented and maybe in a different year she would have been one of my favorites, but I just happen to like three of the others more. As a matter of fact, I will be extremely disappointed if she is standing after Haley.


  16. Gene,

    Where are you? We need you to come up with some 60’s songs for next week’s show! Now I am not expecting you to come up with the current songs. We will stick to the oldies!


  17. Louise,

    To be honest, I did expect Casey to get through this week. Even with the issues in his performance, I just thought that it was Jacob’s time. It is interesting that Jacob has managed to stay on this long. I guess there are a sizable number of fans who love r&b.

    I think Casey brought something unique and different to the show this season. He was always fun and entertaining. I think he was okay with what happened, because he did get the save and had the chance to stay on for five more weeks. He will be going on tour and will have a ball. He has an infectious enthusiasm about him. It is impossible not to like him.

    This has been such a strange season that nothing will surprise me. I never thought that Lauren was in the bottom three. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. It’s certainly a possibility and with the tornado hitting her home town and the general surrounding area, she could well have lost a lot of votes.

    I have nothing against Lauren, but I just think she is simply not quite ready. I have to agree that if she is standing after Haley I will also be disappointed. When you watch Haley, you see what a difference it makes to be a bit older. She has confidence, stage presence, awareness and poise. She is so comfortable on the stage. Just looking at how she handled that technical glitch right before her performance, shows how calm and cool she is under pressure. Haley may be fighting an uphill battle with the judges and the producers, but all she can do is pick the right song and then go out and sing her heart out.


  18. Regarding Jimmy Iovine, I think his critiques of the contestants on this week’s results show may have been added in response to the criticism made about the judges being to too nice and uncritical. After hearing nothing but praise from the judges, I was glad to see Jimmy making some very blunt and critical comments, even though I didn’t always agree with him. Somebody on the show needs to give these kids some tough love and honest, unvarnished critiques. The judges don’t want to do this because they are afraid their public image will be damaged if they say “mean” things. So Jimmy has been appointed to deliver the criticism the judges are unwilling to give. I think it’s a good thing and I hope he keeps doing it.


  19. That’s a good point about Jimmy filling the roll that Simon used to play on Idol. But I just hate it when the judges and others associated with Idol blantantly try to sway the viewers. Most of the time it seems to work for them, but it certainly didn’t the year that Taylor won. I was talking with a professional musician/professor at the beginning of the season and was told that all of the people in the music department thought that Simon was the only one who gave the contestants honest advice about what to expect in the music business. They must be beside themselves with the judges comments this season!!!

    With the talent remaining, I think Idol is going to be quite exciting each week. Right now I could not begin to predict the winner. I don’t even know who I would like to see win because I like Haley, James, and Scotty equally. All I do know is that I’ll be very unhappy if they aren’t the top three!


  20. Good morning everyone. Lots of lively discussion here. Keep it coming.

    The one thing that truly upset me about Jimmy’s interviews last evening was the remark that Hayley didn’t know who she was as a singer. Really? REALLY? I think she and we all know what kind of an artist she is and I am glad she stood up for herself.

    Honestly, those mini-interviews didn’t do Jimmy any service.


  21. I wasn’t surprised to see Casey go. He just didn’t take direction very well. The growling just turned many off, including me. He often seemed to be talking rather than singing, also. He is a very talented musician, but his singing just wasn’t up to par.

    I do not like rocker types, but I do like the tone of James’ voice, although, I could do without the screams.

    Jacob is not my kind of singer either. I always feel he is on the brink of hitting a really bad note.

    Lauren has amazing vocal talent. She is really immature, though. I would love to hear her unleash the beast so to say.

    I am in the minority, but I do not enjoy Scotty at all. I feel he has an amazing low voice for one so young, but I just don’t think he is musically as talented as say Lauren, James, and Haley. He doesn’t seem to be able to harmonize well at all, and his singing out of the side of his very straight mouth doesn’t sound good to me. Nice young man, but although his Wed. performance was some better, I still was not very impressed with Scotty.

    I think Haley is really talented. She has a great range, and she has an unusual sound and color in her voice. When she is allowed to do her own thing, I think she will make some great music.

    I love your critiques, MCL. You always give me food for thought.


  22. I was kind of happy to see Casey go. I felt he should have gone the last time instead of the judges using the save. He is a good singer, just not my cup of tea. I am still waiting for Jacob to leave us…he has not grown on me at all. I just can’t seem to acquire/like the way he sings. I wish it had been Jacob last night.

    As for Jimmy’s interviews, I agree that they didn’t really do justice for him and I wasn’t a fan of some of his comments.


  23. I understand the need for some honest and real assessments of the contestants, however what Jimmy did was some not so subtle pimping and depimping. When he tells America that Lauren is going to be around for a long time, what is that all about? Is he the one who is voting? When he says that Haley doesn’t know who she is as an artist and “America will catch on”, is that a fair evaluation of her or is it meant to undermine her chances? When Jimmy says that he worries about the subtlety with Scotty, what is the meaning of that? Does that mean that Scotty isn’t loud enough, doesn’t have the so-called glory notes and he will be overshadowed by his too subtle singing? What about making derogatory comments about Jacob’s wardrobe being more appropriate for Dancing With the Stars? He stopped just short of declaring James the winner and that’s not his decision to make.

    My take on Jimmy’s comments was that it was just a more straightforward way of saying directly what the judges have been implying with some of their critiques of certain contestants and non-critiques of other contestants. Didn’t Randy all but announce to America that James was the winner? The visual of him hugging James and then standing by him and pointing at him saying – he could win it all, was about as subtle as hitting us over the head with a sledge hammer. How did that make the other contestants feel? Like filler for the next few weeks?

    Yes, Jimmy was supposed to be the voice of the music business. He is the CEO of Interscope and wields a lot of power and influence since this is the record label that will have first rights to sign these contestants. So I guess we know now where he stands. Haley gave her own opinion of Jimmy’s comments. I don’t blame her. What Jimmy said was patently false on its face. Anyone who has been watching Haley can see that she has found herself as an artist. Yes, America is catching on, catching on to the fact that this young woman has a magnificent voice and has shown us that she can give a stellar performance every week, no matter what the theme.


  24. Something has gone seriously wrong with this year’s show It’s as if it has lost its sense of direction and moral compass.

    This is a vocal competition. I want to hear singers who perform with impeccable substance and style. Yes, there should be some growth but more along the lines of what we witnessed when Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken came from nowhere and just evolved with such power during Seasons 1 and 2 respectively.

    I don’t even think that David Cook was on Idol’s radar until he sang that outstanding arrangement of “Hello” during the semi-finals. Up until then, it was all about David Archuleta and Jason Castro. Cookie added another element to the show, totally unexpected.

    This ridiculous pimping is so unfair and so hurtful to all the singers. Just keep quiet already, mentor and guide them and let the votes fall where they may. I mean, our votes do count, don’t they?


  25. Rosanne,

    I agree with you about the pimping. It’s gotten out of hand this season. In regards to David A., yes he’s my favorite Idol ever, but I remember when he sang “Imagine” the first time, and I was blown away, and moved to tears, and I feel it’s one of the best Idol performances ever. Anyway, it was only Week 2 of the live show, and all over the Internet, people were saying David should win! As much as I still love him, I’ve always thought that was so silly for people to be saying that. It seemed ridiculous, and yes, unfair to the others.. I remember David saying how uncomfortable it made him to be showered with so much attention from the audience week after week. After he sang “Imagine”, he said to himself, “Oh, oh, this isn’t a good thing!!” It even upset him so much when the judges were declaring him the winner during Finale Night, and said something about that right after the show . He also went ahead and told Cookie he deserved to win so much more!! Not that I’m in agreement with the last statement, I’ve always believed they were both equally deserving. This all says so much about David’s character!! Season after Season, these contestants have always been supportive, and caring towards each other, and have made very, very close, lifelong friends, such as Cookie and Archie, and Stephano, and James have become. I believe the pimping makes most all the contestants very uneasy!!


  26. Yes it does, Anita. They are all so young, have been forced into a competitive environment, yet still live together, chill together and become very, very close.

    The producers have entirely different agenda going into this competition. I honestly believe that contracts are temporarily inked before the Top 12 is revealed.

    Season 4 was a perfect example. They wanted their country idol and found one in Carrie Underwood. It was pre-determined and the show was a platform to build a fan base.

    It worked because she had all the right ingredients to create a superstar.

    However, Kelly Clarkson won fair and square and look how enormously successful she has become.

    I think I know where they are heading this year and it doesn’t seem to be working. Plus it is causing so much distress for all the singers.

    Why do you think Lauren is so stressed out? Jimmy Iovine told her weeks ago on live television that they were expecting a lot from her. The pressure is wearing her down.


  27. Happy Royal Wedding Day, everyone. OK, on a note somewhat unrelated to the main thread of this conversation, I am going to say that I listened to James’ performance again today. I think all his high notes (not screams) toward the end of his performance were appropriate & fit into the character of the performance. My opinion & I’m sticking with it.

    I think creating the appearance that Scotty was in the bottom two was despicable, especially in light of the wonderful performance that he gave. American Idol should be ashamed of itself.

    And someone should put a muzzle on Jimmy Iovine. And tie Randy Jackson to his chair. And Steven Tyler could really use a teleprompter at this point.

    On a more serious note, I love the thoughtfulness in all these comments. Thanks to everyone!!


  28. Rosanne,

    I didn’t watch American Idol during Season 4, but I did watch the whole season on Idol Rewind on the TV Guide Network. I thought Carrie did a wonderful job, but to be honest with you, I found there to be at least a couple of the other girls who outshined her, and I felt were more deserving of the title than Carrie was!! I agree with you so much regarding Lauren! If Jimmy and the rest were not putting so much pressure on the poor girl, I believe she’d be much more relaxed and focused. Lauren’s got such an incredibly beautiful voice, but they have her all nerved up! They should all be ashamed of themselves. She’s only 16 years old, and could use so much professional guidance!! One more thing; I’ve always found it ridiculous and childish that while the contestants get along so well with each other, every season there’s so many fans who argue with each other, and say the cruelest things about certain contestants. I love your fan forum so much mainly because this isn’t the case here, Rosanne! Thanks for being so awesome!! That goes for all the rest of you, thanks!!


  29. Aw Anita thank you so much. You are one of my strongest supporters and a kind, thoughtful and intelligent contributor to this community. Thank YOU!


  30. Anita, I love this forum too! So nice to hear everyone’s comments, we each have our own opinions and they respected by everyone! 🙂

    I was thinking…perhaps Jimmy’s comment about Lauren being around for a long time was some foreshadowing to what MCL has been saying all along “a Scotty/Lauren final?” Just some food for though…


  31. You’re very welcome, Rosanne!!!


  32. This is why I have been saying that I am worried for Lauren. She is getting swept up in their plans for her. Why are they pushing this girl so unmercifully? You can see that it’s getting to her more every week. I can see it in her eyes. I guess there is an agenda, because Jimmy made it clear in his comments last night that Lauren is staying around.

    I was thinking back to performance night when James came on stage for a little sit down with Ryan before he sang. Ryan pointed out how well Scotty had just done and James was so generous in his praise and admiration for him. Then he said that Scotty pushes them all to try to be even better. I loved that comment! It’s so touching to see how these kids bond with each other in such a pressurized, competitive environment. Then James went out and just went for it in his performance.

    MCL has been more than hinting that something is going on with TPTB this season. I guess Lauren is going to get through whether she has a nervous breakdown or not. There has been a lot of talk online and it was briefly discussed here, that Lauren was the one who was really in the bottom, but they wanted to protect her. If true, my question is, protect her from what? Reality? I mean, come on. She has to know that there is the real possibility that she can go home. What are they filling her head with, besides this ridiculous focus on getting the HIGH NOTES! They are psyching her out and she’s going to freak out every week for fear that she won’t hit the high notes without cracking.


    Thank you for saying how despicable it was for them to give the appearance that Scotty was in the bottom two! You keep it real. That may be why Ryan took the unusual step of sending out a twitter to everyone to state emphatically that what we saw was NOT the bottom three! Then why, pray tell, did they do it? Poor Scotty. He acts calm and collected on the inside, but I was watching him closely and he seemed to be stressed out.


    There was a lively discussion on MJ’s blog after the results show about what may be going now that Interscope is in charge and Entertainment 19 and RCA are out of the picture. There were two theories presented. The first one is that these people intend to quickly capitalize on the popularity of the winner and even those who finish near the top. They want to make a quick killing and go for the fast, easy buck. The second theory is that they are interested in finding an artist and developing this person over the long haul. Most seemed to go for the first theory.

    I know nothing about Jimmy Iovine and Interscope. It’s disturbing to think that they may just throw out a quick cd or even release singles and then test their popularity on the tour. What you said about contracts being temporarily inked before the top 12 are revealed, may very well be true this time. I did hear in the comments section that someone saw a tweet to the effect that Scotty has already been signed.

    Do you still feel that this is set up to be a Scotty/Lauren finale? I think they are pimping James very hard now. Not that he needs it at all. He is good enough to stand on his own. We know that they don’t want Haley.


  33. Mindy- thank you once again and always for your very insightful comments.

    I do believe that the tables have turned and they want a James/Lauren finale.

    Scotty is probably signed to some country label, so they have lost interest in him now and have made their money.

    Now, they are on the James bandwagon and never got off Lauren’s.

    The show is out of control this year. They have too many chefs spoiling the soup. You can bet that there are arguments aplenty behind the scenes and the singers are paying the price.

    We shall see what Wednesday brings. If they pounce on Scotty and Hayley again, then they are both toast. Crazy! Just let them sing, already. They are just kids! It kills me to see them being treated this way.


  34. Mindy, I see what you are saying now and what you have been saying all along and yes, the pressure is definitely getting to Lauren.

    What does TPTB stand for? My tired brain cannot seem to remember…


  35. bizzee,

    Sorry, I always get frustrated when people online use all those abbreviations and now I am guilty of doing the same thing. It means – The Powers That Be – in other words, our lovely producers!


    I think you seem to have a really insightful grasp of what is going on. On MJ’s blog, they had a link to eonline’s on site report of the drama that was going on backstage during the results show. They had some of their own people sitting behind the judges and Nigel was like a crazy man all throughout the show. They said he is a huge control freak and was very intent on getting the show to go exactly his way. He spoke urgently to the judges during some of the commercial breaks, and then grabbed Ryan and got in his face backstage about how he was handling the results for the contestants. So he had his finger in everything. Why am I not surprised!

    Things are leaking out about a good deal of stress for the contestants. I read a lot of the reviews and recaps and links to many articles. I think when Haley just blurted out whatever profane comment she made in response to the video clip of Jimmy essentially dissing her, I think that was more evidence of some real frustration from her. Lauren is starting to look like a candidate for her ninth nervous breakdown lately. I really care for these young people. They are working their hearts out every week and trying to do their best and just being really put to the test. Then they have to deal with the shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

    I can really see Jimmy and Nigel going at it with their respective egos and control mania getting in the way. I bet there is a lot of crazy going on this season behind the scenes.

    So do you think that putting Scotty up there as a fake bottom two was meant to undermine him? I am so confused about all of this. Unfortunately, what you say about him being signed and they have made their money off him and that’s it, seems to sound very true to me. Jimmy is talking about how “subtle” Scotty can be, after comparing him to Johnny Cash. That’s not how I see him. Since when did “subtle” equal bad? Since they decided to make it bad!

    It’s interesting that you think they now want a James/Lauren finale, because there were a number of people on MJ’s blog saying that they want a James/Haley finale. I think that Haley is coming on strong and gaining momentum and that may be what is messing with their plans. Now I feel bad for Scotty. Even though it is going around via twitter that he has already been signed, it can’t be fun for him to have to go through that charade. Now i am really wondering if the talk online about the producers doing this because Lauren was in the bottom and they don’t want that to get out or upset her, makes more sense. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I am really wondering if she really was in the bottom three and they are freaking out over it.

    James doesn’t need all that over the top pimping. Or do they know something about the voting that we don’t? The fact that Nigel was all over the place carefully giving instructions intently to both the judges and Ryan, really gives me pause.

    As you said, just let them sing! Maybe because I don’t have one special favorite this season, that may be why I so empathetic to all of them. There has been something to like in every single one of these young people. I have felt so lucky to be able to enjoy all their performances and see good things in all of them. It’s a nice feeling. I feel very attuned to them for some reason and have been focusing on them closely. I can feel it through the tv screen. Some people say well, they signed up for this. I don’t agree with that sentiment. There is no way that these kids could possibly know what is in store for them. They just want a chance at the brass ring.


  36. I didn’t like your implication that Carrie Underwood did not deserve to win. She has proven her talent and eclipsed Kelly Clarkson’s achievements. Check out number of albums sold and awards won. It’s one thing to say that you like a singer better, but it’s another to say someone didn’t deserve to win and won because the powers that be wanted it. Carrie’s success speaks for itself.

    I personally thought that in Seasons 7 and 8 the runner up should have won, but that is just my opinion.


  37. weird…I was positive I posted something earlier, must have typed it but forgot to post it.

    Thanks Mindy. I thought I was all caught up on the online lingo, guess that was one that slipped. 🙂


  38. Hi, Robin! I’m not a fan of comparisons, so I usually don’t comment on them, but I wanted to point out that your statement is not entirely accurate.

    Kelly Clarkson’s worldwide sales are still higher than Carrie Underwood’s. This article is a little dated, but as of December 2009, Kelly sold 23 million albums worldwide compared to Carrie’s 14 million albums.

    Also, Billboard’s top 24 Idols list from May 5, 2010 ranked Kelly as #1, showing that Kelly’s total track sales and radio airplay spins are higher than Carrie’s as well.

    Also, on the overall Billboard Hot 100 chart, Kelly has had eight top 10 singles, while Carrie has had three. Kelly has also won awards for songwriting (the ASCAP Song Writer Award and Song of the Year Award). (Carrie has won ASCAPs, but they were for “Most Performed Song of the Year,” which Kelly has also won several times.)

    My point is that both of these ladies are very successful, and although Carrie has higher total domestic sales and more Grammy wins, Kelly still retains higher achievement in other areas.

    That is all 😉 My intention is not to start a debate about this. In fact, I’d be happy to let the subject rest from now on, but I just wanted to draw attention to some of Kelly’s achievements that are often downplayed in these conversations.

    Also, for the record, I don’t think MCL was comparing these two women’s success as much as she was pointing out the differences in their Idol journeys.

    That is all. Thanks for reading!


  39. Thank you Michelle. My thoughts exactly. Carrie is successful but TPTB from American Idol were backing her out of the gate. That’s all I said. It’s called marketing and either AI loves you or no.


  40. I meant that I didn’t like the statement that Kelly won fair and square and impying that Carrie didn’t. I think both women were equally deserving of their wins. My point is that Carrie obviously has support from the public given her level of success. It is not all marketing. Marketing is nothing if you don’t have the skills to back it up. As the first Idol, Kelly got her share of marketing. It is not right to imply that Carrie’s win was tainted.


  41. Robin – the choice of words could have been better served here but what i was trying to implicate was that over the years, Idol has changed their agenda. Although the public ultimately selects the winner, I believe the Idol machine works extremely hard to service their agenda. They wanted Tamyra Gray to win in Season One but Kelly proved too popular. After that season, they worked hard to bend the public in the direction of their favorites and Carrie was clearly a favorite.


  42. Rosanne,

    I didn’t watch Season 1, but I know there were a number of people who felt Tamyra should have won. I know also that she’s David Archuleta’s favorite contestant of all time. He spoke about how much he was blown away by her performances in his memoir. Were the judges really pimping her too much that season? I will say that I’m certainly a Kelly Clarkson fan, and know she is one of the finest female singers in the music industry today. She always shows such class in her performances I’ve seen on T.V.

    I remember particularily during Season 6 that Simon wanted Melinda Doolittle to win, but I don’t think he was pimping her though. She just received the praise she most certainly deserved, and I think it was just fine for Simon to say he wanted to see her in the finale. America really cheated her I’ve always thought. My brother had said to me that maybe if Melinda could beat box, she would have made it! He might have been right. Ha! Ha!


  43. Rosanne,

    I was just thinking again about what I said about Simon telling Melinda he wanted her in the finale. I think I was wrong. That was some pimping wasn’t it? Simon should have just not said anything. When I think about it, it really wasn’t fair to Jordin or Blake. I still think America cheated her, even though I know for a fact that Melinda has never felt that way.


  44. Well Anita that was another year where they pimped Jordin Sparks for the win.

    Melinda deserved to win the whole thing but she is doing fine regardless.

    It would have been great to see her in the Finale.


  45. Rosanne,

    You’re right! They were pimping Jordin that year, certainly more than Melinda!


  46. I well remember that season when Jordin won. I loved Melinda Doolittle so much. She just went out there and gave a heartfelt, brilliant performance every single week. She had one of the truly great voices I have heard on this show over all the years. I do remember the judges pimping Jordan like crazy. I had nothing against Jordin, but I did think she might not be quite ready to win and Melinda had the poise, confidence and maturity to make her a worthy winner.

    When Melinda didn’t even make it into the final two, I took it extremely hard. If I thought it was bad when LaToya London was voted off early during Fantasia’s season, this was far worse. To get so close and then lose out to a beat boxer. I have nothing against Blake, but honestly! Did this make any sense at all? I almost stopped watching after that season. What happened to Melinda is something that I have never forgotten. I know that she has moved on with her career and that makes me happy.

    I don’t think the pimping will ever go away. In fact, I think it’s gotten even worse. Also, this phenomenon of what I call “depimping” certain contestants who appear to be a threat to the chosen one, really became revolting. It culminated in the dreadful experience Siobhan had last season when she was at the mercy of Kara and Simon every week. I think that it one reason why they have made the judges pull back maybe too much. They need to find a happy medium with an absence of gratuitous personal insults and more specific constructive criticism.

    I am not holding my breath!


  47. Mindy,

    I broke down and cried what Melinda didn’t make it to the Finale! She was beyond amazing!!!! She knew how to pick the right songs, and deliver them in such a way that could make you speechless. She also went out of her comfort zone at times, and took risks, for example, during Bon Jovi Night! If Melinda would have been in the Finale with Jordin, and Jordin still would have won, I actually would have been ok with that. Melinda certainly did deserve to win even more, though. That was one of the worst injustices I’ve ever seen on the show!

    During Season 9, Siiobhan was my favorite! What an incredible voice she has!! Siobhan brought such flavor to Season 9. When she left way to soon like she did, it made me angry. Of course, without her, the rest of the season was even more bland, and uninteresting. Simon has always been my favorite judge, but sometimes I ask myself why. I hated the way he and Kara treated her. She deserved so much better from them. I believe those two are a big reason why Siobhan left when she did. I remember one of my co-workers was hoping Siobhan would be the one voted off. I told her that I sure as heck didn’t feel that way. She said to me “Oh Anita, you always like the weird ones”. I should have said “Yes I do and I’m proud of it!”


  48. Mindy,

    Siobhan has a new single out on Itunes. We’ll have to check it out!!


  49. If Haley and James are the top two, it will have been against all odds for both — lifetime struggles, lukewarm backing, wrong area of the country, and wrong genres.

    However much the producers PIMP, they cannot “season” two very green performers (Scotty and Lauren) and they may actually do these two more harm than good. Although they were not my favorites, Lee Dewyze and Kris Allen had a bit of experience under their belts and they played to their strengths — their apparent sincerity and honesty. Trying to make Scotty and Lauren work outside their comfort zones may just backfire by coming across as “PHONY”.

    Based on their chronological (and apparent emotional and musical) maturity, the ranking should be :
    1. James-22 – Cannot help it – I am biased toward James.
    2. Haley-20 – You go girl!
    3. Jacob-23 – Jacob – you have the instrument, now show us that you have the discipline!
    4. Scotty-17 – I too LIKE Scotty, but he needs time to grow.
    5. Lauren-16 – I think it would be a relief for her to leave before Scotty.

    Although Jordin was 17 in Season 6, she seemed more mature than Scotty and Lauren (when Blake “beat-boxed” Melinda in the worst result in AI history).

    Let Scotty be Scotty and Lauren be Lauren, PUH-LEEZE! They seem to be good kids and the tour will be good experience for them.


  50. Anita,

    Yes, I did see the information about Siobhan’s new single on MJ’s blog. I listened to the song, too. I don’t know that it’s her best effort, but there will be more songs to come as she is planning to release a full cd sometime after Halloween. She formed her own independent label, so she is doing this on her own. I am just happy to see that she is recording music. I wish her a lot of luck!


    I do not agree with your assessment of the “pimping” this season. No one is being pimped harder than James. They all but declared him the winner on last week’s show. I think that is extremely disrespectful to the other contestants, but we see this every season on this show. The judges also deemed his performance the week prior to be the best of the night, when there were still give contestants yet to sing. This past week, Jennifer again called James out as being the one to give the best performance, right after Scotty gave his best performance and blew everyone away. Casey and Haley had yet to sing.

    In no way do I think that James and Haley should be grouped together. Haley has had an uphill battle with the judges always finding something to criticize. James has been all but declared the winner even though we are only at top five. You admitted that you are biased and it shows in your comments and placement of the top five.

    Scotty has a God given voice. I think he definitely has shown maturity beyond his years. If you listened to him sing one of the most iconic songs that Carole King wrote, a song that James Taylor owns to this day, then you would realize that he showed a deep understanding of the meaning of the song. His heartfelt and sincere interpretation of a great classic is an indication that he is a phenomenal talent. I don’t think he needs any more time. I think all he needs is some basic vocal technical skills to maximize the considerable potential of his voice.

    Lumping Scotty and Lauren together because they are almost the same age, is inaccurate as far as I am concerned. Lauren has shown herself to be lacking in confidence and unable to take even the gentlest criticism. She lacks the poise and polish that Haley has demonstrated on stage. She seems like a bundle of nerves, immature even for a sixteen year old and simply not ready at the moment. Scotty has much more poise and a quiet confidence that comes through in every performance. These two should not be lumped together.

    I also do not agree that Jordin was more mature than either Scotty and Lauren. That may be your subjective opinion, but that does not make it fact. Ranking Jacob in third place because he is older also doesn’t work for me. It’s not just about your chronological age. People can seem to be mature for their years. Jacob is a very undisciplined singer who gets caught up in the histrionics of his performance. He has a wonderfu voice, but too often is unable to use it properly. He had some real technical issues with his vocals, as MCL has pointed out with his vibrato deteriorating into a tremolo. He has some ways to go before he can reach his potential as a singer.

    Scotty went outside his comfort zone with “You’ve Got a Friend” and totally nailed it! He was not forced to go outside anything. He went with the theme and took the biggest risk of the night. He showed that he can sing a pop song and do it brilliantly.

    I like James, but think that you are ignoring the way this show is now pimping him excessively. He is enormously talented and knows who he is as an artist. He has some real genius in him, but I think that if he uses the power falsetto singing too much, he may turn off the viewers. If the judges and Jimmy Iovine continue to push him too hard, that could backfire.

    The one area where I do agree with you is about Lauren. Otherwise, we have a very different view of what is going on with the contestants this season.


  51. Sorry, pesky typos again!

    I meant to say that the judges deemed James the best of the night while there were still FIVE contestants yet to sing!


  52. Mindy,

    I agree with you that this “pimping” of James is getting out of hand, but he is the only one I’m voting for now. His performance last week was gorgeous, and one of his best, but he would have been even better without the screaming. As I said before, I was so touched by Scotty’s”, “You’ve Got A Friend”, and certainly was his best night. I’m one of the very few that does not consider myself a Scotty fan though. Aside from last week, his performances sound so much the same to me, and yes, he very much needs some vocal technigue training. He would be able to sing so much better if he wouldn’t sing by just opening one side of his mouth. Seriously, why the heck doesn’t Jimmy and those judges help Scotty with things like this!!!!


  53. My very favorite part of Idol S10? Results show small group numbers!!

    I do wish they had a little more time to prepare for them, but that is the moment each week for me when all the foolishness of the “Show” falls away – where even Lauren can relax and sing freely with more natural physical movements. It’s the one time when they don’t think they’re being judged, where they can afford to let their hair down a bit and have fun – when they don’t have the time (or experts weighing in) to over thinking it. I can even forgive how rough most of them are around the edges – because I find them such a relief.

    I remember Adam saying how in their S8 top4 duet it helped Allison to have someone else on stage to focus on – so she didn’t worry as much about the audience and the judges. I see this same effect for many of the idols – and I love it. I also think Haley & Casey’s “Moaning” was one of THE “Idol Moments” so far this season.

    You are so right Rosanna – “The show is out of control this year. They have too many chefs spoiling the soup.” I love how the results show performances feel like spring vacation. Lite, free, breezy, and joyful. Or at least a lot less “uptight”!!


  54. Hey Mindy! I am glad to see and hear opinions that differ from mine! I always learn more from an honest and open discussion or when things do not go as I expect.

    I have always LIKED Scotty, but I just think he would do better if he had a chance to grow a bit outside the high intensity lights! I see both Scotty and Lauren as seedlings that need a bit of spring’s shade before the hot summer sun.

    I doubt it, but Jacob still COULD chill out a bit;

    Haley has shown that she has potential and I am pleased when she does well; and

    YES, in spite of the pimping, I have a bias for James because of what he has overcome. However, don’t worry – I do not see him as a finalist or winner in this since my sentimental favorite has never won on American Idol. 😀


  55. Julia,

    Oh goodness! I hope that my comments to you were not interpreted as hoping that James does not win! My issue is with the judges and Jimmy Iovine, not James. I think he is incredibly gifted and talented and has overcome so much to be at this point in his life.

    Let me make it clear that I would be totally okay if he wins! It’s funny, because my favorite usually never wins on this show, so we have that in common. I think that Pia would have become my favorite if she had stayed on longer. In fact, one reason why I didn’t let myself get too emotionally invested in her was because I was afraid that she would get voted off too soon. However, even I never expected to see her go in ninth place.

    I have liked both Scotty and James for a while now. They are both incredibly talented and special in their own way. Initially, the judges were pimping Scotty like crazy. Finally they gave him some honest criticism and told him to step it up. I have had issues with Scotty’s choice of songs. I thought he missed a real opportunity by not choosing to sing “Everybody’s Talking” and going with a safer pure country song. So it’s not complete, unqualified adoration for me.

    When I said that you were biased, that wasn’t meant as a personal attack. I don’t think you took it that way. We all have our personal biases when it comes to these contestants. I just wanted to indicate my areas of honest disagreement with you. Sometims when we write our thoughts here, things can get misinterpreted. Reading a post doesn’t give you the tone or feeling.

    I guess what I was trying to say is that everyone can benefit from acquiring vocal technical skills and some seasoning. I hear so much potential in Scotty’s voice. I hope that this process is a learning experience for him. I was afraid that I would never hear something great from Scotty.

    Anyway, not to go on too much about it. We may disagree, but always with respect. 🙂


  56. Dear Mindy,

    No problem! I think that we basically agree on all your points above. I enjoy this “blogspace” because it is one of the few that allow room for fair and cordial discussions.

    Pia should have been a contender and (Déjà vu- Siobhan) felt cheated that we did not get a chance to see her perform more.


  57. I should have said that ‘I’ felt cheated that we did not get to see Pia perform more.


  58. I’m just now finding a few minutes for this. Things are unbelievable here. I’ve worked two F5 tornados and several lesser storms as well as the aftermath of a few hurricanes and have never seen as much devastation as there is throughout my state today. These tornados tracked on the ground for over 130 miles in a path over one mile wide leaving nothing but match sticks in their wake. Entire neighborhoods are gone. My family was only unconvinced by power outages which also took the phones, cell phones, cable TV and internet service with it. The death toll in Alabama alone is currently 236, but will surely rise. It is the worst natural disaster in the state’s history. Idol is a welcomed diversion

    Here is my take on this week’s Idol assignment. I see this as a tribute to those who came before these would be Idols, in the genre that they perform, and a look ahead at the direction they might go in their careers. There are hundreds of other choices for the ‘60s half of the show but these were my first thoughts. I’m not sure what the limitations are for the current segment. Some of my choices for new material are as old as 2005 and may not qualify.

    Haley Old “ You Don’t Own Me” Dusty Springfield (or Leslie Gore) or

    “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” Bob Dylan. or

    “How Can I Be Sure” The Young Rascals (Felix Cavaliere)

    Unfortunately, Rickie Lee Jones came along too late for me to choose one of her songs, but several of them would be perfect for Haley. The Manhattan Transfer also would provide good material for her, but their first album came out in ’71 or ’72 I think. Her Mom and Dad are entertainers so they will provide a good link to music of the past to help her.

    New “Like a Star”- Corinne Bailey Rae or

    “Baby, Baby, Baby” – Joss Stone or

    Spooky”- Imogen Heap. This song works for either the old or new segment, depending on which artist you attribute it to.

    James I think James needs to do a classic rock and roll song this week.

    Old “I’m a Man” Spencer Davis Group (Steve Winwood) or

    “Whipping Post” Allman Brothers or

    “Crossroads” Cream (Eric Clapton) The classic Robert Johnson blues. The blues is the father of rock and roll and there is no more direct link than this song.

    New I haven’t come up with a new song for James yet, but I haven’t given up.

    Lauren Old “Angel of the Morning” Merrille Rush or Skeeter Davis if she wants to keep it country. or

    “Daddy” Dolly Parton. or

    “These Boots Were Made for Walking” Nancy Sinatra if she wants to do a sassy pop tune.

    New “The House That Built Me” Miranda Lambert, or for something more playful,
    “Red High Heels” Kellie Pickler.

    Scotty Old “Crazy” Willie Nelson / Patsy Cline The second most popular song of all time.

    I would also like to hear him sing “Everybody’s Talking” as Mindy has mentioned, but he may have been having trouble with the “Nielson yodel” (wah waaaah wah wah) part the last time he tried it.

    New “I Wouldn’t be a Man” Josh turner

    Jacob – Old “Dock of the Bay” Otis Redding

    Nothing new for Jacob yet.


  59. Gene,

    I wrote you a really long post, but it disappeared. I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you have been in the middle of these horrific tornadoes. I am glad that you are okay, thank goodness! I have seen the pictures on tv of the devastation and it’s unspeakable. What a tragedy.

    I guess maybe thinking up songs for the contestants is a nice diversion from the heartbreak of it all. I am just glad to hear from you!

    Take care!


  60. Thank you Mindy!
    I know it’s annoying when your post disappear. I have a little trick that I use when typing a post that will prevent the “computer ate my homework” syndrome and gives you a spell check facility as well. I open Word and leave it open all day. If I want to post in a forum that lacks a spell checker, I type it in Word first, make my corrections, and then Copy the text and paste it into the forum or blog message box. You have to add a double space at paragraph breaks or there will be no space at all in the blog view. I’m not sure if the new format here may cause any issues for this trick or not. If this post looks ok, I guess “not.”

    If the computer eats your homework, you still have a copy in your Word document. Give it a try.


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