Song Spoilers For The American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Female Vocalists

Song Spoilers for the girls this week – from as posted on MJ’s blog.

Special thanks to MCL reader, Mindy

1. Ta-Tynisa Wilson – “Only Girl (In The World)” by Rihanna
2. Naima Adedapo – “Summertime”
3. Kendra Chantelle – “Impossible” by Christina Aguilera
4. Rachel Zevita – “Criminal” by Fiona Apple
5. Karen Rodriguez – “Hero” by Mariah Carey (sung half in Spanish)
6. Lauren Turner sings “Seven Day Fool” by Etta James (Jully Black’s version)
7. Ashton Jones – “Love Over Me” by Monica
8. Julie Zorrilla – “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson
9. Haley Reinhart – “Fallin” by Alicia Keyes
10. Thia Megia – “Out Here On My Own” from Fame
11. Lauren Alaina – “Turn on the Radio” by Reba McEntire
12. Pia Toscano – “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders

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16 Responses to “Song Spoilers For The American Idol Season 10 Top 12 Female Vocalists”

  1. As I compare this list with the guys’ list, I’m struck by how I can put a face and a voice to ten out of the twelve guys, but only four of the girls. Is it just me?


  2. Sue,

    No, it’s not you. I am having the same problem. I listened to most of these songs already and there are some real challenges for some of these young women.

    Haley picked a classic Alicia Keys song and it’s a very difficult one to sing. I vaguely remember a Haley, but I don’t think I liked her enough to stand out in my mind.

    Lauren Alaina went with a good old country song, but will she have the voice to pull this off? I don’t know.

    Ta-tynisa picked a catchy, synthesized Rihanna song that probably suits her, but I don’t know about doing it live.

    Naima really picked a huge song with Summertime. Now that is a challenge for anyone to sing. I don’t remember her either. She will need some serious vocals to pull this one off.

    Rachel picked Criminal, which seems very tricky after watching Fiona Apple sing it on youtube. A lot of sharp notes and changes in key and just a strange song.

    Ashton picked Love Over Me which is an r&b song by Monica. I don’t remember her well, either.

    Julie is one I remember very well, after he duet with Tim. I hope she has a big enough voice for Breakaway. Kelly Clarkson is a powerhouse.

    I think one of the biggest risks is Hero. Goodness, this song has been done to death. However, it says that she is singing it in Spanish, so maybe she will be able to make it her own.

    Thia Megia picked a great song from Fame, Out Here On My Own. This should give us a better idea of how strong a vocalist she is at the tender age of 15.

    Pia picked another song that is almost too familiar, I’ll Stand By You by the Pretenders. I have listened to her voice, thanks to a link provided by J on another blog here. She has a really good voice and this should give her a chance to show off her vocals.

    Lauren picked Seven Day Fool, the Jully Black version. It’s a good song, but she is one that I don’t remember that well.

    It will be really great to at least hear them sing a song, instead of the snippets we have hard so far. That should give us a chance to pick our favorites and get to know the voices and the names and faces that go with them.


  3. Sorry, just a quick correction to my previous post. Karen is singing Hero, half in Spanish. I do remember her being very good. I think she already sang a song in Spanish.


  4. Great run down Mindy on the songs, there are no real shockers but I agree the songs picked by Ta-tynisa & Naima might give them trouble.

    I love Thia and this song should suit her voice with a mix of soft and strong – if she can carry it off.

    It’s going to be down to whether they can carry the song for the whole time rather than just snippets that we have seen.


  5. No, Sue, it’s not just you. The girls are mostly a blur for me too.


  6. Everyone, here are spoilers about the taping of the girls’ episode (as in, commentary about the actual performances we will see!), if anyone’s interested! 😉 Check out the blog in general for other spoilers as well.


    Dearest Mindy,

    I have to agree with you about Julie Zorilla’s song choice: I groaned when I saw that she picked “Breakaway.” I’m not saying this as a diehard Kelly fan but more of a concerned American Idol viewer; historically, any time someone sings “Breakaway” or “Because of You,” the performance simply is not good and does not go over well with the fans or the judges.

    As for the other song choices: I love Kendra’s song choice (I sing this song all the time!), and I’m pretty sure no one’s ever done it on Idol, so I’m excited to hear her version! I’m not completely sure she can pull it off, but she has a nice soulful vibe that should go well with this song.

    I fear that Ta-Tynisa’s song choice is going to drown her out; I can see the band doing that.

    I LOVE the Spanish language. I think it’s beautiful, so I find it wonderful that more contestants are singing in Spanish this year! I hope Karen does (or, rather, did!) well. 😉

    Also, Lauren Turner has probably been shown a grand total of one or two times, so I don’t think anyone really remembers her. (Based on early buzz, though, I’m looking forward to her performance!)

    “I’ll Stand by You” is almost too familiar, I agree, but I am glad that early buzz says Pia did very well with her song, so I can’t wait to see her performance!

    Apparently, Thia sings a cappella for part of her performance (gutsy!), so I just have to say: bring on the show! I’m really curious about all the performances now. =P 😉


  7. Dearest J,

    Thanks so much for that little link to the performances. I forgot that they are taped in advance at this point in the competition.

    It appears as though Naima is going to be undone by her song choice. I just thought that was asking for trouble. You can set the bar way too high for yourself and why make it so hard by trying to sing a difficult song that has been done by some of the best singers who have owned it?

    It also appears that Julie was indeed overwhelmed by that big Kelly Clarkson song. The judges are usually not kind when contestants take on great songs by former Idol winners.

    It sounds like Pia did well with the Pretenders song. It’s been done a lot, but if you have the vocals, then it’s a great way to make a statement.

    Thea singing acapella for part of her performance! Wow! The one big issue for her is how she will handle the pressure as she moves forward in the competition.

    At least we will all get to see these performances, a minute and a half, and maybe some of these girls will become clearer in our minds. That is what I hope to get out of this week’s performances. I just don’t know them yet. Then we should have a better idea of who belongs in the top 12 or 13 or whatever it’s going to be this season.

    I believe that the judges will have wild card choices, so they could have some influence after America has voted.


  8. Sorry, just a clarification to my previous post. The link is a critique of the respective performances, which have already been taped. My comment made it seem as though it’s a link to the performances themselves.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  9. (I began pulling my thoughts together on this when there were two entries to this thread and I haven’t looked at the performance spoilers, nor do I want to. Maybe it will make sense in that context.)

    Maybe I can help you identify some of the girls. My season favorite is usually a girl, but so far I remain unaffiliated.

    Kendra- Poor Kendra’s roll in this reality show seems to be the forgettable one. She’s a Blue Eyed Soul and Blues singer and a song writer from Nashville (not to be confused with a singer / songwriter) who did the very nice duet of Blackbird with Paul McDonald. She is another semi local favorite as well as on my very short list of personal favorites, which unfortunately means she probably doesn’t have a chance. She needs to make a big impression tomorrow night.

    Naima Adedapo- Is interesting to me. She may be the only true untrained amature in the bunch. She has a big voice and a lot of raw talent. She sang “Girl Put Your Records On” on the green mile. She over sang the opening line but was better after she settled down. She sang Donny Hathaway’s “For All We Know” very nicely at her audition. It was a little breathy but her phrasing was good and she has a nice tone to her voice. She resisted the temptation to over sing the song. She also sang “Long and Winding Road” in Vegas. If she can pull of “Summertime” it will be a home run for her. I’m looking forward to it.

    Haley- Is as cute as a button with a very appealing personality. She has a nice tone as well but lacks control and judgment. She is another of the dreaded over embellishers. There is a very nice rendition of “Like a Star” that she recorded as a kid in her bedroom that can be found on You Tube. It has a few glitches but she doesn’t over reach and the beauty of her voice comes through. She has taken a different approach in this year’s competition and it’s not working for me. She made good song choices, singing “Oh Darling” and later “Georgia on my Mind” but she over sang them to the point of ruining the experience for me. The feedback she has gotten from the judges hasn’t addressed her real issues. Maybe the vocal coaches have given her better advice. I would really like to see this girl tone it down some (a lot) or this song will kill her in the first 30 seconds. She has a lot of potential; we will see what she does with it. This is her second time to try out for AI.

    Lauren Turner is seldom noticed but in the short clip of her performance that we saw from her Beatles duet she has a big voice and isn’t afraid to use it. I love Jully Black’s version of Seven Day Fool although I Have only recently heard it. This could be very good.

    Julie Zorrilla- Probably asking for trouble singing a Kelly Clarkson song; any Kelly Clarkson song. That’s like the third rail of American Idol. She may pull it off. I think she is a good singer but she seems dispassionate to me. She is one heck of a dresser though. She must have a tractor trailer truck full of flirty party dresses following her around. The smartest move she could have made this season would have been to give J-Lo the sparkly shoes that she kept eyeing at her audition. She seems tailor made for Glee to me.

    Rachel Zevita- I enjoy her personality and I think she may actually be able to sing anything. She should resist the temptation to demonstrate that ability in every song. She is growing on me.

    I’m going to skip down to Pia due to lack of time. She has impressed me as a skilled singer who has delivered two nice performances that come to mind, the first during group week and the second in Vegas. Her Vegas arrangement had the annoying Lounge singer up tempo treatment, but maybe she wasn’t responsible for that. I think this performance will be well placed in the traditional pimp spot of last performance of the night.

    Thanks for kicking off with your thoughts on the girls night performances, Mindy.


  10. My dear big brother Gene,

    How can I thank you for providing all that information as a reference point for me, as I struggle to remember these young women. I am confident that I will know them much better after tonight!

    I do remember Pia because I liked her voice and also because of the link J so kindly provided. I got to see a few songs from her and became acquainted with her voice. I think she has the pipes for the Pretenders song.

    Julie is the other one who I remember well, thanks to the great duet with Tim. I agree with you completely about singing a Kelly Clarkson song being the third rail of Idol. Nicely put! It’s as though the judges are going to be waiting to pounce on you.

    You helped a lot with Kendra. Now I know who she is. Yes, I do remember the Blackbird duet with Paul. I initially found myself so fascinated with Paul’s voice that I didn’t pay as much attention to Kendra, but I do remember liking her voice. You are too funny with your comment about her being on your short list of favorites, thereby not having much of a chance. You never know!

    I think that the moment I see them, my memory will be refreshed. I just have trouble putting names with voices right now.

    I am sure we will all have a lot more thoughts after we hear them sing tomorrow night.

    Again, thanks so much for your detailed breakdown of some of these girls. It’s much appreciated.


  11. Thia Megia will win.


  12. Mindy,

    You are very kind. It was mostly rambling on my part.

    I appreciate your mention of the link that J posted, as well as J posting it. I may have missed it altogether had you not mentioned it. I have trouble keeping up with the sometime fast pace of the postings here. Too many irons in the fire. The link to the full performances from the green mile is a great resource to have and puts some of the performances in a different light. Some for the better and others…

    I was beginning to like Thia from the clip aired of her green mile performance, and now, having seen all of it, I’m much more impressed. I already liked Robbie, and I can see now that he had already begun to polish his performance style for this song, and that change didn’t happen tonight. It’s a shame that he didn’t deliver this performance for tonight’s show. Tonight wasn’t bad, but not as good as the green mile. I really enjoyed seeing Kendra’s full performance. I have seen a lot of her videos on the net, many have been removed now, but most are either originals or poorly recorded band performance and practice sessions. She had a tendency to wonder off key in some of them. That didn’t seem to be a problem here. Her style is more to my taste than most of the other contenders. Hailey may need a few more years to get her act together. They gave her a “few more years” last time she auditioned. She did live up to the cute as a button billing that I had given her though. I’m not sure what to make of Naima. The full video emphasizes the “raw’ aspect of her talent. Lauren Turner still has my interest and I was pleasantly surprised that Lauren Alania delivered a decent rendition of “Unchained Melody” and didn’t require O2 at the end of it. She’s not “The Other Guy” but it was her best performance by far.

    I think you have to use some caution in putting too much stock in these performances because we have seen a lot more from several of the contestants, but it is nice to have a chance to see them all on an even playing field.

    Thanks again to, you and, J for the link.

    Oh, the cyber hug was great (really nice) but it may be illegal in my state.


  13. I would love to know what you all think of Pia Toscano. IMO, she is the most talented female contestant to ever appear on Idol. She barely got any screentime during Hollywood week, but you can find a bunch of her videos on Youtube.

    Here is Pia’s final Hollywood performance. The song is “Doesn’t Mean Anything” by Alicia Keys.


  14. I am anxious for tonight…I really don’t have a favorite from the girl group as of yet! Some voices I really like, so I am looking forward to getting to hear these girls sing tonight!


  15. I mentioned above that I like Pia. You may be correct that she is the most talented female to ever appear on Idol, but I can’t go there with you at this point. She would have some big shoes to fill.

    For me anyway, the You Tube performances can be both informative and deceiving. It may not be representative of what the singer is capable of today under these much more demanding conditions.

    I noticed Pia during Hollywood week. She was the strongest voice of the trio of girls that led off the group performances. They were a very tight group with a good vocal blend; nice harmony. I backed up my DVR to make note of her name.
    I also noticed her singing a duet with her friend Karen on Beatles night. The vocals were good but I didn’t like the arrangement. Her performance stood out a little more for me than did Karen’s.

    Hopefully by later tonight she will have added another nice vocal performance down for us to add to the list. She seems like a contender at this point and you sound like a fan, so I will wish you both good luck.


  16. Gene,

    Goodness, what state do you live in? Lol!

    I think Pia is very talented, but I also am with you in not being willing to say that she is the best female singer ever on this show. There are too many great female singers in past seasons for me to give her that honor.

    I am excited to see Thia tonight. It is true that we cannot read too much into these Hollywood performances. It’s much different when they are performing live for the first time. Nerves seemed to get to Robbie last night, so we don’t know how young Thia will handle this situation.

    I think Karen Rodriguez has a lovely voice and it’s nice to hear a song sung in Spanish. She is going to have a real challenge tonight with Hero. The judges are usually skeptical of anyone taking on songs that have been done so many times. It’s also not an easy one to sing.

    Ta-Tynisa did not impress me as I watched her performance from last week. I don’t think that Rihanna song is going to work. It’s like the Usher song that Jordan did, with poor results. Randy was succinct in his critique – it’s not a singer’s song! Well said! I just don’t think she has the voice to really stand out. We will see.

    Julie really has a challenge with that Kelly Clarkson song. The judges will be ready to jump all over her just for choosing it. She doesn’t have a power voice from what I heard in the video clip, so this could be very difficult to pull off.

    My issue with Haley is her tendency to oversing. She has the r&b thing going on, but it gets a little too histrionic at times. Sometimes as we said with Jacob, less is more!

    Rachel Zevita just did not impress me that much with her performance from last week. Listening to the whole thing gives a much better idea of their vocal capabilities.

    Naima is a very stylized singer, but Summertime is a truly iconic song and how is she going to improve on Fantasia’s amazing performance? Why even put yourself in that position?

    I am sure that after tonight’s performances, we will know these young women much better. Right now I don’t have a true favorite, but that could change.


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