Mindless Masterclass Thread For The Memorial Day Weekend

I will be experiencing a “marathon-like” week, providing piano accompaniment for numerous musical events in our community

So, I thought I would add another blog topic where readers can add their content or commentary about anything that they feel is relevant to this site.

Add video about and news-related links to your favorite artists and feel free to comment – but in a respectful, intelligent manner.

Once this week is over, I hope to add more content to this site and keep it as current as possible.

Have fun everyone and I will check back later on today!

Happy Memorial Day to the Americans!

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168 Responses to “Mindless Masterclass Thread For The Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. Happy Day, MCL!

    I have been watching the Finale and feeling sad that my VCR died out on me right after Casey and Bret’s duet. However, I do have the Siobhan performances! Yep, no doubt the girls’ turn with Christina was much better than the guys and Hall & Oates. I absolutely love How Deep Is Your Love? with her and Aaron!

    As you all know I have the cheap Dial-Up service, so I cannot watch the rest of the show. My daughter thought she might be able to record off the computer at work, but she has no idea how or if she can do it. Any ideas, friends?

    I had hoped we could get tickets to the Idol tour, but we’re still waiting to see when my husband’s surgery is scheduled. I have received a surprise from my wonderful daughters – they are taking me to the Lilith Fair Concert! I’ll finally get to see Kelly Clarkson, Queen Latifa, Melinda Lambert, Sarah, and a few others I don’t know.

    Well, is anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance? And we still have Glee to enjoy – with repeats coming up this summer. Yay!

    Enjoy your day dear friends!


  2. Hmmm, I guess most people were away from their computers yesterday!

    I watched So You Think You Can Dance last week; I’m not sure if I’ll watch this week or whether I’ll just wait for the audition rounds to be over. I like–very much–that they don’t spend most of their time making fun of the people trying out, but it’s a lot of faces to keep track of.

    Grammie, your daughters are giving you a real treat! I’ve heard such wonderful things about the Lilith Fair Concerts. I believe Caitlin Crosby is going to be part of it this year–she toured with Jason Castro and Matt Hires at the beginning of this year, and I liked her very much. She more “promising” than “there”, but in some ways that’s the most interesting time to catch someone. (I hope she’ll perform her song “Nikki”–it’s really wonderful.)


  3. anxious to hear what you think of David Archuleta’s book. I think you’ll be delighted.


  4. So how many people from on here are going to see the idols on tour? I had read, I think over at MJ’s that the tickets are selling for only $20.00, does anyone know if that is true or not? Haven’t they been terribly expensive the last few years?

    I hope everyone had a great Memorial week-end!

    Who’s going to replace Simon, any clues, OR anyone have someone in mind that they would like to see in his seat?

    I would like to see; Harry Connick Jr. fill his seat!!! 🙂


  5. Hi Vonnie,

    The $20 ticket was a one-day promotion. The seats here in L.A. range from $40 to $76 dollars. I suppose that if the ticket sales continue to be sluggish then the promoters might run another promotion. I went last year, but I’ll most likely be out-of-town when the tour swings by this summer.

    I agree that Harry Connick Jr. would be an excellent choice for a judge.


  6. Clay’s latest album, Tried and True is available now…I love the oldies, so I think I’ll be picking it up!


  7. I like Harry Connick, Jr., as a mentor for Big Band week, but I don’t think he’s an appropriate judge; I think you need someone who is more in touch with what it going on in the contemporary music world.


  8. How about this? Harry, Ellen and a brand new judge. I like Randy, but it’s same old, same old with him, and Kara just needs to go.


  9. There was a lot of love for Kara, and hate for Ellen, in the latest Idolatry http://www.ew.com/ew/video/0,,20312226_20312230,00.html?order=DESC&page=1, I just didn’t get it. It’s a pretty good watch though if you haven’t seen it already.

    Sue: I like Randy a lot too (he actually gives decent advice sometimes), but I think they should just start anew as if it was a totally new show. Wait, I think Ellen is in it for another year for sure, no idea about the other two….


  10. Here is a link to a video of Chris Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson doing Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” acoustic.



  11. Must read article for any Adam Lambert fan:


    I’m very, very excited about his upcoming concert tour.


  12. I like the idea of Harry Connick Jr for band leader – Ricky Minor did more for the contestants than just lead the band — he was part mentor, part arranger, part coach, and part collaborator for Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, and others. So I would think the producers might be looking at him to fill that role.

    I like Ellen (and I think she has another year on her contract) but she needs to provide more substantial and constructive critiques.

    I will not be sorry to see Simon (Mouse) and would not be sad to see Kara (Lamb) go on to other positions.

    Randy (Re-Run) has become stale and needs someone else to bounce his “softballs”.

    I wish that AI10 could get a vocal coach (like MCL) or at the very least someone who can provide more helpful critiques. I don’t think the judge needs to come out of Juilliard or Broadway, but industry insiders similar to Kara have a narrow set of tastes. How many times has Kara favored Duffy- or Adele-soundalikes (Megan Joy, for example)?

    Lastly, this is nothing about the individuals, but the casting this year became so homogenized so early during AI9. You could find subtle differences among them; however, the last three years have given us three similar artists in Lee, Kris, and David. Why do you need to buy Lee or Kris, when you have David Cook? The producers have to find a way to mix it up more via the voting, casting, and song list. After all, we are now into the second decade of the twenty-first century, not the mid-twentieth century and AI9 did not reflect that.


  13. Julia,

    I had forgotten that Ricky Minor was leaving the show too, so yes, Harry Connick Jr would be a perfect fit for that position. Can you imagine the differnce in these kids songs week after week with someone like Harry pushing them from behind the scenes?


    Do you have any thoughts on who would be able to fill Simon’s seat? You always come up with such great people! I’m not crazy about the rumor of Sir Elton John, or What’s the radio guys name??? I personally would like to see TPTB rotate alumni idols in that seat to be guest judges each week! Wouldn’t that be fun?

    Now as far as the rest of the judges table, kick Kara to the curb, keep randy and Ellen!


  14. Check out Cyndi Lauper’s Pride interview exclusive only on OURsceneTV.com!!


  15. Vonnie, I’m going to have to give some thought to this, but I think the best person we’ve seen to fill in Simon’s spot is Neil Patrick Harris. I’m talking about guest judges. He’s got personality, he’s sharp and witty, he actually seems to know something about singing, and — and I think this is the key thing about whoever replaces Simon — I don’t think he’s unwilling to be honest about his reactions.

    I know some people disagree with me on this particular point, but I think having a judge who is willing to at least sometimes not sugarcoat the bad news is important. A panel of nothing but supportive, constructive criticism wouldn’t make for very good television, no matter how much it might make people feel good, and I don’t think there is a point in having three people saying the same thing. Originally, Randy was the expert musician who had done some producing and knew an “artist” when he heard one, Paula presumably represented the professional singers, which is to say she was basically a has-been who was willing to sign on with an unknown quantity (I like Paula, and she brought surprising perception to the show when she was off her meds, but her singing career WAS over at the time and the fact that she had been successful still floors me. But she was cute and dance was a really important part of the scene at the time.) But the idea was that you had someone who knew something about singing. And Simon was the guy with the experience at finding and selling talent. Randy was there to talk about quality of the performance, Paula to make everyone feel good, and Simon to deliver the bad news. A pretty good formula, by and large, even if they have strayed from their original roles.

    While there were times, even in those early days, when Simon went too far (especially in the audition shows for a couple of years), I do think there is a place for comments like “that’s too cruise ship.” I, for one, know precisely what he means when he says that, and I think it is a valid criticism for an aspiring pop singer to hear, because you won’t make it as a pop singer with that sound. So Simon’s replacement needs to be someone who can say things like that. Would someone else on the producing side of things be a good choice? Maybe, but it’s such a chance to take. Non-performers who are frustrated performers who get an opportunity like this are apt to go a little beyond where they should, which I think is part of what you see with Kara, who probably wanted to be a singer-songwriter before she settled for just being a songwriter. They start getting confused about whether it is about the contestants or about them. And obviously, I don’t know any of those people, so I’ve got to choose from a different set of criteria.

    For the Paula/singer replacement, you’ve got people like Katy Perry, who was very attentive during her stint as a guest judge and apparently would like the job. Certainly she is young and current — that could be an advantage. Barry Manilow isn’t current, but he was huge in his day, and I thought he was a terrific mentor, even if the contestants that year weren’t particularly good at actually listening to any of the mentors (is that the year that everyone ignored Tony Bennett?) Apparently Simon recommended Bret Michaels; don’t know what that was about. Perhaps he’d be fine, I don’t know. I actually think a number of people would be interested in the role, because it has become such a franchise, and if Simon can jetset while doing it, it’s not like you’d have to give up your own performing career to do it. Or if you recognize that you are on the downhill side of your own career but you still have some credibility as an artist, it’s a great way to get a platform. I think Shania Twain was a terrific judge, although I somehow think she might be one of the ones that doesn’t want the job. I’m not clear on how she sees her future.

    Is there a place for an actual singing coach on the panel? Obviously, we would like to see that, because we’d like to know that they are getting the kind of advice that MCL gives, but on the other hand, I’m not sure if that would interest the viewing public as a whole. Clearly, AI hires coaches to work with the contestants, and they rave about them, so I assume they are doing their jobs well. Do they need to hear it from the judging table as well as from the behind-the-scenes coaches? Maybe not.

    What about someone like Debbie Allen, who can speak to the performing aspect? Granted, her experience is mostly (gasp!) musical theater, but she is a savvy lady who probably doesn’t mince words much. And I suspect that what she has to offer applies to performers across the board, be they rock or pop or folk or whatever. She is smart enough to know how to adapt her advice to different genres.

    And if they chose to replace Randy, who would you get? What about someone with some serious producing credits, like Quincy Jones (okay, I’m probably dreaming here, but . . .) Not a record label guy, but someone who is actual in the studio producing.

    Wonder if Billy Joel would be interested in something like this or if he is completely absorbed in instrumental music these days.


  16. See Jeanne, I told you that you always come up with great people…I had forgotten about Neil Patrick Harris!

    Yeah, I agree; you almost don’t want to reach to far back in the past for a judge!

    The judges table needs someone who knows music, knows what sells, and can articulate that to the idols…but Who? It needs to be someone who isn’t interested in their own agenda, but would come with a honest appreciation for music and the idol process (not that it is an honest process) but maybe someone who could bring that quality to the table!

    Hmmm…the old brain is thinking hard…I have to be careful though, I’m easily distracted and will forget what I am thinking about!


  17. REReader, I was fortunate enough to go to Lilith Fair in 1999, and did see Sara, the Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Queen Latifa, and others. It was an awesome concert. This is the line-up we’ll see this year:

    Kelly Clarkston
    La Roux
    Vita Chambers
    Queen Latifa
    Sara McLachlan
    Suzanne Vega
    Kate Nash
    Chantal Kreviazuk
    Miranda Lambert

    So, seeing Kelly will be cool. I have heard songs by several of these ladies, but wonder if this is a stronger line-up. There are five artists here that I don’t know. I could see both Siobhan and Crystal being invited should they have it next year. I think the economy might influence attendance.

    I do believe Randy, Kara, and Ellen have another year to their contracts, but I like the idea of all new judges right across the board, although maybe Randy could remain if he improves his critiques.

    Jeanne, Debbie Allen has been a good (often funny) judge on So You Think You Can Dance I do like your idea of Billy Joel. You know, Idol is a hit show in many countries – and they don’t have Simon Cowell. So, maybe he actually can be replaced? The problem here is that anyone who would be a terrific judge is probably a very busy person!


  18. I heard that TPTB for AI10 were considering using rotating or Guest Judges as a way of auditioning or trying out potential judges before they commit to a long-term contract. They could also consider multi-purpose guests, depending on their skill sets. For example, HKJ seemed to be mentor, conductor, accompanist, and judge during Sinatra week. As long as they keep their promise to focus on the contestants this year; that is, more time for their performances and less time for staged cutesy banter, that just might work.


  19. Rotating judges may well be the best way for AI to go initially. They haven’t done especially well with their replacement picks. I like Ellen, but she doesn’t bring enough expertise to the panel. Paula clearly knew more about music than Ellen and was able to do the supportive thing with more variety, I think. Kara probably did great in the interview process and seemed on paper to be a terrific choice; there is just something about her that doesn’t really work in this format. She isn’t likable in the right way, and hitting the proper note, as it were, is essential to making shows like this work. You have to be genuine, likable, able to put together coherent and succinct thoughts quickly, and to remember that the show is first and foremost about the contestants (although I think the producers have probably encouraged the judges to think otherwise, so perhaps I shouldn’t put the blame on their shoulders.) The judges will get plenty of attention by just doing their jobs well, they don’t need to do anything that says, “hey, look at me!”

    Anyway, I’m not sure that you can really tell how someone will fare as a judge until they actually judge. (Oh, I kind of liked Usher, too, as a mentor.) I wonder if the questions on the Idol survey about the guest judges were to gauge how well one of them might be perceived as a replacement judge. I can’t believe that the producers really needed us to tell them who stunk and who didn’t, but it’s always nice to have some numbers to back up your decision. Of course, the other side of the rotating judges idea is that AI had a full year to watch Kara before extending her one-year contract; if they thought that was a good idea, then I’m not sure that they are capable of making a good decision, period.

    On the other hand, maybe they’ll pay enough attention to the press after each show to figure out which judges are really successful . . .

    What about Toni Braxton?


  20. “Well, is anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance? ”
    Yes, most certainly. For me this is the best of all competitive reality shows on TV. It has contestants that are both very talented and had traning, judges that are very knowledgeable, far fewer sob stories than any other show.

    In terms of sharing favorite performances. I’d like to share a couple which are a bit different from music normally discussed on this blog, but hey, this is a generic thread:

    One of my favorite art songs sung by a very promising young singer:

    A couple of weeks ago, there was a really sexy performance of Carmen on PBS, with beautiful and talented Elina Garanca and Roberto Alagna showing how outdated the description of “fat ladies that just stand there” is:


  21. Here’s an impromptu a capella performance of “I’ll Be” from David Archuleta during a book signing event at the Mall of Amereica…enjoy!!!


  22. I’m providing a link to an audition for “America’s Got Talent” last week. The singer’s name is Michael Grimm and I thought he was terrific.

    I Googled him and found some other amazing performances by him–he is much better than he was in his AGT audition. If anyone likes soulful music, I think you will love this guy . . .

    Let me know what you think.


  23. Louise,

    I seen him too, isn’t he amazing? Oh my goodness, I wish that he would have been on AI.

    I can’t wait to see what he does on this show I hope he goes a long way!


  24. From the sounds of this article, it looks like Ellen expects to be back for Season 10. I hope that’s the case. And, I like that she’s wants to find “more dynamic” and “more interesting” talents. For Season 9, it seemed like too much attention was being given to passing on singers with “sob stories” during the audition process. Those stories only hold up for one or two shows. I’d rather see the focus be placed on promoting contestants who combine raw musical talent with greater charisma.



  25. June 9–Happy Birthday, Cole Porter! Your music never gets old.

    (In case the embed doesn’t work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVsD0rltRr8 )

    (And likewise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej2VHWftwdQ )


  26. Jeanne, I think Neil Patrick Harris would be the best so far to replace Simon. He is knowledgeable, honest, intelligent (after all, he did play a doctor on TV, LOL), and likeability. He also has producing, stage, TV, and movie experience. After seeing him on “Glee,” wow, can he sing or what? I think he’d appeal to my generation (don’t know that it has a name – Gen X? – I’m 39.), as well as younger ones due to his current success as Barney on “How I Met Your Mother.” From his guest stint as a judge, I think he could easily take over as lead on the panel. (Maybe he’d pull out a couple of his magic tricks now and then.)

    I’m glad Ellen is introspective and humble enough to reflect upon what can she can do to improve. I think she and NPH would work well off each other.

    I am tired of the Dawg, aka Randy Jackson.


  27. I think Ellen will shine in her second season, and I think that she’s really serious about making AI relevant and fun again. Randy is just too comfortable. He’s certainly gotten a lot of feedback about his repetitious commentary, but I don’t see much effort on his part to step up his game.


  28. I really hope that this coming year on AI they make alot of changes, hopefully for the better! I would like to see them go away from all of the guest singers…that is getting really old and taking up entirely to much time, I liked when the results show was only 30 minutes! I would like to see AI give exposure to their former contestans rather than people who have their own agenda as a reason to perform on the show, half; if not more of the time the contestants are better than the “supposedly” professionals any way!


    I’m still trying to come up with who I think would be a good replacement for Simon! I like Neil, but I’m still thinkin’…!


  29. Siobhan got to sing along with her idols Hanson last night! isn’t that the coolest thing in the world???? And no, I wasn’t there, but just the idea makes me ecstatic!


  30. It looks like Ellen will definitely be back next year . . .



  31. Louise,

    That is good news, I really liked Ellen on the show this past season…is there any news as to who the new judge may be?

    Do you think they will replace Simon? Wonder if they will just leave the table as it is; 3 judges? Maybe they will have Kara be the tell-it-like-it-is one, Ellen be the compassionate one and Randy be, well, just be Randy!!!


  32. Okay! Who’s watching “So you think you can dance”?


  33. I am, Vonnie! 😀


  34. Hi REReader,

    I watched bits and pieces last night, I taped it and hope to watch it over the week-end…who do you like so far? This is my first year of actually watching from the beginning, most other seasons, I only catch one or two shows here and there!

    I liked the little Hip-Hop guy!


  35. Let’s hope that Siobhan fulfills her promise that Idolheaded predicts.

    Anyone who sees Siobhan on the tour – please let us know what you think she and 19 deliver.


  36. Yes, I am watching SYTYCD. I like most of the contestants, and so far Kent and Lauren are my favorites. The iron is that these two just recently graduated from high school and don’t have a lot of preofessional expereince like the others. I am not sure about the All-Stars, but I really adore Pasha! Will people vote for a contestant because of their partner?

    People complained about Ellen’s lack of musical background; however, now she has her own record company which changes things a bit.

    I love that Siobhan got to experience the dream of her life by working with Hanson. I imagine she will be singing one of their songs on the tour. It is my hope that she will take care of her voice – there are a lot of dates coming up!


  37. How many of this years Idols have gotten signed so far, did 19 pick up any others besides Lee and Crystal?


  38. I’m providing a link to an audition for “America’s Got Talent” last week. The singer’s name is Michael Grimm and I thought he was terrific.

    Let me know what you think.

    I followed your link for the audition video and liked it too. Like you, I Googled him and it appears that he is no Johnny-come-lately. He has played with Heart an BB King, to name a few and has a nice band with a horn section and a Hammond player. The Hammond gives him about 70 credibility points right out of the box.

    I checked on CD Baby to see if he had any work for sale and found three CDs available going back to 2006. I bought the Live cd.

    Thanks for posting the link.



  39. Imagine that everything prior tp “Louise” in the previous post is in a quotation box.
    It would appear that I don’t know how to do that on this site.

    A follow up for Louise or other America’s Got Tallant fans. What is the criteria for competing on this show? Are the contestants supposed to be new comers? I haven’t watched it before.

    Two of Michael Grimm’s albums are available on iTunes, but not the Live album.



  40. Hi, Gene,

    Glad you like Michael Grimm. I’ve never seen anything in writing about criteria for AGT, but I’ve watched it for several years and usually the contestants who are musicians/singers have had careers in the music business but just haven’t been discovered.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him again after the auditions are over, but I can’t remember how many weeks before they end.


  41. Hi Gene,

    Glad to have you back posting!


    Did you see the lady last night singing “At Last” OMGosh, she was awesome!


  42. Louise,
    Thanks for the additional information. I will let you know how the CD is when it arrives. The 30 second previews were very good.
    What night, time and network does AGT come on?

    Hi Vonnie,
    I hope all is well with you. Remember the flat spot discussion we had? My daughter actually dropped my little 6 month old granddaughter on her head a few weeks ago! I can’t wait to see her sense of humor develop.

    “Do you think they will replace Simon? Wonder if they will just leave the table as it is; 3 judges? Maybe they will have Kara be the tell-it-like-it-is one, Ellen be the compassionate one and Randy be, well, just be Randy!!!”

    I think there is a good possibility that they will return to the panel of 3 judges in it’s current make up. When they hired Kara it appeared to have two purposes; to pressure Paula into getting her act together and as a potential replacement for Simon. It took longer for the second reason to come into focus. That plan may have become a little shaky when her popularity dropped like a rock when she joined the panel and even more when Paula left. I think the producers are trying to decide if she is, like Simon, someone you love to hate or just obnoxious.

    It is funny that the contestants, when ask to express an opinion about the judges, frequently mention Randy as the most supportive or the judge that gives the most useful feedback. He has also helped several of them behind the scenes in starting their post Idol careers. One example is that he and Brooke White formed a new lable together. He is frequently dismissed in the blogs though. Even though some of the criticisms are valid, I like Randy and hope that he returns. I would prefer less emphasis on the judges in general.


  43. Hi Gene W,

    Boy! do I ever remember that “flat spot” converstation; I’ve been in therapy every since!!! BWAHAHA, just kidding, although I did get some odd glares and underbreath comments from my siblings at our last family get together as I went around feeling their heads for flat spots, I think that I’m not the only one who has been dropped at time or two, my one brother?…just sayin’!!!

    I had never knew that Randy was a more behind the scenes kind of a guy, that’s nice to know. I know Paula helped them out alot that way too. I have even heard that Simon gave behind the scenes advice some also.

    I would like for them to keep the table at three, and then alot less emphasis on the judges all together, and more on the kids!

    It’s so good to have you posting again!!! :_)


  44. See, I’ve been dropped so many times it has effected my spelling…”conversation”…my bad!!!


  45. Haaaah ha ha! That’s funny stuff. You can always turn to the flat spot in times of trouble.

    Have you seen Crystal and Lee’s Idolatry interviews? I think Crystal gained more from her Idol experience than any of the other contestants. She seems to have made a lot of friends in the industry.

    We are on the same page with regard to the judges. I think there is something to be said for the shows that add a numerical grade to the judging process. Dancing with the Stars has a good judging process and they also have good judges who know their game and articulate their opinions well. They have a good balance of constructive criticism and entertainment value in their individual styles of judging. There is something fascinating to me about that show. It is hard to believe the amount of commitment to hard work, competitive spirit and willingness to put their celebrity on the line the contestants have. All of this for a chance to win nothing more than the “coveted mirror ball trophy.” They have little to gain and possibly a lot to lose. The opposite is true on American Idol, yet many of the contestants like to give the impression that they are too cool to be on the show or don’t really care if they win and that they have never watched the show before.

    Congratulations on your guy winning Vonnie!

    Thanks for the kind comment! I have seen several posts that I wanted to respond to but I just haven’t had the time for it.


  46. Hey Gene W,

    I like Dancing with the stars too, I like Tony and Derreck(spelling???). Still waiting for Tony to get a competent partner! Poor guy gets strapped with some doosies!

    Yes, I think the three judge format works great for DWTS, Bruno? 😮 He’s hilarious…Idol needs someone like him! I wonder what made Idol go with the fourth judge in the first place? I would like to see someone fill Kara’s spot; keep Ellen and Randy!

    I am very happy that my guy won…it’s not very often that I pick winners; geeze that doesn’t sound very good does it? I just don’t pick very good “reality TV winners”, let’s leave it at that, then you won’t be speculating about my private life selections!!! 😉


  47. http://www.backstage.com/bso/advice-vocal-ease/rescuing-voices-1004098965.story

    Rescuing Voices
    Adam Lambert’s voice teacher tells how he keeps singers in shape while on tour.
    By John Henny

    June 18, 2010

    There is a lot of pressure for the artist on tour. Large amounts of money are made or lost based upon the singer’s ability to perform. Cancellations quickly become logistical and financial nightmares. Dave Stroud is a Los Angeles–based voice teacher who has been called to rescue many a tour or recording session. He has worked with such stars as Adam Lambert, the Cheetah Girls, and Jordin Sparks. Stroud blends expert vocal technique with an uncanny ability to figure out the situation quickly and get the entire support staff working together.

    The Village

    Stroud believes there are three elements to getting a singer through a successful tour. The first is the idea that the team must work together. “When you have an artist out there struggling and possibly canceling shows,” he says, “the first thing you have to realize is it takes a village. There’s no way one person is the key to this.”

    In order to create this harmony, Stroud very carefully defines his role and avoids some of the pitfalls that can plague big-name voice teachers. “You’ve got a manager, a road manager, a music director, a doctor, and a voice coach—and everyone hates the voice coach!” he says. “Either the voice coach accepts that they’re only one cog in the machine, or that voice teacher walks in, thinks that they’re God, causes havoc, and leaves.”

    Stroud has strict professional rules for working within the team: “Don’t try and be something more than you are. Don’t step in and make the musical director feel threatened, or the tour manager. Don’t walk into a recording session and make the producer feel like you are now the vocal producer. You end up shutting down the people you need the most.”


    Once Stroud is working in harmony with the team, he goes to the next part of his three-step plan: strategy. “Without strategy, giving vocal exercises doesn’t mean anything,” he says.

    He explains his approach with Adam Lambert’s tour: “Adam can do extreme things with his voice that most singers will probably never be able to do, but he can’t do it endlessly.” Stroud started by going through Lambert’s set list. “Adam’s tour right now is around 14 songs, of which three are at 11 on the intensity scale,” he says. “Going all out on those songs, it makes it more difficult to pull off the subsequent songs. The fact is Adam is so amazing that he doesn’t have to overdo it. I work with the music director to look at the peaks, where they happen in the show, and where he can recover from that.”

    Sometimes Stroud will suggest changing the order of the songs or even making slight key changes. “Sometimes just dropping one song a half step or a whole step can change the whole dynamic of the night,” he says. “The artist is no longer worried about that one note.”


    The final part of the puzzle for Stroud is form—working on the actual vocal technique. He is always careful to maintain an artist’s signature sound while rebalancing the voice. “I can’t always have someone sing completely technically correct, because sometimes their sound is more aggressive,” he says. “Otherwise management will say, ‘What have you done to our artist?’ I work on getting better vocal balance while allowing the artist to feel like they’re still selling their product, but it’s not costing them vocal health.”

    Stroud has different ways of working the voice, depending on whether it’s a show day. “It’s the difference in working out when training for a marathon and then going in and warming up just before the marathon. That’s how I approach the voice,” he says. “I do a 20-to-30-minute warm-up, just easy cord closure exercises and transitions through their vocal registers. It’s not a big workout. I just want them to feel ready and agile with their voice when they hit the stage.”

    Stroud changes the specific exercises he uses based upon the singer. “With Adam Lambert, I will work to get easy cord closure and I will vocalize him to G above high C. He has climax notes at E’s above high C, so I need to give him that extra range,” Stroud says. “Jordin Sparks has a really exceptional voice. I just want her to feel mentally that everything is in her comfort zone.” He feels that half of the process is psychological: “I physically prepare the cords for singing, but I also want their minds to say, ‘Okay, I’m good. I feel good.'”

    Dangerous Shortcuts

    Stroud says there are times when even the best singers may need medical help to get through a show, but this can have a downside. “Steroids are very much like shooting up a football player with anesthesia when they have a torn ligament or broken bone. They’re able to go out and run, because they don’t feel it, but they do more damage,” he insists. “These medications need to be combined with good technique.”

    Stroud warns that singers can use these treatments as an easy out: “They think, ‘Wow, I didn’t have to do any work for that—give me some more of that.’ You keep accumulating bad habits and damage that you don’t really realize until after the tour has ended. It can end a career in the long run.”


  48. Nameless One,

    Hi and Welcome! That was a great read! I haven’t heard anyone say how Adam’s tour is going…I hope well!

    Adam is a curious person to me…I know that with all the glitz and glam he feels he is being true to himself and therefore not wanting to change his public persona! Adam has such an appeal when dressed down, (no stage make-up) that I would think dressed in a gucci pinstripe he would have the round ball we live on in a total up-roar (ladies?).

    Sometimes being true to ones self doesn’t mean you can get by with the things that you think make you…he can still sing and do what he loves and be the person he is, that doesn’t necessarily mean go beyond the limits! If Adam’s desire is to only reach those who “get” him, then he is doing just that, if Adam’s desire is to reach across all discriminations, then he’s not there yet, he would need to change his outward perception to cross the broad spectrum of narrowed minded thoughts! It’s sad that it has to be that way, but that’s life baby!

    The Adam that we had the privilege of watching and listening to on Idol, is not the same Adam who is on tour! My opinion ONLY!!!


  49. Addendum: All of the outside decorations that Adam puts on himself is just that; decorations! I would like to see the inside person! The stripped down version of Adam Lambert! And then, just be able to listen to that voice…that amazing instrument! Now that, I would pay to hear!

    I know, I know…this is me putting my wants ahead of Adam’s! Well, yes! in a sense I guess it is! Sometimes you have to give the public what the public wants!

    I want; Adam Lambert in a Gucci Suit standing in the center of a stage with blue lighting gently spilling over his gorgeous face, singing Mad World! All I’m asking…


  50. I think that artists should be able to play Dress Up and act a role if they are trying to express an idea or concept. I also think that the large stage is the place for that.

    Television – is a small stage that enters our living room so I think that the more muted displays are appropriate on these performances.

    When I want “pure vocals” I just listen to the music.

    There are different ways we can express our artistic sides.


  51. Hi Julia,

    I totally agree with you and understand that I am talking out of both sides of my mouth!!!

    I was a Prince, Boy George, and Cyndi Lauper fan back in the day, so I get the dress up part of it…for some reason and I can’t explain it, Adam’s dress up just affects me in a different way…like I said I can’t explain it! It’s like, he don’t need the get-up, his voice is so amazing that, that should speak loudly enough, does that make sense (I have been dropped on my head a time or two, flat spot you know!) so some times I don’t make alot of sense, LOL.

    Gosh I don’t know, I feel this compassion for Adam, I know that he is gay and I don’t want him to feel that he needs to be glitz and glam to represent himself…Adam the person is enough!

    What’s on the outside is just hardware, what’s on the inside is priceless!!! What we decorate ourself with is just us trying to make a statement; when our actions and the person we are inside should be the message we want to send out!

    Thank you for responding, I love reading others opinions, because sometimes it makes me change mine…! I can get very narrow minded in my thoughts and then someone will come along and make perfect sense to me and bam I’m a changed person!!! 🙂


  52. Dear Vonnie,

    I agree with you in that I like Adam and I see a beautiful person and hear a wondrous voice that as you said is “priceless”.

    I just think that (with today’s extremely competitive touring marketplace) the BIG show requires a BIG draw and stage presence. Tickets are expensive and budgets are tight with little disposable income left over.

    As an early Elton John fan (think – “Madman Across the Water”), I do not care for his “B-B-Benny and the Jets” phase, but I know that most musicians make a living from the live concerts NOT the MP3s, CDs, DVDs, radio plays, and all of the more subtle and nuanced performances. Most young people (ok – not all) that attend these concerts come to “see the big show” to get their money’s (and time’s) worth.

    I am saying this as an Allison backer – I wanted a rocker gal to win in 2009 – and I just loved how this young GIRL kept up with the Big Boys that year. I didn’t (and still do not) GET Danny Gokey and how he beat Allison. The widower story gets you to the finals, but how does it get you to the top 3???

    However, I believe that Adam WAS the main attraction of 2009 and he should have won in 2009. (IMHO – the way Siobhan was in 2010 – you do not have to agree – at 20, she does NOT have Adam’s stage experience and professionalism.) I am pleased that Adam and Allison are working together and will try to get to one of their performances.


  53. Having seen Adam twice on the AI tour and at his first two full-length concerts (Gridlock and Fantasy Springs) and anxiously awaiting to see two upcoming Glamnation concerts, I say BRING ON THE GLITZ AND THE GLAM. I want to experience Adam’s COMPLETE vision for the expression of his artistry – the costumes, the dancers, the lasers, and yes, the music. Adam IS theatrical, and thank God for that. He’s unabashedly fun and fabulous and fantastic. And, he never compromises his vocal performance to put on a show.

    And, in all honesty, is it ALWAYS necessary to refer to his sexuality? Would the same qualms be voiced if he were a straight guy putting on the same performance? I rather doubt it. I see Adam as Adam.


  54. Hi Sue,

    My reference to Adams being gay comes from having a close relative who also is gay and at times feels that people expect more from him than if he was straight…he says that people expect him to be funny, dramatic, and yes, a little over the top! He says that the sterotyping is more than you can imagine! And yes! whenever someone acts out in a loud way (dressing up or whatever) it always raises an eyebrow with me, I always wonder what is going on, on the iside that they feel they need this kind of attention…I guess it comes from being a youth advisor!

    If Adam is having fun and this is TRULEY him; then I say go for it, but if this is Adam giving the public what he thinks they want…then my heart goes out to Adam. The above post is just my fantasy of how I would like Adam to be, nothing more, and doesn’t make me like him any less! I think he is absolutly AWESOME!

    How awesome that you have seen Adam live! Okay, give me the dibbs, is he as beautiful in person as he is on TV? Not just his physical face, but that beautiful spirit that came through loud and clear on idol!


  55. Sue..please forgive all of the typos in my last post!!!


    I thought for sure that Adam and Allison would be the top two, with Adam being the American Idol…I was really shocked that it went the way it did.

    I actually thought that on this years finale, that on Siobhan’s and Aaron’s song, that she sounded really good, that was a beautiful side of her voice! I’m glad to hear also that she is doing well since Idol, getting to sing with Hanson…I love Hanson!!! She just seems to be an adorable person!


  56. Nameless One, thank you so much for such an interesting article. I couldn’t help but think of how fortunate Siobhan would be to have a vocal teacher. I like Dave Stroud’s approach for the singers. I am fearful that she may lose her voice as she hits those notes most Idols can only dream of. IMO, she will be a star. 🙂

    Vonnie I totally understand your views about Adam’s persona and dress. However, as Sue points out, the Glitz and Glam is part of his total package. So many of his fans expect this and he loves doing it. It is obvious you do appreciate his talent.

    Sue, what a wonderful fan you are of Adam’s. I know he appreciates your devotion. You have provided an excellent commentary. 🙂

    I do believe Casey will be doing some recording in Nashville while working on a country blues album.

    I am thoroughly enjoying So You Think You Can Dance? It seems a competition has been set up between Alex, Kent, and Billy. I think Alex has a good chance to win if he can present a likeable persoanlity. Ballet dancers tend to be more reserved. I am loving the presence of Pasha on the show!

    Yes, I saw Alice Tan Ridley (Gabourey Sidibe mom) audition for “America’s Got Talent” and wow the audience with her performance. “At Last” is such a beautiful, powerful song. I understand she had been a teacher prior to singing in the subways. I imagine she’ll be in the finals.

    Gene, I have also thought they may just leave the three judges currently with the show. Obviously, four judges did not work. We’ll know soon enough, right?

    MCL, I hope you are doing well in your recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you! If you have some free time, I hope you will get the opportunity to view the finale of “Glee.” It was totally awesome. In fact, this week’s repeat episode is one of the best. I would appreciate your opinion. Take care!


  57. Hi Grammi Kari,

    I do love Adam, he was and still is one of my all time favorite idols, this kid has so much talent…completely blows me away! I must admit that I do enjoy alot of the different styles that Adam comes up with…especially the Kilt!!!

    I just think that he doesn’t need the added get-up, his voice alone is superior (MY opinion ONLY) to anything that I am hearing on the radio right now.

    Much like Sue, given the chance, I’d be front row to see Adam…Glitz, Glam and all.

    Like I said before, I do talk out of both sides of my mouth, if someone back in the day would have suggested to me that Prince or Cyndi should give up their wardrobe and just straight up sing…I would have been just like Sue…so I get ya Sue!!! See, I can even change my own mind!!!


  58. I just read on line that Taylor Hicks is going to be filming some ads for the tourist industry on the Gulf Coast. He was also interviewed by MSNBC and wrote a blog which is posted on Larry King Live about the oil spill.


  59. I just read an article saying that it was announced yesterday that the age requirements to audition for AI has been lowered to 15. What are they thinking?!?


  60. Thanks for the welcome, Vonnie. You’ve brought up a lot of great points.

    First, you have every right not to enjoy Adam’s performance style. Please don’t let anybody try to make you feel guilty for having your own preferences (though I applaud you for keeping an open mind).

    I agree that “gay” and “flamboyant” aren’t synonymous. It’s possible to be one, neither, or both. I do believe that Adam is genuinely both. He’s mentioned in interviews that his mother used to get mad at him for stealing her make-up, and that he was drawn to musical theater because of the idea of “playing dress-up” for a living.

    Your dreams of Adam in a Gucci Suit may happen at some point, but I doubt he will ever abandon his make-up entirely. I suspect he finds himself too physically unattractive for that. The men to whom he’s drawn tend to be very feminine, and the make-up brings him closer to that, at least in his own mind. I can only hope that he doesn’t take Michael Jackson’s approach later in his career.


  61. I forgot to add:

    You asked how Adam’s tour is going. The first post of this thread provides a pretty good summary:


    Best wishes to Masterclasslady for a full recovery!


  62. The buzz this year was that they were looking for singers in an earlier stage of their career than some of the contestants from previous years. There have been several 16 year old contestants that were pretty far along that curve already. David, Allison, and Jordan come to mind.

    I’m not sure what to conclude from that but maybe they want to continue to work with less developed artist or it is an effort to please the younger members of the audience.


  63. Gene,
    My conclusion was that AI wants to attract a larger teenage and younger audience. Personally, I think the minimum age should be 18.


  64. Nameless One,

    Thank you so much for the kind words…Thank you also for the link to Adam’s concerts list! Wow! He is selling out tour dates like crazy! I am so happy for him!

    I guess that it is really unfair of me to try and interject my desire to have Adam in a Gucci suit…(but, OMGosh what a vision that would be!) When I guess all that he is asking for is; acceptance!

    I loved the story about him stealing his mom’s make-up! A Mother’s love; unconditional!

    Louise and Gene W,

    Maybe they are changing the age so they can call it the American Teen Idol…what are they thinking? I think sixteen is too young! Maybe they should have two different shows, one for teenagers and one for adults!


  65. Vonnie, I agree about the “American Teen Idol” the show seems to be pushing. I hope they won’t abandon us early Baby Boomers. I am one who enjoys the various themes. In fact, some of the very best performances have been of older songs!

    We have talked about some of the awful performances presented by current artists; however, I don’t see Idol changing that approach. Season 10 will be like something we have not seen. IMO, 15 is too young; however, if they are able to find TALENTED performers in that 15-17 year-old bracket, it will be fine with me.

    I just read on line that Taylor Hicks is going to be filming some ads for the tourist industry on the Gulf Coast.

    Louise, it is so good to hear this news! Taylor has been one of my favorites. I still resent Simon’s treatment of him, and am reminded each time I see his audition. I know there was a two hour telethon on CNN the other day. I think they raised 2 million dollars for the Gulf Coast.


  66. Hi Grammi Kari,

    I always wonder about they younger kids singing, just from the stand point that around 18 or 19 years old (not sure of exact age) their voices change. LeAnn Rimes was an amazing singer when she first started out, but over the years her voice changed so much that she wasn’t very pleasant to listen to anymore (for me). Miley Cirrus, I feel is having the same problems…she doesn’t sound like she did when she was younger!

    I also hope that idol does away with the current artists using their stage to promote themselves, I would really like if they brought back different idols and have them sing on results night!


    Great info on Taylor! Who better to be on my TV talking about the Gulf Coast than Taylor…What a sad situation down there, my heart goes out to all who live on the Gulf Coast and hopefully BP will get their act together and get this stopped and cleaned up.

    Has anyone heard what the condition of the wildlife is on the coast…I know the marine life is suffering greatly!


  67. Yes, Vonnie, the Gulf Coast is a horrible mess right now. It’s devastating to see the wildlife suffering, and horrible to hear how families have lost their livelihood. I feel indirectly connected to this mess because my daughter actually is a BP employee. As much criticism as BP is getting, I feel for their employees who have no involvement in this mess but are hard-working people who go to work day after day. Morale must be really low.


  68. Louise,

    My heart goes out to your daughter, she must feel as helpless as
    the rest of the world! We or at least I do forget about the men
    and women who work for BP and who have no control over what is
    going on…I hope that the leak gets fixed very soon so that
    clean up efforts can begin in a full capacity.

    I expect the morale is very low among the employees, and their families! I’m sure that they wish they had the magic answer that could fix this…the scary thing is, is that now much like Katrina, people are coming out of the wood-work scamming people for money! Sad!


  69. Thanks, Vonnie. But I didn’t mean to elicit sympathy for my daughter because she has a job–at least for the time being–which is more than many of the folks in the Gulf have at the moment. It’s just a sad, sad situation all around.


  70. Vonnie, I appreciated your response to my last post here. To be honest, this conversation has evoked some strong feelings as I’ve seen how Adam has had to deal with all kinds of expectations foisted on him from both the straight and gay communities. His sexuality has, at times, been a distraction to his career not because he has made it a distraction, but because we as a society have done so. And, I want to say while our conversation has promoted this post, these comments are not specifically directed towards you.

    Before Adam appeared on the AI stage, he was completely open about his sexuality with his family, his friends, and his colleagues. But, he knew what he was up against – that the questions and the innuendo would intensify if he walked on that stage being completely himself. America and AI forced him back into a closet of such. Surely, no one really thought he was straight, did they? But, the secrecy was just another form of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” AI made a big fuss about the “the guy in guyliner” vs. “the guy next door.” But, why couldn’t Adam be considered “the guy next door?”

    During the AI season, I posted a great deal on the American Idol official website. Most of my posts argued for acceptance. That was not a popular message. Any thread dealt with homosexuality at all was inevitably censored, and a lot of fans were uncomfortable with Adam’s sexuality and/ or afraid that Adam would lose votes if the “big pink elephant” was even mentioned. Any thread started by a straight male fan became an instant hit while any similar thread started by a gay male fan was deleted by the moderators within minutes. I saw that happen several times, and it was very disturbing. Adam never made his sexual orientation during his run on AI an issue. But, we as a society did – again and again.

    I really applaud Adam for his Rolling Stone article. I loved that he came out strong and unashamed. To be honest, I don’t know why he had to “come out” in the first place. Did Kris Allen have to “come out” as a straight man? But, our society is a homophobic one. We come up with “don’t ask, don’t tell” to make ourselves feel comfortable. We refuse gays and lesbians the right to marry, the most traditional of lifestyles while simultaneously decrying the “homosexual lifestyle.” Rather than let Adam focus on his music and his career or even live his life openly and naturally as he has been doing for years , we’ve made this an issue.

    I’ve watched so many interviews with Adam, and he’s gracious, thoughtful, witty, open and good-natured. He genuinely seems the happiest and most relaxed when he gets to talk about his music and his performances. But, as it invariably happens, he gets the same questions about his sexuality over and over again. When he was traveling in Germany back in the end of March, he began tweeting the answers to the redundant questions that he had been asked about Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Queen. His last one was: “MAC eyeliner. And yes- GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY yay!” Again, I don’t see Kris Allen feeling the need to tweet: “Plaid. And yes – STRAIGHT STRAIGHT STRAIGHT STRAIGHT STRAIGHT yah!”

    Not only has Adam had to deal with the expectations of mainstream society and media, but he’s also had to respond time and again to pressures from the gay media and various spokespeople within that community. The expectations placed on him have been significant, and he’s had to counter quite a bit of criticism because he has insisted upon forging his own path. He had this to say at the GLAAD Annual Awards Ceremony in April: “My mission, as all of our mission should be this year, is to not only promote visibility in the gay and lesbian community but to promote diversity within the gay and lesbian community.” He is certainly not making his behavior or his words conform to fit any particular political or social agenda. He is his own person.

    Maybe you all think that I’m making too much of this but the gay references are pervasive. See, for example, Michael Slezak’s review of Adam’s first New York concert this week. http://music-mix.ew.com/2010/06/23/adam-lambert-glam-nation-tour-nyc/ He said, “Superficially, it’s a puzzling phenomenon: Openly gay male rocker drawing droves of adoring thirty- to fifty-something ladies who lazy marketing execs might expect to spend their Tuesday evenings sipping white-wine spritzers and listening to their local Lite-FM stations?” Overall, the review was a very positive one, but why the constant puzzlement that straight fans would flock to see a gay artist? It would be patently absurd to say the same about a Chris Daughtry concert. Can you imagine this? “Superficially, it’s a puzzling phenomenon: Openly straight male rocker drawing droves of adoring thirty- to fifty-something ladies who lazy marketing execs might expect to spend their Tuesday evenings sipping white-wine spritzers and listening to their local Lite-FM stations?”

    Not long ago, Adam retweeted this statement by Brad Walsh: “complaining that someone acts ‘too gay’ is the very definition of homophobia, whether the person saying it is gay or straight.” We all need to put our expectations of what we want Adam to be aside, and celebrate Adam as Adam – fun, fabulous, and free, sensual, seductive and altogether delightful.

    His music and performances won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I want Adam to go out and do his thing – whether he’s donning a top hat or peacock feathers, rhinestones or studs. He’s an artist in the true sense of word, and I’m along and open to the journey that he’s taking us on.


  71. Oh no a typo – replace “promoted” with “prompted” in the first paragraph!


  72. I agree that it is SO irrelevant today what your sexual preference might be. We have one of the most beautiful bodies of water on Earth (the Gulf of Mexico) that harbors so many wondrous creatures in crisis; wars in an area of the world that was once a cradle of civilization; and a world economy that is on the edge of collapse or recovery. I DO believe that we can overcome these.

    I THINK that the ARTS are meant to stimulate the parts of our brains that CONTRIBUTE to HUMANITY. In light of this, does it NOT seem incredibly PETTY to fixate on an ARTIST’s sexuality. If you look at the Human GENOME and sexual nature of most biological creatures on earth, there is NO absolute sexuality. I think this is true concerning HUMANITY and that Mr. Adam Lambert will find his way and the ARTIST will prove that the sexuality is just a mere subset and source of energy for the essence of the ART.

    OK – I really wanted to be a POET – but there is not much call for poets these days.


  73. “Gosh I don’t know, I feel this compassion for Adam, I know that he is gay and I don’t want him to feel that he needs to be glitz and glam to represent himself…Adam the person is enough!”


    I wish that I could go back and retract this comment…I didn’t mean for this to make anyone feel uncomfortable or feel that I was using his sexuality as an excuse for anything that I found wrong with his performance!

    Let’s take this back a step…the Adam that I fell in love with was the AI Adam; I have dial-up and cannot download you-tube or any other videos for that matter, so I was very much unaware of the pre-idol Adam, other than tidbits that I read online about his theatrical past. What I seen on Idol was, a beautiful, gracious, amazingly talented young man in eyeliner…I wasn’t prepared for the post idol Adam. It has nothing to do with his sexuality at all for me, I don’t care if he is straight, gay or Bi…his business! I’m just saying for me that I would prefer him more dressed down…and in reality does my wants make an difference? Is Adam going to read this and say, “Oh! I need to don a Gucci suit so that Vonnie will be happy”…I don’t think so! LOL

    I just watched Adam’s If I had You video on MTV…Love the song! Again the dress-up, not so much so! But I am still a fan of him and his gorgeous voice!

    I’m really sorry Sue if I have upset you in any way!


  74. and in reality does my wants make ANY difference?…Sorry, typo’s, ugh!

    Just want to add; I really liked your post Sue! I love your passion for Adam, and so hear you when you say that Adam wants it to be all about his music…I have heard him in so many interviews say this!

    He is a beautiful person who desreves to be the person he wants to be, and I should accept him exactly where he is and not in any way want him to change…and I should add that if he would have came to the idol stage as he is now, I would still be a fan, so I have no excuses now for not wanting to see him in dress-up…see I’m telling you I talk out of both sides of my mouth, I am wishy-washy and have a flat spot on my head to boot!!!


  75. Deserves-Geesh, I need to take a crash course in spelling this morning!


  76. You’re doing fine, Vonnie! No problem.

    I always wonder about the younger kids singing, just from the stand point that around 18 or 19 years old (not sure of exact age) their voices change.

    I do recall several people, including Sam Phillips, mention how much Elvis’ voice change from age 19 to 25 years old. I don’t know if it is more noticeable with young women.

    I am afraid we will be seeing more of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and other ‘teen appeal’ acts on Idol next season. This is the talent the tweens and teens want to hear. This is what we’ll be hearing. This is not my American Idol, the one I fell in love with. I know, I know it is the changing of the times, and I must accept this.

    Yes, I am still curious about who the replacement judge (if any) will be. Again, IDOL is a successful show in so many foreign counties – they don’t have Simon Cowell. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  77. Hi Vonnie,

    I really enjoyed reading your posts this morning and would love to respond in more detail. Right now, though, I’m able to head to the airport to board a trans-Pacific flight. I’ll write more in a couple of days. And, please know that my post was not really directed at you at all. It was more about some general attitudes that I’ve observed about our society and media.

    Grammie Kari – I’m not looking forward to younger contestants either, especially when the judges keep emphasizing that the singers should change up the arrangements and make them their own. Most teenagers are just not going to have sufficient experience and musical knowledge to do this.


  78. Hi Sue,

    Have a great time!!!


  79. Hi folks! I am posting this as I wrote it for the Idol Forums:

    Oh, my goodness! This came as a total shock to me!! I just hung up the phone after talking to Siobhan! It is not as exciting as Snood’s meeting her and getting a picture taken, but I did talk to her and she sounded so sweet!

    I cannot figure out what they were doing in Michigan. My daughter also got her autograph. I cannot believe this!

    OK, my daughter is at this fancy hotel to attend a wedding. Someone mentioned that the Idols are on the patio eating dinner, so went down there. She saw Siobhan, Tim, and Andrew . She told Tim that he was very cute, but my Mom’s favorite is Siobhan. So, she asked for her autograph. She didn’t think Siobhan recognized my name, but told her that I was babysitting her baby daughter.

    Well, then she calls me, and I tell her please go back (and interupt their dinner again) and tell her I am GRAMMIE KARIANN, and I sent her a post card from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Darling duaghter did have a drink or two, and was very brave. So, she goes back out there, holding her cell phone, and asks Siobhan if she’d like to talk to me. OMG!

    Dear Friends, you know I was dancing to the Beatles music in my teens. I am a mature woman, yet I got nervous. I told her about my post card so she might remember me. She did. I supposed no one has told her that one day the Rock Hall was going to feature her boots. LOL! I wished her the best, told her how excited I was for her, and to take care of her beautiful voice. I said something else, and then God Bless You.

    Now, this wasn’t like standing in line preparing to get her autograph. This was a spur of the moment thing. God bless my wonderful daughter! She said Siobhan is very pretty. Oh, she had a hoodie top on. As my daughter was leaving, she saw Big Mike. She sounded so excited and hoped they weren’t upset that she interrupted their dinner. No one else did. LOL!

    Siobhan sounded so nice, as Snood will tell you. I’ll get the autograph tomorrow when my daughter & DH pick up the baby! Oh, I feel so silly for being such a fangirly!

    Grammie Kari


  80. Hi, Kariann,

    What a cute story!!! I’d be excited too. What a wonderful gift from your daughter!!! It doesn’t surprise me at all that Siobhan would talk to you–she seems like a genuinely kind person.


  81. Oh, Louise, the surprise doesn’t end there! My daughter bought two tickets off eBay for the concert on Thursday! My husband isn’t feeling well enough to attend, so I’ll be going with her. Some may remember we went to the Season 7 concert to see Jason Castro!

    Little bit more news:

    For my daughter to meet with them (twice) in a quiet area with no other fans – that is special! She talked with Tim and said he is even cuter in person! Also, Big Mike and Tim came to the wedding and danced with a group of people. They were fun and good dancers. Big Mike is REALLY big! LOL!


  82. Oh my goodness, I am so misty-eyed right now! Awwww… Dick Clark was so humbled as he recived a 14 minute tribute on the Day Time Emmy Awards. I cannot believe they went bacl and showed so many acts. I grew up on American Bandstand!

    All the performers were great, especially Marie Osmond. Ryan Seacrest did an outstanding job honoring the man and his show! God bless Dick Clark!


  83. So Mike and Tim crashed the party? How funny is that? I wonder if he is as tall as he is big (muscles). I am so happy that something serendipitous happened to you and your daughter. Those are the kind of moments that can help carry you through difficult ones. Perhaps it’s silly, but it does help.


  84. Hi Jessica! Oh no, it was Mike and Andrew that actually danced with the group on the dance floor. They didn’t crash the party! But they were surprised guests! 😉 Yes, when you have a heavy heart, these silly, light-hearyed moments DO help! They all were so nice! Yes, Big Mike is kinda of tall, built like a football player. She said he had nothing of an ego like some might think. Also, Siobhan has a very sweet voice.

    I think they are practicing right now at the Palace for the show on Thursday. I am not good at taking notes, but I’ll be back to share!


  85. Grammi Kari,

    What a lovely and thoughtful daughter you have! What an awesome surprise for you, I bet you’re still walking on air!!!

    Have a great time at the concert, and please come back and share with us all about the concert! I wish that your husband was well enough to attend with you; you will have to bring back enough memories for him too!


  86. Hi Jessica T.


  87. Hi, Kariann,
    I’ve been wondering how your husband is doing?

    And Vonnie, I’ve been wondering about your family member who is ill too–is it your brother?

    And MCL, I hope you’re continuing to do improve and to feel a little stronger every day.

    My best wishes to all.


  88. Thank you for asking, Louise! He has his good days, and bad. He’s just not up to going to the concert, although he adores Siobhan. His surgery is scheduled for July 29. They seem to be taking their time with this, possibly because it is first stage cancer?

    Thank you, Vonnie. We are going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for three days. I will be back on here after the concert. I do plan on enjoying it, but will try to take some notes. LOL!

    MCL, I also share my concern and hope your recovery is going as planned!


  89. I hope it’s okay to post this. I am at Phoenix Children’s. My 5 year old is having brain surgery to clear blockage in the one of the cerebral spinal fluid aqueducts in the brain. (He has hydrocephalus because of it.) I just got word that the surgeon is finished with the procedure and is stitching him up, which will take about an hour. Keep us in your throughts and prayers this works!


  90. Jessica T.,

    Prayers are going up for your little one and you…please know that you both will be in my thoughts and prayers!



  91. Louise…Thank you! Yes, it is my brother who is ill, he is doing well, he goes twice a week for Chemo and it seems to be helping! We are not sure right now how many rounds he will need, but are prayers are that at the end of the rounds the cancer is gone!


  92. Jessica,
    I’m glad you posted about your son’s surgery. I hope everything went well and he is recovering as expected. I know there is nothing scarier than for our children (and grand children) to face serious heath issues. You and your son are in my prayers as well. Please give us an update when things settle down.

    I’m glad to hear your good report on your brother’s condition. I share your optimism that he will be cancer free at the end of his chemo treatments and that no harm will come to him from them. My young neighbor completed her chemo for breast cancer about a month ago and has never looked healthier. I hope your brother has similar results.

    I hope you are still smelling the roses and not entering a marathon. Take it easy and give yourself time to heal. I hope to hear a good report from you soon.

    Grammie Kari,
    Your husband’s condition progresses very slowly so there is some time for delay without too much concern. I know it prolongs the worry though. I hope his surgery goes well and he is back to normal soon.


  93. I’ve been traveling a bit, so I’m now catching up on everyone’s news. It seems that so many and their loved ones are struggling with illness. My prayers are with all of you during this time.


  94. Hi Gene W.

    Thank you for the kind words concerning my brother! Our prayers are for a miracle….for there is no cure for the type of cancer he has!

    But, the God I serve, is in the business of miracles!!! 🙂


  95. Vonnie,

    Yes He is! I will join you in that prayer.



  96. Prayers continue for your brother, Vonnie! Yes, I hope there is a miracle! My husband will be operated on July 29 to remove his cancer. It is scary…


  97. MCL, will there be a thread for the American Idol tour? I just returned from the Auburn Hills (Detroit) concert, and it was awesome! People should go to see the Idols. I don’t think they will be disappointed!


    I’ll write more later!


  98. Oh, Jessica – I hope your little one is safe and doing well! I just read your post and my thoughts and prayers go out to him. Please give us an update when possible.


  99. Vonnie, I am glad you commented on your brother. I hope the treatments will put him on the road to recovery!

    MCL, I have been gone a few days and hope that you are getting stronger with each passing day!

    I have received a surprise from my wonderful daughters – they are taking me to the Lilith Fair Concert! I’ll finally get to see Kelly Clarkson…

    I was sad to hear that Kelly Clarkson pulled out of Lilith Fair. Several of their concerts have been cancelled. There are major stars (like Christina) who have cancelled or postponed their tours. There is something going on in the music industry, and I don’t know if it is related to the recession.


  100. Grammie Kari –

    Thank you for your thoughtful words. I’ve been updating how he’s been doing on facebook. If anyone would like to stay in touch over there search by my email, seamusmalcolm@cox.net.

    He’s had a lot of problem with the post-op pain. He wouldn’t eat so oral pain meds weren’t an option and they wanted to keep him off morphine as much as possible. The surgery went through the back of the neck and he had a lot of inflammation and couldn’t move much and didn’t want to eat/swallow. Finally they put him on Toradol yesterday – an IV non-steroidal antiinflammatory, which has made a huge difference. We hope to go home tomorrow.


  101. Oh, Jessica – I am sorry to hear of his pain. As a Grammie, (and Mom) I understand what you are going through. May God bless your little guy and bring him to full recovery!


  102. Hi,
    I haven’t logged on to the site in a few days because our grandson came for his annual summer visit. We try to keep him quite busy and entertained so that he’ll want to come back each summer. Of course, I’m exhausted by the end of his visit, but it’s definitely worth it!

    I’m glad to hear that your brother is doing well, Vonnie. And I’m also very glad to hear that your husband’s cancer is stage one, Kariann. That should give you a lot of hope for a good outcome.

    Jessica T,
    My heart goes out to you in dealing with your son’s health problems. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be. I hope that he is recovering well.


  103. Gene W.

    Thank you! Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

    To All,

    Thank you for your kindness and shared concerns for my brother! My prayers go up for each one that is dealing with illness at this time!


  104. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th week-end! 😉


  105. Dear Grammie Kari,

    I am so pleased that you went to the AI9 Tour and that “(SIOBHAN MAGNUS WAS MAGNIFICENT!)”

    I will be going to the concert soon and am hoping that they are all in good voice and spirit that night.


  106. I don’t see a place to put this, but I think you will be pleased Julia!


    I guess with Twitter and Facebook, our little chat about the concert isn’t as important as it was in the past. First of all, my daughter met Siobhan, Tim, and Andrew on Saturday. It was a very peaceful setting, and she was the only fan out on the patio of the restaurant. She got Siobhan’s autograph for me, and I ended up talking to her on the phone!

    So, I just got back from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and had a gift and postcard for Siobhan. I didn’t know I was suppose to go to Guest Services. The way it turned out, I ended up meeting the supervisor of Security, and he sent me to Bob who was in charge of stage security. One of the guards wondered how I got that far, and Bob comes out. I explain my gift and he said he’d be sure Siobhan would get it. I then gave him a hug.

    I guess I am just as brave as my daughter!

    Yes, the attendance was lowered then expected, but everyone seemed to have a good time. We were seated between Siobhan fans and Lee fans. These young people were so nice. I had a 14 year-old boy named Collin sitting next to me. He is in love with Siobhan (as are his friends). He told me, “She is different. Wacky in a way. And she screams beautifully.” Later his Mom told me, “Collin is such a straight-laced guy, and yet he picks the quirky one.”

    Now these are my personal opinions, and Siobhan is my favorite this year. My daughter also made some comments. I didn’t like the screen arrangements as much as Season 7 at Joe Louis Arena. But the lighting and background visuals were stunning.

    Didi – She is a very pretty girl, but I thought that perhaps Lacey would have been a better pick for 10th place. This girl is so pretty and seems very sweet. However, I didn’t feel the power of her performance. Not a good start, IMO.

    Andrew – Andrew had lots of energy and did a pretty good job with “Straight Up.” He tried so hard to get people up and dancing, but it seems only part of the floor crowd got into it. Nice guy. Would have been a good choice to start off the concert.

    Katie – She has some good pipes. No doubt about that. She was so thankful to the fans. She also had high energy and was bouncing up and down. I liked her pep talk, “No matter what the obstacles are, always be a fighter. She got a good portion of the floor and several rows on the side excited. But we were towards the back (right), and no one was getting excited. It was cool that the words kept popping up on the screen (like “fighter”). I do see Katie having some success with Disney.

    Tim – Now, there was some excitement going on. Lots of girls screaming. Tim’s voice seemed deeper, and almost had a twang for his first song. His looks are so appealing. Daughter noticed his muscles and that he got a haircut. No, slide; however, he can’t be expected to do that at every concert. He did get a nice applause. Did I tell you Daughter can whistle – loudly?

    Siobhan – She got the best crowd reaction so far. The people around me (especially the 14 year-old boy) stood up during her entire set. This was one wild performance. Although she didn’t interact as much with the crowd, she seemed comfortable in her performances. I loved “Paint it Black”! OK, I am a fan of this girl. I couldn’t believe the lighting they used on her. I felt like I was at a real rock concert. The lighting made it extremely difficult to take pictures with my little Canon camera. “Stockholm Syndrome” was almost an outrage with all the instruments and wild lighting. WOW! She delivered with a wail and knee ending.

    Aaron – He showed a confidence I had not seen on the show. His “Walking In Memphis” was my second favorite performance. The crowd loved him and the Elvis background photos. He asked if anyone liked Elvis, and the response was very good! Of course my screaming and Daughter’s whistling blended in with the crowd’s approval. He really interacted with the crowd. Cool.

    There was a good reaction to the Group Performance of, “The Climb”.

    Michael – Now, Big Mike was the most polished performer of the night. He came across with such confidence and sincerity without the ego. “Woman’s Work” was very well delivered with a whole lot of soul. Although his other two performances weren’t as successful, I do believe the audience was pleased. You see, Michael pleased the crowd by saying, “Hello, Detroit.” This was what was missing from the other Idols. It isn’t Auburn Hills to the crowd. He mentioned the Ford commercials, and the problems with Detroit car makers. He was so warm and the crowd did react. Unfortunately, “My Love” did not turn out as was expected. He’ll have to work on that.

    Casey – Alright, I will admit I took the most pictures of this Idol! As everyone has said, he plays a mean guitar. The hard rockin’ blues excited the crowd and Casey is a good musician. I think Country blues will work, and the girls will be there supporting him. Two girls behind us were crying. Seems he has that effect on some. My daughter noticed that Casey was smiling the entire time and just taking it all in.

    The duet with Michael went over quite well, better than on the show. It was a more polished performance, and I thought Casey vocals were strong. This was probably my third favorite performace of the night.

    Crystal – I agree with the comments made that she seemed comfortable in her own skin. Her performances weren’t perfect but she gave the audience what they expected. She knew they were “Detroit.” I did enjoy her interpretation of “A little Piece of My Heart.” Crystal is sweet; Crystal admits she can’t dance; Crystal gives an audience member her guitar pick. I don’t believe the large arena is where she fits in. A couple years back, Carole King did her “Living Room” tour with a couch, piano, and very few accessories. This is the kind of tour I think Crystal will achieve success. Very enjoyable.

    Lee – Lee had what was probably the best selection of songs appealing to all age groups. I truly enjoyed “Rocket Man.” He was the walking man, quite the opposite of how he appeared on the show. In fact, I thnk he was working the stage too much. Lee sang with some heart and soul, but it wasn’t all success. My daughter noticed that he was out of breath towards the end, and did experience some voice problems. She said, “Mom, Lee’s in trouble. He needs to do some cardio or he won’t make it through the tour.” It was obvious that the coaches have been working with him, but at times it seemed like he was trying too hard. Perhaps, in a couple weeks he’ll have it all together?

    The Finale was pretty good. Teen boy next to me was ecstatic to see Siobhan’s cool and sexy outfit! I had to laugh.

    You see, the problem for me was that I did see the Season 7 Concert tour. I couldn’t help comparing. It is my belief that David Cook and David Archeleta pulled more out of their performances than Lee and Crystal. Now, that does not mean this tour will be a flop, or a mess as some have insinuated. The Idols are bound to get better. Yes, it was an entertaining evening. We do need some joy with all that is going on in the world, so spend some time with the Idols this summer. I am glad I did!


  107. Thank you so much for the review – I hope that we have as much fun.
    Here is the setlist for the show:

    Didi Benami
    Lay It On Me – Kyler England
    Terrified – Katharine McPhee

    Andrew Garcia
    Straight Up – Paula Abdul
    Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

    Katie Stevens
    Here We Go Again – Demi Lovato
    Fighter – Christina Aguleria

    Tim Urban
    Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls
    Viva La Vida – Coldplay

    Siobhan Magnus
    Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones
    Spiderwebs – No Doubt
    Stockholm Syndrome – Muse

    Aaron Kelly
    Somebody Like You – Keith Urban
    Walking In Memphis – Lonestar
    Fast Cars & Freedom – Rascal Flatts

    Didi, Andrew, Katie, Tim, Siobhan, & Aaron
    The Climb – Miley Cyrus


    Michael Lynche
    This Woman’s Work – Maxwell
    Ready For Love – India.Arie
    My Love – Justin Timberlake

    Casey James
    I Got Mine – The Black Keys
    Don’t – Shania Twain

    Michael & Casey
    Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman – Bryan Adams

    Casey James
    It’s All Over Now – The Rolling Stones

    Crystal Bowersox
    What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes
    Come To My Window – Melissa Etheridge
    Up To The Mountain – Patty Griffin
    Piece Of My Heart – Janis Joplin

    Lee DeWyze
    Beautiful Day – U2
    Rocket Man – Elton John
    Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
    Treat Her Like A Lady – The Cornelius Brothers And Sister Rose
    Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon

    Top 10
    It’s My Life – Bon Jovi/My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson


  108. MCL, I hope you don’t mind that I posted what I wrote at MJ’s Blog. There are many surprises and I can’t wait to see what you think!


  109. Thank you so much for all your good thoughts. We are home although he is still feeling kind of lousy.


  110. Dear Grammie Kari – I have been watching the reviews –

    Katie and Aaron are generating some excitement – Good for them!

    Casey on Guitar and Big Mike on the Big Stage seem to be finding their “grooves” –

    Tim has great Hair.

    Siobhan is our STAR! I hope they replace some of the soft spots in the concert with our STAR (without wearing her out).

    Stay healthy and strong, Gal! You have a following that seems to span across generations.


  111. Is anyone else here concerned about MCL? I haven’t noticed any posts from her in about ten days.


  112. I hope they don’t move the AI9 Live Tour – the buzz is that the lack of a STAR (think, Adam) this year is hurting ticket sales and TPTB are thinking of moving to smaller 2000 seat settings. Too bad Siobhan, Aaron, and Katie (maybe Casey on Guitar and Big Mike taking advantage of his BIG range and power) don’t have more time on the stage…It seems that Lee, Didi, and Crystal don’t have the BIG personalities to fill the arenas and they are better suited for small clubs and coffee houses.

    Here is a question for you – What would be your Dream American Idol Tour –

    An all ‘rocker’ gal tour? Siobhan Magnus, Allison Iraheta, Lilly Scott, Carly Smithson?

    An ALL STAR – Carrie, Adam, Kelly, Jennifer, Jordin, Kellie, Chris, the Two Davids?

    A Soul or R&B Tour? Ruben …

    An Broadway Star Tour? Clay …


  113. Louise, I did get something from MCL whereby she thanked me for my review.

    Julia, I think the sales will pick up once word gets out about Siobhan. 🙂 Seriously, I don’t think it is a reflection on the Idols. Please remember very popular musicians are canceling tours (Jonas Brothers, Christina, Lilith Fair, etc.) due to a lack of ticket sales. I think it is the economy. Some people have run out of unemployment benefits. I think it will be 400,000 folks in Michigan by the end of the year.

    I couldn’t make a choice on who I’d want to see on tour, unless I get to choose my favorites from all 9 Seasons.

    I feel sorry for Didi. The crowds are not excited to see or hear her. She is the sweetest thing, but her singing is weaker. She didn’t meet with fans yesterday.


  114. I have tried to locate that email. Maybe it wasn’t Roseanne. I think it was you, Julia. Has anyone checked Twitter or Facebook? I’ll look at Facebook.


  115. Everything is fine. MCL has family in town, along with her Grandchlidren. Hugs will do wonders in healing!


  116. Thanks, Kariann. Good to know.


  117. I am hoping for a rebound in the economy and tour sales for everyone’s sakes. I came from a rust bowl/blue collar family and know how hard it is to stay optimistic.

    We need something to look forward to everyday – family, friends, sports, religion, the arts.


  118. Here are some virtual hugs for MCL. I want you to know that I was pretty sick this past spring and this site helped me get through that period.

    So Hugs to all and a Happy 4th of July!


  119. Looks like Cleveland is a no-go for the Idol Live Tour – too bad – they might need to crank up the publicity machine.


    As a fan that will most likely attend just one concert this year, my bet is that it will be well worth the time and money I will be attending later this summer. Here is what a fan who has been to the last three AI Live Tours is saying …



  120. Hey Julia,

    I seen on TV this morning that the idol tour is doing Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series…isn’t this the first time that Idol has done this?


  121. Hello, Vonnie,

    I don’t know, but I am all for it as it is Good Publicity for the tour:

    I plan to watch and record the show on Friday, July 9 – American Idol Top 10 Good Morning America summer concert series ABC 7-9am

    Cleveland, Toronto, and Buffalo shows seem to have been cancelled; and Kansas City, Omaha, and Portland ME may soon be off the schedule.



  122. This saddens me so much! I am telling you, this is a GOOD concert! So many established stars are canceling their tours, so I am not surprised. Idol does need to get out the publicity machine! They booked too many large venues thinking they would be making a ton of money like they did with Seasons 5, 7, & 8. We are dealing with unemployment, the economy, and the oil spill.

    I fel so sorry for the Idols. The tour can establish a beginning for their careers. The more people that see them the better! I am glad they will be appearing on Good Morning America!!

    Julia you WILL enjoy the concert!!


  123. I would go if they were comming to my city. It is odd that they are not comming here with two past winners and a runner up from Birmingham. I guess the Idol handlers are smarter than me.

    Thanks for your review and the great Siobhan story Grammie Kari! I am a jealous guy.

    It was good to hear MCLs audio message. I hope she continues to get stronger every day.



  124. Dear Grammie Kari,

    I am glad I am going – next year will be very different, I think. There is a lot of buzz out there today…

    ‘Idol’ summer tour nixes 7 shows, moves up others


  125. Julia,

    I missed your post about the “Dream American Idol Tour”

    Mine would be a mix of the boys; I would call it? Hmmm, what would I call it? Let me think on that and get back to ya! But this would be my line-up:

    Adam Lambert
    Taylor Hicks
    Jason Castro
    Josh Gracin
    Lee Dewyse

    Oh, Ohhhhh, I know what I would call it…”The boyz of Idol” hmm, not very catchy…it’s this east coast heat, it is frying my flat spotted head!!!


  126. Vonnie,

    I missed Julia’s question about the Dream Tour as well but this would be mine:

    Taylor Hicks
    Elliott Yamin
    Bo Bice


  127. Vonnie and Louise –

    Thanks for the answers on the Dream Tour – I would like to see all of the Idols you mentioned – I agree that a good mix of talents results in the most enjoyable production.

    I am keeping my eye on this years’s tour and hope the rest of the tour works out for everyone – fans and Idols.


  128. The idols will be on at around 0830 today on Good Morning America. I am recording it.

    Critics can rant but AI does provide the opportunity for these young performers to be seen.


  129. Crystal and Lee are on GMA now.


  130. This is the first time the entire Concert Tour Idols are appearing on a show during the actual tour dates. I am so happy management is taking steps to let the public know how terrific these folkds are! I am so HAPPY I saw the first concert here in Michigan! They were amazing, especially Siobhan, Crystal, and Casey!


  131. Just watched the Idols on GMA – Crystal and Lee fans will be happy – they got most of the air time.


  132. Hey Julia,

    You know, if Idol would build on your idea and do a summer tour with the top Two, from each year, and do an all day concert like at an amphitheater…that could be a very lucrative deal for AI.

    Help me here, I can’t remeber all the years, LOL;

    Season 1 – Kelley – Justin
    Season 2 – Reuben – Clay
    Season 3 – Fantasia – Diana
    Season 4 – Carrie – Bo
    Season 5 – Taylor – Kathryn
    Season 6 – Jordin – Blake
    Season 7 – The David’s
    Season 8 – Chris – Adam
    Season 9 – Lee – Crystal

    A couple of these I wouldn’t be jumping out of my seat to see, but, the rest; U Betcha I would by a ticket! Would be nice to have the top three or four…would have to have Jason in there!


  133. Did you know that Clay and Rueben are touring together this summer? I think that was a good idea since I doubt if either of them alone would be pulling in large audiences this summer.


  134. Hey Louise,

    I didn’t know that Clay and rueben were touring together! They probably wouldn’t be one’s that I would go see…I would if they were touring with my dream tour, LOL!!!

    I wonder what type of venue they are performing in? Do you think they would fill a stadium or are they on a smaller scale than that?


  135. Did MCL erase that tasteless post about Ray Allen? Thank God. Ray may not be the next coming of Michael Jordan, but he is a great BB player, plus we went to UCONN at the same time.


  136. Vonnie – What a great idea! I think your idea is the best I’ve heard! I also was thinking that the AI9 Live! Tour is doing fairly well – some big names are canceling dates this summer.

    Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post article:

    Summer Concerts: Canceled shows, tours have industry in a sweat
    By Chris Richards
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Sunday, July 4, 2010; E05


    ‘Billboard magazine recently predicted that summer 2010 could be the toughest touring market artists and promoters have had to face since the mid-’90s, citing a spate of nixed shows and canceled tours — many scheduled to visit the Washington area.

    The Eagles and Maxwell scrapped recent local dates, and John Mayer, Rihanna and Lilith Fair have canceled dates elsewhere. U2, Simon and Garfunkel, Christina Aguilera and Limp Bizkit postponed entire tours.

    “It’s probably not as bad as it’s being depicted, but it’s clear that promoters are facing a challenging summer,” says Glenn Peoples, a senior editorial analyst at Billboard.

    Peoples doesn’t completely agree with his Billboard colleague Ray Waddell, whose aforementioned article for the trade magazine has stoked worry. “We really have nothing else to go on other than anecdotes,” Peoples says.

    But there are plenty of anecdotes, with artists citing illness, scheduling conflicts, lack of preparation — everything short of dogs eating homework. While Bono probably isn’t faking the emergency back operation that caused U2 to postpone 16 U.S. dates, fans and insiders often see these excuses as code for lousy ticket sales — an irksome surprise in a year when the concert business was expected to bounce back. ‘


  137. Vonnie,

    I’m assuming that Clay and Ruben are performing in smaller venues–I know they’re going to perform at the American Music Theater near Lancaster, PA in August. I think it might hold about 2,000 people.


  138. I hope that Clay and Ruben have success with their tour cities. Nice to hear they are doing this together!


  139. Okay, I’m back…where did we leave off?

    Question; Would it be fair to assume that Carrie is the most succesful Idol so far? I really don’t know the answer to this question…she just seems to be everywhere! I would think that she is the most popular with non-idol fans as well.


  140. Well, I am majorly disappointed that Kelly Clarkson dropped out of the Lilith Fair tour. Now, it is Queen Latifa who has dropped out. Two members of the Dixie Chicks will be there, but NOT the lead singer, Natalie. My daughter tried to get a refund, but they said no. These are the ladies we will see:

    10:00: Sarah McLachlan
    8:50: Miranda Lambert
    7:40: Court Yard Hounds
    6:40: Suzanne Vega
    5:50: Kate Nash

    5:20: Lights
    4:20: Chantal Kreviazuk
    3:20: Vita Chambers

    4:50: Cara Salimando
    3:50: Melissa McClelland
    2:50: OurStage Artist

    There are 5 -6 here I don’t know much about. Anyone know the music of these entertainers?

    Vonnie, yes it is probably Carrie Underwood, with Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson right behind them. I think David Archuleta and probably Adam Lambert will have long term success. It’s hard to tell right now.


  141. Grammi Kari,

    That’s what I was thinking too…it just seems that Carrie is everywhere!!!

    That is too bad about Kelly and Queen Latifa dropping out of the concert, any particular reason they are not wanting to participate?


  142. They canceled because many of the Lilith Fair Concerts are not taking place. Our city is, but the fans will be punished because they can’t make it. They tell you who the artists are. Everyone signed up for Kelly Clarkson – and we get no one near her in accomplishments.

    Do you know anyone on that list?

    I really do like Sarah McLachlan, but this was not the right time to do these concerts.


  143. Grammi Kari,

    Sarah McLaughlan(?) is the only one that I know from that list! Maybe some of the others if I heard their songs I would know who they were…I am terrible with names of singers, especially the current singers! I am always having to ask my son, “who sings this song”, he tells me, then a couple of days later I ask again! :-0


  144. Hi Vonnie,

    I never did get back to you. I was traveling a lot both in the States and overseas. I just got back this weekend.

    I was really interested in our conversation about Adam and his image. When you mentioned that you hadn’t had access to Adam’s pre-Idol performances during the AI season, it made a quite a bit more sense why you were surprised by Adam’s post-AI choices. I expect that the viewers who most enjoyed his more conventional performances of songs like “Tracks of My Tears” and “If I Can’t Have You” probably felt the same way.

    Personally, I really started following Adam after the “Ring of Fire.” I was just captivated by his performance, which more than any other during his AI run gave us a glimpse what Adam was all about – mesmorizing vocals combined with a raw sensuality that didn’t follow any labels. Then I started looking for his pre-Idol performances and discovered how much he loved the dramatic. This is a great clip about his Zodiac performance of his original song “Crawl Through Fire.” It’s just a riot to hear him wanting to come on stage with a flaming headdress.

    I’m still wanting for Adam to come to Southern California on his Glam Nation tour, but he truly is amazing live. The only time I felt he sacrificed his vocals was during his AMA performance. But, I’ve been watching a lot of the videos of his more recent performances, and he’s just incredible. This is a performance of Soaked.

    I’m seeing both his Costa Mesa concerts and most likely the one in San Diego. I’ll be sure to come back and give a report.


  145. Hi Sue,

    Welcome back!

    Thank you for the links…I will try and download them (dial-up). Yes, I think if I would have had more access to Adam’s pre-idol stuff I would not have been such a stick in the mud about his post-idol stuff, lol.

    While on idol we did see a soft side of Adam that completely blew me away…he was haunting, and beautiful, his vocals were absolutely amazing! I still have my hopes of; center stage, Gucci suit and that voice coming from that beautiful face!!! But if not, I’m willing to take this Adam as long as I get to hear him sing.

    Last night on America’s Got Talent, a cheerleading squad did their routine to, “For Your Entertainment” Ahhhhh, it really made me want Adam back on my TV…! 🙂


  146. Last night on America’s Got Talent, a cheerleading squad did their routine to, “For Your Entertainment” Ahhhhh, it really made me want Adam back on my TV…!

    Oh Vonnie, I definitely was not impressed with their routine. I coached a competitive as well as a cheer team for 15 years, and there were definite errors. Now, having older people on the squad is what makes them “special” but I cannot see them as a Las Vegas act. I am surprised they have gotten this far.

    Yes, Adam was an attraction and so very unique! I think Siobhan would have given us a few more memorable performances had she not been eliminated so soon.

    There are some of these Reality Shows that I watch but am not addicted to (as I am with Americna Idol)! I am not all excited for the X-Factor. Are others looking forward to it?


  147. Grammi Kari…I agree with you about the cheer team they were not very good! But it was so good to hear Adam!

    That is awesome that you did cheer, my son is trying out for his high school competitive cheer team this year! He has been in Martial Arts for years and this just fits right in with what he does. He is hoping to be one of the teams tumbler’s and do some backing!


  148. MCL…would it be possible to move this topic up to the first page? This has been a fun topic to nibble on this summer! If not that’s okay, just thought I would ask…!!!


  149. Julia, is the big day coming up soon? I know you will be overjoyed to see Siobhan and the other Idols. “Paint It Black” is outstanding!

    My daughters and I enjoyed the Lilith Fair Concert. We saw Sarah McLachlan, Miranda Lambert, Court Yard Hounds, Suzanne Vega, and Kate Nash. Sarah was awesome as ever; Miranda was really good (Country Rock); Suzanne and Kate did a nice job. However, the Court Yard Hounds were rather boring. Everyone was waiting for them to do a few Dixie Chicks songs (without Natalie) and they did none. We heard six songs from their new album, but neither is a good lead singer. This concert was not worth the $90 per ticket my daughters paid. :o(

    Sue, please do come back and let us know how Adam does. From what I have heard, he is amazing!

    Vonnie, I have Dial-Up service and I cannot view YouTube or any kind of musical number. Did you have any luck downloading?

    Louise, I saw Clay and Ruben on Entertainment Tonight, and it looks like they are enjoying working together. I wish I could attend the show in Windsor but I don’t have a passport.

    Jessica, I hope your little guy is doing well!

    Vonnie, I think that is wonderful that your son is trying out for the high school competitive cheer team! As you already know, it is a sport. My team took gymnastics during the summer, went to camp, and did weight training. You son’s background sounds like something that will help him. In the try-outs, please tell him to make contact with each and every judge. That will impress them. He already knows about smiling when necessary. If he makes a mistake just keep on going, don’t get flustered. His number one asset will be his pep, energy, and high spirits. I always add “natural” high! 🙂

    I wish him the very best, and if he excels it can lead to a college scholarship!!


  150. Grammi Kari,

    “My team took gymnastics during the summer, went to camp, and did weight training”

    This has been the constant for our summer, LOL. Try outs are the first week of August…I will let you know how he does. He is a very good tumbler, he is working on a round off, back hand spring, back lay out…he would love to do a lay out twist!

    It is so funny that you said Cheering is a sport, so many people think you just go and do a couple of routines and cheer at a game and that’s it. Cheering is a lot of hard work! We would love for him to get a scholorship from this, but even if he don’t, he is loving doing this…even with all of the sterotyping…!!! People think guys cheering! Well, he must be gay! NOT

    This is so cool that you were in cheering too!


  151. Oooops..scholarship!


  152. People think guys cheering! Well, he must be gay! NOT

    Well, tell your son that a former President of the United States was a college cheerleader. 🙂 I almost choked when I read your post. That’s what I get for typing and eating at the same time. Seriously, whether a young man is gay or not is not the issue. Is he a good athlete? That is what is important in any sport. Is he a good representative for the school?

    We had male cheerleaders only one year (times are now changing), and they were so popular. Girls falling all over them, literally. LOL!

    I hope your son will perform his skills admirably. Please tell him to visualize his tumbling sequence with absolute perfection before he goes before the judges for his final performance! GO TEAM GO!!


  153. “People think guys cheering! Well, he must be gay!”

    Naw, the gay guys play football! The male cheerleaders are holding the prettiest girls in school over their head by their thighs. What would make someone think they were gay?

    I thought of something you folks may not have seen before that I know you will like. It’s call AOL Sessions and you can find it here:


    There are maybe 250 segments of popular musical artist who come to an AOL soundstage and do a mini concert. In a few cases the performance is done elsewhere, but that is usually the case. Each of these segments is a “Session” and Tom Petty and the B52s along with all time favorites like James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt. Plenty of top name current artist like Pink, Fergie and Ga Ga and last but not least, there are many Idol favorites like Taylor, Bo, Allison, Kelly, Carrie, Adam, Elliot and Kat. The list goes on and on. So here is your free ticket to a lot of great mini concerts. This will probably be another frustration for dial up users though.

    I hope that everyone has something good to report on the various health issues that have been shared here.
    Kari you and your husband will be in my prayers as his surgery date draws near.


  154. Chris Isaak is a wicked bad pick for ‘American Idol’

    His resume is certainly impressive, but the target audience doesn’t know who he is

    None of this is to say Isaak lacks the talent, the credibility or the chemistry with the rest of the judges. In fact, he has a resume that absolutely should impress “Idol’s” producers.

    What recent — and often criticized — addition Ellen DeGeneres lacks in music experience, he does not. He’s penned a slew of popular songs, including late 1980’s hit “Wicked Games.”




  155. Gene, thank you for the prayers for my husband. He has had some stomach troubles and his surgery for cancer has been postponed to August 18. This is very frustrating as this is the second delay. I appreciate the thoughts!

    I wish I could heard the AOL sessions, but Vonnie and I will have to put that on the back burner for now.


  156. Grammie – so sorry to hear about your husband. This cannot be an easy time for you and I appreciate that you take the time to comment here, considering how difficult it is for you to experience illness in a family member. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers – God really has a plan for all of us and we have to always remmeber this. God Bless YOU and your husband! xo


  157. Grammi Kari – I wish all good things for you and your husband.

    Make sure that you take time for yourself. I know from experience that caretakers often have stress-related illnesses and post traumatic type symptoms and tend to become disconnected from the very support groups that can help alleviate tensions. You will need time to regenerate WHILE you are caretaker AND AFTER the crisis passes.

    I finally got to see the Idol Live Tour in Baltimore MD. Let me just say that I think that First Mariner Arena was a good setting for this concert. My brother and I had good seats (my hubby backed out due to the near 100 degree heat) and we enjoyed the experience.

    My understanding is that on Friday 7/23/10, the Idols performed in this horrendous heat in and OUTDOOR setting in Bristow, VA – so it is understandable that they all sounded a little hoarse and exhausted. Although the arena last night was indoors, I am sure that the extreme heat and air conditioning was not helping their pipes and it seemed that they were pulling back a bit on any extreme vocal gymnastics.

    The audience was made up of a mixed crowd of tween-aged girls to mid-lifers. Most of the screaming was for Tim, Aaron, and Lee.

    Didi Benami opened the show – gulping water between songs. I think she showed more stress due to the heat than anyone last night.

    Andrew Garcia was GOOD and had a lot of energy last night. I have never been a fan so I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed both his songs and I can now say I see what others saw in him early in the competition.

    Katie Stevens sang her heart out last night and belted out her two songs; but I thought that she too was pulling back a bit or that when she reached for that energy, she just did not have it.

    Tim Urban – I don’t know why Tim isn’t singing in his lower register – his two songs seemed to be in the wrong key for him last night and he definitely looked exhausted.

    Siobhan Magnus has always been my personal favorite but last night she sounded as if she had a cold again, especially in her lower register. I love her and will try to see her again; but I was disappointed that my brother did not see or hear her best work.

    Aaron Kelly stole the show last night. I was never a fan of Aaron’s during the competition and I was very wrong. Aaron’s vocal works have matured into a potential country star. He had it all last night – the voice, the poise, and energy. Maybe AI10 will find what they are looking for in other youngsters (Allison Iraheta, Jordin Sparks, and Aaron Kelly) this year. Who knows?

    Didi, Andrew, Katie, Tim, Siobhan, & Aaron all sang a group number before the Intermission and I now wish they had been able to do more than one of these as this was better “show” than most of the individual performances.

    Michael Lynche – I LIKE Mike and was expecting his big personality to come across last night, but it did not; maybe because of the heat. He was just OK.

    Casey James was a pleasant surprise – even my brother (who is a long-time performing guitarist) was impressed that Casey took on the blues guitar parts and kept this audience (who may not be familiar with this kind of music) enthralled. Casey and Aaron are two that displayed their potential as concert draws of the future.

    Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze were somewhat anti-climactic after the rest and both of these seemed to display wear on their chops. I could sense a pulling back at certain points in their sets (who can blame them).

    The top ten performed again another group piece that I would have preferred as the opening for the show to get everyone energized.

    I am happy that I got to see them and will try to get tickets in the future for my favorites from last night (Aaron, and Casey); and as always our Ms. Siobhan Magnus. I still believe! You GO GIRL.

    Kudos to Aaron and Casey for displaying that STAMINA that even long-time pros often fail to deliver.


  158. Thank you Roseanne and Julia for the kind words and thoughts! Did you know SPORTS are on the television 24 hours a day? So, when I am here posting messages, DH is usually watching sports or resting on his recliner. We must put trust in the Lord that He will guide us on this journey.

    Thank you Julia, I will remember your advice.


  159. Julia, you finally got to go to the tour! I am quite concerned that the Idols were feeling 100% last night. Katie’s voice was so powerful and her energy level was off the chart when we saw her.

    After tonight;s concert, they have a day off. Sounds like they need it.

    Oh, my poor Siobhan! You must have your brother listen to her 20 second wail on “Paint It Black” on YouTube. She holds that glory note for 20 seconds and it is perfect! She has been the hottest act on the ticket for most of the tour. I was so afraid this might happen. My concern was for Siobhan, Crystal, and Lee because they really pushed themselves with their singing.

    Julia, I guess being the first to see the Idols in concert had its advantages. I am so sorry they weren’t in top form! I was also VERY impressed with Casey. Nashville is ready for him. Did you know he played six different guitars last night?

    Thank you for sharing your experience!


  160. EDIT: I am quite concerned that the Idols were NOT feeling 100% last night!


  161. Hi Gene W…Grammi Kari,

    I live in a VERY rural area where male cheerleaders has not been a common thing, we have had only two in the past three years, one of which was gay (openly) the other was a young man who was not! My son has had some comments from some of the guys at his school about him being gay! Does not phase my son, he is comfortable in his own skin and definitley dances to his own music! The sterotyping in our area is sometimes overbearing…!

    This year actually a couple of the schools in our district has at least one guy on the cheer team…the competition is on!!! All of the schools in our are train at the same gymnastics facility, so they are all hearing tid-bits of who is doing what…it is pretty funny, because they are all wanting to up their game!

    Gene, and yes! my son always says he has the best sport in the world, how many guys can say they hold up pretty girls all day and hang with them all evening!

    Also Gene, an up-date on my brother…he is doing very well, the chemo is bringing his numbers down. He feels so much better these days and is more like his old self…God is Good!

    Grammi Kari…My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband!


  162. Vonnie, hopefully attitudes will be changed regarding male cheerleaders. How great that your son knows who he is and is strong about his identity! I wish him the best!

    Good to hear this news about your brother, Vonnie! Thank you for the prayers. Things are a bit complicated right now.



  163. Grammi Kari,

    I too hope attitudes would be changed about male cheerleaders and males in other roles too…designers, nurses, men who like to cook!!! It is amazing at how eyebrows can be raised at men who do these types of jobs…I have two friends who are very succesful male nurses and they say, you would be amazed at the people who say, “you couldn’t be a doctor?”, funny isn’t it that the world can be so narrow minded! Thank Goodness for people who don’t care what others think and follow their dreams!

    I love the idea of my son doing cheer…he is having a blast, and we cannot wait for competitions to begin in October!

    Next week is try-outs first though!


  164. Keep us posted, Vonnie! Good luck to your son!


  165. Just wanted to let all of you know that my husband had his surgery on Wednesday. All the cancer was contained in the prostate and it looks like he is cancer free. We’ll get the report back on August 31. He’s been through a lot but we can thank God the worse is over with! Thank you for the prayers.

    Has anyone else gone to the Idol concert?


  166. Grammie Kari,
    It’s good to read your good report about your husband! I’m sorry I haven’t checked back with you about his condition since you told us of the postponement of his surgery. Take good care of him.

    I was also glad to read your good reports on your brother’s health and your son’s pursuits.

    Sorry to be so long posting about it, but we have been busy with the wedding of my second daughter and making preparations for the arrival of my third grandbaby, due the 5th of Oct. The wedding was on the beach and I’m glad to report that the Gulf and the beaches were beautiful. So was the bride, but I’m prejudiced.

    I haven’t seen the Idol tour but your report was spot on the performances that I have seen on the net. Siobhan put on quite a show, as expected, but I saw a video on the net of her and her old band, Lunar Valve, doing a kickin’ version of Janis Joplin’s “Ball and Chain.” The performance was at a battle of the bands at a fish restaurant on the Cape, which they handily won, BTW. Unfortunately it was recorded by someone in the audience with a camcorder, so the drummer is more prominent than Siobhan most of the time. Still good though, I hope she doesn’t abandon music like this for the “big show tunes.” I would prefer to see her continue her eclectic mix of genres than to become just one more big stage show popper. You can find all of her videos on her fan club site or dig them out at You Tube.



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