Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 3 Results Show: Judges’ Choice And Singers’ Choice

American Idol Season 9 Top 3

AMERICAN IDOL: The final Three: L-R: Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox and Casey James. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.


Well,  tonight’s Top 3 Results Show will determine which singers will be featured in the Finale next Tuesday and Wednesday.          

But not before we  are hit with a wallop of  Bieber Fever courtesy of rising star and Usher’s  protégé , Justin Bieber.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this young man’s music; however, after watching him on Ellen’s show, I was very impressed. This kid is amazing!          

I do think that Casey will be leaving us this week. He has enjoyed a great ride, though, and I wish him the very best. But, let’s not cross this path too soon. One never knows with this show!          

As always, I hope to comment further as the show unfolds and don’t forget to add your opinions as well. You can start now or come back later! The Masterclass Doors are now open for discussion.          

UPDATE #1: Ryan had a chit chat with the Top 3.  They talked about their experience on the show and how it has affected them. Ford Video Music time.         

UPDATE #2 : Casey’s home visit to Texas is featured! Looks like fun!  Casey truly is a sweetheart. And, ladies, he just revealed that he’s free!        

UPDATE #3: Off to Ohio to Crystal’s Homecoming. Looks like a great time. Wow – look at the American Idol stretch limo! Pretty amazing! Crystal looks relaxed and happy, especially when she sees her little son!       

UPDATE #4: Lee Dewyze’s  Homecoming to Chicago is revealed and he is visibly overwhelmed by the reception. He is so excited to be home and it is obvious that he is so loved by his fans from his hometown. Always love seeing the Idols connect with their families once again. It is a very special moment.  Now I understand why Lee was so energized during his Top 3 performance.  His thoughts were with the support he received  at this home visit.     

UPDATE #5: Justin Bieber is up next! He was just amazing. Does this kid know how to work the camera or what? And who knew he could play the drums so well?   

UPDATE 6: The Final Two are Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze.  Casey James is eliminated.  

UPDATE #7: I love Ellen – she obviously loves all the singers so much and is very encouraging to Casey during his beautiful song performance. 


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34 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 3 Results Show: Judges’ Choice And Singers’ Choice”

  1. In spite of all of the negativity with Siobhan’s early elimination, I now find myself actually looking forward to the finale. Whether my perception is accurate or not, I feel that both Crystal and Lee are really genuinely likeable people. Lee’s humbleness is very endearing to me, while Crystal’s quiet confidence is also very admirable. I wish both of them the best next week and will be pleased for whoever wins.

    I also wish success for Casey, Siobhan, Big Mike and the others. It may not have been the best season talent-wise, but I think all of the contestants were very likeable.

    Let’s hope for a “new and improved” Idol next year.


  2. Casey was very cute with the little girl (related?) singing his last song. He seemed really satisfied and at peace with his experience. I’m really glad American Idol has been able to provide Crystal some health care to help her with her diabetes. It must be very hard to have that kind diabetes (Type 1?) and no insurance. I’m looking forward to the final. I really hope they let them sing originals.


  3. Louise, I agree the three finalists do seem like very nice people. As always, the home visits are a special treat. Yet, I still would have loved to see Siobhan’s home town visit. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but IMO Casey really did not belong so high up in the final standings. I believe there were a few young ladies who should have finished higher.

    I am still trying to figure out why two young guest artists are invited to perform when Idol has Aaron and Tim in their stable (at the moment). Maybe to show them how it is done? I would much rather have seen some returning Idols like Melinda, Jason, or Anoop who could use the boost in selling their albums.

    Jessica, I thought the same thing aboiut getting treatment for her diabetes. Crystal did reassure us that she is healthy, so we were wrong about why she didn’t seem to be herself last night. I certainly wish her the best, as well as Casey. It seems Lee will be on his way to success. Good for him. Maybe Crystal will be happy with second place. How nice that they all seemed to be such close friends!

    Did anyone seem to think Simon was bored at difficult points of the show? I barely saw Siobhan, and couldn’t tell you what she was wearing. Still looking forward to the Finale!


  4. Grammie Kari – I read on EW.com in an “on set” piece that Justin Bieber’s performance was recorded a month ago when Usher was there. Who knows if the other guy, who I thought was awful, was pre-recorded. Maybe not since this dude Perez Hilton (related to Paris? I’m confused) was there. Maybe the judges were not around a lot during this show?

    I’m not wrapping up the title in sparkly tissue paper and curling the ribbons yet for Lee. I think Crystal has a pretty big following. They are both down to earth folks and seem to have embraced a large and eclectic constituency. I think it is anyone’s game.


  5. I hope you’re right, Jessica. I just don’t want any manipulations and game playing. I want an honest competition between Crystal and Lee, and let things happen naturally.

    I don’t know where to put this, but I saw something on MJ’s that may have gotten lost with all the talk about Adam.

    There have been discussions about moving the show to New York, documenting the contestants living and fighting together in one big house and also eliminating the judges altogether.

    If anyone has taken the American Idol Survey, they may recall that there was a series of questions regarding how well we want to know the contestants next year? Maybe see their rehearsals and backstage prep?

    Well, I want the show to be about the CONTESTANTS and less focus on the judges; however, I also want to hear them sing more! Maybe make the songs more than 90 seconds, and sing live Group Performances. Going this route takes away from all that I enjoy about the show and really puts it in a REALITY SHOW setting. Kinda of like America’s Top Model.

    Honestly, I will not mind three judges who are helpful, honest, and brief. I just don’t know if I can handle major changes in the format. This could actually get me to stop watching the show.


  6. I have been giving this season alot of thought on the issue of the judges pimping Lee and Crystal…we don’t know what goes on, on a day to day basis on the set of AI. We only get 2 minutes each week to see these kids and get some kind of idea of what kind of person they are and what kind of artist they will be.

    That said, what if the judges are there only to do their job; to find the next american idol! We trust them to find these people during the summer, then we vote them into existance. Then the judges and producers work with what we as a voting public give them.

    So from there they see the back scenes of who works hard, who has the talent and drive to go the next step. Yes I know everyone who is on the show wants to win, but what if they are naive, and are not ready to become an immedaite star?

    I think that the judges take all of this in consideration, I would as a judge. I would want to encourage and push forward the one’s who truly wanted this and could handle the change in their life if it they did win!!!


  7. Grammie Kari I saw that too and I am hopping that will not happen! The other internet show that Fuller is doing is only being watch by me for Alex and the ones that are voted off. I skip to either Alex singing or Idols. Other than that its not a good show. Maybe the young kids like it….


  8. Here is a link to the article about the possible changes in Idol that was referred to above:


    I agree with Kariann–I would stop watching altogether if they turn it into a “real” reality show. More singing is what I’d like to see too. It’s nice seeing clips of the contestants’ backgrounds so we can try to determine a little about them as people, but I don’t think we need to have cameras on them when they’re in their living quarters–they certainly need a little time to unwind in privacy.

    And it was good to hear Crystal’s comment about being thankful to Idol for the good medical care that she’s receiving. I hadn’t thought about that before, but that has been a wonderful benefit for her.

    And I agree with Jessica T. about this contest not being already given to Lee. I think they’ve wanted Crystal to win all along and want us to think that we now have a real competition. But I do think it’s very possible that Lee could win–but it’s not a slam dunk!


  9. Oops! I should have said, “they need a little time to unwind in private.”


  10. I do hope that FOX will push through with the 30-minute results show next season. The “singer” that Perez discovered performed amazingly…bad. Why can’t they just bring back former Idols for the results show? 😦

    And I agree that putting a little more emphasis on the contestants outside the performances will not be a good thing for American Idol. It might change the way the voting will go.


  11. Vonnie:

    Just loved, loved, loved your post! We see what we see, but what we see is not the whole picture. Thank you for pointing that out so eloquently, and for giving me the opportunity to, for lack of a better way to say it, elaborate on that.

    I’ve read in various posts in other topics and am going to now take the liberty to express how I feel about him. Simon, IMO, often gets a bad rap for being/having been, and perhaps he is the only judge that ever REALLY has, cared and thought about each contestant as a WHOLE being, and not just as a “singing” one. From my perspective, despite some of his “questionable” critiques, I do feel that Simon has always been about finding the best singer, and I also think that yes, the way the industry works today, part of finding the “best singer” does encompass whether that person will be marketable in the “mainstream”, or whether they will not. Those are things, I feel, a competent judge would weigh and consider. I mean really, what’s the point in the person winning if the industry, being such as it is, is not going to allow for them to be able to reap the full benefits of having done so?

    I think Simon started becoming discouraged with the show the year Taylor won. He said himself that, “America got it wrong.” Having been a Taylor fan, and wanting him to win, I didn’t fully understand, or for that matter agree, with what Simon said at the time. But I can tell you, in retrospect, I now certainly do understand what he meant. During Season 4, sometime before her win, I remember Simon saying that Carrie should win, and that if she did, she would be the most successful Idol ever. Is there any question that his assessment was correct? I think as well, he knew David A. was the by far a better singer than David C., (not that David Cook isn’t good–because he is) but he also knew that David Cook was more marketable, so given those factors, I’m sure Simon felt…who is going to benefit most from the win..and therefore, wanted to see David C. win. Do you see what I’m driving at here?

    I think the final straw for Simon was that Adam didn’t win last year. I think that is when Simon just said to himself, “Ok, enough is enough. I can’t be part of this any longer.” And in truth, I applaud Simon for that. Simon, while I’m sure realizing that parts of the show could be revamped to make it better, ultimately knows that no matter what the producers do to “fix” the show, the final vote rests with the American people, and Simon just isn’t willing to put his faith in them any longer., because I think, he feels that for the most part, we don’t get it right. Given the (and I don’t mean this in a bad way) “fairly modest” careers most of the winners have had, I have to say, Simon may be on to something.

    As you know, I am one who, from time to time, uses a quote to try to help get a point across. Perhaps the best way to end this is to use one from my favorite singer and performer, the late Judy Garland. She said:

    “We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality.”

    I think Simon tries his best to see that some of the contestants don’t “cast away priceless time.” And I personally think, he should be commended for it.


  12. Sorry all for the missed words and typos….Should know by now to do in word…edit…cut…and paste. Oh well, maybe next time!


  13. Very well said, Skid. I’m with you.


  14. Skid,I think that your assessment of Simon is pretty much on the mark.

    However, Simon’s disillusionment with AI cannot serve as an excuse from “checking out” all season long. He had committed himself to doing the show this season, but with the exception of Crystal, I haven’t seen his own personal committment to the contestants or to us as viewers. He should have put aside his own disappointment and stepped it up.


  15. Jeanne and Sue: Thanks for being able to understand that mess….so many errors, I’m almost ashamed….lol.

    Anyway…..Sue, I hear what you’re saying. By the same token, it seems like every time Simon tried to say something, it was for naught. The audience just started booing him and refusing to give him any credence anyway.

    IMO, Simon did check out. But not until it was apparent that what the judges had to say meant absolutely NOTHING to the viewers/audience. Proof? Tim Urban sticking in there as long as he did. Not saying he’s not a nice guy with some talent, but compared to others who left before him—I don’t think there’s any contest. Simon would start to talk about a performance, and if his feelings didn’t coincide with those in attendance, they would chide and boo right over him, not caring ONE IOTA about what he had to say.

    Truthfully, the way I see it, Simon only did what he was ASKED to do….just sit there and look pretty.

    I don’t blame him one bit, I’d have checked out too!


  16. I will join in the discussion about the judges. I have been one who has been quite critical of their performance this season. It’s not just Simon, it’s all the judges. I stand by my belief that Kara was not a good addition to the judging panel. I can see their reasons for wanting to be rid of Paula. Although she was with the show from the beginning and an integral part of its success, her behavior had become quite an embarrassment. It was obvious at times that she was just not all there, whether it was due to pain medication for a neck injury sustained in an accident or something else. I understand why she is gone. However, Kara has not brought anything real or valuable to the show. I have made my feelings about her plain and will not repeat what I have already said. I still dislike the four judge panel. It takes away too much valuable time from the singing. That is really what the show should be all about.

    I am not one who is going to indulge in idealizing Simon Cowell. He has made his mark on the show as the tough voice of reality and also provided great entertainment value with his witty repartee and sarcastic comments. I respect his knowledge of the business and what it takes to become a successful singer in the industry. However, I don’t think there is any excuse for his lack of involvement in this season. If you are going to get paid and paid well, then show up and do your job. He has sounded totally disconnected, bored and has been pretty much a shadow of the considerable presence he has been in the past.

    I don’t know that it’s fair to blame Simon’s behavior on America. The show’s format has always been predicated on the viewing public having the final say in deciding who is the next Idol. That’s what gives the audience a compelling reason to watch. They make the choice. Simon has been able to exert some influence on the viewers by sending out clear signals and opinions. Many watching value and respect his opinion. If this is really about who Simon wants as the next Idol, then why even bother to have America vote in the first place? One time Simon said that America got it wrong. One can also make the argument that 19E didn’t do the best job marketing Taylor Hicks. Maybe if they had gotten behind him completely and really worked with him, the results might have been better.

    The powers behind the show have not always shown brilliance when it comes to producing and marketing the Idol winners and runnerups. They pretty much sabotaged Bo Bice, by having him put out an album that did not represent who he was as an artist. We have seen that it’s not always a blessing to win this show. Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Kelli Pickler and a few others have managed to do quite well on their own.

    I also feel that this idea that Simon knows better than everybody what will sell and who can make it in the industry, conveniently overlooks the fact that the judging itself has been abominable. We need to decide what we want from them – do we want them to basically make an assessment of each contestant’s likelihood at commercial success, basing it on their own internal criteria, and then judging them based on that? Or do we want them to at least try to give spontaneous, honest, constructive criticism that will help the contestants to realize their potential? Successful singers don’t just appear out of the woodwork like magic. They are groomed, cultivated, marketed, vocally guided by these people so that they have the maximum chance of doing well.

    How many times have we watched an unlikely contestant bloom right before our eyes? How many times have we been wowed by someone who seemed the most unlikely to ever be the next Idol? It’s not all about sitting down and picking someone and then touting them to the American public. This should be a process of mutual discovery by both the judges and the audience. If it becomes a behind the scenes machination, in which the judges pick the winner beforehand and then spend their time telling us who it should be, then this show will have truly lost what made it great in the first place.


  17. Skid…I loved your post too! Thank you for understanding what I was trying to say, LOl.


  18. Skid…Hey girl, where’ve you been? Hope all is well, nice to see you here.

    Simon Cowell’s 4 part interview with Oprah is posted over at MJ’s. It’s quite revealing and I enjoyed it.


  19. I’ve just started watching Simon’s interview with Oprah. I actually quite like him, but it’s frustrating to hear him acknowledge that he’s bored and is making no effort to hide it. On one hand, I guess that he’s being “authentic,” but on the other hand, he’s been really self-serving. He’s part of the AI package, so his rationalization of being “true” to himself is just not good enough. AI is not a closed door casting call; it’s a television program that millions watch for entertainment.

    I’m a college teacher. When I walk into a classroom, I need to get my students interested in the subject matter and engaged in the learning process. Regardless of how I may feel emotionally or physically on any given day, I need to be “on.” I may be teaching the same lesson I’ve taught a hundred times before, but I walk into the classroom with as much enthuasiasm as I can because it’s ultimately not about me, but about my students.

    I’m glad that Simon’s moving on because AI is not ultimately about his finding fulfillment, but entertaining the audience and providing competent critiques.


  20. I just finished watching Simon’s interview on Oprah, and the thing that stood out most for me was the comment that he’s been bored and he isn’t able to hide it. Also they showed a few clips of him from earlier years and his comments were very brutal. This year his comments have not been nearly as bad as the ones shown on the clips–not even his negative comments to Siobhan.

    His new show–the X Factor–doesn’t sound much different than America’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for talent shows so I’m sure I’ll watch it.


  21. The more I reflect upon it, the more dismayed I am by Simon’s “I’m bored” comments. I can imagine why he might be “bored.” It could be the show’s format, the limited song selection, the theme weeks, the contestants, and so on and so on. In a way, it doesn’t really matter.

    What DOES matter is that Simon has been in a position in which he COULD have done something about it. After all, didn’t he and the other judges select the top 24 contestants? The judges had tens of thousands of prospective applicants to choose among. Was he just completely checked out of the selection process as well? And, I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t have some real cloat in terms of shaping the other aspects of the show. He sounds so passive saying “I’m bored.”

    And, yes, I understand that he was ready to leave before this season kicked off but was obligated by his contract to serve it. Still, that’s NO excuse for NOT giving it his best effort. “I’m bored” is such a cop-out. I’ve lost a lot of respect for the man.


  22. I watched Simon’s interview and was also disappointed in his comments about being bored. If he was so bored, then he should have opted out before now. Anyone with eyes could see that Simon hasn’t been really invested in this show for a few seasons now. We all have seen his disinterest. Simon didn’t even care enough to try to hide it. I make no excuses for him. The contestants deserve better, the viewers deserve better.

    I don’t think the issue with Simon is that his comments this season were less brutal than in seasons past, it was just the irrelevance and arbitrariness of them that stood out to me. Describing one of Big Mike’s performances as “wet” and “girlie”, is not only beyond insulting and quite degrading, but also ridiculous in the extreme. How on earth can you describe a singing performance in those bizarre terms? That was just Simon letting everyone know that he couldn’t care less. The one that I will never forget is Simon’s comment about Siobhan’s so-called screaming high notes sounding like a woman giving birth. As if Simon would have a clue what that sounds like! I consider these kinds of comments an insult to my intelligence.

    Simon took his big, fat paycheck and then just sleepwalked through this season. I honestly do not respect him anymore.


  23. As I watched the last part of the interview in which Simon talked about his show X-Factor being in direct competition with AI, I began to wonder whether he was purposefully sabotaging AI this season. As he himself admitted, the judges were making the show about themselves and not the contestants. Being the de facto leader of the panel, he could have turned it around by setting the bar higher for the rest. However, he obviously chose not to. Was it out of boredom? Or an attempt to undercut AI so that X-Factor draw away dissatisfied viewers?


  24. Sue,

    You present an interesting possibility. Simon is nobody’s fool. He knows what it’s all about when it comes to these kinds of tv shows. I was actually quite surprised when he admitted that the judges made the show about themselves. That was one of many complaints heard endlessly in the blogosphere. I do find it fascinating that Simon had a conscious awareness of the problem. As you say, he certainly was in a position to change the dynamic. However, he just chose to go along and continue letting it be all about the judges.

    You have given me food for thought. Simon is a shrewd businessman, so I wouldn’t put anything past him. The fact that the latest ratings indicate that Idol continues to plummet, can only help him as he goes about the business of launching his new show.


  25. Sue,

    I agree with Mindy that you have raised a really interesting possibility. Simon seems to be someone who is entirely capable of pulling a stunt like this in order to promote his new show next year.


  26. I wish I could get paid as much as Simon gets paid to be bored. I used to like him but after his atrocious behavior this season I am no longer a fan.


  27. And for what it’s worth, I think the single most important thing that American Idol could do would be to allow singers to sing entire songs. Trying to cram an entire performance into 2 verses week after week is frustrating to me as a listener and must be even more frustrating for the performers. To quote the famous Mr. Cowell it doesn’t give you much time to get that “moment” in.


  28. Perhaps the AI10 could have more small ensemble pieces – I thought some of the best vocal performances this season were the Duets (from the Top 4) and the Quartet (Sinatra/HKJ Week).

    The focus of AI has drifted from SINGER (AI1) to Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist (AI9).
    It seems they are rethinking again so why not look for an all-around performer? I am thinking of past contestants such as, Clay Aiken, Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus, Jennifer Hudson, Syesha Mercado, and Adam Lambert.

    If we are evolving into Entertainment via Internet (IP-tainment) – isn’t this a good time to think about what works on IP sources such as youtube? The judges want someone they could listen to on the RADIO – isn’t that retro or at least very 20th century? Part of the appeal of Siobhan Magnus is that (although she herself is not net-savvy) she has an extraordinary presence on video over IP.

    Wasn’t Simon the major objector to the “theatrical”? He tended to criticize anyone with a “Broadway” voice or “Classical” vocal training or style; and he tended to push the POP style that to me sounds dated in 2010 – how many more times can they run top 40, big band/Sinatra, Disco, Jackson, Stones, Beatles theme weeks and drive viewers to
    “Idol Re-whine’ for the good ol’ days?

    I am thinking that (while I would like to see fewer judge-mentals/tor-mentals and not-so-special guest starlets) I would like to see some more from the contestants – Hollywood Week already contains skits and group talent sessions – do they have time to rehearse for this kind of performance at least during the semi-finals?

    AI has not always rewarded the best singers or vocalists – this is a visual and auditory vehicle. So maybe the producers can find a way to evolve past ‘we want more pop stars like old what’s their names’.


  29. I myself would like to see them sing songs that are 2:30. So many songs really can’t be done justice in 90 secs. Except maybe a couple of early Beatles songs!

    I don’t mind Simon being honest about being bored. He’s always going to say what he thinks. Many people would have bored moments after 9 years. But he’s the first to say that they deserved a slap in the face when Susan Boyle auditioned.


  30. My issue with Simon is not merely that he was bored and has admitted it. The point is that he is getting paid handsomely to perform in a key role on this show. Either show up and give it your best or get out! Simon did say he just had bored moments. He said that he just didn’t feel the same excitement and everyone with eyes could see it. I also don’t think it takes a lot to state the obvious about Susan Boyle’s audition after the fact. Big deal! However, I wonder if that experience taught Simon anything or if he learned from it. The show has remained the same, never changing and evolving over the years the way the music industry has changed. The one change they did make was to add another judge. That was probably the single most absurd and foolish decision. It was also completely wrong. Valuable time was taken away from the singing, which is the single most important and essential component of the show.

    They should have tried to change up the themes. Having the exact same themes every single week can certainly induce boredom. They could have made the themes more current and relevant to what is happening now in the music industry. I think of a show like Dancing With the Stars. It has also been on almost as long as Idol. They have had a few sub-par seasons, but they did something about it. The one thing that they did NOT do was add another judge. They still have the same three judge panel. They finally got rid of that annoying co-host this season. They have included new dances each season, sometimes even going beyond strictly ballroom. They have changed up the format, adding group dances and team dances and having new themes. This show has evolved with the times. Maybe that’s why the show is now enjoying one of its most successful seasons. As with Idol and its contestants, the key is the celebrities. That is what makes the show worth watching. They didn’t make the mistake of taking time away from the dancing. Idol could learn from Dancing With the Stars.

    Idol needs to lose its arrogance and accept the fact that major changes are badly needed to make this show fresher, newer and more relevant to finding the next great singer.


  31. Mindy,

    I stopped watching DWTS last spring when I just didn’t have enough hours in the week to follow both programs. Adam so captured my imagination that it was goodbye to DWTS. I was also tired of DWTS starting out with so many celebrities who couldn’t dance to save their lives. Now, I regret making the choice that I did.

    Last night, Bruno and Carrie were on Jay Leno, and they were absolutely hilarious. Their enthusiasm about dancing, about the celebrities, about the program, and about each other was just infectious and may be enough to make me a viewer again.


  32. I love and hate Simon. He’s honest, and has a great ear. It is one of the reasons the contestants have gotten better through the weeks each season. He really knows how to tell them how high the bar is, and to encourage that. On the other hand, he makes comments that degrade singers all over the world. When he gives a critique, and he says things like “that was something you’d hear in a coffee shop,” or “that was something the singers from Dancing With the Stars would shriek horribly”, it is so disrespectful of the many hard working, really really talented singers out there, who just haven’t become nationally known on t.v.
    His bored comments don’t even surprise me. I have always tried to think that perhaps he isn’t as arrogant as he acts and it’s just a big act, but you know, he makes it hard to tell sometimes. His attitude is the reason that so many don’t like this show, because they feel that it is an imitation of the work that someone has to put in to really deserve to make a living as a musician. I believe that all of these contestants are going through a real trial by fire, and if they get a career out of this, more power to them. They will be working hard. But by the same token, there are so many people we will never hear about, all over this planet, who are making people happy with their gifts of song, and voice. Music is a healing force, and that is why shows like this are so popular.
    Hopefully, it is true, and pure, and we are seeing stars be born by the fact that it is a real contest.


  33. Auntie Audie: They don’t let me out much. Maybe that’s a smart move. lol!

    Didn’t get to watch Simon’s interview. Don’t think it much matters though. Doesn’t sound to me like he said anything that wasn’t already obvious.

    Haven’t had time to digest all that’s been written here, but most probably will have some type of comment once I get the opportunity to read all the posts…



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