Shania Twain To Mentor American Idol’s Top 6 Performing Songs From Her Catalogue

Shania TwainWell, well, well! It has come down to this.  Shania Twain mentoring the remaining  American Idol Season 9 Top 6 singers performing songs from her personal catalogue of music.

Well, nothing screams nightmare more than this, does it?  I am still recovering from Carrie Underwood’s American Idol performance of one of Shania’s songs and that was 4 years ago!   Suffice it to say,  it was not one of Carrie’s shining moments.

To perform Shania’s music with ease and believability is no easy task.  Her music works only because Shania is singing it and only because it has been produced with impeccable finesse and recorded wizardry.

This must have been the only way that the American Idol Producers could successfully lure Shania to the show.  Otherwise, they would have scripted a wider range of repertoire from the country genre.

I think the guys are really going to struggle this week.   The ballads should be fine for all, but some of those upbeat numbers will fall flat without all the smoke and mirrors that accompany Shania when she performs these numbers.

That being said, I think Shania will be a wonderfully supportive mentor and who knows, she may use a few tricks she picked up from me when she was a member of my choir many years ago. (true story!)

To access the Shania Twain Song List, click here and read em’ and weep!

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34 Responses to “Shania Twain To Mentor American Idol’s Top 6 Performing Songs From Her Catalogue”

  1. I totally agree, MCL! This is a really awful theme for everyone. If they’re going to do country songs, it should’ve just been a general country theme rather than songs by only one singer.


  2. Yes, Erin, this theme has trainwreck written all over it. He music is deceptively simple – no one realizes the pitfalls until they are faced with the task of trying to make her music work for them.


  3. And vocally, she isn’t even a great singer. Why couldn’t they have someone like Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton as a mentor? They’re country legends. Shania isn’t.


  4. I agree MCL and Erin, this is a tough assignment. I can’t believe that she was in your choir! How cool is that? I recall that she worked on a forest reclamation crew to support herself and her sister if memory is serving me tonight.

    My evaluation of the list narrows it down to 11 songs that are even singable. The rest are Shania stunt songs with a lot of sass, twang and an unhealthy dose of syrup. I don’t consider most of Shania’s songs Country at all, but the music industry doesn’t recognize my category of Pop-Twang, so I guess I will have to live with it.

    Of the 11, there are maybe 3 or 4 that are “money” songs. I haven’t narrowed down who is the definitive choice for each of the songs but I will put the first initial of each singer that I think might sing it after the song name. C will be Crystal and CY will be Casey. An asterisk before the song means that this is one of the best songs on the list. Most of the better songs favor Crystal’s style, and surprisingly, big Mike fairs better than Aaron.

    1) * Amneris Letter C, S

    2) Don’t M

    3) Forever and for Always S, A

    4) From This Moment M

    5) ** God Bless the Child S, C, L, CY
    (Not the Billie Holliday, BS&T song)

    6) There Goes the Neighborhood C, A

    7) Your Still the One L, A, S

    8) You’ve Got a Way C, CY, L

    9) When S

    10) * Wild and Wicked S

    11) * The Woman in Me C, S

    None are perfect choice and a lot depends on what sort of mood the performer needs to create this week. Whether they need to do a slow ballad or an up tempo number will depend largely on what they have done in the recent past. You can listen to the 30 second clips at iTunes or the full song one time each at

    Keep in mind that based on my results from last week, I know nothing about song choice. Feel free to criticize, rearrange, refine, ignore or what ever you like with this list.

    Shania did a good job as a celebrity judge during the auditions so I think she will do a good job as a mentor as well.


  5. I completely agree that this is a ridiculous theme. I mean, I like Shania, but I am sad that the producers chose such a simplistic artist to foist upon the contestants. Especially my obvious favorite, Crystal. She said in the past that she was looking forward to country week (as was I) and THIS is what she gets? Out of so many artists they could have chosen–Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, and dozens of others–they chose Twain. I am really disappointed.

    Why would this show, a show that has made its network over $9 Billion over the last decade, a show that has consistently bulldozed all competition year after year, even NEED to lure Shania Twain? Sounds like someone dropped the ball.

    I’m starting to rant. Better move along.


  6. On the up side, Shania was an excellent fourth judge during the audition rounds. I loved that she actually gave constructive criticism. (I think she even used musical terminology if I remember correctly.) So, she should be an excellent mentor.

    I can’t say I’m familiar enough with her music to make a judgment about the use of her songs as a theme, but I agree with MCL… Carrie’s performance of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” was one of her worst. Very unconvincing.

    Erin – Dolly Parton was actually a mentor during season 7! You can search for some of the performances on YouTube. 😉

    Also, some other country artists who were mentors include: Randy Travis (last season for Grand Ole Opry theme), Martina McBride (season 6 for Country theme), and Kenny Rogers (season 5 for Country theme). There has been some version of a country theme ever since season 2, but if I’m not mistaken, there weren’t guest mentors for seasons 2-4. 😉


  7. I have no doubt that Shania Twain will be a great mentor, however, her song catalogue leaves a LOT to be desired! I started discussing this on another blog with Darlene. I said that my first choice was “Wild and Wicked”. I have listened to a number of them that have been suggested on other blogs. I really only know a handful of her songs, so I need to hear the others to have any idea if they will work.

    I felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I heard it would only be Shania songs. This will definitely be tough for the contestants. A misstep could prove disastrous and the pressure will only increase next week and going forward until the finale. I did consider “Amneris Letter” and a few others. But I just have this gut feeling that Siobhan has to come out blasting this week. I want something like her “Think” performance. I was listening to her songs again on itunes. I want the Siobhan from the semifinals again. I want her to go out on that stage and sing her face off with this song. She has a better voice than Shania and we know she has the power. I hope she doesn’t dwell too much on the technical aspects of her performance. If she connects with the song and is feeling it, then everything else will just fall into place. She has the pipes, now I want her to go out there and get in the judges faces with this one.

    I don’t think a slower song will work for her now. I want her to rock the house and blow the roof off the place.

    There are few nice ones for Crystal. I thought of “Amneris Letter” for her, as well as Shania’s version of “God Bless the Child”. But she may have to pick it up this week after the slower tempo of PGR.

    I honestly haven’t thought about the others at this point. If I get some ideas then I will come back and put them up.


  8. Well, I’m not totally pessimistic about Shania Twain week. Remember Mariah Carey week on season 7? I didn’t really like Mariah as a singer (bleh) but that week we heard one gem of a performance from David Cook, right? Maybe we’ll get something like that next week.


  9. Did David Cook do a Shania Twain song? Mr. Cook always managed to develop arrangements that worked well for him… SOS – calling Mr. Cook…

    I think “Wild and Wicked” is the only choice that may get Siobhan out of the two-dimensional box that the AI/19 machine is attempting to draw around her…

    …Sad – even this “country rocker” is NOT “Paint it Black” or “Wicked Games” …
    Didn’t Shania Twain do “Rock this Country”? It is repetitive but at least Siobhan could display her rocker chops…

    Siobhan really needs an Ann Wilson (Mary K. Blige did a version Wednesday) “Stairway to Heaven” – Hope and Glory – or Heart killer rock showcase for her range and talent. Slow-low beauty moving through the change up into power rock – why do they criticize her for doing complex pieces?

    However, (at nine minutes) Stairway is too long and complex and controversial for the 90-second bite-size sound compactor, though…


  10. I’m going to have to rely on what MCL and the posters here are saying about Shania’s music, because I know zip, nada, zilch about her music. I don’t even know if I’ve ever heard any of her music. I’m just not a fan of most country music so I don’t go out of my way to listen to it. Is her music suited to Aaron?


  11. Yes, Gene, she was in my choir but for a very short time period. She was too busy carving out her career as Shania. Eileen is her real name and, if I may say, her voice was very beautiful when she was a teenager. When I listen to her now, she sounds nothing like the young girl who graced my alto section in the Timmins Youth Singers.

    That being said, she worked very hard and often spent her weekends tree-planting with her Dad. She is a strong, determined lady and, even though the music may not be well-suited to all the singers this week, I have no doubt that she will bring a strong work ethic toward her mentoring approach with the Top 6.

    “From This Moment” is a great song – whomever snags this song should do really well with it.


  12. MCL, she built a pretty good career on the foundation that you gave her so I’m sure that you are proud of that. Have you had others in your choir who we would recognize today?

    I’m not a fan of Shania’s music and there are only a few of her songs that I would call country music. The best country music is “three cords and the truth.” She has had a few songs that are quite nice over the years. As you noted, From This Moment is a beautiful song that I see big Mike making his own. Stranger things have happened.

    There are a few newer artists that have come from into the spot light via singing competitions that I do like. Maranda Lambert, who writes most of her own songs, and a husband and wife duet, Joey and Rory. Rory writes most of the songs that they perform as well. Joey is also known as a solo artist and had one CD under her maiden name of Joey Martin. You may have seen the commercials during the last two Christmas seasons that featured them singing one of their original pieces, If Not for You. Both of these acts finished in third place in their respective contest, but Patsy Cline, an all time favorite of mine, won hers! I apologize for going off topic.

    For anyone who has been held captive for the last 25 years and never heard a Shania Twain song, you can listen to the 30 second previews on iTunes. It is very, very easy to discount the majority of them as not being suited to the AI9 contestants. There are many places on the web to listen to full versions of the few that are the most interesting, or to watch Shania perform them. The later can be very distracting.

    I think Wild and Wicked is Siobhan’s best choice as well, even though it will be criticized as old fashioned or too theatrical. Shania, too theatrical? As noted earlier, the songs best suited for Crystal run the risk of looking too much like a rehash of last week.


  13. Yes I agree about “Wild and Wicked” for Siobhan. I have never heard this song before and it reminds me of what Eileen (Shania) sounded like back in highschool. Except that her voice was more resonant then – really rich.

    Gene – I have several students/choral members that have enjoyed enormous success in the music biz but Shania is the only famous one. However, I am proud of what they have achieved thus far. Their careers are still developing so we shall see what happens over time.

    Here is a clip of Patricia O’Callaghan – a very well known cabaret artist and former student. I am very proud of her – she has worked so hard.


  14. Ren
    To All Siobhan Fans (Why would there be any one else for
    (Season 9?)
    I want to address this all of you who are upset about Siobhan being chosen VFTW’s new contestant. I love Siobhan as many of you do, and get so angry at Simon and Kara the way they criticize her, but I feel we can choose to think of this as bad or good. Let’s choose the “good.”
    It’s a chiche….”If you can’t beat them join them.” Let’s join them and power vote. On their site they give great advice on how to Power vote. It can be used even for those who live outside the country, something called “Global.” If you go to their site they tell you how. For any who have ATT (I don’t) VFTW advises those who do to set up groups with differing names of the groups.
    I’m even thinking of buying a Pay as you go ATT phone if it’s not too expensive to help Siobhan continue her journey.
    When Kellie Pickler was on Season 5, VFTW chose her and it helped give her a lot of attention and now she’s doing well, she makes hit records and has been successful with a lot less talent than Siobhan.

    Siobhan’s family can use the money; I’m sure many of you fans know this: Her father is on disability and her Mother recently loss her job at Borders. This sweet girl deserves success and I, personally, would love to help her. If VFTW propels her to either win (which she should without them) or get to 2nd or 3rd, it’ll do a lot of good.

    Am I being too forward by saying all that I just did? If so, I’m sorry for anyone who may be offended.
    Thanks for reading.


  15. To MasterClass Lady:

    I’m a newcomer to your site, but I’m grateful that I finally found you. Everyday I get to like you more and more. If I had any kind of good voice I’d travel to Canada to be your student or send one of my grandchildren. My mother who died last year had a beutiful singing voice, but I didn’t inherit it.
    Thanks for posting the video of Patricia O’Callaghan, your former student. She’s wonderful.
    Also, you mentioned on one of your earlier posts that you saw Jamie Cullum on Ellen’s show and liked him. Last summer I was in Montreal for their annual Jazz Festival and saw him in person. It was one of the best shows that I have ever seen. My husband and I adore him as we discovered him on PBS, then bought his albums. He puts on a fabulous show and we want to see him again.
    Wishing you well.


  16. Dear Siobhan,

    I would not spend time worrying about the detractors. Save your energy and voice box for Tuesday, smile your lovely smile and as the wise one said wink at the camera. Your performance will tell the story.


  17. I noticed a little typo in my earlier post. I meant to say that there are A few nice songs for Crystal. She has been so consistently good that I don’t see Shania’s songs giving her that much trouble. She has a strong sense of who she is as an artist and that helps a lot.

    There are no other choices for Siobhan. She has to sing “Wild and Wicked”. This is the way to go. I was thinking about it last night and it occurred to me that at least once in every season I get a strong gut feeling about what kind of song my favorite should sing. It happened with David Archuleta, when I felt that he needed to go for power and uptempo instead of the slow ballads he had been singing. It was Neil Diamond week, when he called David a “prodigy”. I sensed that David had more power in his voice than we had seen. Sure enough, he came out blasting with “America”! I was jumping up and down. It was great to see him let that voice rip. Then last season it happened again with Adam. It was disco week and Adam had been alternating doing loud and rocker one week and stripped down, soft and quiet the other week. I knew that he needed to do a power ballad. I got the inspiration when I watched a documentary about Freddie Mercury. They played his video of “Who Wants to Live Forever?” I knew that Adam had to change it up and do the unexpected on disco week. I waited to see what he was wearing at the beginning of the show. That would tell me all I needed to know- sure enough, he came out in a gorgeous suit and tie with his hair combed back and up. Gorgeous! I started screaming, because I knew he was going to do it! Then he came out with “If I Can’t Have You”, one of the most obscure little songs from Saturday Night Fever. He changed it up and made it memorable.

    Now I have this same gut feeling again with Siobhan. This is her moment, her chance to get some momentum and make those judges shut their big mouths for once! I can only hope she picks this sing and comes and does exactly what she knows how to do. I want her in this thing to the final three, at least. She could breathe some badly needed excitement into this season. She is the one person who has the pure voice and talent to shake the rafters.

    In no way do I think being VFTW is in any way a compliment. I don’t know the people who run that site, but it’s a despicable thing to do. They did it to David Archuleta, too. I also don’t think they have the kind of voting power that they think they do. There is a lot about this show that I do not like, especially the judging this season, but I don’t have to play the kind of games that this site does.


    I discovered Patsy Cline long after her untimely death. That’s because I never liked country music and didn’t listen to it. I had no idea who she was. But I saw a documentary about her and once I heard that voice, I was hooked! I have since read everything about her, listened to all her songs and am a devoted fan. She was born with a God given gift that was uniquely her own. No one has ever come close to her greatness.


  18. Thank you for posting the link for Patricia O’Callaghan MCL. She has a lovely voice and I enjoyed listening to her! She looks like she may be a runner as well.

    I know there is nothing more satisfying than to see someone that you have had the opportunity to teach thrive and become a success, and by success, I don’t necessarily mean commercial or financial success. Being able to do what you love and do it well is a huge success. If you also get to make a lot of money at it, well that can be nice to. I noticed that she had several other videos online that I will look at when I have time.


  19. While I agree that Shania Twain songs are a big challenge because they are tailor-made for her very distinctive voice, I think there are at least a few songs in addition to the ones Gene chose that could work, in the right hands:

    “No One Needs to Know” is one of my favorite little Shania Twain songs, and while it is very much a woman’s song, I could see either Crystal or Siobhan singing it (this is the one Lacey would probably have sung.) Having said that, they can probably find better choices. I could also see Siobhan singing “If You’re Not in it for Love, I’m Outta Here”. I think a less dramatic, more upbeat song would be a good choice for her at this point in the competition, and this song would still allow her to bring attitude.

    “If It Don’t Take Two” is a good choice for the guys, I think. Ditto for “It Only Hurts I’m Breathing”.

    I’m sure that Shania was chosen as a mentor back when they thought it was going to be a Girls Take All season. And I do think she was a good mentor in the audition process, I’m delighted from that perspective.

    It will be interesting, that’s for sure!


  20. I think it’s ridiculous that the contestants have to choose from Shania’s catalogue. It is IMO, comprised of lyrically weak songs that are monotonous-sounding, and she can’t help them at all from a technical standpoint. I think that there will be not just one, but several train wrecks next week.


  21. Well, last year they had Randy Travis mentor for Country Week, but it was revolving around the Grand Ole Opry setting. Dolly Parton was also a great mentor for the Country Music week. I don’t question Shania’s mentoring skills as I believe the finalists will be comfortable with her. I wish there was more to choose from, but then it will be challenging, won’t it?

    Last year, Michael Sarver said Country Music is about having some fun, so maybe that will be the route Aaron and Casey will go? Everyone is talking about Wild and Wicked for Siobhan. She might surprise us. Does Michael have any other choice but a ballad? Well, if he wants to show another side of himself, he won’t do a ballad. As has been mentioned, Crystal should do just fine.

    Let’s choose the “good.” It’s a chiche….”If you can’t beat them join them.” Let’s join them and power vote.

    On the other thread, I mentioned that I had no problem with Siobhan being VFTW choice. She was on her way to TOP 3 without them, but this may help. She’s quirky, fun, and entertaining! I love all that she’s done so far.

    She has the pipes, now I want her to go out there and get in the judges faces with this one.

    Mindy, I love this advice for Siobhan! I am so excited for her.

    MCL, thank you for sharing your personal experience with Shania! This week may turn out to be better than anything we expect.


  22. It is possible that Siobhan will surprise us, but if she does I hope it’s still an uptempo number. She needs to change things up. It’s not like she doesn’t have any power here. She can help determine her own fate. I just think we need a change of pace, a chance for her to have some fun.

    This girl will never be out of it, because she has the voice and the talent to overcome anything.


  23. I agree, Mindy. One of the things that made Adam so successful, although the strategy has been used by other contestants as well, is that he actively tried to present a different side of himself each week. If you aren’t a contestant who is growing and developing before our eyes, then you keep the audience interested by providing variety and showing how many different things you can do. We’ve only had one fun, uptempo number from Siobhan; all her other choices have been fairly serious. Interestingly, though she is only 20, no one has complained that she isn’t singing songs suited to her age. Speaking for myself, I’m a little tired of the angst, and would like to see her behave like the happy young adult I presume she is. Shania Week may be a blessing for her, because while her songbook deserves many of the criticisms (e.g., weak lyrics), it is nevertheless chock full of fun, upbeat tunes. I hope Siobhan stays away from the temptation to be dramatic or show us what her voice can do, because we already know that. What we need from her is simple entertainment and personality.


  24. Jeanne,

    That is why you are a much needed voice here. It’s great to have your perspective. I happen to agree with what you said. I don’t believe in blind support for someone. I find myself questioning Siobhan’s song choices for the last few weeks. I would dearly love to see the fun, young side of her. We know it’s there. Song choice is the one area in which she has some control over her own destiny. I don’t know how much behind the scenes influence the producers exert over the contestants, but somehow each of these young people has to find a way to do what works for them.

    I agree with you that, even though Shania’s songs may be lacking in some respects, there are some great uptempo songs that are great fun.I think this week’s theme presents a real opportunity for Siobhan to remind us that there is another side to her. Adam did know when to change it up and that was crucial to his success on the show. This is Siobhan’s time to get happy!

    Your last line summed it all up best – we do need entertainment and personality!


  25. Thoughtful Jeanne and lovely Mindy – I completely agree! I’m glad you two opened the door for this discussion because I had similar thoughts, which I hesitated in posting at first. Now, I know I can voice them, and they do mirror your sentiments pretty precisely. 😉


    For me, personally, I’m waiting for Siobhan to recapture some of the magic from earlier in the season. It’s not that her recent performances have been poor or inconsistent, but for me, none of the performances since “Through the Fire” have excited me in the way that the performances from “Wicked Game” to “Superstition” have.

    I wish I could pinpoint exactly what that magical quality was. Perhaps, it was a greater carefree spirit? Combined with an artistic sensibility? Or maybe song choice and arrangement is absolutely critical? “Paint It Black” was just so wonderfully arranged, and “Superstition” was funky and fun with excellent scatting (she didn’t necessarily need the rock wails, but still). “Wicked Game” and “House of the Rising Sun” both fit her voice like a glove and sat in the beautiful part of her range.

    Really, I’d love to see Siobhan having fun again. Even in “dark” songs, the “lightness” of Siobhan’s personality can still shine, and I’d love to see that quality cut through her performances again. I think the negative comments have confused her and made her lose her way a bit, but hopefully, she finds her way again. I really want her to highlight her strengths, rather than trying to anticipate what will please people. Siobhan does have some very positive qualities in her voice, but she also has some weaknesses. I think deep down she knows the difference: her early song choices really showcased Siobhan’s better coordinations and compensated for and/or masked the weaker spots. I hope she rediscovers that understanding. The performances I really enjoy are Siobhan being “Siobhan” and not “people’s expectations of Siobhan.”


    And I have to say that I am very proud of how she responded to the judges’ comments last week, and I hope she continues to take whatever comments she receives in stride and not let them deter her in her confidence. 😀


  26. What an interesting observation, J! I’ve gone back and watched Siobhan’s performances since Superstition, thinking that I would be able to observe a different sort of comfort level on her part that might explain why the first songs were more successful than recent ones, but I didn’t see it. I think we are instead observing something that you have identified and which the judges have talked about ad nauseum in years past: song choice. Harder, I think, to realize that is what it is with a singer who has such a good voice (I still don’t care for it and would never buy her CD with its present mix, but you have helped me to understand what it is that I don’t like so that I can still appreciate her talent, even if I don’t happen to like the resulting sound). Imagine that you only had the last four performances to base your impressions of Siobhan on — would you feel quite the same way about her as you did when she sang House of the Rising Sun and Paint it Black?

    I don’t really think you would. You might recognize the underlying talent, but it was those performances which really sold her fans on her. (And perhaps Think and Wicked Game as well, but since I despise Wicked Game, no matter who sings it, I refuse to include it here! :-))

    Is it that the early songs have attitude? Does she seem stifled in those recent songs? I don’t know, but I sure don’t have a clue what sort of album she would make based on those songs, and I really do think that matters. (I only saw the finale of Season 1, but went back and watched Kelly Clarkson’s AI performances today. I agree with Randy’s assessment about her: she can sing the phone book, so who cares what the album is? Which is a special gift. For all Siobhan’s talent, I don’t think she is in the same league.)

    And being the old fogey that I am, I look at her unusual fashion choices — which might make perfect sense on someone like Cyndi Lauper — and I look at Siobhan’s face, which really has classic beauty in it, and there seems to me some bizarre sort of disconnect. I don’t want to limit her individuality, but with someone who looks like Siobhan, I really think that less is more.

    I’m not sure I see/hear Siobhan as a singer of contemporary music. Some people have made the comparison to Streisand, whom I grew up with (musically speaking) and whom I adore. I never thought her ventures into rock and disco were particularly successful. Incredible voice, but I’m just not sure she was meant to sing that type of music. Likewise, I’m not sure that Siobhan is meant to sing the kind of music she’s been singing lately. The fact that she can do it at all credibly is probably a point in her favor. But I still don’t think they work. The earlier songs, with their imperfections (Superstition is not a song to smile in either, I don’t think!), suit her on some level.

    I really think that this is where “knowing who you are as an artist” comes in to play. Chris Daughtry is probably the prototype: someone who knew exactly what he wanted to be, chose wisely, and put a Daughtry spin on everything he did. He never chose the wrong song, and he never did karaoke. Elliott Yamin and David Cook are other examples of this approach.

    Knowing who you are musically allows you to choose not just songs in your range or that you can sing passably well; it helps you to choose exactly the right song for you.

    Anyway, for all my problems with Siobhan, I do hope she chooses rightly this week, as I hope they all do. The poor guys, having to divvy up so few sex-generic songs among four of them! (Perhaps Shania will rewrite the lyrics to make them suitable for men’s voices!)


  27. As much as I love Siobhan’s voice, I have to agree with the previous posts about her more recent song choices not being the best for her. I wasn’t even sold on Superstition. I did, however, love the earlier songs that she sang. I also absolutely loved her voice on Living for the City and wish we could have heard more of that. I hope she picks something really up-beat this week.


  28. Wicked Game is what sold me on Siobhan. I adore that song, and she sang it beautifully.


  29. Here is a link to an interesting article about the remaining six contestants . . .


  30. Jeanne said, “And being the old fogey that I am, I look at her unusual fashion choices — which might make perfect sense on someone like Cyndi Lauper — and I look at Siobhan’s face, which really has classic beauty in it, and there seems to me some bizarre sort of disconnect. I don’t want to limit her individuality, but with someone who looks like Siobhan, I really think that less is more.”

    Please check out this article with commentary on each of her outfits:'s-fashionista/G1536,A6718

    I’m an old fogey too, but I think her outfits fit her perfectly! That’s part of her package and her clothes help to make her unique in my opinion.


  31. louise,

    I love that link you provided once again! This person seems to see this competition in much the same terms that I do. I liked the fact that he said Crystal has to keep challenging herself. Yes, because the judges aren’t doing it themselves, as they should. Complacency is her biggest enemy right now.

    I also agree with him about Lee. I am becoming a little more disenchanted with Lee as the weeks progress. It’s not that he has necessarily gotten worse, no I feel that it is something else. That’s why I hope that Siobhan can really shake things up this week. I think she still has a shot at this and would love to see her have her own special moment.


  32. Mindy said,” . . . That’s why I hope that Siobhan can really shake things up this week. I think she still has a shot at this and would love to see her have her own special moment.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Mindy. I think Siobhan is certainly capable of giving us a special moment. I’m hoping she does that tonight!


  33. I have been a fan of Siobhan since Hollywood Week (I could not find an audition video). If Siobhan performs and has a “moment to remember” this evening, she could go on (and perhaps win this contest — although sometimes third place winners actually do better than the first or second place contestants). I know I will be calling and texting as long as I can this evening.

    I would love to see how Siobhan handles the evenings when the contestants perform more than once in an evening. Since I read that Ms. Siobhan has had minimal professional training that could help her preserve her voice, this marathon at the end of the contest could indicate if she has the endurance both (mentally and physically) for the Sisyphean task ahead.



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