Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Results Show

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Results Show

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Who is not excited to see American Idol Season 7 winner David Cook perform on the Results Show tonight?  Finally, we are treated to some Cookie love and the Top 12 can witness what it takes to become the next American Idol.

I hope to update this blog topic as the one-hour telecast unfolds. I feel that, based on performances last evening, that either Lacey or Andrew will be leaving us tonight. I could be wrong – we shall see.

Come back and comment after the show – or start now!

UPDATE #1: David Cook opened the show and demonstrated is immense talent. A rock-infused voice powered by classical technical skills! Doesn’t get better than this!  “Jumpin’ Jack Flash…it’s a gas! gas! gas! – his new song. He will also be on Idol Gives Back later on in the season.  Cookie Monster – are you excited??? HA!

UPDATE #2: Paige Miles = Bottom 3;   Lee Dewyze is safe;  Siobhan Magnus is safe; Aaron Kelly is safe;  Andrew Garcia is safe    Tim Urban = Bottom 3

UPDATE #3: Didi Benami is safe;  Crystal Bowersox is safe; Katie Stevens is safe; Michael Lynche is safe;  Casey James is safe; Lacey Brown = Bottom 3

UPDATE #4: Tim is safe

UPDATE #5 :  Paige  is safe     Lacey  is eliminated and singing for a “save”

UPDATE #6: Lacey is permanently eliminated by the judges and it was a fair assessment.

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12 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Results Show”

  1. I love your comment on David Cook! What a great reminder of how singers can sing rock music without damaging their voices! 😉

    Tonight’s elimination was definitely fair. Lacey is a sweetheart, but as mentioned before, her voice isn’t cut out for the rigors of this competition.


  2. I just think he is such a wonderful role model in so many ways!


  3. Yes he is MCL. And he looks good in red too.


  4. Tonight’s results did not surprise or shock me. I agree with what happened, although I do not feel Paige should have been in the bottom 3. Are they going to have that many artists on the show every week? I just found it boring, that’s all. But enjoyed David Cook, of course and can’t wait for his new album. Good night. And Happy St. Patty’s Day!


  5. It was so good to see David Cook, and he knows how to rock the house. It was sad to see Lacey go, but her performance was weak. She seems like a very nice young lady, and I wish her the best. I can’t see a girl going home next week and have 6 guys on the tour. It will probably be Tim going home.

    This had to be one of the worse Results Show ever. Orianthi was pretty bad, but Ke$ka was just absolutely horrible! Forget these guests who are there to promote their albums. BRING BACK ALL THE IDOLS WHO HAVE RECENTLY RELEASED ALBUMS! This is a waste of time.

    I am glad my children are too old to listen to that kind of music, and my Grandbabes are too young. Yep, if that is today’s popular music, then I know I am old. LOL!

    American Idol is bringing back one of the WORSE changes made in Season 8. I absolutely HATE the Judges’ Save! Why patronize Lacey by pretending they were giving thought to using the save on her. This is humiliating to the contestant for the sake of drama. The viewers who vote think they are in charge. They think they are picking the Idol. They think voting for two hours would save their contestant(s), and guess what? For one week, the Judges will say your votes don’t count. I sure won’t be voting.

    I have mentioned that screwing Anoop out of 5th place was a shame. If it was Anoop who got saved last year, I would feel let down. Those voting should decide what place each contestant earns. The judges selected the TOP 24. That’s enough.

    -end of rant-


  6. Was I surprised to see Lacey go home – No! Was I sad to see her go home – Yes! I really liked her voice, and evidently she is going to take my advice and go the country route, LOL. I’m glad others are telling her that she should sing country.


  7. cookie monster March 18, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Good morning!

    Vonnie said – Was I surprised to see Lacey go home – No! Was I sad to see her go home – Yes!
    Well put. I agree with you there. She seemed super sweet.

    And Kariann I absolutely HATE that save!! I felt so uncomfortable for Lacey who was up there trying to perform while the judges are shuffling around in front of her trying to discuss her fate. How distracting!! It gives contestants some false hope. And it may also be discouraging to them if they give the performance of their life and still hear from the judges that it wasn’t good enough.
    But would I or anyone else be upset if the judges used the save on Siobhan, for example, if she happened to get knocked off early…hmmmm Hard to say. But ya, I do feel bad for the false hope given to these contestants especially if it’s done just for EXTRA drama.


  8. cookie monster,

    I agree with you and kariann 1 about the save…my thought is that the judges are being direspectful to the one singing out. While they are making it look as if they are discussing her fate, you know they are not! Give her the respect due as a contestant and sit there and listen to her sing, applaud her when she is done, go to commercial break discuss her fate and give the verdict when the show re-airs! They know who is on their list to save anyway!


  9. Another thing I noticed is that Ellen did watch the last 30 seconds and applauded Lacey. Nothing from the other three. That was wrong.


  10. KariAnn – this is why I love Ellen so much. She cares and is rooting for all of these young singers.


  11. I am going to join in with my fellow posters here and express my distaste for the judge’s save. I think it’s a phony bit of artifice that is meant to heighten the so-called drama involved in each week’s results show.

    I despise cruelty in any form and this is the ultimate act of cruelty. If the judges truly don’t intend to save the eliminated contestant, then they should say so and not go through with this absurd farce. Also, the premise of this show is that the viewers get to choose which contestants get eliminated every week. I think it should stay that way. As Kariann said so well, the judges get to choose the top 24. After that it should be left up to America.

    I was quite upset when Anoop got eliminated last season. I thought the use of the save was pathetic. The judges knew full well that Matt Giraud had virtually no chance to win the competition. So they gave him an extra week or two and overturned the wishes of their viewers. If they are going to use it at all, it should only be if someone who really has a solid chance to win somewho gets voted off due to complacency on the part of their fans. I think of Chris Daughtry, Latoya London, Jennifer Hudson, Melinda Doolittle.

    But when all is said and done, I would like them to just do away with the judges save.


  12. Sorry, I meant to sasy if “someone” gets voted off due to complacency.


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