‘Idolatry’: Adam Lambert Dishes Song Choices, Naughty Lyrics And So Much More!

This is a very revealing interview!  Congratulations to Michael Slezack for revealing aspects of Adam’s personality that we have never heard before.

This a very lengthy listen- the interview is in five parts but you will never, ever be bored.

  Also, during the third part of the interview, I laughed when Adam questioned the meaning of “doozy”.  haha.  Loved it!

And he really dishes the good stuff on all his songs, especially “Ring Of Fire”. You tell ’em Adam!  No one is going to tell him what to do.

He was very strategic throughout this show – performing ballads when others were performing upbeat songs and vice versa.

And he loves playing “dress-up” – who knew? Ha!

During the 4th part of the interview, he talks about his collaboration with some of the other Idols – very nice.  And he wanted to duet with Allison – it was, initially, his decision, but I am sure she didn’t object!

And he wants to record a multi-genre album and gives his intelligent perspective about why this would work. Good for you, Adam! 

I have been waiting for this for my entire life.  Others have done so, but their efforts have never enjoyed  global appeal. With you, Adam, this will all change.

And he dissed Gene Simmons’ advice about what he should wear on the finale. The confidence that Adam exudes is quite daunting – he is so ready for prime time fame! So ready!

‘Idolatry’: Adam Lambert dishes song choices, naughty lyrics, and Bill O’Reilly!

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19 Responses to “‘Idolatry’: Adam Lambert Dishes Song Choices, Naughty Lyrics And So Much More!”

  1. That is the best interview I’ve seen with Adam yet. Adam is articulate, smart, has a great sense of humor, and comes across as a really nice guy. I just can’t get enough of him, and can’t wait for the AI tour or his first album!

    I LOVED it when Adam commented on Gene Simmons’ saying he doesn’t think Adam is a rock singer – “Did you hear HIM sing on the show? He sounded great (sarcastic look).” LOL!


  2. Katillac – isn’t this interview the best? No one is going to push Adam around – NO one! LOLOLOL So many laughs in 30 minutes. I love this guy.


  3. Northernbelle May 28, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    masterclass lady. I really enjoy your articles and have for a long time. The Idolatry article is wonderful and truly shows how amazing Adam is as an entertainer and a personality. I love him too – will be attending my first American idol concert in Vancouver in July (solely because of Adam) – can’t wait.


  4. MCL,

    Thanks so much for posting this. I didn’t even realize that it was up on EW.com. It’s nice to get a long in-depth interview in which Adam can talk in more than sound bites. He seems to be very savvy and knowledgeable not only about music, but the business aspect. I had the sense watching him perform every week, that there was a real intelligence behind his song choices and performances. It was great to hear him discuss that whole process.

    I love his centeredness, confidence, being comfortable in his skin. He knows who he is and no one is going to make him insecure or feel bad about himself. I envy that kind of self-possession in a twenty seven year old young man. I think he needs it to survive in the music business.

    I was wondering if his comment in answer to Gene Simmons’ critique of his rock singing was meant seriously or sarcastically. I guess I know the answer. Sometimes he is so artful with his answers that you’re not quite sure. But I love his attitude! I have no idea why Gene Simmons said what he did, but Adam has it all in perspective. He showed that he could totally hold his own on stage with them.


  5. I may not have voted for Adam, but I always thought he seemed like a good guy. This interview just reinforced that view–I agree that he seems to be smart, funny, and very self-confident.


  6. This interview is great but the best ever interview is actually here: http://www.bestweekever.tv/2009/05/28/the-adam-lambert-interview-that-will-change-your-life/



  7. What a wonderful interview, Adam is just a wonderful human being.

    Adam really does have it all, doesn’t he? Witty, thoughtful, sincere, able to be snarky and nice at the same time and all this wrapped up in one, fabulous, gorgeous package!


  8. I was so impressed with Slezak’s article. It was wonderful to hear Adam being asked interesting questions, and hear his thought processes on music and life. I also appreciated so very much how Slezak framed questions that allowed Adam to talk about issues that are important to him without delving into the rather rude/ridiculous territory so many have been mining. Hearing about his song choices was especially interesting!

    One thing that’s always stood out to me about Adam is his keen intelligence, which I think was more obvious in this interview than any I’ve seen to date. Couple that with his incendiary talent, self-knowledge and good heart, and it’s a pretty amazing package. I was thrilled, like you, to hear Adam confirm the type of album and music he wants to create. I literally can’t wait — to have all different genres of music filtered through his sensibility and voice, I just…*flail* 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the Kris Idolatry as well. I think it will likely be really interesting. Even though I’m not a particular fan of Kris’s music, I’ve become a big fan of him as a person, and I can certainly appreciate his talent. I think Adam and Kris are setting a fantastic example for their fans by their friendship and mutual respect, and I respect both of them the more for it.

    Also, thanks for the shout-out on the Regis and Kelly clip. I am so thrilled you enjoyed it! Your blog has given me a wealth of pleasure and education this year, and I was hoping that might give you a little joy. My thoughts are with you on your situation with your mother. It’s such a hard, hard thing.


  9. galen, message for you in the David and David Manila thread.


  10. This is a great interview. CS, I agree Michael framed asked good questions and we got to hear answers to a lot of things we want to know. I was quite happy to know my commentary about Adam wasn’t off the mark. The only problem is, i want the interview to be longer.

    It’s also nice to know that Adam is thinking about the people who like his music but didn’t get to vote, like me (from the Philippines). I’ll be waiting for him to do a concert here. As in the previous post, David and David’s Philippine tour did really well so I hope Adam and Kris would make it here, too.

    By the way, MCL, I’ll be waiting for your article on Kris. I like him, too, way back from the Top 36.

    MCL, I’ll be waiting for your article on Kris, coz I like him, too.


  11. Best interview yet as many of you have said. I am getting tired of the same questions and the same answers in so many other interviews. You can tell that Adam respects Michael.

    I am so glad to hear about the kind of music Adam wants to put out. I think he understands that what works live does not so much on a recording. All you have to do is compare his live AI performances with his itunes recordings. The latter show more restraint and great pure singing.


  12. I love Michael Slezak’s interviews. It’s so nice to see the contestants sit down for an extended chat with somebody who is obviously a longtime fan of the show, understands how it works, and doesn’t ask obvious questions that the Idols have already been forced to answer eleventy billion times. Kris’ interview should be up sometime today, I think. Can’t wait to see that one, because I’ve seen a few glimpses of a very charming (and dry) sense of humor that he hasn’t had much of an opportunity to show yet. Poor guy has been too busy answering questions about Adam and Textgate.

    I’m VERY curious and more than a little wary for Gokey’s interview, even though I’m sure they’ll make it entertaining. Idolatry spent most of the season ripping on him mercilessly. (Yes, I laughed. I’m only human.)

    Oh, and Adam’s dig at Gene Simmons was absolutely PRICELESS. Word of warning to everybody: Bill O’Reilly is going to talk about Adam *again* tonight and address his comments in his Idolatry interview. Ugh.


  13. I love this interview! =) What I find so striking about Adam is that he is so self-assured but in a very humble and unassuming way, and he really does not let other people’s opinions of his performances or style affect him at all. He believes in what he’s doing, and he sticks by it, and that is so refreshing. He knows that his singing is not for everybody, but that doesn’t bother him. And that’s just something, as a singer myself, that I think all singers really need to take to heart. A singer can never please everybody, but it’s so easy to lose oneself trying to do so. And Adam just knows who he is so well that he runs no risk of doing that. Bravo to Adam!

    I’m so looking forward to Kris’ interview. His interview on Jay Leno was hilarious! =P Honestly, this top 2 has to be one of my favorites because I genuinely admire and respect both contestants so much, and I was literally TORN after the Tuesday night finale because I didn’t know who I wanted to win. And I couldn’t be happier for Kris, but if Adam had won, I couldn’t be happier for him either. These two gentlemen are truly exceptional.

    Right now, I’m enjoying the Idolatry season finale. Good stuff!

    Oy, and all I have to say about Bill O’Reilly is that his portrayal of “conservative” America is so misleading. I will tell you that I know people who happen to hold “conservative” political viewpoints but are very progressive with their thinking and very in tune with the many sides of different issues.

    For example, I think it was great how in his first segment both of the female commentators refused to take the bait he was trying to give them, and in fact, they praised Adam and his voice and communicated that they did not think those pictures of Adam would affect anything. There are conservatives who are open-minded—as paradoxical as that sounds—and it is such a shame that the popular media has a way of obscuring that.


  14. Agreed, J, and good on the commentators for sticking up for Adam. It does seem like “Republican” is synonymous with “Christian conservatives who don’t separate legislation from religion” these days, and I wish that weren’t the case. In my own personal experience, though, I do run into a LOT of the Bill O’Reilly types. It doesn’t help that I live in Georgia. Something really interesting that Kris had to say about the whole thing on ew.com:

    “There [were all these rumors] about how all the conservative, Christian people that would vote for me hate Adam and never want him to win because of who he is. Oh, it was so frustrating—really bad, because we are really good friends. Why can’t everyone get along? It never made any sense for me to judge anyone, who they are. It frustrates me that people can’t get along with people because of their differences. And I’ll tell you what, especially Christians. Christians have a hard time accepting people like Adam—liberal, from L.A., looks different, maybe acts a certain way. He’s a great, great guy. They don’t even give him a chance. And it’s frustrating because I come from that. A lot of my friends are not that way, which I appreciate, but a lot of people in Arkansas or in the South or wherever are that way. We really hope that our relationship can be an inspiration to people. I could go on about that forever.”

    Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better final 2. What a great pair of guys.


  15. Richard Lee – please remember that I critique the performance at first glance – in other words, I don’t wind and rewind videos. I start writing my notes during the performance.

    Also, this is not a “note by note” evaluation, but an evaluation of the overall performance.

    Yes, Adam had a little technical error with that note, but he corrected it and handled it well. If the problem persisted throughout the performance, that would have been a different story, but it happened once and very quickly.

    I have conducted many concerts with exceptional singing artists and I can truly tell you that little problems arise during a performance. However, these little technical errors never obscured an otherwise flawless performance. The show moves forward and so should we.


  16. Well, I don’t mean to spam your blog, but I saw the following article linked, read it, and kept thinking, Oh! Masterclasslady would *love* this, and it confirms exactly what she’s been saying all along about Adam. So, here’s a link to a San Diego newspaper’s in-depth article about Adam’s hard work, training and dedication from the time he was 10, as well as his early musical career with comments from singers, directors, etc. I apologize if it’s already been linked somewhere here, but I don’t think so — I think it’s very new — I haven’t seen it before.

    Also, darling photos of him in costumes as a kid and an awesome older teen one as Captain Hook (a director mentions that by late teens Adam was wanting to put his own stamp on roles, and did so with Hook:)). One thing that really stands out is how both his parents and his theater group kept him grounded — and how his personality really is that sweet.

    Here you go: hope you enjoy!http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2009/05/30/entertainment/music/zd53ca84f1e94dc6c882575c100676ed0.txt


  17. CS- Oooooo -I cannot wait to read this. Thanks for sending this to me. Will report back later. 🙂


  18. CS – I came to this blog to post that same article about Adam. It really gives more background story than I had ever seen before.

    I like how it points out that while in the children’s theatre, Adam had to work behind the scenes:

    “…..the Metropolitan credo is to develop talent, not create “stars,” so during Lambert’s teen years, he mentored younger actors (which she said involved everything from “teaching them a dance step to wiping a runny nose”). And he was cast as often in the ensemble as in the lead —- even though he had the kind of talent she said “you only see once in a lifetime.”…..

    No wonder he is the all-around, great guy we see today.


  19. I agree that this was an excellent interview. Excellent rapport b/c Adam and Michael- they were on the same page throughout.

    Adam was in complete control and out snarked the snarkiest Idol bloggers (EW). Tee hee. Love how he challenged Slezak on the word “doozy” and thanked him at the end for “pissing on me all season”. He is an interviewer’s dream!!!

    I also loved the flat sarcastic “did you hear Gene Simmons sing?” Again, totally brilliant and in complete control. I also wonder if Gene was really concerned about Adam falling with those boots, or whether he just did not want Adam to be as tall or taller! Hahahahah! I think the Beth Medley was the highlight of the season.

    There are so many great interviews with adam post finale. This kid is such a natural.


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