American Idol Season 7 Tour in Green Bay Wisconsin on September 2nd, 2008

Helloooooo Green Bay, Wisconsin!

We are nearing the end of this very exciting Top 10 American Idol tour, so I am sure the singers will be “pulling out all the stops” to make the ending as exciting as the rest of the tour has been.

I am sure you are having a great time at the Resch Center and are snapping photos and taping videos so that the musical memories can live on for a very long time.

So, please stop by this blog and add your commentary and videos/photo links. Or you can email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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12 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Green Bay Wisconsin on September 2nd, 2008”

  1. David A was finally on a vocal rest – no talking at the afternoon meet and greets in Green Bay – anxious for uploads of the concert.


  2. That’s great news ArchieFan. He, as well as several of the other singers, needed this break and, hopefully, like Archie, they were wise enough to stay silent at the fan outings.

    Let’s hope some videos caome to pass soon.

    Thanks again!


  3. MCL and Archiefandoc, so far only a partial WYSYLM has uploaded. Fans from the concert have reported hearing a very strained vocal from David. I believe when the idols have a “day off” from the tour David has been traveling to and from recording sessions. In a mere 9 days the tour will be over and perhaps David can then get some much deserved rest.


  4. Too bad for the voice crack.
    He had a couple of minor cracks on Saturday night. His father said that although he feels really bad about it when it happens, he is doing much better at “getting over it”.
    He stayed in Minneapolis on the “day off” to work more on the album!
    David was talking non-stop for about an hour at AP Saturday night. –snippet of AP on —
    I now feel bad having been one of those he was talking to and not at least stating something in my professional opinion – but felt it was none of my business.
    Curious to hear an Angels and see if he attempts that high B – he did great on 8/30 KC show – I posted full Angels on the KC thread.


  5. Yea I think everyone is so used to brilliance and perfection, that it shocks people when they hear anything less. Even with the voice crack on “mo-ment”….just prior to that was such a beautifully resonant “flyyyyy”. Amazing isn’t he! Archiefandoc, I can certainly understand how difficult it would be to ask David to stop talking, if I were the one engaged in conversation with him! 😉


  6. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded byashleyann427

    Performed by a very tired David Archuleta

    When You Say You Love Me (Partial)

    By all reports, David was extremely exhausted, as he was dividing his time between the live tour shows and his recording commitments.

    In addition he has always been available for the fans, before and after the show, and I am sure that his physical resources have been “maxed to the limit”.

    When does this tour end? Never too soon, as far as I’m concerned! This young man needs and deserves a great deal of rest.

    So, as I listen to him speak, even his speaking voice sounds husky and the inflection coming from his voice screams exhaustion. But he tries so, so hard to find inner strength to perform to the very best of his abilities.

    You can really hear the rasp in the lower end of his voice and he is having some problems tackling the notes in his upper range. And then he starts to sound like his usual stellar self – his voice so rich and full- bodied.

    He sings the beautiful sustained note on the word “fly” and followed by a bit of a crack on the word “moment” – but then continues on his merry way like nothing has happened.

    You see, this is what I have always loved about David – his ability to move past the minor performance glitches and create an overall memorable and extraordinary vocal performance.

    I hope the fans understand that he will be fine once the tour is over. Actually, he is more than fine now, due in great part to his innate musical gifts and his inspiring work ethic.

    However, once he can pace himself as he should, he will be able to establish a regular and healthy vocal regime – one that will develop, strengthen and care for his voice in a relaxed, methodical manner.

    However, despite David’s fatigue, this performance was passionate and heartfelt and the expresssiveness in his voice is something truly special.


  7. Good night all and, ArchieFanDoc, I know just how you feel.

    I wanted to share so much technical advice with him when I met him in Toronto, but, it didn’t seem appropriate at the time, especially with people around us hanging onto every word that was being said.

    I mostly tried to provide reassurance to him, told him that, indeed, the stress and rigors of the tour were physically impeding his technical resources.

    So, ArchieFan – you are a supportive fan and he values this so much. I am sure your caring presence was felt by him. Sometimes, the fewer words spoken, the better the impact.


  8. Here’s Angels….and no high “B”, ArchieFan, but a solid performance with plenty of those tasteful embellishments we’ve come to know and love. 🙂


  9. MCL, Archiefandoc and Hazelnut 40, Angels is posted above. May I say I thoroughly enjoyed the new emphasis on “street”.

    Here is Apologize. The screams intensify as David descends the stairs, and why wouldn’t they, it’s such a powerful moment in the performance.

    SBM offers us another golden nugget of Archuleta Artistry. I found the second, “I won’t cry” particularly compelling:


  10. Whooppee – more from Green Bay. Thanks so much, Janey! The Archuleta Artistry strikes again!

    Will comment more this evening.


  11. Finally, some Green Bay Jason!

    An almost complete Over the Rainbow, uploaded by CMOUAROX


  12. Delivered by ReReader

    Uploaded by CMOUAROX

    Performed by Jason Castro

    Over The Rainbow

    Finally, some Jason! Oooooo – and nice close shots of Jason via the screen. Excellent!

    Hey – he’s connecting the notes in his phrases much, much better. “And the dream” was sung without the space that I normally hear in between those words. You go, Jason!

    It is not as cohesive the second time – at the 2:20 point -but the continuity of proper phrasing takes a long time to develop.

    However, what a difference in the overall presentation of this song when compared to his earlier performances. Huge!

    And the crowd loved his head voice when he sang “over the rainbow” and it was very good, indeed.

    Whoops, the video “kicked out” before the ending. darn. Oh well, it was a great performance and the song has certainly evolved, along with his talent and charisma, during this tour. Bravo My Jason!


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