American Idol Season 7 Tour In Toronto, Ontario, Canada: July 26th, 2008

Alrighty everybody! The Idol Dream Team has finally hit Canada and I am extremely excited to see this show at the Air Canada Centre. This has to be the best ensemble of singers ever to grace the American Idol stage and I cannot wait to see and hear this talented group of singers in a live environment.

Obviously, I will have my own pictures and videos (hopefully) to add to this Toronto Idol blog topic. Also, as I may not be able to add my reviews and media for a day or two after the event, I welcome all your links, recaps and comments ASAP.

You can also email me at if you wish.

And, did I say how excited I am to see this show and meet the singers? Over the moon excited.

Thanks again to all the faithful MCL readers who have followed me on this exciting Idol journey this summer. You people are the best!

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31 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour In Toronto, Ontario, Canada: July 26th, 2008”

  1. Do you get to meet them, MCL??!


  2. Hi MCL…I hope you have a blast. Enjoy and can’t wait to read your comments. I’m seeing the show on Sunday night and am just as excited as you!!!


  3. MCL, I especially cannot wait to hear your review about Archie!!! Trust me, you’ll be even more amazed when you actually hear him sing live. : )


  4. MCL, did you think Archie’s best song was, “Stand By Me?” The audience went wild over that number and he couldn’t begin his next song for a good 4 minutes in Detroit. How do you feel Jason did? On Thursday, there were a few who were on vocal rest.

    Inquiring minds want to know!


  5. aka DrArchieFan

    Have a great time tonight MCL! Hope our Canadian friends show the Idols the love – but keep the screaming down so you can hear a certain someone’s voice resonate through that arena and right into your soul.
    Goose bumps time! (or otherwise known as “getting that tingly feeling”.


  6. Have a great time, MCL!!


  7. Thinking of you–the concert is almost started!


  8. Hope you enjoyed the concert tonight!!


  9. Hi everyone:

    Back at the hotel and exhausted but extremely ecstatic. The concert was unbelieveable and,in actuality, all of the singers sound much much better live than on TV. And they are all so gracious to the fans.

    I met all the singers after the show at a meet and greet party and it was a blast. I have tons of pictures, a little video footage (a security guard told me to stop videotaping, so that ended that) and lots of memories.

    I have to say that Archie’s voice and stage presence is phenomenal. I had tears in my eyes watching this young singer perform. The standards he sets for himself are extremely high and his humble, endearing demeanor is truly truly special.

    Jason sounded great – a richer and more developed sound than I have heard from him in the past. And I loved meeting him – I had quite a nice chat with him, longer than with Archie or Cookie – too many people around them.

    Cookie was powerful – he knows how to work the crowd and his voice was technically solid, very strong.

    All were so good – they left everything on the floor after their performance. They all worked so darn hard. Chikezie, Ramiele, Michael, Carly, Kristy Lee, Brooke, Syesha – amazing talents and truly nice, earthy, genuine individuals.

    I talked at length with Debra Byrd – we know each other from an interview that I did with her a few years ago. Boy, do those singers LOVE her.!

    Jeff Archuleta and I had a lovely conversation – what a lovely, caring and compassionate man. No wonder David turned out as he did. One of my daughters said to him, “David got his smile from you” and it is so true.

    Okay – need to sleep – will update this blog topic when I am back home


  10. Awwww, MCL, thank you so much for your update. I am looking forward to the next one. So happy for you that you got to meet the Idols.


  11. Thanks, MCL, for your update–your excitement is just spilling off the screen! Can’t wait to hear/see the rest!!!


  12. MCL! Thanks so much for the update already! We knew you’d be touched by Archie. I, too, was impressed by the whole bunch. MJ made me stand up and scream…it as fun! Brooke too as a surprise for me. Can’t wait for the rest, but take your time and safe travels back home.


  13. Just watched the first videos posted by chellewiz from Toronto!
    Way to go Canada!!! Hope MCL could get past all the screaming.

    MCL — just for you: Angel’s version with the “microphone grab” during the Yeah Yeah part (a coincidence or by design? I wonder)

    Finale group number: Looks like the Harry Potter sweater is gone for good!!

    Angels link:

    chellewiz has all 4 archie and jason, finale, and cute “Archuleta chanting” video.


  14. MCL I am so glad you got a chance to meet them all and to go to the concert. I was at the show just prior to this in Detroit and met everyone outside, by the busses, except for Jason, Ramiele, and Carly who were doing press. They were all sweet and gracious! And the concert was wonderful. You are right they are all better live than on TV. I loved every minute of it, only sorry that it was so short!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your conversations with them and seeing your photos!


  15. Here is a cute vid of Archie should bumping the window after telling fans he couldnt come down due to press.

    So cute. He was probably a bit frustrated he couldnt get down there to meet the fans.


  16. Can’t wait for your recap MCL!! We love you!


  17. I am now back home and still elated over the American Idol performance last evening in Toronto.

    I have some very good pics of the after party and, thankfully, my two daughters took many pics of the concert and after party as well. My concert pics are kind of a disaster, as I became too greedy with my zoom option, resulting in several close shots of a blurry Idols. haha.

    Tomorrow, I will write a review of my entire Toronto experience. What a blast! Plus I am compiling pictures with my two daughters and hope to present them in a slideshow of sorts.

    I am off now to add a blog entry for the Idol performance this evening in Rochester New York. But, the fans will have to scream awfully loud to beat the Canadians! It was!


  18. Houstonrufus Says:
    July 27, 2008 at 7:29 pm
    Can’t wait for your recap MCL!! We love you!

    I love you – and all the fans – too! xo


  19. Looking forward to your review, MCL! Do you think Jason should have chosen another song in place of, ‘Daydream’? Some are making this comment, and I think I would have loved to hear him sing, ‘Forever in Bluejeans’.


  20. No, not at all. I love “Daydream” – it’s my favorite. The only problem I have with his set is that it was far too short in comparison with the others.

    “Forever In BlueJeans” would have been a stronger choice than “Over The Rainbow”, but OTR has really improved since the earlier performances on the tour.

    He needs to work with a really sound A&R person who can direct him wisely and patiently in the correct artistic direction. We need singers like Jason in the music industry. He has a lot to offer.


  21. MCL, Brooke and Jason were my favorites at the SLC show, besides David Archuleta, of course. ha!! I agree. There is definitely a place for their style of music.


  22. Awwwwww Archie loves Canada!! Here is his new video blog from Canada.


  23. MCL, I am especially looking forward to your review on Archie!!!


  24. He needs to work with a really sound A&R person who can direct him wisely and patiently in the correct artistic direction. We need singers like Jason in the music industry. He has a lot to offer.

    I feel silly for asking, but what does “A&R” stand for?

    It’s sounds like you have an absolutely wonderful time, I’m so excited to hear all about it–and you’ve really whetted my curiosity! (What DID MCL and Jason have a nice chat about? LOL!)


  25. After the Toronto gig, Syesha wrote the following in her blog:

    “My vocal chords are an instrument. So, they require care. I use cough drops to keep my throat moist during the day. These venues are cold and dry so I keep my scarf around my neck always and I keep my feet covered while inside. I also bought a steamer to do steam treatment on my chords. It works well. The less strain I put on my chords if there is anything bad happening there it will heal quicker. “I gots to be good to what’s good to me!””

    Any comments on the use of cough drops and a steamer?


  26. A&R means Artists and Repertoire and these specialists are great at finding appropriate repertoire for the style of the singer that they are representing.


  27. AiFan – cough drops and a steamer are always very wise choices. It sounds like Syesha is very astute in the management of her voice. She was amazing in Toronto!


  28. Yes Dean was talkling about trying to get Archie to use a steamer or even the specialized throat spray stuff(I forget what its called, lol).


  29. Thanks, MCL–I always learn something interesting from you!


  30. (What DID MCL and Jason have a nice chat about? LOL!)

    rereader, did you find the answer to your question?

    MCL, did you write more about the after party and meeting the Idols?

    Now, it is my turn to ask a question. Did they know who you are? ;o)


  31. KariAnn – I know you are anxious to know about the after party and I will write about it as soon as I have a spare moment.

    Jason did know me – I can tell you that much for sure and he was extremely appreciative of the articles. He is such a loving and caring young man. I had a wonderful time with him and all the singers.


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