Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For Top 11 Singers: Lennon-McCartney Part Two

American IdolI thought that the songs selected this week were much better and more sophisticated than last week.  I was not on the same page as the judges regarding the performances, as I felt that many of the singers generally performed better than last week. 

So, as until my Vocal Masterclass evaluation is online, please share you opinions about the Top 11 performances.

My article should be online sometime on Thursday.

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11 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For Top 11 Singers: Lennon-McCartney Part Two”

  1. My review:

    I disagreed with Simon on Carly. I thought she was the best of the night, and she is finally letting go when she performs.

    David A was a close second for me and sounded great.

    As far as energy goes, Amanda owned everyone.

    I also disagreed with their assessment of Michael. I loved his tone tonight.

    Syesha was good, but I don’t think she lived up to that song.

    Chickezie and Ramiele were decent.

    Brooke and Jason were train wrecks, although I love Brooke.

    And Kristy was forgettable for me, but I don’t think she sounded bad. Forgettable is probably the worst place to be, but I think she’s a sweet girl.


  2. I have to say when I saw that David was going to sing Long & Winding Road, I was not too thrilled. But all that changed after he sang it. He was amazing, once again. I also thought Carly & Syesha did great.


  3. I am running so late today. Easter celebrations and all. Thanks for stopping by Erin and Idolina.

    I still think that – generally – the singers were not as bad as perceived by the judges – especially Simon. Yes, there were some faux-pas, but this is not Perfection Idol. I look at the whole picture.

    Looks like they want little David to win – but he did perform very well last night.

    Still trying to work on the Vocal Masterclass article. Will have it up ASAP.


  4. I thought Carly was best of the night–I guess I just didn’t hear what the judges were hearing. Maybe they wanted a more in-your-face performance out of her, but I found it thoughtful and subtle.

    David A. did very nicely–I didn’t find his performance as outstanding as his “Imagine” was, but not only does he have that lovely clear voice, but his phrasing always shows that he really thinks about the lyrics. (Hopefully as he matures, the preparatory effort won’t show so much!)

    And I know he’s taking a beating online, but I really enjoyed Jason’s performance, it was fun and sweet. He doesn’t have such a great voice per se–he really needs some serious vocal training–but he has a very distinctive style and his performances, including this one, are always interesting and original.


  5. Just a comment on the Beatles theme two weeks running.

    Randi touts the Beatles as the number one song writers of all time, and asserts that their songs will pass the test of time. In the meantime, Simon critiques the contestant’s SONG choices as “poor/mediocre”. Rather incongruent!

    As well, contestants have always been critiqued when they choose an iconic favorite–as either biting off more they can could chew, or of not “making it their own”. Well this is the Beatles for heaven’s sake! (For eg., what in the world did Brooke do to make “Let it Be” her own? For eg. Paul’s advice to not tamper with the melody on a classic?)

    Thridly, Simon is always going on about “this is supposed to be a singing competition”, yet he constantly critiques them for singing songs he never liked to begin with, not to mention those he’s never heard of. Those are diametrically opposed criteria.

    And while there is certainly a little wiggle room in the middle for contestants to shine, overall, I find the judge’s criticisms more perplexing and overly subjective than informative.

    Wish Rosanne or someone with her ear and experience was on the panel!


  6. Catzzz…I think I mostly understand what the judges are getting at.

    You have to take into account the format of the show…and there are plenty of great songs that are just not suited to it. Some songs are suited more to having the whole band, some aren’t suited for the short time they’re singing, some are suited to stadium venues, some of more ‘small club’, etc.

    I think they sometimes use the term ‘singer’s song’ as the type of song you really need to lean toward on American Idol. It’s gotta be something that really grabs you quickly since at this stage you have less than 2 minutes. It also helps to have a song that builds into a big ‘money note’. I really wish someone had picked ‘Oh Darling’…there are a couple people who could’ve knocked that out of the park.

    And that comes to my last point…are the contestants that bad at picking songs (i.e. “I picked the song because I liked the name of it”) or is the process bad as well? I find it hard to believe the producers wouldn’t let them have some sort of way to listen to songs they’re choosing from, but it seems from their interviews a lot of times this is exactly what happens.

    That being said I do agree that they didn’t do as bad as you might think from the judges comments. I think part of it is that the standard is just so high now so you start noticing a lot of the smaller things. This year there just aren’t any ‘bad’ people…probably makes it hard for sites like votefortheworst or whatever it is.


  7. Unfortunately, I missed quite a bit of last night so I have been catching up via youtube. David A. absolutely “wowed” me! Kudos to him for coming back and performing a stellar performance after his lyricas mishap last week. I was also able to catch Michael, who in my opinion, didn’t own it last night. Not that he wasn’t terrible (I completely disagreed with the judges on that) but it wasn’t good, or it wasn’t one of his best performances!


  8. Hey everyone:

    Thanks for livening up this thread. The Vocal Masterclass article will be online sometime tomorrow.

    I have to admit that I was shocked to see Carly in the Bottom 3 – but she will be going on tour with the Top 10, so that’s super.


  9. Hey MCL. I was shocked too about Carly. She has really impressed me over the last 2 weeks and was finally letting go. I thought she was the best of the night along with David A.

    As sad and crazy as it may be, I don’t think viewers identify with her as much as they do the other contestants. Identity is popularity’s close friend and this will work against Carly. I don’t think these things should factor in, but based on what I have read on the boards, the tattoos and the fact that she is Irish are alienating for some viewers. I don’t think it’s fair, but I think it may be true.

    Sometimes singing is the easy part.


  10. Yes, Idolina, I think some of these older singers – even Michael who has a gorgeous voice (but like Carly he is initially from another country) – are not reaching the viewers.

    I find it strange. The adult viewers were contributing iin a strong way to the demographic of American Idol and I think this has changed in the past year or so. Otherwise, Taylor would not have won in Season 5.


  11. idolina, I think your comment is spot on about Carly, unfortunately. My little sister said something similar to me. She said that Carly might not appeal to voters as much because she’s not conventionally pretty (in the way that, say, Carrie Underwood is), she has a tattoo covering her right arm, and she’s married. I don’t think any of those things should matter, but I suppose non-married, traditionally attractive females appeal to both the younger Disney generation of girls looking for role models and to young adult males watching for shallow reasons.

    I definitely think Carly is one of the best singers this season. I do believe she needs to watch the way she spreads the corners of her lips, though, which really takes away some of the meat in her tone in her upper notes. She controlled this well in “Crazy On You,” which was her best *vocal* performance so far in my opinion. People have also commented on her “facial expressions,” which, again, shouldn’t matter in my opinion, but it goes to show how many non-singing objections viewers raise about contestants.


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