Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 12 Performers

American IdolAs I feverishly write my Vocal Masterclass evaluations for the Top 12 performances this week on American Idol, I will leave the comment lines open  so you can voice your evaluations as well.

Generally, I thought that this was a great show and that the majority of these very talented singers interpreted the Lennon-McCartney songbook with superb artistry and vocal excellence.

There were some surprises – good and bad – and nervous energy distracted some of the singers. However, that’s to be expected. Oh the fun and drama of live television!

A special “shout-out” to 17 year old David Archuleta. I know he must be hurting right now, but, all in all, if you looked past his memory lapse, it was still a very solid -but tentative- showcase.  His talent was still very evident. 

The Top 12 Vocal Masterclass article should be online sometime tomorrow. Comment lines are now open!

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7 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 12 Performers”

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out to David A. He is still amazing even if he didn’t do his best. I thought David Cook, Brooke, & Chikezie all did fantastic. As far as who should go home tonight, it better be Kristy. I bet you can’t help but agree with me that her performance last night was the worst.


  2. I LOVED Chickieze’s performance so much I downloaded it from ITunes. Totally rockin!
    I thought Kristy sounded like she was singing a different song from what the band was playing, what happened there? I do love her voice though. I thought David H gave a poor performance last night and David A. Actually, David A should go home if it was based on one performance alone. Im slowly coming to like Carly, don’t get Amanda and she seems so unfriendly. I like Brooke but dont get the hype the judges heap on her. Im totally into David C and hope Michael gets his groove going, love that guy.


  3. Many of the contestants did not “bring it” last night. I really was expecting something big from all of them especially since this was such a big night. Stand outs for me included Brooke (I admire anyone who is able to play the piano and sing at the same time; such a hard skill to master…) and her song choice was quite good; Carley and Chckieze, who had an oustanding performance.
    Poor David A. (although, I will have to admit, I did not even realize he forgot the lyrics, which goes to show what a great performer he really is).

    Looking forward to the results show tonight :)!


  4. Wow. What a talented bunch.

    David Cook really has it. I’d say that from an artistic point of view, he’s untouchable in this competition. And what a performer!!! Wow. I’m really, really impressed. Now I’m not saying that he’s the best singer in the competition, but compared to some of the other singers, I think it’s pretty obvious from watching that he is at the top as far as experience goes. If the competition were to end today, he would deserve to win.

    I also enjoyed Carly (for the first time….she finally let go), Brooke, Chickezie and Michael.

    Ramiele chose a boring song, HOWEVER her voice sounded beautiful and I feel like the judges over-stated the negative stuff. I just love the tone of her voice….kinda husky.

    I’m really disappointed to see David H go home. He was one of the better singers in the competition, and I will miss him. I had a feeling that he would not be good on Beatles night though since it’s not really his vibe. I still think he had one of the best performances thus far with “Papa was a rolling stone”.


  5. I thought it was a great night. These songs are wonderful and it’s great to see them being performed for the very first time on American Idol.

    The highlight of the night to me were performances from Brooke, Chikezie and Amanda. I love how the three of them have a very unique style to Idol and they’re able to blend their style into these wonderful songs. I LOVE how Brooke was so heartfelt and sincere in all of her performances and watching her cry during the judges’ comments really makes my heart melt 😀 I’m also especially surprised by Chikezie’s performance and if next week he nailed another Beatles song, he will make the tour and will certainly gained some new fans along the way.

    Other who were also good were Carly, David C and Michael. But they were pretty consistent from week to week, although I’m glad that Randy and Simon was at least critical of Michael. I agree with them and IMO he still haven’t found his ‘mojo’ yet.

    I thought the judges were too hard on Ramiele and Jason. I appreciate singers who can sing a song and not overdoing it. I thought Jason put out another sincere performance, and ‘If I Fell’ is just so beautiful, isn’t it? The chords, the melody, it works for Jason. But Ramiele really has to step up her game, because that’s three times in a row that she had just another ‘okay’ performance. I actually think with the help of a guest mentor or two, that could really help Ramiele find her groove again.

    I actually like Syesha’s performance this week, but I LOVE Earth Wind & Fire so that may cloud my judgment 😀 But I can see why voters might think her performance this time is boring. And IMO there’s something off about Syesha’s personality, like a desperate need for attention. I definitely think she can more likable if she just dial down the desperation a bit. Hopefully with her in the Bottom 3, she can realize that she needs to improve her performance and project a better image.

    Which brings us to my bottom 3 contestants, David A, David H and Kristy. So glad the judges really critical of David A, because all aspects of that performance were pretty bad. The flubbed lyrics, the arrangement, the performance, the notes.. Meanwhile, I think David H is not as bad as the other two. But it might be that he just doesn’t have that many loyal fans compared to Kristy, who IMO was the worst of the night. Simon was right, it was like in a bad country fair. I thought it was kinda funny that she just can’t do anything about her performance, because singing country or not apparently doesn’t make a difference, it’s still awful. And what’s up with her crazy eyes? 🙂 I had a feeling that a girl will be eliminated next week and it’s going to be a competition between Syesha/Ramiele/Kristy.


  6. Hello…My first comment!!!…I have been reading for a few seasons though..so I figure I would just talk about who I like this season and why…for me it’s not ALL about the voice

    ok…JMO…David Cook is an amazing talent…he might not be the best singer…but I feel his arrangements and knowing what works for his voice should hopefully take him very deep in this.

    Jason and Brooke and Amanda although all different vocally are really pleasing to me becuase they don’t change themselves…Jason and Brooke both being really sincere in thier performances

    Micheal, Carly, David A, Ramiele and Syesha all seem to me like the standard AI contestants..they sing great …look great and perform well…they just don’t sparkle for me… it seems slightly contrived to me whenever they are in front of the camera’s

    Chikieze is a nice suprise…if he stay’s in this direction without going TOO far off the edge he will continue to do well

    Kristy just can’ figure it out…..I think i would have actually liked her performance had she slowed it down and takien out the running for his life Banjo player.

    and David H went home…I really enjoyed his voice but he never connected with me on any level


  7. interestinggg…………….. :)))


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