Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Part 2 Results Show: The Music Of Elvis With Adam Lambert

Siobhan Magnus and Adam Lambert

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Wwell, I must say that Adam Lambert’s  brilliant mentoring skills saved the show last evening!    

It was wonderful to hear actual technical terms like “head voice”  being mentioned during the coaching process.  He was very blunt and honest with these singers, yet supportive as well.  I appreciated this approach very much.     

 Adam gave the singers some wonderful ideas and attempted to inject some new life into their performances this week.  In fact, he was quite relentless in doing so. I would have been curious to see the coaching sessions in their entirety, but, of course that would have been another show and far too revealing, wouldn’t it?    

I truly am looking forward to his performance tonight during the Top 9 Results Show. But, I hope it won’t be too confusing to some people (little inside joke here on MCL) or they may decide not to air it on the West Coast!    

Hope to comment further this evening as the show unfolds and don’t forget to add your opinions as well. You can start now or come back later!    

Update #1:  Eliminated: Andrew Garcia    

Update #2: Safe: Casey James and Aaron Kelly   

Update #3: Amazing performance by Season 7 Singer, Brooke White, and “If I Can Dream” colleague,  Justin Gaston    

Update #4: Safe: Lee Dewyze, Siobhan Magnus,   Crystal Bowersox,    

                          Bottom 3: Katie Stevens,  Michael Lynche, Tim Urban (triple ugh time – me no likey!)   

Update #5: Why is Adam in scream mode tonight?  Loved the performance but the vocals not so much. He sure knows his craft, though!  

Update $6: Eliminated: The adorable Katie Stevens 


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33 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Part 2 Results Show: The Music Of Elvis With Adam Lambert”

  1. Adam was truly amazing and spot on with his critiques and suggestions. Adam’s candor is one of his best features. If more of the Idols had taken his advice, their performances would have been remarkable. Ken Warwick should be thanking Adam for giving the show another rescue breath.
    I can’t wait to hear and see him perform tonight. I hope he does it his way, which for him is the right way. 😉


  2. Only problem I have with Mr. Eyeliner is that he seems to have no lower register. Sort of like Todrick with a better vocal presence and more vocal poswer.


  3. @James He actually does have a beautiful lower register but for whatever reason does not use it often. There are some wonderful pre-idol performances/songs where it can be heard.


  4. There is also a good deal of lower register on his CD, For Your Entertainment. Listen to Aftermath, in particular, as well as the title track.

    I agree that Adam was a brilliant mentor. The best this season, certainly, and I am having trouble thinking of a better one from previous seasons. The more the contestants took his advice, the better their performances. The ones who didn’t take it (i.e., Andrew and Casey) gave the most mediocre performances of the night.


  5. Was nice 2 see someone who has been in the outside world and been there, done that, help fellow artists!Of the 9, who didn’t take his advice and expertise because of whatever reason, will probably pay 4 it tonight getting cut. The AI producers putting restrictions on tonights performance is surprising if true, AI knows Adam, trusts Adam, is proud of Adam, otherwise why would he be asked 2 mentor (never been done)their baby? Really have to be careful of the media, so fickled! Masterclass Lady seems 2 know what she is talking about and can appreciate all aspects of the music industry!


  6. Nice article and I agree with everything you said! Can’t wait to see Adam again tonight…

    He was a great mentor and I too liked hearing some technical terms:-) I also like the “confusing” Adam and know what you mean, although I think he will perform only just enough on the edge to stay family friendly, ha ha ha.

    AND fingers crossed he also gets to do an Elvis song or medley.


  7. Adam was one of the best mentors ever, I think. He actually was realistic, sometimes blunt, and gave them specific vocal and performance advice!

    Tim is improving every week.

    I was a little bummed with Casey, Aaron, and Siobhan’s performances.
    Andrew just wasn’t good.
    MIchael was good and touching. Katie was better than Simon gave her credit for (I could hear the country twang).
    Crystal rocked it. Lee was very good.

    Scared of the double elimination.


  8. Adam was a GOOD mentor and very enjoyable! I would have loved to see the entire interaction going on between him and Siobhan. I am happy he respects her desire to be different and unique. He should know what that’s all about! 🙂 I love that MCL chose the photo she did for this article.

    In my opinion, the girls outperformed the guys, with only Michael presenting something special. Casey needs to get away from that guitar and mic stand. I don’t really know much about Jack Johnson, but apparently Tim was use that style of singing? I really loved his Beatles performance so much better.

    Shania Twain will be coming up as a mentor and should do a GOOD job. Aretha Franklin has asked to be on the show when on the Larry King Show, and just yesterday on E.T. Let’s hope Idol jumps on this opportunity.

    I can’t wait until tonight!


  9. He was so wonderful last night. But what is with all the guuitar strummers on AI this year. They need to PUT THEM DOWN and MOVE!


  10. Kariann,

    I agree with you about Adam. I also was curious as to how Siobhan and Adam did with their time together. He immediately recognized that she has a great voice, bless his heart! But I guess that Kara and Simon would beg to disagree. I just have this feeling that he encouraged her to own who she is and never let it go. You could see the mutual admirationa and affection between them.

    I also agree with you that the girls outperformed the guys, with the exception of Mike. Why people don’t give him more credit, I will never understand. I listened to his performance again today, with my eyes closed as I usually do and I must say that I got chills from just hearing his voice. This was unbelievable! It’s what I am trying to say when I compare someone like Tim with a person like Mike. Tim just sings notes without having any idea of what the words mean. I want more from a performance than that. Mike knew exactly what his song was all about and gave it the meaning and emotion that it deserved. That is how it’s done! I am glad that he was saved. The guy is the best pure singer among the men, hands down. Others may be more popular, more commercial, whatever, but I love Mike!

    Both Casey and Lee have some real problems when it comes to performing. I think Lee is making some progress, but oh how much better his performance would have been if he had just taken Adam’s advice and smiled and been more animated. A little flirting wouldn’t have hurt either. It’s a sexy, intense song and Lee needed to convey that a little more. Adam was so right on with his suggestion. I don’t know that we will ever get Casey away from his guitar. The judges said that Andrew used the microphone stand as a crutch, well then, Casey is using his guitar as a crutch.

    Today I am still feeling a little disillusioned, but when I come here and share my thoughts, then I feel better.


  11. Today I am still feeling a little disillusioned, but when I come here and share my thoughts, then I feel better.

    *hugs Mindy through computer screen!*


    I wish Andrew Garcia all the best in his post-Idol career. I think his elimination is fair and well-timed. At least he won’t have to endure any more of the judges’ comments and can leave with some dignity in tact. His performances on the show never really gelled, unfortunately, but he has a great YouTube following, and I hope he finds the right venue for this talent (and maybe, gets some top-notch vocal guidance while he’s at it!).

    I think the third sentence in the previous paragraph applies to Katie Stevens as well (just change he to she). This young lady certainly has plenty of potential, and she’s still very young. I hope she develops and matures in her singing in the next few years. At least this is something she can put on her college application (if that’s the route she takes)! 😉


  12. I’m reading MJ’s play-by-play of the results show, and I’m confused by this line: “Ryan admits that the other person was not in the B3.”

    Who is “the other person”? Mike? (Or Tim? This play-by-play is so confusing). I’m entirely confused either way. I absolutely do not understand how Mike could even be close to the bottom three with last night’s performance. “In the Ghetto” was just absolutely beautiful. It really makes me want to pick up a phone and power-dial for him or something (and he’s not even my favorite contestant, per se). I don’t understand why he isn’t getting as many votes as he deserves. He was definitely in my top 3 last night.


  13. Okay, now, I’m looking through the comments on MJ’s post, and people say that Ryan started that Mike wasn’t in the bottom 3. Whew! I’m glad about that, but how very cruel of them to make him think he was after last week and all. *sighs* This show sometimes…


  14. *started = stated

    [Yes, I’m back to my habit of posting a million times in a row. Oy. =P]


  15. J,

    Thanks! I needed a computer hug!

    I am a little shocked that Katie is gone! I knew Andrew was almost sure to go and it’s a relief. I don’t think he could have taken any more of the judges and their callous comments. They don’t seem to realize that you can give an honest critique without insulting a person’s dignity. But Katie seemed to be getting her feet under her and doing very well! Another girl leaves! So now it’s down to two girls and five guys! And this was the year of the women! I was sure it would be two guys. I can’t believe how the girls are being picked off one by one. Maybe the judges will feel good about this, because they definitely want only one female standing when it comes to the finale.

    Katie did not deserve to go before some of the guys. But that’s life on Idol.


  16. I agree Mindy, I actually thought Aaron would go before Katie. Did Ryan even say that Tim was in the Bottom 3? I am wondering if it really was Aaron along with Katie and Andrew?

    You could see the mutual admiration and affection between them.

    All of the mentors have been very impressed with Siobhan, but there was something special between Adam and her. I must add that he was also very impressed with Crystal. I think his performance both as mentor and singer DID impress a lot of people! It was quite exciting.

    I actually turned away when I replayed Mike’s performance, and you are right – it is lovely. I bet he’s happy he listened to Siobhan’s recommendation.

    Since Tim has done missionary work in Africa, I am glad he’s on the Idol Gives Back show!

    They don’t seem to realize that you can give an honest critique without insulting a person’s dignity.

    Amen to that, J! Ellen seems to be the only judge who has kept this in mind. Nice to have hugs swirling around here!


  17. kariann,

    They never said who was in the bottom three. We just know that it wasn’t Mike. I was foolish enough to go on mjs blog and in the comments there was a good deal of speculation. All the usual nonsense, like why didn’t they reveal it, are they protecting someone, is it someone who they want off the show and they won’t let the fans know so they can vote like crazy to save them. Someone even speculated that it was Siobhan, someone else said Aaron. Maybe it was Tim and they called him safe without letting on that he was in the bottom. They are playing tricks with us again.

    Adam was indeed very impressed with Crystal. His advice to her about the electric guitar was sheer genius. He really is a born performer. I couldn’t be more proud of him. I have had issues with him, as you well know, but when he performed tonight I realized that there is no one else with a voice like him. I will always love his voice. Talk about waking people up! But it only emphasizes how dull this season has been.

    I thought it was generous and so lovely of Siobhan to encourage Mike to sing “In the Ghetto”. The girl is smart about other people’s choices. I think she understood how important this night was for Mike. She wanted him to do well – sweet girl! Mike sang that one from deep in his heart and soul – he wants to stay!

    I didn’t know that Tim did missionary work in Africa. I am sure he will be happy to be a part of next week’s show.

    Did you hear the theme – inspirational songs with Alicia Keys as the mentor? MJ has the list of songs from itunes and there are some treacherous waters with these songs. There are a lot of no-no’s – cheesy over the top ballads that have been done to death, some great songs like “People Get Ready”, one of my all time favorite songs. I really wish someone would do it. It was on the list for r&b week, too. I think I posted a clip of Eva Cassidy doing her version of that song, which I got from someone on mjs blog. Some think Crystal should do it, but I wish Siobhan would. I think she could blow the roof off the place. I want her to be so good next week, that Simon will have to give this girl her due or risk being booed to death.


  18. cookie monster April 15, 2010 at 8:35 am

    Good morning! J you’re so gracious in your “good byes” to Andrew and Katie. Good for you! I do agree that it was time for Andrew to go but I wish Katie would have stayed a bit longer. She really does have a lovely voice – and stronger than some of the singers who are left. I thought it might have been Aaron who would go. It will be nice to see Katie in two or three years from now! Good luck to both of them.
    I had a sick feeling that Siobhan was in trouble, just because of some of the articles and blogs I have been reading so I’m glad she’s still in! And all this talk about the bottom 3, well if you believe or trust in dial idol Mike actually had the highest # of votes! Katie had the lowest. So when I saw the two of them up there, I just knew. Andrew was also in the bottom and so was Tim. Siobhan was fourth from the bottom!! Yikes. Again, don’t know how reliable or accurate dial idol is.

    Adam was SUCH A SHOWMAN last night! I just love him!! I love his song. I LOVE his voice and I could listen to him talk for ever – just something about him that makes me really want to listen. AND I really want to go see him in concert now!
    I must have missed something. Didn’t realize Siobhan encouraged Mike to sing that song! Wow. Love her even more. But, yes, she has to choose better songs for herself – although I don’t think they’ve been too off the money??? Anyway, it was great reading everyone’s thoughts today! Have a good one…


  19. I am so upset about Katie’s elimination that I could barely sleep. This was easily her best performance to date and all the judges acknowledged this – excpet Simon. He wanted her OUT! And so, the voters followed suit.

    And, with next week’s theme focused on inspirational songs, we all knew she would have knocked another one out of the ball park. She was improving every week so next week she would have gained momentum.


  20. I agree, Adam’s vocals on his performance made me go “Eh?”. I kind of liked the song but not so much tonight. He really knows how to put on a show, though. 😀

    It’s nice to look at what dial idol is projecting (I’m really curious as to how it works) but IMHO i don’t think it’s very accurate; last week Andrew was at the bottom, yet it was Mike who almost got booted off.

    @cookie monster: Mike mentioned Siobhan’s advice in the video intro before his performance. 🙂


  21. MCL,
    I knew you would be very upset about Katie’s elimination. It was too bad that she was eliminated just when she had really started to show us what she was capable of. The sad thing about this show is that it’s more of a popularity contest than a singing contest.


  22. SurelyUCan'tBSerious April 15, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Hi, I really enjoy this website and was a chatter for 2 years but no contact this year and was lost! because I thought it was “eliminated” (play of words, excuse my corniness.) Now, I will get notifications via email because I found it by accident (you guess it, from the forum discussions). I really don’t really seriously have anything to say but like to read your comments than I would in the “Forum Discussion” on the FoxAI website.

    Just keep it real.



  23. MCL,

    I too share you disbeleif that Katie has been eliminated! The last two weeks she has been on my “top” list. What a shame, she has so much potential, she will be greatly missed!

    I knew it was time for Andrew to go home, but, what a generous, humble soul he was! What a beautiful personality!


    When on Dial-Idols site, in the pull down boxes at the top of their chart, it will say raw numbers, look at those, they are usually right on with who are in the bottom and mainly who is to be eliminated!

    I loved Adam’s performance and was wondering if he was having issue’s with his head phones, I seen him touch them a couple of times. Not making excuses for him, he was a little off in his vocals, but my oh my what a performance…it sure did wake up that sleepy stage this year!


  24. OMGosh, spelling tutor please! I too share “your” “disbelief” “with those who are in the bottom”!!!


  25. MCL,

    I must confess that I cried when Katie was eliminated. I had a tough time last night. I came on here to post my initial thoughts, but was still in a bit of shock. My heart went out to this sweet girl who sang her heart out. What bothers me so much, is that she was really coming into her own. She had her feet under her and was gaining confidence. Watching her struggle to sing her final song, just left me devastated. I was quite upset.

    I have to agree with you about Simon. I recorded the results show and watched it again. What really bothered me were the faces of Kara and especially Simon. There was not one hint of emotion or regret or sadness on their faces! Nothing! It made me mad all over again! They were so calm and matter of fact about it all, even in the face of Katie’s obvious disappointment and pain. I am not as much of an idealist as I was in my youth, so I should be accustomed thing things like this – life is unfair – that’s the old saying that comes to mind at times like this. But I don’t know that I will ever get used to this kind of thing. It was all kinds of wrong and knowing that Simon had a big hand in it just made it even worse.

    If Simon has his way, Siobhan will be next. If I could speak to her, I would tell her to forget about the judges, pretend that they aren’t there. Pick the best possible song and then go out there and give the performance of her young life! Let whatever the judges say go in one ear and out the other. Don’t waste precious energy on being angry. Don’t get mad – get even! Siobhan is a huge threat because of her voice and Simon knows it. I hope she hangs in there and messes up his plans. Inspirational songs could be tricky. There are dangerous cliched songs that have been done to death. This will not be an easy theme.

    You can do it, Siobhan!


  26. Sorry, typo again! Meant to say that I should be accustomed to things like this!


  27. SurelyUCan'tBSerious April 15, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    I agree, too, that Andrew bow out graciously. You know, somebody has to go per your comments about being sad that Katie was eliminated. Many do well in the music business, acting, hosting, commercials, or movies—as I had observed over the years. They made it to the biggest stage of the world with such exposure and with 34 million votes—I would consider them lucky that they made it to the top twelve if anything!

    I, too, get sad to see them go because it seems like it is breaking up the “family” because they become so close being in the bubble like that and having had so much fun making funny commercials in Ford. I would love to be a fly on their living room walls–and how they must comfort, encourage and shared such a wide array of emotions with each other.

    Remember how much fun they will have in their tour.

    Just to cheer u up if anything. 🙂



  28. MCL do you plan to write about Adam Lambert’s performance?


  29. MCL…I second Skylar’s request, I would love to read your thoughts on Adam’s performance, as well as his mentoring with the contestants.


  30. I’d like to add my vote to this request. Love to hear your thoughts.


  31. Dial Idol is based on you purchasing a speed dialing service from that they then count how many times the # you were dialing encounters a busy signal and assigns them a percentage and then also gives raw numbers which can vary and be very confusing…because while maybe ….say TIm last week had a low busy signal percentage his fans may have voted the whole 2 hours because in raw numbers he was the leader …for those using dial idol…so somehow they combine all that to give you the dial idol score. They may use other factors beyond just the numbers to adjust the final figures but I am not sure and with the rise in texting ….a service they cannot measure …every text goes thru..the actual results sometimes vary with thier numbers. I noticed last season that Kris mostly did much better thru the season than they showed each week often placing 2 or 3 places higher than they predicted and his fan base was believed to have been a younger more text savvy demographic than old fuddy duddies ( that would be me )


  32. I really loved Adam’s performance. I have seen WDYWFM performed so many times, but, this was Elvis night and his return to American Idol
    after nearly a year. His tour this summer is coming up and I totally
    get why he changed up his song…I have been in music for longer than I care to admit! Adam’s vocals were spot on…his voice control, range
    and emotion is just thrilling to someone like me.I liked the slow start and the build-up…he changed it and everyone knows he was singing it “live”…(not like a lot of the others)…even with the reported sound problems some others have had when performing on idol,
    he just amazed me with that voice…..a niece of one of my friends was in the audience and she said the applause, before, during, and after
    was just awesome!….so happy for Adam, it’s been more of a hard road
    for him than we can imagine…and, so happy to see his beautiful Mom
    sitting beside him…she can take pride in him and he in her and it shows when they are anywhere together….win, win all around for me!


  33. Hi everyone. Had not had the chance to review these comments because I have been busy on MCL’s other post that specifically discussed Siobhan. So good to stop over here for a bit. I am enjoying what everyone has to say. One comment: we should be so lucky that Simon could be booed to death. I really am so over him. There was a time when I thought he had some valuable things to say but those days are gone. At least in regard to this show. Maybe he will do better when he shifts entirely to the X Factor. My plan for next week & all weeks thereafter: no listening to the judges. At all. TiVO is my friend. Thanks, everyone.


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