Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Results Show: The Lennon-McCartney Songbook

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Results Show

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What a terrific show last evening! It always seems to me that the music of Lennon and McCartney brings out the very best in all the singers.  Many of these singers have worked extremely hard to prepare for this show and their hard work paid off.                

There were so many wonderful performances but  I thought two or three were stand-outs.  Alas, you will have to wait for my Top 9 Vocal Masterclass article to view my personal preferences, but, for now, I congratulate all the singers for pulling together to produce a showstopper of an evening. The best yet!                

And can I tell you how excited I am to see and hear the extremely talented David Archuleta perform his extraordinary version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” during this evening’s Results Show telecast?                

Seems to me that he and/or David Cook would be ideal mentors for this show. During Season 7, these guys knew how to select songs and, more important, how to deliver the goods with sincere passion and artistry.                

Hope to comment further this evening as the show unfolds and don’t forget to add your opinions as well. You can start now or come back later!                

UPDATE #1 : They are creating  groups of three on the stage. So far. Siobhan, Crystal and Katie are in one group and they are SAFE!   Now, on to the guys. Who will be eliminated?             

UPDATE #2: David Archuleta just sang the heart and soul out of “Imagine”.  Gorgeous.  He showed everyone  how it’s really done.  What a prodigy! And what a gift!            

UPDATE #3: Ryan is forming two groups of 3 with the guys. Y’all know where this is leading, don’t you?          

UPDATE #4: Group One: Lee, Casey, Tim                

                               Group 2: Michael, Aaron, Andrew         

BOTTOM 3:     Michael, Aaron, Andrew (well, that wasn’t shocking at all Ryan!)       

BOTTOM 2:       Michael, Andrew       

SINGING FOR THE SAVE: Michael- oh dear!             

UPDATE #5: This was outstanding. Save him judges! Save! Him!    

SAVED:  Michael Lynche – I have tears in my eyes!     First time all season! The big guy made me cry! Thank you judges. I ♥ you! 


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15 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 9 Top 9 Results Show: The Lennon-McCartney Songbook”

  1. I must agree MCL! I did enjoy last nights show. I was happy Tim did a great job with one of my favorite Beatle songs. Such a happy tune.

    I think Jason Castro would also make a wonderful mentor for this week’s Lennon/McCartney Theme. I adore his version of “If I Fell” it remains one of my favorites.

    I don’t remember what David Cook sang.


  2. My first time logging on this season!

    I was so inspired by last night’s performance. In my opinion, the singers did such a good job.

    I was in complete “awe” of Katie’s performance. I absoltuely love the song “Let It Be” and hearing her rendition of it brought chills down my spine!


  3. Welcome, soccer247!

    I don’t think I would ever get tired of the Beatles music. I imagine I’ll be hearing it in the nursing homw, should I ever live in one. My goodness, what a nice job all the contestants did! I was glad the judges lightened up on Tim. I thoroughly enjoyed the show!


  4. I’m really surprised that Mike received the lowest number of votes this week. At the same time, he sang fourth (out of nine) contestants, which almost in the dead middle of the pack, and this week wasn’t his strongest. I think the judges made the right decision by saving Mike (yay!), and I hope he stays around for a while. 😉


  5. *IS almost

    [Pesky typos!] If I remember correctly, the week after the judges’ save is used is a double elimination, isn’t it? That could be tricky. Fans must vote very diligently to watch out for shock eliminations!


  6. I don’t care who it is – the Judges Save should NEVER ever be used! All your time was wasted on voting for your favorite, because YOU don’t count. Your votes don’t count. America’s decision does NOT count!

    -rant over-


  7. Kariann: It’s not like America is voting for who they wanted to kick off and the judges went against that…everyone that America voted for is still on the show.

    And don’t get me started on the voting…you could say a vote for Mike doesn’t count because his audience isn’t gonna be like little tweens sitting there constantly text messaging and phoning cause they haven’t got anything better to do for hours.

    But besides that I must say that even though Arculeta has absolutely no ‘edge’ to him he has a ridiculous voice.


  8. I agree Masterclasslady, David really sang Imagine beautifully. I always appreciate your reviews.


  9. I loved David’s performance tonight! It is so nice to have a young performer sing unstripped of phyro technics, dancers, over the top outfits, etc. & just come out and just sing his heart out!! His vocals sounded so rich and warm. I’m proud to be a David Archuleta fan!!


  10. I thought that was a saved well used. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that nothing happens to my girl Crystal. I better start voting! The judges looked relieved and excited to have used the save.


  11. I agree with Kariann 1, I don’t like the save…think about it, two go home next week, this will spur the tweens to vote! Someone good may go home next week…Anoop, anyone???


  12. I have always had mixed feelings about the save. But I simply cannot see letting someone like Mike go. If it was Andrew, then I am sure the judges wouldn’t have used it.

    The other thing I thought of is that a lot of viewers who only tune in for the finals, have never seen Mike’s performance of that song. Now they have and will realize that he deserves to stay. But there is always risk when you use the save early. Now if any one else gets in the bottom, then that’s it. But this should get the respective fan bases motivated to go and call for their favorite.

    I was thinking about Jennifer Hudson’s shocking early exit from Idol. I remember how upset I was that this great talent was leaving far too early. That’s one reason why they have the save. I do think they did the right thing, but I do worry about what will happen next week.



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