A Masterclass Plea To the American Idol Judges: Please – No More Comparisons!

Personally, I have had my fill of pointless comparisons of this year’s crop of singers to those who have previously competed on American Idol. I know I have stated that Seasons 5 and 7 were exceptional seasons and difficult to capture on a yearly basis, but, except for one instance (Siobhan/Adam), I have attempted to stay away from comparing the Season 9 singers to those that came before them.

What’s the point? The majority of the time, these comparisons fall flat and put extra pressure on the Season 9 singers.

The most ludicrous comparison has been the  suggestion that Aaron Kelly is a replication of Season 7 Top 2 finalist, David Archuleta.  Look, I think Aaron is a very musical and hard-working young musician, possessing great potential in his future performing career.  

But, David Archuleta came to the Season 7 competition equipped with skills that were very advanced and extremely refined plus he knew how to select songs that captured his unique and creative performing style.  I have never seen a young singer so prepared and so confident for the huge opportunity presented to him by American Idol.

Season 8 Top 2 finalist, Adam Lambert, as well, rendered performances that we have never before witnessed on this show.  Like, David, he was meticulously prepared for the American Idol opportunity and knew in his heart where he was venturing as an artist. He had a vision and nothing is more powerful than an exceptional vocalist like Adam with a vision firmly in place. 

Now, when Siobhan screams her passionate vocals everyone thinks it is Adam fueling her singing style, but, perhaps, this has always been what Siobhan was all about.  We should leave this girl alone and let her evolve.  Ditto for so many of the other singers.

The judging panel is confusing these young singers – advice is good, as long as it is consistent. I haven’t felt any consistency from the judges this year and I have to wonder why?  Taken individually, they are all critiquing in a more detailed sense – which is very good,  but, perhaps it is too much for a young singer to take in after a performance.

I would like to see stars emerge before our eyes and the Season 9 singers have the ability to make that happen.  Who will take the ball and run with it? No more favorites – let the chips fall where they may. This is why Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken succeeded – there was no apparent agenda from the powers that be – at least not until the end of the season  and so they were able to grow and develop into stars in a very liberated manner. 

To emphasize this fact, I will continue to stay as objective and as supportive as I can possibly be through my evaluations. I want to see all of these singers succeed week after week, even if the progression is a slow one.

We must all be patient and give all of these young people the benefit of the doubt. Remember – they know a couple of weeks ahead of time what they will be singing for each show, so, unless we can read a crystal ball, the best we can do is sit back and wait and just enjoy!

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51 Responses to “A Masterclass Plea To the American Idol Judges: Please – No More Comparisons!”

  1. Thank you, MCL– I believe you are absolutely correct. Sadly, many of Adam’s fans (of whom I am most decidedly one) have been denigrating Siobhan as “copying” Adam, as if it takes something away from him if she succeeds. Not only do I disagree that she is intentionally imitiating him but, if anything, her success is almost a legacy for him– someone who fearlessly presents herself theatrically and shakes things up.

    I also agree wholeheartedly that the judges are giving many of the contestants contradictory and sometimes plain bad feedback. I, for one, would like to see them take some responsibility for it– if they have guided a contestant into a decision that backfires, the judge should say, “I told you to do that, and I was wrong.” Instead, they just contradict themselves and continue to blame the contestant. They drove poor Lil insane doing that last year.

    The judges also continue to try to “box” the contestants, and only those strong enough to successfully defy them (Adam last year, Siobhan this year)can get out from under it. It will be interesting next week to see what happens when Crystal tries to bust out of her box, as she hinted she has planned. It certainly didn’t pay off for Andrew or Didi (who I thought was unfairly maligned for an interesting take on Ronstadt’s “You’re No Good”).


  2. Amen.


  3. Thank you MCL, you’re my hero ♥


  4. Funny thing. I’m not watching Idol this year, and yet I’m still following your blog most of the time. (And I do catch a performance, here and there, if folks talk about it enough.) Love what you said about David. I’m still enjoying the heck out of following his career beyond Idol.


  5. MCL,

    Brava!! I couldn’t agree more! It’s about time someone stepped and said ENOUGH with these absurd comparisons of Siobhan and Adam. While I was unhappy that she felt the need to do it again this week, in no way do I think she is trying to be Adam or copying him at all. It’s part of who she is and the girl has said as much. Sometimes, just because you can do this kind of singing, it’s almost a sense of empowerment to stand on that stage and let it all out. I think she’s smart enough to change it up moving forward. This girl has an incredible voice that can do so many different things. I have confidence that will get to see these different aspects of her vocal instrument.

    I was a huge fan of Adam, but have become somewhat disillusioned by the direction in which he has chosen to take his career. However, I will always be grateful for seeing him raise the bar on Idol.

    I want to especially thank you for addressing the other unfortunate comparison between Aaron and David Archuleta. It’s unfair to both Aaron and David. I don’t ever recall seeing someone as young as David, who had such command of his voice and incredible vocal technique. Additionally, he sang like an old soul. Somehow, he could give meaning to great songs without having that much life experience. He was, and still is, one of a kind. What he gave me is something that I will treasure forever.

    Aaron is a lovely young man with real potential. He has not yet mastered enough vocal technique to realize that potential, however, I am convinced that he will use this opportunity to learn what his vocal instrument can do. I look forward to seeing him grow and mature as a singer.

    I can only applaud your spot on criticism of the judges this season. Even I have become confused listening to them say something one week, only to contradict themselves the next week. If I am confused as a viewer, then I can only imagine how the contestants feel. They are overloading these young people will too much information at times and can’t even agree among themselves. One says be this kind of artist, another says no, be that kind of artist.

    But I think the one thing about the judges that bothers me the most, is the shameless pimping of a particular contestant. This to me is a real breach of the role of judging. How can you pretend to be objective and fair when you have already decided who your favorite contestant is at such an early stage of the finals competition? To applaud one person and state that this individual is on a different level from everyone else, demeans and belittles the rest of the contestants who are working hard to refine their skills and improve every week. There is no place for this kind of blatant bias in the judging process. We don’t need agendas from the judges!

    Thank you again for saying what I have been thinking. It is something that needed to be addressed and you have done so with clarity, thoughtfulness and intelligence.


  6. Thank you MCL for this article. I only wish the judges would listen.

    Who would’ve thought that Paula was the sane one of all the judges and the best to spot talent. With her gone, oh boy what a hot mess. Most of the time, she was consistant on giving critiques. I really think she was the glue that held that bunch together.

    Ellen has no business being there, Simon is just going through the motions (he’s already gone), Randy doesn’t make much sense most of the time, and Kara actually looks out for the contestants and tries to give good advice from a performers point of view (most of the time) though people just want to hate on her.

    This season is such a disaster, its almost like they are really trying to kill the show. What a sad affair.


  7. Thanks for this, MCL. I haven’t been watching Idol, but have been reading the buzz about all the pointless comparisons being made this year. Not fair to the new contestants nor the previous ones.

    I’m a huge David Archuleta fan and the main reason I haven’t watched Idol since Season 7 is that, for me, there simply is no comparison.


  8. You are so right! I’m sick of the comparisons. Every time someone compares Aaron to David, my automatic response is to say that he’s nowhere near as talented as David is. Yet at the same time I feel bad for him. It’s not Aaron’s fault and I’m sure it bothers him as well. Oh, and I’m not watching this season either. I did a couple of times but it’s too boring and nobody grabs me with their talent or personality.


  9. Oh, please — I didn’t see the results show (I don’t watch them), but if we’re talking about the joke Ryan made on Tuesday about “if you want to vote for David Archuleta here” — it was just a joke, because they are both short teenagers with goofy hair and an aw shucks attitude.

    It’s great to be a fan of a performer, but I think sometimes people overreact to the smallest, silliest things. I love Mindy, and Mindy, I also love Freddie Mercury, but to say that no one should ever again sing any song that he ever sang just because he sang it is just a little silly. No, no one will ever sing the way he did, any more than anyone will ever sing the way Frank Sinatra did, but thank goodness no one has banned anyone from singing the Frank Sinatra songbook, because we would have lost so many wonderful songs if they had. The fact that someone may not reach Mercury’s level with a particular song doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no benefit to be had from hearing someone else sing it. And if there is a song that I am not particularly attached to Mercury’s performance of it, it is “This Thing Called Love.” “Bohemian Rhapsody” it ain’t.

    I understand that certain songs and singers have a special place in our lives. Particular recordings of certain songs have the ability to bring us back in time to moments in our lives, and we don’t want anyone to mess with that memory. I was in high school when Bohemian Rhapsody came out, and I have several memories of where I was on different hearings of the song on the radio. But ours is not the only life, and ours not the only generation. We have to grant to others the possibility of a different life, and that includes allowing them to stomp on our memories just a little in an attempt to find their own.

    An artist rerecording a Freddie Mercury song and not doing it justice, in the eyes of us who were weaned on him in our teens, doesn’t negate Mercury’s brilliance. He was his own self, and I would like to think that he would understand and appreciate the attempt of others to find themselves in music if he were still alive today.


  10. Jeanne … calm down … we’re saying the exact same thing you are … it’s not fair to compare artists because they each have unique things about them. And MCL is just sayin that Aaron will also grow and get experience, so it isn’t fair to label him and give him more pressure… and yes, it is true … that David is leagues and leagues far above Aaron.

    btw … ever since AI9 started, there have been nonstop comparisons between Aaron and David. I don’t even watch the show, but I’ve been reading articles about it. So yeah, that’s all we’re sayin … stop the comparisons. No one here said they shouldn’t sing other musicians songs.

    I have never posted here before, but I’ve come here since season8 because MCL recognizes and appreciates the unique talent and artistry in David… and so I’ve come out of lurkdome to say bravo and thank you Ms. Simunovic for the wonderful two years since we’ve discovered David!!


  11. Thank you for a great article. I really agree with your assessment. Aaron seems like a nice kid and has a decent voice that he will work on perfecting over time, I assume. However, to compare him to the incomparable David Archuleta is ludicrous. David was superlative from day one on Idol. His stage presence has improved immensely, but his vocal talent was spot on from the start. Aaron is still a work in progress.

    David Archuleta is my favorite singer EVER. I am a HUGE (rabid is more like it) fan of David’s and will be forever and a day. Good luck to Aaron, but he definitely ain’t no David A.–not even remotely.


  12. You can count me amongst those who haven’t watched the show since Season 7 but who still keep up with Idol news to some extent. MomWithODD is correct in stating that the comparisons between David and Aaron have been ongoing. Of course, they never would have been made had David and Aaron been different ages at the time they auditioned. It seems as though the producers have chosen to lump them into the “Cute Young Male” category with no regard for talent or style, which is insulting to both young men. It clearly indicates the show is in trouble when it pulls such silly stunts in a desperate attempt to recapture the magic of Season 7. Well, it’s not going to happen because there is simply no replicating David Archuleta.


  13. I was very annoyed when Ryan called Aaron Kelly “David Archuleta”!! It was an insult to David because Aaron doesn’t have the vocal range or the beautiful tone to his voice that David does. It was also an insult to all of David’s loyal fans. We all know how fantastic David is. Aaron Kelly sings like he is performing at a high school musical. The only thing that Aaron & David have in common is they are both young. Aaron isn’t even as cute or as handsome as David.

    The only good contestant on AI this year is Crystal. No one else comes close. AI Season 9 has been a complete disappointment!!


  14. Brindie- While I have been annoyed at the David/Aaron comparisons, don’t you think on some level that all the exposure might be GOOD for David? He has a single coming out soon and an album. Now he is being mentioned on Idol and in blog after blog. Not a bad way to get some free attention. Plus, it’s not as if these bloggers are saying Aaron is BETTER than David. On the contrary.. they’re saying that Aaron is nowhere near as talented as David. I feel badly for Aaron that he is basically “competing” against someone from two years ago. Not an easy burden to bear being compared to David Archuleta.
    And let’s not forget, it’s not Aaron’s fault that people are comparing them. I really don’t think you need to tear down Aaron’s looks. David is very, very handsome but there’s lots of girls out there who also think Aaron is a cutie. For the record, I am NOT a fan of Aaron. I do however think he has talent but he has a way to go to fully cultivate it. I’m pulling for Siobhan and Crystal in this competition.


  15. I’ve watched AI since about the third season and there are none that can compare to Season 7, not before and not since. I’m really happy to hear David mentioned so often now (credit to Aaron who has unknowingly brought this on). Up until now, I was feeling that people were forgetting David. I so want Idol to have David sing on the show this year, perhaps the finally, perhaps a New song from his upcoming album.

    Have any of you noticed how frequently the judges (not Simon) are telling all the contestants, “I love you, but……”. I was disappointed that they didn’t like Didi, I thought that song was perfect for her and she did a really good job. Lately, I find myself disagreeing with practically everything they say. Does Crystal have a personality???? She hides it well.


  16. I meant to say finale, not finally.


  17. Jeanne,

    I am sorry that you are so offended by my opinion regarding Freddie Mercury songs. It’s not like I have the power to actually stop anyone from singing anything on Idol. But I do have the right to say what I think. You can disagree, but feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just ARE. I am not trying to protect Freddie’s legacy. He has left us a wealth of great performances, great songs and memories to last a lifetime. That will never change.

    The bottom line is that I didn’t like Tim’s performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Simple as that. It’s my prerogative to say so. If you think it’s all about Tim supposedly stomping on Freddie’s grave, then you are wrong. I was equally horrified by his performance of the Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb”. It’s not merely about the artist who they happen to be singing. It’s about understanding the lyrics of a song. It’s about putting in a little extra time to read the words of a song. Singing is telling a story with your voice. It would be nice to see some of these contestants show a little thought and insight when they choose a song.

    Oh, and by the way, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was not even close to one of my favorite Freddie Mercury songs. I know that one is expected to fall down on their knees whenever this song is even mentioned, but there are others that I prefer much more. I don’t think I couls stop everyone from singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” literally to death, but Freddie wrote a ton of songs and there are others that are even better, in my opinion. As far as Freddie’s performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, I never said it was his best or even my favorite. But I do like his little take on the 50’s and Elvis. I thought it was cheeky and cute. I didn’t say it was a masterpiece. What I will say is that Freddie never came across as a Vegas lounge act. He did a lot of different songs. Some I love passionately, such as “Somebody to Love”, some I can appreciate for their daring, anger, sadness and some can be appreciated for just being a nice little wave to those who created rock and roll in the 50’s.

    I am sorry that you are so offended by my comment about not wishing to hear anyone sing Freddie Mercury. But that’s how I feel. I have never yet heard anyone come even close to his greatness. I don’t feel as though anyone is committing a capital offense. I just choose to remember the original. I am not looking for a pale imitation. These contestants will sing who they will sing. Sometimes they may reach for great heights and succeed and sometimes they will fall. But that’s what the show is all about. If I had the power to stop them, then I could understand your attitude. But it’s just my belief and I get to have it. No one gets to take it away from me.


  18. ooops … I meant I’ve come here since S7, not S8 … I didn’t watch S8 either, cause I had no interest since David came along! 🙂

    Katheryn…thanks for the nod! 😉

    Bella … I too have been pleased to hear David’s name brought up … and you’re right, all the articles have been in favor of David being light years beyond Aaron. At the same time I do find it annoying anyone would even consider them in the same breadth.

    Anyway … Rose … I too am hoping that David will perform again on AI especially with his new single waiting in the wings! … sigh, that would be just grand! 🙂


  19. MomWithODD — I think you missed my point, but never mind, it doesn’t really matter.

    Mindy, I’m not SO offended, and even offended isn’t the right word. I’m sorry I used Bohemian Rhapsody as an example, I used it only because it was the first time I heard Queen and that I have particular memories attached to. I wasn’t making assumptions about your feelings about either that song or Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I understand you are devoted to Freddie Mercury and of course, you have the right to voice your opinion, and I guess you have the right to voice it every time anyone sings a Queen song. I guess maybe I was trying to say that you can like or not like Tim’s performance of the song — and I wasn’t wild about it, either — but — in line with this particular thread — I don’t think the fact that Freddie Mercury sang it before Tim and sang it better is relevant. It may, on some level, influence how you feel about Tim’s performance, but I think it is more useful to just say Tim’s performance worked or didn’t, just as Crystal’s performance of Bobby McGee should be judged on its own merits and not on whether hers is better, worse, or the same as Janis Joplin’s, Pinks, or Kris Kristofferson’s.

    I’m sorry, I think I am not attached enough to any singers, even those I love, to muster the sort of emotion that sometimes floats around here, and I think that fact makes me a misfit here.


  20. I too have found this season flat. Actually I never even watched Idol until I heard David one day as I was flipping stations. I became hooked and never missed a show of Idol season 7 from that moment on. Last year I peaked a few times but wasn’t very interested and this year I just can’t get excited about any of them. I will be a fan of David forever whatever and wherever he sings because of his voice. To me it is about the voice-I have loved crooners since my teens and adore music that is in tune and has an uplifting message. I can count on that from David. I feel for Idol as they have to work with what they have chosen but somethings going to have to change to save season 9. I personally think Ellen was not a good choice. I like and respect Randy and think he is underused and under appreciated.


  21. Jeanne,

    I don’t think you’re a misfit…! 🙂

    I will be one of the first ones up to say how much I loved Queen’s music growing up…however, I don’t mind other people covering their songs! It keeps them alive in a sense; the radio stations cease to play the classic rock songs until someone covers a particular song then it is brought back to the light of day.

    My son will come to me with a song and be like OMGosh this band is awesome listen to this song, lo and behold it is a cover of one of the late and greats, he never would have heard this song otherwise. He then becomes intrigued and looks up the original group and thus I have a classic rock junkie on my hands.

    As far as the song “Crazy little thing called love”, Dwight Yoakam in my opinion, has the very best cover of this song ever!

    Thank goodness for the idols being able to do cover songs, I have my ipod filled with some of the best covers ever via one Adam Lambert. Idol gives these kids lists to perform from, so that makes any song fair game that is on that list (sorry Mindy).

    Now on to the topic of idols being compared to previous idols…I don’t like when idol contestants are compared one to another or to a singer of the song in which they are singing! Especially when the song is offered by idol themselves. That said, don’t be a copy cat if you don’t want to be compared!


  22. Vonnie,

    You don’t have to say you’re sorry to me. You made a good point about the list of songs. I thought I had made myself clear about this, but I don’t think some here are getting my point. Either people understand it or they don’t. We can agree to disagree. I haven’t heard Dwight Yoakam’s version of the song, so I can’t speak to that. It is true that established artists do cover great songs done by other artists. If they can do it in their own way and bring a fresh, unique approach to the song, then all well and good.

    I don’t feel comfortable when people jump all over me and twist what I say to make it seem as though I am saying something else. That isn’t fair to me. If people here have been reading my posts, then they would know that I try to keep an open mind. When Lilly chose to sing Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come”, I thought it would be hard to me to hear it. But I did listen and thought she gave the song integrity and dignity with her own special version. So I am capable of hearing a great song done by one of my favorite artists, without dismissing it out of hand.

    My feelings about Tim are what they are. If some here want to make it all about Freddie Mercury, then that is unfortunate. I can repeat what I have said over and over, but it would appear that I am being criticized for too much emotion. Well, all I can say is I hope that I never lose my passion for music and singing. Again, if people hear are reading all of my posts and not just taking some out of context, then they would realize that I did not like Tim’s version of the Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb”. I don’t think I am alone in my opinion, since Tim has been in the bottom three for two weeks in a row. This week he was in the bottom two. So maybe others aren’t getting what he is doing, either. The judges also share my opinion. So it’s not like I coming out of left field here. I honestly wish Tim would just take a little time to simply look at the words of a song and think about what he can bring to it or if it will work for him. That’s all I am asking.


    I think that there is little point in continuing this discussion. I don’t wish to have people come on here and go after me because I don’t enjoy hearing Freddie Mercury’s songs done by Idol contestants. That does NOT mean that I don’t think any great songs should never be done. If people want to do Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke or whoever, then that’s their right. I might also say that just because it’s on the approved song list, doesn’t mean that one has to choose it. I would appreciate the contestants just investing some time and effort to check out a song, figure out what the story is and then decide if they can give the song new life and a fresh vision. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    I think that from now on, I will keep my feelings about certain singers to myself. I certainly don’t care to be attacked for the fact that I think and have opinions.


  23. personally I love David Archuleta and Aaron Kelly, but I think people are overreacting when this freak out so much just because ryan seacrest made a joke about the both of them. Aaron and David have two totally different music styles. He most likely meant in how they both act somewhat the same, being awkward and about the same age. People shouldn’t freak out this much over one little comment.


  24. Mindy,

    OMGosh, my post was not meant to upset you! 😦
    I just don’t get bothered by the contestants doing cover songs, was all I was trying to say. Please don’t be upset!!!

    I sometimes think that covers of some songs are actually better by a cover artist…example; Tiffany’s, “I think we’re alone now”, I thought she made that song so fresh, I just loved it, and yes I am sharing my age a little.

    I didn’t like Tim’s version of the song or any song he sings for that matter…I wished that he would have went hame and Alex would have moved up…Oh, well can’t have everything!

    Please don’t be upset!


  25. I think I am not attached enough to any singers, even those I love, to muster the sort of emotion that sometimes floats around here, and I think that fact makes me a misfit here.

    Jeanne, I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I hope you realize that you are a very valued member here. We need more people like you; don’t be discouraged!

    I know the Internet confuses intentions, and sometimes, emotions are stirred up based on misinterpretations of other peoples’ words. To anyone out there, whatever level of emotion you have is NORMAL for you. We’re all wired differently, and some people are very emotional (which can be good or bad) and others are very rational (which can be good or bad). No one should feel odd for having too much or too little emotion because “too much” or “too little” is all relative and context-dependent.

    I’m not too keen on psychology, but I think the Myers-Briggs typology is very useful for conceptualizing personality type. (Although the tests can be wildly inaccurate, the types are often spot on when you find the right one, I feel). Some of us are thinking (T) types. Some of us are feeling (F) types.

    I’m a feeling type, so I definitely am the type of person who can become very attached to singers, but some of my other personality traits buffer that tendency and limit me to becoming irreversibly attached to only a select crop of singers. And I can be very rational when I’m completely emotionally uninvolved. (Again, that can be good or bad.) However, I completely understand that some people, especially thinking types, really don’t have any desire to form deep attachments to singers who they don’t really know personally, and that’s just who they are, and that’s perfectly valid.

    I just think that intersubjectivity is so important, trying to place yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to understand everything they’re saying from their perspective, rather than going off of one’s immediate emotional reactions. There isn’t anything “wrong” with the latter”—I want people to get away from thinking that things like emotion can be “wrong” or “right”—but arguably, certain emotions can be “helpful” or “unhelpful” in trying to communicate with other people and reach a place of understanding. Speaking for myself, sometimes, I do have time to step back and examine my emotional blind spots and separate what I thought someone meant from what that person actually meant. And just remember this: every thought has an emotional component, and every emotion has a thought component. “Thinking” and “having emotion” can’t be separated. We just all feel different emotions and express and negotiate them differently. And that’s all part of being human. I embrace it! (The class I took on “Culture and Emotion” was amazing if you can’t tell! ;))


  26. Mindy, please accept my abject apology. It was not my intention to “go after you”. That really isn’t who I am, and I think you may have read into my comments some emotions that simply aren’t there. One of the reasons I have become increasingly uncomfortable here is that there is a lot of emotion flying around, for whatever reason, and that isn’t what attracted me to this site in the first place. What did attract me — long before we were able to post responses — was MCL’s objective and wonderful criticism each week, which does what good criticism should do — acknowledge the good before the bad, and to recognize what is individual and distinct about each of these people, without demeaning them in any way. That is hard to find in Idol posts.

    So to find that you are taking some very casual comments so seriously is distressing for me, and I don’t know that I trust myself in the future to post my own thoughts without hurting your feelings. I really don’t want to do that. As it happens, I’m starting rehearsals for a play on Monday, which means that I won’t have as much time to follow this site, so perhaps that’s a good thing.

    Yes, J, I am a thinker rather than a feeler, and no, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with feelings, deep or otherwise. Feelings are clues about what is going on inside of us, and should always be paid attention to. But I do think there are more feelers here than thinkers, and that is why I feel myself to be somewhat of a misfit. And I do understand that I can’t expect feelers to see the world as I do, and I am pretty good at recognizing why people are the way they are. My training has involved Myers-Briggs, among other similar approaches, left brain/right brain, different learning styles, etc., and so I get how all these things go together, and that there isn’t “normal”, there just is what is, and God has created us in incredible diversity and loves each and every one of us just as we are. And I am usually pretty tolerant of lots of emotion — you can’t get along very well in the world without learning to be so — but sometimes, I confess, I can’t help myself and really want to say, “enough, already!” Which isn’t a particularly friendly thing to do, and which is why I think I’m better off reading MCL’s reviews and leaving it at that.

    I just don’t want to risk making anyone feel bad. That would ruin the whole point of this site.

    Thanks for your comments, though.


  27. Dearest Mindy,

    I hope you don’t feel as though anyone here is trying to attack you; I really honestly feel that they’re not, even though their words can be construed as such when viewed from a particular angle.

    Speaking for myself (and I am NOT saying that you are like this at all, I am speaking only for myself), I know that I can be thin-skinned some of the time, and as a feeling type, sometimes I take criticism of things I do as criticisms of myself. In the past, at times, I had a hard time separating the two and realizing that someone can give me a negative criticism about, say, my writing and still think that I am tremendously talented. I mean, none of us are perfect; we can all be more empathetic, more caring, more fill-in-the-blank. That doesn’t mean we’re not those things, but since humans by nature are not perfect, we will never do all these things perfectly all the time. And as such, we can always seek to improve.

    The key with receiving criticism is learning to tell the difference between what is constructive and what is not. Sometimes, people say things that sound very negative, but when I really step back, I understand that there’s something in their words that is trying to build me up, trying to teach me a lesson, and heed the constructive elements in those words. Other times, people will say things that are just meant to be destructive, and those words should be disregarded.

    I think Jeanne was trying to be constructive by saying that as listeners, we don’t always have to compare Idol contestants’ performances to that of the original artist. Her point is that sometimes, separating a performance from the specter of the original artist’s shadow helps us to see qualities in it that we wouldn’t see otherwise. I think the last two paragraphs of her post conveyed beautiful emotion. And I really do believe that Jeanne is talking in general; I don’t think she was trying to defend Tim Urban as much as defending any young aspiring singer who wants to cover some great musician. It’s not about Tim. It’s not even about Queen. It’s about musicians finding themselves.

    On the other hand, I am not saying that you, Mindy, are “wrong.” I really do want to get away from the idea that someone has to be right and that someone else has to be wrong. There are so many valid ways of being. I agree with Jeanne that not comparing Idol performances to the originals is very helpful, but at the same time, I understand 100% where you are coming from too, Mindy. I know that for myself, there are some performances that I will inevitably compare to past performances. And there are some songs with which I have such strong emotional attachments to the original singers that inevitably, my enjoyment and perception of cover versions will always be colored by those attachments. I can’t separate my reaction from these attachments. And I feel that similarly, you can’t help but hear the original version of a Queen song whenever you hear a cover of it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel that you “have” to change that. I don’t think Jeanne was trying to do that either. I think she was just trying to provide an alternative perspective, but you don’t have to adopt it if you don’t want to, and I don’t think she was trying to negate yours at all. Reading all of your posts, I think the points of agreement between you and other people on this issue overlap in so many places.

    I hope this post made sense. Forgive me if I said anything presumptuous. I was really trying to see both sides and not favor anyone because you two are both right in different ways. And you two are both really valued members here, and it saddens me to think that you two might feel unwelcome at all. And really, neither of you should feel bad for having “too little” or “too much” emotion… any of that. As I said, we’re all wired differently. (And personally, speaking only for myself, I think that figuring out how my brain is wired is a fun adventure, even as I realize my weaknesses along with my strengths!)


  28. Jeanne –

    But I do think there are more feelers here than thinkers, and that is why I feel myself to be somewhat of a misfit. […] And I am usually pretty tolerant of lots of emotion — you can’t get along very well in the world without learning to be so — but sometimes, I confess, I can’t help myself and really want to say, “enough, already!” Which isn’t a particularly friendly thing to do, and which is why I think I’m better off reading MCL’s reviews and leaving it at that.

    Oh, I agree with you, but that’s why I think you should stay. We need someone to make things less lopsided! (And I am saying this as a feeling type, so I’m not bashing anyone. ;)). I’m an INFJ (there are so many profiles on the web; here’s one), so I’m deeply empathetic. I’m also an idealist (NF), and I really appreciate having thinking types around because they’re pragmatic, and they keep me in line. They really do. I own up to my blind spots. I have big dreams, and I need the thinking types to help me deal with the practical realities I have to go through first to realize those dreams. And I need thinking types (like my dad) to tell me when I’m overreacting and just being foolish. And I also need sensing types to catch all the details that my intuiting self misses. =P And so on.

    And I don’t think you’re being “unfriendly” by wanting to say “Enough, already!” because sometimes, that’s what people need to hear. It’s just unfortunate that even though it may be the right thing to say, it won’t always be well-received. I see the good intentions behind your posts, and I really appreciate the time you spent you writing them. And whether or not you decide to post anymore in the future, I’ll understand either way, but I really do appreciate the T perspective you’ve given us during your time here. =)


  29. I guess the reality is…covers are all the kids on idol has right now! Original music is banned! That said, it is kind of an oxymoron, that the judges compare them to the originals??????? :-{

    I’m not sure what Tim is thinking with some of his choices…but I do think for the most part the rest of these kids are picking songs that they feel they can make into their own…goodness knows they hear that enough.

    Mindy…we are music soul mates, remember?

    Jeanne…I am a thinker too! At least that’s what my husband tells me all the time…I’m always telling him ideas I have for things around the house and he always says, “you think entirely to much”!

    J…are you the middle child?…I am and am forever the peace maker!


  30. Gosh, I hope everyone stays!!! I enjoy reading everyone’s messages!! But I am a feeler too and know what is “feels” like to think that you’ve been chastised, attacked or whatever word you want to use by another blogger about something that you’ve written. So I can definitely relate to how Mindy must be feeling. But I’ve also learned that it’s as easy to misunderstand another’s meaning in blogs as it is in e-mail when you don’t actually get to hear the tone of voice or see the facial expressions of the person delivering the words. I really respect both Mindy and Jeanne and hope both will continue to post here.

    I haven’t added much lately because I just don’t have much to say about the contestants’ abilities. I know what I like to hear and what I don’t like, and so far I’m just plain bored by most of the Idol contestants. I’m honestly not sure if the contestants have less talent than other years, or if it’s just that none of them have excited me (except for Siobhan). But I’ve even been a little disappointed in Siobhan because of her tendency to overuse the high notes at the end of each song. So much has been written about that this week that I’m hoping she decides to change that when she sings next week.

    And as for the topic of this thread, I would also like to see the judges (er, Simon!) stop saying that one contestant has done better than another for a particular evening. And I also agree that they should stop comparing them to contestants from previous years.

    I just haven’t been able to put my finger on exactly what is wrong with Idol this year. I actually enjoy Ellen’s humor which can make the whole experience for the contestants a little less tense. But all in all, I think the judges’ remarks have just confused some of the contestants. They want them to make the songs their own, but then sometimes when contestants try to do that, the judges tell them that they should never change a song as much as they did. It must be really hard for some of the contestants to try to figure out what that fine line is.


  31. Oh my goodness, so many posts here! Where to start!


    We are, and always will be, soulmates! If I came across too strongly, please forgive me for that. You are a wonderful person. I love chatting with you. I had an initial reaction to what you said and just felt hurt. But I adore you and nothing will ever, ever change that. I even complimented what you said and pointed out that it’s true. These kids are given the songs. It’s not like they just decided to do some great artist. So you kind of helped me by pointing that out. I do have to be fair. I am sorry this all got so out of hand.

    Dearest J,

    Thank you for your comments. You should be a mediator or something. I guess that I felt that I was a problem person here. I know that I can get intense about certain things. What I have to realize is that others may not feel the same way.

    I appreciate you acknowledging my feelings about Freddie Mercury. It’s true that I will always hear Freddie’s voice in my head when someone else sings his songs. I have tried to stop it, but it’s in my brain. It’s really not about protecting his legacy, because I think that’s safe. That’s why he still lives so vividly in the minds of so many people. I had a hard time dealing with his death. It came at a really, really bad time in my life. It’s all too personal to go into here, but it was too much on top of everything else I was going through at the time. I can’t believe that I still miss him terribly. He is one of a few singers with whom I had an intense connection. I guess there is this visceral reaction when someone else sings his songs. I can see where some might be put off by it. The reasonable, thinking, logical part of me does understand where Jeanne is coming from. I really do get it. But I just feel that everyone knows it and I don’t want to make a big deal if someone sings one of his songs again. I just have to remember that he lives in my heart, there is a special bond, but not everyone has to feel that way or even understand why I feel the way I do. It’s all about respecting each other.


    I think you were totally well-intentioned with your comments. I have to take some responsibility for at least part of this unfortunate turn in our usually great discussions. I have found you to be an intelligent, thoughtful, insightful person who has much of value to contribute here. I certainly hope you will feel comfortable coming here. I was going to stop posting for a while, but then I asked myself why I would want to deprive myself of such great company.

    Suffice it to say, that I respect your point of view completely. I am going to try and be just a little more careful about being so protective of those special singers who I love so much. It’s not the end of the world if someone does their songs. That’s the truth. Also, these contestants are in a tough situation when it comes to song choice. Just looking at the list of r&b songs on itunes, I realized that it’s full of great singing legends. How on earth are these young kids supposed to figure it all out?

    On mjsbigblog, she has an interview with Paige Miles. I found it quite revealing. She discussed a lot of aspects of her Idol journey. It made me feel a lot more compassionate towards here. She discussed this whole business of how they choose the songs and it was very surprising. I am going to try to cut these kids some slack from now on. I will still give my opinion about song choices, but this is not an easy process and sometimes they are put under pressure as to what they should sing or not sing.

    Being here is a learning process. But I always want to come across as someone who contributes to the discussion, not interferes with it. That is the last thing I want to do. Actually I think it’s helpful to have the less emotional people here. It can keep me grounded. It’s a good thing. I love coming here and don’t want anyone to feel that they aren’t welcome.

    One last thing about Freddie Mercury. Last night, I went on youtube and started listening to his performances. I thought after all this time, I would have finally come to terms with his passing. But hearing him again, I felt such a sadness that he left us too soon. Usually I feel happy when I listen to him, but last night the pain of his death came back to me again. It seemed so unfair. But I tell myself that at least he left us with so much. One of the memebers of Queen said that Freddie would have hated to get old. I think he said it himself in one of his rare interviews. I think it was in a documentary on the fifteenth anniversary of his death. I wish he hadn’t suffered the way he did, dying of Aids. But knowing that he didn’t want to get old, somehow made me smile. I can’t believe that I still miss him so much.

    That’s all I am going to say about Freddie! Promise! I will look forward to next week, having gotten some wise advice from great people here. Thank you all. Here’s to having some wonderful, inspiring discussions next week. As I always say, I am still a work in progress, even though I am well into middle age!


  32. Oh my goodness! There are so many responses here and I don’t have the time to read them all! However, I am sure MCL is pleased. I have mentioned this column on the main Idol board again. 😉

    MCL, you have expressed feelings we all share. Thank you for this fine article. I know Ryan’s comment about David and Aaron was scripted. I just wish he would refuse to say what they write for him.

    Now the contestants can relax about being on the tour and just work on growing and doing more. I have a feeling we might be surprised by Tim. I don’t know why, I just have a feeling about him. Silobhan is my favorite, but I look forward to what Crystal will do without her guitar?

    Did someone say Crystal plays piano? That wouldn’t be the change, would it. I know she wanted to do some Dusty Springfield, but her songs aren’t on the list. I hope everyone does well.

    Thank you again, MCL!


  33. Mindy,

    “I had an initial reaction to what you said and just felt hurt.”

    Oh, Mindy, I am so sorry…I wish that I was a thinker sometimes before I am a talker. I am thinker who is easily hurt! So I share your feelings of taking things to heart. For my being a sensitive person I don’t always practice what I preach, I can sometimes say things that may come across as being negative. I am so sorry…that is why I gave a shout out to you at what I was saying about covers, that I wasn’t trying to dis-respect what you were saying, only sharing my being not bothered by covers.

    I really wasn’t directing my comments to you, I was only sharing that It doesn’t bother me to hear covers.

    I am by nature very analytical…not always a good thing.

    I feel absolutly horrible…I have hurt someone who has always been so kind and lovely to me!


  34. Mindy,

    Sorry…me again! After reading what you were saying to J;

    “I had a hard time dealing with his death. It came at a really, really bad time in my life. It’s all too personal to go into here, but it was too much on top of everything else I was going through at the time. I can’t believe that I still miss him terribly. He is one of a few singers with whom I had an intense connection. I guess there is this visceral reaction when someone else sings his songs.”

    I think I am getting your saddness to Tim’s careless attempt to sing this song…had he gave a geniune attempt, would it have helped to make having to hear him easier?

    I am so sorry for being insensitive, I have come to realize though, that this may be why I don’t care for Siobhan’s performances…that wail in my mind is Adam’s…Therapy at its best here!!! I don’t like when I think she is copying Adam, and she may very well not be, but for me that what it sounds like…I have to get passed that!


  35. Hello everyone! Well after reading all these blogs I wasnt sure I wanted to say anything at all; however, it seems that I have been drawn to do so. First MasterClass Lady You are indeed a Master Class Act! So thank you for your post your words said it all perfectly!

    Secondly I must say that I have always watched American Idol but NONE have topped Season 7 for me. Yes I am a David Archuleta fan,Ok so if you stopped reading at this point I understand, we tend to get a little fanatical but we do love and support David with very good intentions. Not saying other have not but David has worked very very hard for what he has learned and accomplished. The season 7 idols (not just David A) were the cream of the crop for me, not a bad one in all the top 12 at all. As for the last two seasons I gave up last year I just could not stomach Adam and this year when I do try and watch it is so boring. What MCL said about not compairing the idols I agree, it is unfair to anyone to be compaired to anyone. That goes for all of us in life, siblings to siblings even. Still it stung a little to hear the comment Ryan made at first to Aaron, then I thought about it. He made the comment to Aaron after having said how sick Aaron was and still did well, not many know how sick David was for two weeks because the show never mentioned it. So perhaps that was part of his meaning in the vote for David comment. More so after thinking about it, well David Archuleta did get mentioned on American Idol again and with a new single coming up and his book coming out as well as the album it is all good. Besides I would have voted for David again if I could have!

    Lastly as for all the comments back and forth on “feelings and thinkers” someone made a very good point about not being able to see facial expressions or hear someones inflections in their voice when they are just reading comments so it leaves somethings unable to be interpreted correctly perhaps. I am not the best speller so forgive me any mis-spelled words here. Thank you all for your comments it is fun reading what others have to say.

    Just have to add I do understand how everyone feels about their favorite artists songs being re-sung. We all gain attachments to people for different reasons. I was head over heels about John Denver and felt a sad loss at his passing so I get it. Time moves forward never backwards and perhaps that is a good thing.

    Thanks MasterClass Lady for all the work you do!

    Please everyone just keep Buying songs and DONT steal (download illegally) any music OK! Thank You!


  36. Helo JustAFan and thanks for stopping by. Your comments and feelings about the very talented David Archuleta are most appreciated and always welcome. Stop by again soon! 🙂


  37. vonnie,

    You are just too sweet! But I have thought about this and realized that I can tend to get too emotional when someone does one of Freddie’s songs. I see now that I just haven’t come to terms with his loss, even though it has been a long time. I listened to a live performance of “Somebody to Love” and it just made me break down completely. His death also brings back extremely painful memories of that time in my life. So there’s a lot involved. But this had made me have a better understanding of what I am feeling and why. Maybe moving forward, I can try to celebrate someone singing Freddie’s songs, even if I feel they can never live up the original. I need to celebrate the fact that we have been fortunate to have some great singers in our lives, even if they were there for too short a time.

    Please do not feel bad! You did nothing to me at all. I want you to know that and believe it. You have been kind to me. I am truly sorry that everything got so out of hand. If you look at the list of songs the Idol contestants have to choose from, then you will see that there are a number of legendary performers on it. What to do? Although there is a wealth of great material, I still don’t envy the contestants.

    I want to move forward and try to put this behind me. I hope you and others can do so. We have a wonderful place in which we get to express our opinions and feelings without the hatred and mean- spirited tone that characterizes many of the other sites. I want to cherish the kind spirit here. Let’s look forward to next week and hope for good things.

    I want to make it clear that Tim didn’t do anything horrible by singing a Freddie Mercury song. I don’t know if he was able to appreciate it, but that really wasn’t what bothered me the most about his performance. However, I do think there is a carelessness in all of his performances that bothers me a good deal. There is a lot of hatespeak elsewhere about Tim and Katie and others. Thank goodness, we don’t have that here. I am not feeling it with Tim at all, but will try to be objective and fair. All of the contestants deserve at least that much.


    Thanks so much for your kind words. I agree with you about Siobhan. She is my favorite this season and I sincerely hope that she gives us something quite different. She has so much more to her voice. I hope she shares it with us. It’s been a strange season so far. I can understand where you are coming from. I don’t think the judges are helping. If they could manage to judge each performance on its own merits and stop making silly comparisons to the other contestants like its can you top this or something, then I think we would all be better off. Simon seems determined to make Siobhan and Crystal think they have to battle each other every week for supremacy. That’s too bad.

    I appreciated your perspective as always. I do hope that we can all move forward and continue sharing our thoughts. I learn a lot from all of you.


  38. Mindy,

    This is a great place to share our thoughts! I will try to think before I type!!!

    Please don’t stop being passionate about what you feel or what you beleive…don’t change your thoughts or give them up to accommodate someone else. If having the idols sing Freddie’s music upsets you, then we all need to be respectful of your feelings, as well as the feelings of all the people who post here. Just becasue we may not understand where someone is coming from is no excuse…kindness, understanding, and compassion should be our first thought…I take for granted I think, that I don’t know anyone on here personally, not meeting you face to face, kind of gives you the distant non-connection, and you forget your manners. Kindness goes across the board. I apologize!

    Oh! and Mindy…I think you’re really awesome!


  39. This is mj’s review of Tim’s studio performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. I cut and pasted it, because she managed to say what I have been struggling to say, only much more directly and in far fewer words. It really is simple when you get right down to it. I am sorry that it became so much about being a Freddie Mercury song. But at least she understands what the song was supposed to be about in the first place. She sees it more like a Ricky Nelson type of song. But at least she shared the point of view I was clumsily trying to make.

    “Tim Urban – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – I’m getting a major Rick Nelson vibe from the band’s arrangement of this song. And if Tim were only musically astute, he could have canned the stupid dancing and turned his live performance into a clever homage to 50’s teen Idols. The recording also misses the mark because, of course, Tim is no Ricky Nelson.”


  40. Hello, everybody! I feel so lost these days. I have loved Karen Carpenter since the day I heard her first record. I would be tickled pink if any of the Idols (male or female) chose to sing her songs! I don’t believe anyone would be as good, but the fact that they wanted to meet the challenge would be exciting. Her songs would be in America’s conscious and I am sure it would affect her record sales. YAY!

    Welcome JustAFan! Season 7 remains my favorite with Seasons 5 and 2 being loved as well. With the Judges’ Save returning; Simon’s negativity; missing Paula somewhat; and three weeks focusing on the [younger] current artists, I am not enjoying Season 9 like I thought I would.

    I have been requesting a Folk/Folk-Rock theme for 8 years, and John Denver’s music would fit right in there. However, it seems my dreams will not be realized.

    The only way I have met people I have posted with on a forum is by attending the Concert Tour. Although we don’t know each other, there are many here I enjoy “being” with!

    Take care everyone!


  41. I’m glad someone brought this up! I’ve made a few random comments on this elsewhere, b’cuz it’s bugged me all season! Long before Ryan’s, calculated “jest” this week, just about every article about AI has used the words, “the next David Archuleta”…as if. The only “next” David…is David. And frankly, who needs another?!! That’s not me being “David obsessed” and is also not to disparage anyone else; it just simply doesn’t apply. One of the best comments, on another blog, I ever heard about David and the other Season 7 contestants, could easily apply here..”you could drive a truck between David and”..in this case, all those he’s being compared to, in how different they are. Every “fresh faced” teen, with aw shucks appeal does not a David Archuleta make. Especially since that is only the limited view of some that seem to box him into that simple image. Beyond his authentic appealing charms and sweet nature, you are exactly right…it was obvious how studied and prepared and practiced he was for AI7. Also self-aware in who he was musically, as he proved with each and every song choice, even when the judges didn’t “get it”,(only Simon still doesn’t think David chose “You’re The Voice”, nor was he listening as David seemed to shrug and murmur to himself..”I love that song..”) Point…David was clear-headed and intentional in what he put out on Idol…even when some weeks may have presented issues with song approvals behind the scenes etc. I’m of the group that thinks basically… David Archuleta sang and Idol peaked. Though, I also really liked most of the top ten that year; it was Idol’s best group all-around. I felt the show would forever after be chasing and trying to “contrive” that popularity…and I think we see that now.
    I still tune in to Idol out of amusement, though it’s a bit weird this year, but am no longer invested.
    I retired my Idol dialing fingers on my last 975 calls for David Archuleta on Finale night. (Something I’d never done before!) That was it for me, and it was worth it. I’m glad he made it that far and has done so beautifully since. The world has one David Archuleta; I’m glad to be a fan.
    Tks for the dead-on post on this topic!


  42. Mindy,

    I just read an article by “Sting” who writes for Foxes on Idol. Here’s what he had to say about Tim . . . “I guess I should have mentioned that he must never, ever, and I mean never take on Freddie Mercury.”


  43. louise,

    Awww,you are so sweet!!! I love you, Sting!

    I am just wondering what Tim will do for r&b week. Goodness only knows. It’s odd how he truly doesn’t connect with the songs he chooses. Maybe Usher can be of some help, to ALL of the contestants.


  44. Rose, I feel as you do about Season 7 but my reason Is because of Jason Castro!

    Aaron doesn’t have the vocal range or the beautiful tone to his voice that David does.

    I know Aaron was one of the Idol Experience winners, but I really have not been impressed with him. I would rather have seen Alex Lambert take his place on the tour. I know he seems like a sweet kid and TPTB want a young male country singer, but comparing him to David is a turn-off.


  45. Rusty Espadero April 1, 2010 at 7:00 am

    I attended one of David Archuleta’s concert last year
    before Christmas with my wife. Oh man, this kid is to me the best male vocalist out there. Hands down! Never
    seen anybody like him.


  46. Solidarity Baybay April 5, 2010 at 10:52 am

    I just stumbled upon this website by accident, and wow, I must say I agree. It’s not as if the contestants were saying to the audience “Hey, I’m copying (insert name of x season’s contestant here)’s style, so compare me to him/her!”

    The comparisons should stop. People should just judge each of the contestants based solely on their performances and not by comparing it to former contestants because if you do, inevitably you will categorize them into who’s the better singer and who is not. Once that happens, you’re depriving yourself of the chance to enjoy the show.

    Am i making sense? 😀 haha. I’m definitely looking forward to your updates MCL, I like the way you state your opinions. Keep it up!



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