American Idol Season 7 Tour In St. Louis, Missouri: July 18th, 2008

The Idols are on the road again and their next stop is St. Louis, Missouri, the home state of American Idol winner David Cook. So, I expect the crowd will be as manic as the crowd from Salt Lake City, Utah, home of Idol runner-up, David Archuleta.

But wait, they will have competition, as the tour will cross Missouri once again for two nights in August, the 29th and 30th, but this time they will land in Kansas City. Kansas City is close to the community of Blue Springs, home of David Cook. So, I am certain this crowd will try to break the sound barrier when their hometown boy hits their circuit.

So let’s hear from you St. Louis. This is your moment – well, until the Idols hit Kansas City. Can you scream louder, cheer louder, sing louder and – most important – send more video links and/or photos and/or comments of your live Idol experience?

I’ll be waiting either on this site or at for all your Idol news. The comments section is below this blog entry and all inks can be added there. Photos can also be emailed and I will post them ASAP.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to share with us!
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18 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour In St. Louis, Missouri: July 18th, 2008”

  1. MCL, sorry this to be totally off topic. I remember you asked for recommandation of a camera a while back. I am not sure if you have already purchased one. But remember those amazing video set of David’s by 88Aladdin in SLC? Completely clear audio and video. Lots of people asked her what kind of camera she uses, and here it is, Canon PowerShot S5. I am getting one lol.


  2. Finally some St Louis vids… lol I think they dropped off the face of the planet… hahaha



  3. Yes – finally. I will check these out in a bit. Thanks Frogcooke! You always come through. 🙂


  4. frogcooke Says:
    July 19, 2008 at 8:38 pm
    Finally some St Louis vids… lol I think they dropped off the face of the planet… hahaha


    Angels Special thanks to disneyfreak010

    Once again, the gorgeous Syesha gives David a sweet intro. and David ascends through the fog to thunderous cheers and applause. The video footage is from a distance, but the audio is wonderful.

    Yea – she found the jumbo screen and David looks and sounds rested. I am sure all the singers needed this two day break.

    And, my oh my, he is singing this song like never before. Those tricky “ay” diphthongs are handled extremely well by David – he sustains his voice on the pure “eh” vowel. As a result, his voice sounds so clean, so rich, extremely resonant and well focused.

    There is a sense of bouyancy coming from his entire body when he sings this song in St. Louis and this creates a very energetic support system for David.

    And, something different ensues (unless I missed it in previous performances) when he grabs the microphone with one hand during the “yeah, yeah” segments, allowing him to sing with increased passion and soul.

    Perhaps, the short respite from the piano afforded him extra vocal freedom at this point in the song – whatever the reason, it worked, visually and aurally.

    His body is so in tune with the basic rhythmic structure of the song – so much heart and soul in this vocal delivery.

    And that final ascending run was stellar – every note perfectly placed. This was, for me, his best performance of this song – it was extarordinary. Bravo David.

    Stand By Me Special thanks to disneyfreak010

    He speaks to the crowd so well before this song, expressing his gratitude. Such a sweetheart! And, he is so comfortable on this stage. It is truly his second home.

    The song is sung and performed exceptionally well and he adds some new melodic twists which I love.

    And then, as he moves with choreographic ease into the “beautiful girls” segment, he once again changes things up a bit in the “suicidal” segments, finding new and exciting ways to challenge his vocal ingenuity.

    The ending – even from a distance – is jaw-dropping. That sustained note on the word “stand”, followed by the ascending run on the words “by me” are spectacular and he is really supporting in a monumental way every note coming from his body.

    Love those knee bends – great technique, especially for upper level singing. And his dancing steps were so fluid – who said this kid is awkward on the stage? Not by a long shot. And, he’s only 17. Just. You. Wait.

    Apologize Special thanks to urbanlvr

    We get a really really good “up close and personal” shot of David. Exceptional audio and even more exceptional video.

    His voice sounds unbelievably rich and resonant on this song and he sings this song with soulful commitment. I marvel at the amount of tremendous energy he expends when he sings – it is so inspiring.

    He has so much respect for his audience, for the music and, most important, for his own prodigious talent. Even if he exerted half the effort he does during this performance, it still would have been an extremely solid showcase. But, David doesn’t do things half good – it’s always to the very best of his ability. And this is why he is not only good, really good, very good, the best – he is extraordinary. A singular pop talent like no other in this business today.


  5. MCL hi, I know you already looked at David’s videos but here are some more (from St. Louis)that are just amazing close up, it feels like your there and they have great sound from user urbanlvr

    they’re not the full songs though only SBM.



  6. Thank you MCL for reviewing David’s performances. After each concert I look forward to reading your beautiful and eloquent words. Just as David never fails to bring tears to my eyes, neither do you. I can’t believe all the amazing and talented people brought together by this exceptional young man. Thanks MCL for joining us on this journey. Looking forward to your encore performance on FanBlast!


  7. This is my first comment as I have just been checking daily and reading comments. But I just had to thank MCL for your exceptional critiquing and support of David Archuleta. Thank you for your time and gracious comments about David. I have learned alot from you. As you know, David’s vocal paralysis concerns many of us fans. Will he be able to sing as many songs that are sung during a concert? He recently commented that he did find that he still has no use of one vocal cord. I don’t understand that. Also, how would he have sounded differently if he did not have vocal paralysis? Also, can singing so often daily on this tour cause anymore damage to his cords? Just a little concerned. I noticed when he sang the Fox “Crazy” he was right on, but the next day on 5 Alive he sang “Crazy” a bit off and he sounded really chokey. I read that he overslept and did not warm up vocally. Is that how he would always sound if he did not warm up? Or was his voice a bit strained from all the singing, talking, interviewing in Utah? Do you have any concerns for him? Thank you


  8. This comment is for Frogcooke. How do I get an Archie face icon to show up on my comment section. I noticed you had one and mine has this wierd green grumpy face showing. Is that something I change. Just wondering because I don’t like the green man and I do like the Archie man. Ha!


  9. Aye Caramba!

    Just when you think he can’t get = better – he goes and does this.
    Lucky St. Louis!

    Thanks for all the time you put into your reviews MCL.
    I agree – I don’t recall the microphone grab in any of the previous shows and it is wonderful to see how this simple act took the Yeah Yeah’s to a higher level. This was the best Angels performance to date – as well as the other songs. I think the 2 days in LA did him good! (cleared up his allergies and not in Missouri long enough to hit him again).
    His banter was the most relaxed and spontaneous — I could not make it out, maybe someone could help, but I believe he made a reference to the St Louis “ARCH” and later said something about his comment being a bit “cheesy”. This was a confident professional on stage last night – but still with his humble and passionate touch.


  10. Some St. Louis Jason:
    “Over the Rainbow”, uploaded by lfty7
    “Crazy”, uploaded by southerngirl1982
    And a snip of “Daydream”, (with commentary!) uploaded by marbear930

    You must be getting tired of reviewing the same songs over and over! Should we stop? Or maybe you’d like to pick and choose? We don’t want to wear you right out! (Although it’s interesting to see the changes and growth in these singers…)


  11. Thank you ReReader!

    Some St. Louis Jason:

    “Over the Rainbow”, uploaded by lfty7:

    This is a pretty good video of Jason, but the audio is not as strong as in other footage I have seen.

    Yet, Jason is much more fluid with his phrase lines, not breathing as often and/or carrying the ends of his phrases a little longer before he breathes again.

    He needs to work on supporting the lower end of this melodic line, as this is where his voice starts to fade. Also, articulating the words with increased precision would help him, as it does when he enters the higher part of his vocal range.

    However, this song definitely has more vocal presence than it did earlier in the tour. His head voice is very good indeed and wonderfully centered.

    And the fans are crazy nuts for this talented young singer. Good work Jason.

    “Crazy”, uploaded by southerngirl1982

    Wow – what a difference in the audio in this footage. Jason’s voice sounds excellent – really confident and rich.

    He handles the upper “crazy” notes very well. That “ay” dihthong is such a stickler for all the singers, but he really trys to project the purer “eh” vowel and, wonder of wonders, it works!

    This is overall a very very strong performance and it appears that he has reached an agreeable comfort level with the generally high tessitura of this song.

    Excellent work Jason. Little by little your technical skills are enhancing and solidifying vocal delivery. Bravo my man!

    And a snip of “Daydream”, (with commentary!) uploaded by ,marbear930

    This was a 42 second clip, but, you only need a bite out of the apple to know that it’s good. Jason sounds terrific – very energized and animated. He sings this number with a playful and relaxed vocal delivery – very expressive and always so much fun to watch.

    Superb trio of songs. It just gets better and better for Jason, doesn’t it?


  12. Rereader – thank you for your concern. As time goes by, I may just pick and choose the songs, but, as of now, I’m okay.

    However, this week is a busy one for me and then, towards the end of the week, we are piling into a car and heading to Toronto for the Idol show. July 26th! I cannot wait.

    I still have to review Jason and David A.’s studio recordings – I hope to do this this week. Fingers crossed.


  13. Rereader – thank you for your concern. As time goes by, I may just pick and choose the songs, but, as of now, I’m okay.

    However, this week is a busy one for me and then, towards the end of the week, we are piling into a car and heading to Toronto for the Idol show. July 26th! I cannot wait.

    I still have to review Jason and David A.’s studio recordings – I hope to do this this week. Fingers crossed.

    Well, you let us know, and we’ll understand, for sure! Enjoy the concert–it will be a blast for you I’m sure, and awesome for us to see what you have to say about the concert in person, so exciting!

    (And of course–thrilled to see what you think of the studio recordings, whenever you get to them!)


  14. Superb trio of songs. It just gets better and better for Jason, doesn’t it?

    Mmm hmmmm! It’s a steep learning curve, he’s learning fast!


  15. MCL, I just want to say how excited I am when I think of you going to see the Idols in concert (especially Archie, of course)! I hope you have a splendid time in Toronto.

    Thank you again for all the reviews–I read every word on every performer and learn something every time. I especially appreciate leaning from you new language to use when describing a performance. BMCL (before MasterClassLady) my descriptive vocabulary consisted of mainly “great,” “awesome” and the like, LOL.


  16. For Lynnslocum –
    1.Regarding “Crazy” the second day he sang — the poor kid literally just got out of bed!
    The story goes from a station staffer – Jeff and David overslept (hmmm I wonder why), Jeff did not hear his cell phone ringing and ringing. The Hotel finally put through a call to the room – it was 10:35 am. David walked onto the show in front of the cameras at 10:58 – and shortly after had to sing. He also obviously also had a raging case of seasonal allergies and post nasal drip (too bad he did not have that awful grey suit to wipe his nose on the sleeve like the first UTAH concert!)
    He did hit one off high note, but quickly glided it back into perfect tune.
    I still wish we can hear the Hollywood week version of Crazy.
    2. Regarding vocal chord paralysis – In an interview with Ryan Seacrest after the show he confirmed a comment made by the AI vocal coach Debra Byrd made earlier – that the one chord was still barely moving. So he did not “almost recover” as he stated in the interview during Hollywood week – what he did was somehow relearn to sing! I will leave my lengthy explanation of what is going on physiologically out of this post (but it explains the huskiness to his voice as well as the stridor when he breaths in – what his distractors refer to as the gasp or wheeze, and why he looked so out of breath after belting out a song on AI).
    Anyhow I think this young man is amazing. Despite this condition – his voice fills up large stadiums, you can feel inside you his voice reverberate and I was up in the nose bleed section. I have been to many concerts at Staples Center and no one I have heard there has done this. Even Mariah Carey’s voice did not carry as well as this petite young man’s did.
    MCL — I cannot wait to here your report from Toronto when you get to hear him live!!
    ((and please for me, if you get the chance to meet him in person – bring that poor boy some handkerchiefs!)).


  17. Miss Bianca and Archiefan – thanks for your comments. Love to see the regular readers stopping by with their analysis as well. i will chat more tomorrow. very tired here, but I have not forgotten. I just need zzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Good night all!


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