Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV: The Top 8 Males Celebrate Motown With Aretha Franklin

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Updates below as they come in. Get ready from some pretty sad eliminations. Like really sad. 

Last week raised the curtain on some very stylistic singers who came totally prepared to win this thing. 

The singers that really stood out to me – in no particular order – were Quentin, Quasim, Clark, Savion, Riley and Nick. 

However – and I cannot stress this enough – some singers suffered a “nerves” attack” and cannot be out ruled  at this very early stage of the competition. 

And, knowing how this show works, be prepared for some of the best singers to lose a spot in the Top 12.  It comes down to votes and fan base and, at the end of the day, some of these singers have come equipped with a strong fanbase. 

I love the Top 24 Semi-Final Format.  It is the best format – allowing us to become familiar with the singers before the Top 12. It is unfortunate, however, that 4 singers will be eliminated at the top of the Top 8 Male Performance Show on Wednesday.  Formerly, 2 singers were cut at this stage.  Darn! 

The American Idol Top 8 Male Performance Show begins on Wednesday, March 4th at 8:00 PM on Fox. 

 American Idol will be celebrating the iconic period of music from the Motown era of music. They will be performing at the Filmore Detroit, with mentoring assistance from the great Aretha Franklin.  I can already visualize which singers will advance or no.  Can you? 

I am on vacation until the end of March but will provide updates – if not live, but delayed. But they will be there. 

How about you?  Do you have any favorites from this Group of 12?  Who do think will be eliminated this week?  

MasterClass away everyone in the comments section. 

Live Update:

Daniel Seavey – “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” by Marvin Gaye

Daniel – this was a wonderful song choice for you. The melodic line sat quite well in your vocal range.  However, you need to raise the key up a notch – the lower notes were a bit of a struggle for you.  

And you looked relaxed – much more so than last week. You have incredible potential but I worry that your voice has not quite settled.  Also, I would have enjoyed seeing you move away from the mike stand. Well, you did at the end – but it would have been great to see this happen sooner than later.  Good advice from Harry!   Use it!  internalize the rhythm.  

Mark Andrew – “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” by The Temptations

Mark – good song choice. However, you have a tendency to mumble your words. Also, you have a great deal of chest voice in your vocal mix and, therefore, the sound does not project forward. However, you use the stage and, in this respect, you gave a solid performance. But you need to raise the bar higher in terms of stretching your vocal range and dynamic. 

Rayvon Owen – “My Girl” by The Temptations

Rayvon – I love your visual style. Very classy and refined. And you are not afraid to tap in to that gorgeous head voice. You are a confident vocalist and I loved the embellishments you added to the melodic line. This takes courage and confidence in your vocal skill. Now, work on rounding out that mouth so we can hear more depth, more ring in your vocal tone. 

Adam Ezegelian – “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5

Adam – I love the gutsy, gravelly sound in your vocal tone. It is a signature sound for you. You have quite the fun-loving personality to complement it as well. This was a fantastic rendition of this song. You Adam-ized it. Bravo! However, be careful not to add strain to your vocal cords. Relax that mouth and jaw and let your diaphragm support the full extent of your vocal delivery. Good work, though. Very entertaining. 

Clark Beckham – “Tracks Of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson

Clark – you are a powerful presence on stage. Your vocal tone is pure gold and you have the vocal range to back it. However, this week, you were hindered by nerves early on in your performance but the last part of the song was pure Clark at its best.  I loved the accelerated tempo at the end. However, at that point, the guitar should have left your body, allowing you to move around the stage. The guitar was hindering the full potential of this performance and, in many ways, confined you when performing a song with so many dimensions. However, you packed a great deal in a short span of time and are to be commended for this. Kudos! 

Nick Fradiani, Jr. – “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder

Nick – I am not a huge fan of this song so I was anxious to se if you could convert me. And, in some respect, you did. It sounded more current to my ear. However, the repetitious nature of this song’s melodic and lyrical line was aching for variation in the vocal performance. Also, be careful that you do not squeeze out your vocal sound. Diaphragmatic support and a more relaxed throat is key. And, ditch the guitar and move and groove to add more visual dimension to your performances. 

Qaasim Middleton – “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder

Qaasim – okay, now this is more like it. Who are you and can I have your autograph? You are, quite simply, amazing. I do not think we have ever seen a singer on this show move like you do. You are an exceptional performer. That being said, we need to hear the full extent of your vocals  – relax your throat and let your diaphragm guide your vocals forward. But what a breath of fresh, clean and funky air you are!! Love you!  Now send me your autograph!  

Quentin Alexander – “Master Blaster” by Stevie Wonder

Quentin – the showmanship you pour into your performances should carry you very far in this competition.  Not only is your style innovative and exciting, but you also have the vocal substance to back it.  You balanced your vocal and choreographic elements with perfection. The voice never took a back seat to the stage movements. Bravo. This was just a phenomenal moment at this point in the competition. Excellent Quentin. Love you! 

Michael, Savion, Riley and Trevor – best of luck in your musical careers. This was your platform. Now go out and use it!!  We are here cheering you on. 

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14 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV: The Top 8 Males Celebrate Motown With Aretha Franklin”

  1. Wait! Who was eliminated last week? There never was an elimination show was there? I’m so confused …


  2. They are eliminating four guys tonight.

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  3. Jessica – spoilers on other websites. I just didn’t post them. Get ready to yell “Boo”!!!


  4. I am upset once again by America;s vote. Ugg Riley gone. NO WAY


  5. Yup Aubry. Good times here. Angry about another singer as well.


  6. Quentin is special. Hopefully he sticks around.

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  7. Get ready to yell “Boo”!!!

    Oh, yes, BIG TIME BOO. 😦

    I don’t have any notes this week, because Purim started tonight (Happy Purim!), so I was in and out with the TV. But yeah, not happy with the eliminations, not at all.

    I also think it wasn’t really very fair to make the contestants take the wash of adrenaline from being safe straight up onto the stage.

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  8. Yes ReReader. What a stressful environment. I really felt for these singers. How crazy that Savion and Riley are gone. They are two of the best and now they are gone. Incredible musicians. I am very sad but I wish them and all four singers the very best.


  9. This show has become too ‘wack’.


  10. I was very disappointed to see Savion leave, just as I was last year when they didn’t choose him. I would have preferred Savion over Daniel.

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  11. Yes me too Louise. Daniel is a sweet kid and I had a feeling he would cancel out some of the finer singers. I wonder – if they had stuck to the elimination of 2 singers format, would Savion and Riley still be there? They are exceptional musicians and now they are gone.

    Plus, it didn’t help that the judges were negative toward Savion’s performance. It was totally unwarranted. He gave a multi-dimensional performance last week.


  12. I don’t know if it’s the sound on my TV, my crap hearing or what, but I couldn’t hear a word Quentin sang. Was it the soundboard at the Fillmore? I’m going to go back and watch it on my computer with my headphones on. Qaasim is an entertainer for sure, and I think Jen is right that he has to bring the vocals back into it.

    I’m so disappointed Daniel went through. He just doesn’t have IT. I hope he improves and justifies his vote because I love Savion and Riley. (Kinda wish the votes could choose half and the judges could choose half.)

    Back to my master’s thesis … Idol is my only indulgence this week besides lots of coffee/mocha lattes.

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  13. Jessica,

    I thought the acoustics of the Fillmore for television were poor. (They may be great in the theater itself.) I suspect a dramatic improvement in sound (cue the Oscars award for best in sound editing) once they are back in Hollywood.


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