Mariah Carey Judges American Idol Season 12

Mariah Carey Agrees To Act As Judge On American Idol Season 12


That’s it! C’est tout! Cased closed! Mariah it is for Season 12 of American Idol.

As I mentioned a few days ago, this rumor was heating up in a big way.

According to EW.Com, American Idol snagged the legendary songstress, despite naysayers, including her hubby Nick Cannon, saying that this might not happen because of her high price tag. Oh that cagey Nick! Such a jokester!

Here is what EW.Com had to say:

As reported in this week’s issue of EW, Carey has been the leading contender to join the panel this summer, which has seen a flurry of celebrity names floated in the press as possible candidates. Her salary is expected to be somewhere north of $12 million — the sum paid Jennifer Lopez during her first year on the show — and possibly as high as $17 million.

Previously, Simon Cowell was courting Carey as a mentor for X Factor’s second season, though it’s not clear if her Idol announcement precludes an appearance on Fox’s other show.

“It’s the biggest recording artist than any of these [singing competition] shows have ever had,” Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly told critics at their press tour in Beverly Hills on Monday. “It’s an artist many of these contestants have tried to emulate. [The deal] only concluded only hours ago. Not being the only game in town we need to keep things fresh.”

So, it looks like Mariah’s manager and friend, Randy Jackson, is a natural fit sitting beside her as judge.

Now we just need to see if the Adam Lambert rumors are true. Will he be the third judge? Who would you like to see as Judge Number 3? Share all in the comments section.

Read the full story at EW.Com

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22 Responses to “Mariah Carey Agrees To Act As Judge On American Idol Season 12”

  1. I hope Adam Lambert is the 3rd judge..he would def be a very good person to have on the Idol panel..hes smart, articulate, funny and very knowledgeable on music ..Adam would be an asset to the contestants..


  2. MCL

    I think this is very interesting news!!

    What I like about it (which probably most won;t like) is that Randy and Mariah have worked together …so they undoubtedly are going to have similar views . Usually when people have similar views and those views are different then those people in the general public, then the public starts speaking negative of them . I like both and to see them working together … fro me …would be great news!!

    Mariah brings much more then just a pretty face to this. She brings many years of experience. She started as a teen…. so she’d be able to relate there. From what I understand and have read …she knows rejection …as she had it before becoming a super star. The contestants would need to hear from someone who’s had that. If there was a drug “history” … she would speak not as one who has a habit but overcame it . She’s not new to the business …so she’d bring a wealth of experience. Shes knows tons of people and I think every contestant would greatly respect her celebrity status. and critiques.

    Plus …. I think …she’s at the age where its time for her career to go to a new level. One of my pet peeves is …I just don;t like the singer that doesn’t know when to step aside for the younger generation and is just bent on competing with them. The old saying is ..”you’ve got to know when to move on. Most people wait until too late and then exit with a scandal . I’;m not saying its time for her to give up singing. To me she has one of the outstanding voices of all time. I’m just saying …it’s time to move on and let go of the competing. Let the younger people have the stage.. We’ve heard her voice now …. its time to get some of that wisdom


  3. BrotherKarl – very well said!! I like how you described the importance of Mariah’s placement on Idol – to give back the wisdom she acquired as a performer. Excellent!! Great insight!


  4. I like Mariah and hope she does well as a judge. I can’t get out of my head though how she introduced herself to the season seven to 7 when she appeared as a mentor, “I feel wierd about the whole judging people in general so just think of me as a friend you just met who writes songs for a living…”
    I am not in favor of former contestents being judges. It’s not an Adam thing necessarily, I just don’t think it’s a good idea. I’ll leave it there for now.


  5. Great summary of the situation Karl. The articles that I read on alleged drug problems were never substantiated. I smell a jealous skunk in that scandal that they tried to create about her and Nick while the twins were still in the hospital.

    Also, I think there was more wisdom in your remarks about Lambert than you know. If he lands as an Idol judge it would be more a testament to his failures in the music industry than anything. Or maybe that was intended point. If I look at it that way I can live with it easier. Sorry.

    Also, Rosanne, please don’t think it’s necessary to edit people’s words on my behalf. I am an adult and if I am still going after all I’ve been through, I can handle that. I am not in a fragile emotional state any more. I am just in the mental place that I think I will live out the rest of my life but I’m trying to learn how to act the part of a normal person at the same time so I can put up a good front and cover it up as much as possible….LOL

    Is it just me or does Nick Cannon just seem like an odd fit for someone as legendary as Mariah Carey? If it continues to work out great! I wish them all the best for the future.


  6. Hi skiffrower!


  7. Taymaro – I know you are a super strong person. No one goes through what you went though and survived without being strong. However, in light of your recent comments re your personal tragedy, I felt more comfortable doing so.

    Keep churning out the interesting dialogue, Taymaro!! There should be lots to talk about now that Mariah is on board!

    And, I too thought that she and Nick Cannon were an awkward fit as a couple. But, we just know their onstage persona – they probably complement each other very well.

    God Bless!


  8. Hey Vonnie, Hi all


  9. Hi Vonnie – good to see you! Good to see everyone!

    I have no feelings of excitement nor feelings of disappointment. I guess we’ll see how Mariah judges. No judge is worth more than 5 million dollars a year. DIVAS are overpaid.

    Now, I hope Randy won’t be sitting next to her. Let him mentor. Let’s get one older male judge with a terrific muscial background like Lionel Ritchie. Then hire a younger judge with an edge. Ben Folds, Chris Isacc, Harry Connick, Jr. or maybe Adam Lambert. We need an outstanding panel!

    Taymaro, I wish you well! My husband has been in and out of the hospital 3 times this month. Tomorrow, he will have colon surgery. I am nervous but quite hopeful!


  10. I haven’t posted here for awhile since I haven’t closely followed American Idol since Season 8. A few of you might remember me, but I see many new names. MCL – I’m glad to see that you are continuing your blog and enjoying the speculation on how AI can continue to evolve.

    There’s been much discussion across the Internet about whether Adam would make a good judge on AI. For those of you still on the fence or open to Adam being a judge, I’d like to to watch Adam’s appearance on the program “Majors and Minors” in which he mentors children on the art of singing on stage.

    Adam would make a terrific judge and mentor. The real question for me is whether being an AI judge would be beneficial for Adam’s career.

    Note to MCL – I hope that you don’t mind that I reposted these comments over here from the previous thread of judge speculation. I just realized that the active discussion about Adam as a potential judge has moved here. I wish there were a way that I could delete that other post so that I’m not repeating myself. Maybe you could delete it for me. Thank you.


  11. Hi Sue! Welcome back. And thank you for the link. I can’t wait to watch it. Also, I deleted your comment in the other blog topic – as requested. :). Don’t be a stranger, now. 🙂


  12. Hi kariann….Hi Sue,

    Wow so great to see you guys posting!!! Skiffrower so good to see you back!!!


    Lol, loved yor DIVA comment!!! I agree, these guys make entirely too much money….they could split that 17million between the whole staff for alot of years!


  13. Kariann,

    Will be praying for your husband and tomorrow!


  14. Wish there was an edit button…shoulda read “and you” tomorrow!


  15. Kariann,
    Your husband is in my prayers.


  16. Sue,

    Loved the video, isn’t he beautiful, wow! That voice, like velvet!!!


  17. Kariann – my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband tomorrow. Please keep us posted on his recovery. Hugs from MCL


  18. Thanks, MCL, for the warm welcome back. I remember a few old-timers – Louise, Vonnie, and Kariann. And, to Kariann, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as well. May he find comfort and healing.

    I have to say that Season 8 was really MY season.I’m still a quite a fan of Adam Lambert. This year, I’ve attended three of his recent concerts (San Francisco, Costa Mesa, and Fantasy Springs) as well as a couple of his television studio performances (Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel). I wish I could have flown to Europe and the U,K. for concerts with Queen, but I’ll hold out hope that they will continue to make music together and continue their concert tour stateside.

    Since Season 8, I’ve watched AI sporadically, but I’ve never become invested enough in any of the singers to vote. The big elephant in the room, of course, is how voting is conducted. If the voting were similar to DWTS, I may be persuaded to become more involved again, but never again will I be voting for hours straight.


  19. Karianne,

    So sorry for all you are going through. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how everything is going.


  20. Now, had I had the ‘ultimate’ AI power, here are the peole i WOULD have chosen as judges:)

    1. Myself: That way a viewer is represented

    2. Scott MacIntyre: ONce his teeh were made ‘camera-ready’, he would be a good choice since he as done the following:
    1. He has been through the AI process.
    2. He brings a great musical–and educational–pedigree
    3. He plays several instrumdents.
    4. He is also a sinber/songwriter.

    3.The MCL: Just think how COOL that would be to have a vocal coach as a judge!

    4. Aretha Franklin: Aside from ‘balancing’ the panel, she would bring a ton of ‘street cred’ to the show.


  21. Kariann,
    I’m sorry to hear that your husband’s health issues continue. I hope that tomorrow’s procedure will solve his problems and put him on the road to better times. You and your husband will be in my prayers as well.


  22. Taymaro,

    I was referring to the comment to you that “they have drugs for that.” I felt like you took the correct meaning when I said it and we enjoyed an Idol conspiracy moment, but I wanted to be clear that I wouldn’t have used that particular expression had I known your circumstances.

    MCL, if the following is in anyway inappropriate, feel free to take it down.

    There is a family who are members of my church who lost their youngest toddler son to a drowning accident at their home. The father of the family is a local radio personality whose show is now nationally syndicated. He spoke at a memorial service for his young son that was held before the funeral. The strength he shows, in the face of tragedy and how, even at that early hour, God was using his young son, through Rick, for the Kingdom. There are three videos, which I purposely did not link to this site that you may find helpful. The circumstances of this family’s loss is different from your own so I don’t recommend making a case by case comparison but there is a powerful message in his words and actions, and how he is using his loss for the benefit of others. If you or anyone else is interested in hearing his message it is in three parts starting with “Rick Burgess, A Father’s Heart, Part One.” You will see the links to Part 2 and Part 3.


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