Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven: The Last Week Before Vegas


I am late adding this blog topic for America’s Got Talent and, what’s worse? I don’t care!

This show has plummeted this year. Where are the wow moments? Yes, there was the mentalist, there was the acro-dancer, a great illusionist but, overall, the show has a desperate, frantic feel to it that is so unnerving. The editing is awful. Just awful.

The best show is happening at the judges’ table. The talent is selected as fodder for the Howie-Howard show while poor Sharon is trying to make sense of it all.

Maybe Monday and Tuesday’s show will surprise us. I’m watching it as I type and I’m still waiting!

So what do you think of the show this year? Anyone have any scoops? Anyone you know on this show? Please share! I’m hanging in the comments section.

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9 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven: The Last Week Before Vegas”

  1. Great article! I agree that this season isn’t as great as the past seasons I’ve enjoyed. I’ve only found an audition I’ve enjoyed here and there. I hope that things get better once the talent has been weeded. I’m hopeful things will pick up in Vegas or I might have to take a break from the show. I’ve enjoyed watching AGT more by enabling my Auto Hop feature to skip over all those annoying commercials. It’s great having the choice of skipping over the commercials without having to push any buttons. I’m glad my coworker at Dish told me about this great new feature, now my family and I can save a ton of time not watching commercials. With Auto Hop I don’t have to fast-forward and rewind to find the start of the next scene, and I can save money on replacing batteries.


  2. I enjoy all your discussions. You are my “go-to” for opinions on many shows. About AGT – most episodes feel like a “gong-show” – really a pig in a tutu! I loved Mary Joyner! It seems that the producers are concentrating on the shenanigans of Howard Stern rather than talent. I like all three judges. Howard has proven that he is not going to be gross-so let’s get on with it!


  3. Sydney – I absolutely agree with you. So bored with the show this year. It’s all about the judges – and they are all great – so let’s focus on the talent. And that hysterical editing doesn’t help. We can’t absorb the talent. Crazy. Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by!! Come back again 🙂


  4. MCL, you are right about the Judges, although I do admit to liking Howard Stern thus far. I have enjoyed some of the great dance routines, especially with the little kids. However, no one has totally impressed me as in previous years. Maybe there will be a surprise act or two. Otherwise, it is going to be a very boring season.

    Rabbit, I have been viewing many shows on Xfinity channel one and some commercials are cut. I do believe American Idol is the worse with the length of the commercials!


  5. Hey All!!

    Call me weird ,but I love Americas Got Talent. Someone earlier said its like the Gong Show. I loved the Gong Show when it was on. Showtime at the Apollo …all of the shows like that. To me the show is very funny and keeps me laughing …its one of the main reasons I watch. And every now and then when a a real good talent slides through, its becomes a treat something that you really enjoy , after seeing so much craziness. At least to me it does.

    They haven’t shown a whole lot of singers this season … but for me thats alright …. unless a really real “unique” voice steps on stage, I really not that interested in hearing a lot of singing. For me… it gets boring after a while and they all just start sounding the same. Just another good singer and there are MILLIONS OF THEM. Unique singers are rare and thats why I look at these shows …in hopes of hearing something unique and I haven’t heard a real “unique” voice thats good in many many years .

    Don’t get me wrong. I love singing, I am a singer, I write, I play of couple of instruments … I’ve been in the studio a few times. Dad was a professional musician. Mom sang beautifully, back in the day with the band. I LOVE music!! But … I long for “unique” music. Someone good who doesn’t sound like anyone I’ve heard and every now and then …”unique” comes a long.

    What AGT does for me is gives me a chance to see “unique” in something other than singing, like Alonzo Jones the contortionist street dancer. I enjoyed him because it was something rare for me see.William Close, the guy who created the earth harp. Thats unique…and then there was David Garabaldy and the CMK’s the guys who painted the picture of Bach through paint splattering. Thats not talent you see on all the time anywhere. At least I don’t. Good singing ….. you hear it ALL THE TIME …on TV on the radio while you driving …every time there’s a big summer out door activtity, at church, the coffee house …singing. Every now and then I want to see something different and thats what AGT does for me. I love it. I don’t look at it for the same reasons I look at “Idol”


  6. Hi brotherkarl and All,

    Ditto your post…I was thinking the same thing AGT is like a tall drink of water this year~no singers to speak of, refreshing.

    There’s too many singing shows on now, good for AGT to change it up this year. Now maybe a great dance act or magician, etc will win…I loved the kid with the red mohawk/wave style hair that danced and looked like he was gliding!

    Okay! I’m done…back under my rock I go! 🙂


  7. Hey Vonnie!

    Wow!! Wonders never cease!! 🙂 Good to hear from you. YOU … are definitely missed. Being under a rock must be a whole lot of fun because it seems like everybody else that typically hangs out here is under that rock too. I trust all is well.

    Anyways … like you, I’m looking forwards to AGT this season. I don’t know if it was a conscious effort for them to show less singers or not but either way, I like it. I haven’t been to Vegas in while now but the last time I was there, I didn’t go to a concert. I went to a “Penn and Teller” show. It was packed out and the magic was awesome.!! Its just a change. You go to a concert of someone who’s music you have listened to on recordings all year and then you just go someplace to hear the same songs sang live. It just gets old after a while to me. Thats why I’m excited about AGT this season. I also think there are a ton of good acts that we haven’t seen full performances of yet Vonnie but guess what …I think I already know some of the folks who will be in the top 5 and … none of the ones I have in mind are singers. Looking forwards.

    Tell …all the other folks hiding under the rock with you, I said hello and that they’re missed 🙂 Much love to ya.


  8. I find the show entertaining. While the show I look forward most in summer is So You Think You Can Dance, I watch AGT too. It’s stupid, much of it is staged, I don’t care for the sob stories that much, but it’s entertaining. Not to mention that there isn’t much on tv in summer.


  9. Well, hail, hail the gang’s all here. Well, almost! I guess everyone is out enjoying the gorgeous weather-myself included!

    Hi Vonnie, KariAnn and BrotherKarl. Nice to see you back here as always. I actually love AGT. But, I find the editing a bit frantic. The viewer has little time to absorb the act. Something is a little “off” with the production this year.

    However, the judges are excellent as always. Howard Stern looks and sounds like he has been doing this show forever. His extensive radio career is a natural fit for this show. Howie is smart, articulate and funny. Sharon is a delightfully poised and intelligent judge. Love all three of them.

    And, we cannot forget the crazy and adorable Nick Cannon. He just makes me laugh with his facial expressions and zany antics.

    BrotherKarl pointed out some acts that I had forgotten – again, I blame the editing. It doesn’t give us time to breathe and appreciate the acts.

    I will be frank – I miss the singers but I understand that they want to take this show in another direction this year. That’s absolutely fair and wise.

    Keep the comments rolling in!!!


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