Scotty McCreery, Winner Of American Idol Season 10

Scotty McCreery Makes Historic Start On Billboard Charts. Lauren Closely Follows


Well this news from Billboard.Com should make the Scotty and Lauren fans jump for joy.

Here is what Billboard had to say: “After winning the 10th season of “American Idol” Wednesday (May 25), Scotty McCreery blasts onto Billboard’s Nielsen BDS-based Country Songs chart at No. 32 with coronation track “I Love You This Big.”

The bow marks the highest for a brand new artist’s first single since the chart converted to BDS data the week of Jan. 20, 1990.”

That is some kind of wonderful right there!

Billboard also went on to say: “McCreery isn’t the only “Idol” finalist from this season to translate four months of exposure on the series to a Country Songs appearance. Runner-up Lauren Alaina likewise bows at No. 49 with “Like My Mother Does.”

This is really spectacular news for these young artists and for Scotty in particular. Now, let’s hope both receive the proper guidance and mentoring in order to ensure their continued success in the music industry.

First rule of business? A rock-solid, no-nonsense voice instructor. Enough with the steroids already Lauren. Please. It is just a frightening way to begin your singing career.

Are you excited for Scotty and Lauren? Do you think they should be launched as a duo or do you think that, separately, they will have stellar careers?

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33 Responses to “Scotty McCreery Makes Historic Start On Billboard Charts. Lauren Closely Follows”

  1. Lauren is in a long line of Idols who have gotten problems with their voices by the finale. Let’s hope that the tour doesn’t do her in.

    Definitely should NOT be a duo. As cute as they are together, they are different artists.


  2. They are different but the same as well. And, actually, it is their differences that would be most appealing. Retro Country VS Pop Country.


  3. thanks for this.

    this long weekend i was catching up with some of the things i’d recorded, one of them being ‘the chicago code’ on fox (critically acclaimed, wonderful, and not being renewed because no one watched it). i had four shows to go through, and what i found VERY interesting were the (very, very quick) ads for idol.

    these ads were indeed subliminal. in the first ad, the top four, for three of them, one person said ‘my favorite is ___’. and then when it came to lauren, there were several girls, shouting at once ‘our favorite is lauren’. wow!! 😦

    then, for the top three there were three pictures: haley was in a small picture on the left, scotty was in a small, very dark, could hardly tell who it was, picture on the right, and there, on top, bright, and quite a larger picture, was lauren.

    both these ads were so clearly showing
    subliminally who ‘they’ wanted us to vote
    for, it was ‘shocking’.

    for top two i didn’t notice any clear manipulation.


  4. p.s., i’m glad that scotty’s song was on the list. i’m also glad that if lauren’s had to be there, that it was a bit of a distance behind. lauren’s song, i think has more of an emotional, saccharine punch, so could stay there longer, or go higher just by its very nature. it’ll be interesting watching this, thanks for keeping us informed. (p.s., no i didn’t see her on leno, and i’m still upset about the fact that they didn’t acknowledge scotty or that ‘the winner would be on at a later date’).


  5. bee,

    I also am bummed that Chicago Code will not be re-newed in the fall…I loved that show, watched it right after House! It was an awesome show…I am getting tired of reality shows and I guess that is what will replace it…! 😦


    Has it been every year that the first and second place winners have been treated pretty much equal or did that just happen a few years ago?…it just seemed to me that it doesn’t happen every year…only if the one TPTB wanted to win but didn’t, do they promote them both equally; or as in the case over promote the one who came in second place!

    This also happened with Taylor and Katherine, didn’t it?

    Also, count me in for the Voice…I will miss the next two weeks of posting, due to graduation and family coming in…but I will still try and watch so that I can keep up on who is who and will also try to watch America’s Got Talent!!!


  6. vonnie,

    glad to know someone else loved The Chicago Code. it was so well written, so well acted, so intense, AND i loved the opening music. did you know that the singer is Billy Corgan of the smashing pumpkins. i love him and i loved the song each week but i didn’t realize it was billy til i did a google, to listen go here:


  7. I am happy for Scotty and hope both he and Lauren will do well. Yes, they should do a duo together as soon as they BOTH have a TOP 10 hit!!

    I hope there will be more Idols doing great in the coming months. I am anxious to see who will get a contract. It seems Pia is on her way – good for her!


  8. MCL,

    The best part of your article, besides the great news about Scotty’s record debut on the Billboard country charts, was your advice to get a “rock solid, no nonsense vocal instructor”! Yes, yes, yes!

    The top four went to some Microsoft event in Atlanta, Georgia and when Lauren spoke to the crowd before she sang, she apologized in advance if she couldn’t hit the high notes. Even in her interviews, she still sounds very hoarse. If this girl continues to push her voice now and doesn’t get some vocal rest, she will be headed for serious trouble! I am really concerned about how raw her voice still sounded at that event.

    Steroids or whatever they gave her, are NOT the answer! I dearly hope that both these young people get a vocal coach who will put the health of their precious instrument front and center!

    I read in some detail about the problems that Josh Turner experienced in 1996 with his voice. He developed a lesion on one of his vocal chords and was examined and told to rest his voice for a year! They didn’t want to do surgery, which is always the option of last resort. During that time he went to the Vanderbilt clinic for a thorough evaluation and got some serious classical vocal training. He was fortunate that the rest worked and, with his great vocal skills, was able to go on to have a great career. Every time I listen to him sing, I can hear that great technique in everything he sings.

    I sincerely hope that Lauren doesn’t develop any problem as serious as the one that Josh Turner had. However, I am worried for her as they have her out there continuing to strain her already exhausted and overused voice.

    I would love to see Scotty and Lauren do a duet together somewhere down the road. Good luck to both of them!


  9. bee,

    I didn’t know that was who sang the opening number for Chicago Code!!! Love the opening too!!!

    Yes it is a very well written show and the acting was the absolute best!!! The guy who plays Jarek and his partner; loved them, loved the undercover cop aka Liam~Chris! The lady who played Teresa was also the dancer in the movie Flash Dance (back in the day)! Really loved the whole cast!

    As soon as I can find where to write to complain that it was taken off, I will be doing so!!!


    If Lauren is sounding bad already, watch out tour! She may find herself in Katheryn’s shoes!


  10. Congratulations to Scotty and Lauren…I do believe that we will be hearing this alot where Scotty is concerned! I think he will take the country music scene by storm!

    Lauren, maybe! She will go farther with the idol machine overly-promoting her! However, if she don’t take care of her voice now!!! Just sayin’


  11. mcl,

    i apologize for that big ‘chicago code’ picture there. i put a simple link to the song, and bamn, that seems to have taken over. if you want to delete it for some reason, okay with me.

    the music seems to be written for that show, and it works so great with the show, not as much as a clip here on a blog. 🙂


  12. vonny, yes, LOVED the actors/acting in The Chicago Code. ‘jarek’ is actually an australian!! one would never know. his charisma really added to the show so much. and yes ‘liam’. actually all of them. that black guy who plays ‘gibbons’, man, what an actor. and that female who ‘works for’ gibbons. i could go on and on, just as it seems you can, about the show. 🙂 🙂

    it is a shame that quality television can’t ‘make it’. i first tried it out because i’d read a review somewhere. it got me immediately, and then when the music started, i was ‘in’ for the long haul (which turns out not to be so long). 🙂


  13. To all the readers- I echo your worries about Lauren. If she is having problems hitting her notes now, you wait. It could get really ugly in the future. Hopefully, she and her parents will get rid of the stars in their eyes and focus on what is truly important here – Lauren’s vocal health.


  14. Scotty was just on Regis and Kelly and he was adorable!!! Regis teased him about being like Opie from Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show. 🙂 Scotty also did his childhood imitation of Elvis singing “Blue Suede Shoes” which was adorable!

    HALEY FANS–set your TIVOs, DVRs, or videotapes for Thursday at 9:00 am. Haley is going to be on Regis and Kelly. Can’t wait!

    Lauren will be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow.


  15. Thanks for the update Louise. I have been meaning to add a blog topic for all the Idol sightings. Will do so today.


  16. What exciting news for both Scotty and Lauren! I wish them both all the best!


    Thank you for mentioning about Scotty being on Regis and Kelly! I just knew they would!! I like their show alot. I’ll have to tune in tomorrow’s show with Lauren, and certainly when Haley is on.


  17. Vonnie,

    What happened to Katherine? I assume you mean Katherine McPhee? I didn’t realize she had vocal problems. I do remember Jordin Sparks having a problem while she was touring.

    I do think it will get worse for Lauren. That’s just the reality of the situation. Rest, rest, rest! That is what this girl desperately needs right now. Hearing her struggle at that event in Atlanta, was really concerning. The poor girl has to apologize for not being able to hit the high notes, when she should be taking the time to rest her poor vocal chords!

    I have a feeling that Scotty is going to take the country music world by storm! His voice is absolutely phenomenal and he has the natural charm, likeability and personality to go with it. I did see him on Regis and Kelly Live, thanks to a video on MJ’s blog. It is hard to know what to watch and when. I loved his little imitation of Elvis doing Blue Suede Shoes. I also thought that this was one of the best performances of his new song. He was in very good voice!


  18. Yes, Mindy, I was confused too. I think Jordin did have problems and had to bow out of some shows while on the AI tour.

    But Katharine’s training was superb so she certainly has never had any vocal issues that I’m aware of.


  19. Congrats Scotty! I hope you can release your CD soon. I believe in you, God bless! Forget about the haters lacking optimism.


  20. Hey Guys…Here’s what I was talking about with Katharine McPhee!

    “American Idols Live! Tour 2006 was a summer concert tour in the United States featuring the top 10 contestants of the fifth season of American Idol, which aired in 2006. It was sponsored by Kellogg Pop-Tarts. The tour started on July 5 and ended on September 24 covering 60 dates, the biggest tour thus far. [1] Initially 39 dates were planned,[2] but 21 extra dates were later added due to demand.[3] It followed in the tradition of other American Idol summer tours following the completion of each season in May.

    Runner-up Katharine McPhee missed the first 17 shows of the tour due to severe bronchitis and laryngitis, [4] She also missed her first rescheduled show on July 27 in Pittsburgh, PA due to cancelled flight caused by bad weather. At the concert in Charlotte, NC, McPhee tripped backstage before going on, and a hair-line fracture to her left foot was later discovered when she was taken to a hospital after the show.”

    Her doctor, Sean Nassari, ordered “total voice rest,” the Associated Press reports.

    In a statement, McPhee, 22, said that, while she was disappointed not to perform, “I need to follow my doctor’s orders to recuperate and reunite with the rest of the idols.”

    “Adding that her doctor had told her she needed to remain silent, she said, “That’s the most difficult part, not talking”


  21. Addendum!!! My refernce to Katharine was from the standpoint that if Lauren does not take care of herself now she too could possibly miss alot of the tour!


  22. Holy! Vonnie I had no idea. Thank heavens Katharine followed the advice of her doctors. She sounds immaculate now. But it seems that her vocal problems were due to bronchitis and ill- timed bad luck. The poor thing!


  23. Vonnie,

    I attended the Idols Live Concert 2006 in Milwaukee, WI, and remember Katharine wasn’t there due to illness. I didn’t realize just how many shows she missed. Kat was my favorite that season, so I was quite disappointed she couldn’t make it.

    Lisa Tucker was such a pleasant surprise, and her performances that night stood out for me. She was one of my favs of the night. She played the piano during one of her songs, but I can’t recall what song it was, but anyway, her voice almost gave me chills that night. It’s kind of funny, Lisa wasn’t one of my favorites on A.I., but when my friend I went to the concert with asked me who was my favorite, Lisa was the first one I mentioned. Mandisa was so amazing that night as well.

    It’s kind of nice to go down Memory Lane of American Idol from seasons past.

    Lauren needs to take very good care of herself this summer, and if that means she needs to miss some shows to get well, then that is what she should do. They have a packed schedule, which could be quite stressful on her voice.


  24. Anita,

    I was a Taylor fan that year…I remember the blog boards were all-a-buzz as to the real reason why Kat wasn’t on tour, it was quite the scandal.

    She did however return and was warmly welcomed by fans and idol cast members!


  25. Vonnie,

    I liked Taylor also. Still to this day, people seem to deny the fact that he was and is a very talented man. Sure, I found a few of his performances to be mediocre, but when he was in his element, Taylor proved himself to be a very fine singer with strong showmanship skills. Although sometimes he went overboard with his crazy antics, and dancing. I didn’t like that about Taylor. It would drive me nuts!
    “In The Ghetto” was one of his best moments.


  26. Ah, I’m with you 100%, Anita. “In the Ghetto” was wonderful. That was the only Idol tour I went to see because I wanted to see Taylor and Elliott. I also saw Taylor in concert once after that and he is a VERY entertaining guy. There were a couple of weeks on Idol when he was less than stellar, but otherwise, I loved him!!!


  27. Louise,

    I liked Elliott more and more as the season progressed. I think he grew more than any other contestant. His two performances during Elvis Week were both absolutely incredible!!! He even out performed Chris Daughtry who was favored to win Season 5. Another Elliott performance that just blew me away was
    “A Song For You”. Simon told him it was a masterclass, and I couldn’t agree more with him!!

    I actually liked Taylor more than Chris that season. I sure was in the minority with those I worked with at the time. Sure, I thought Chris was fantastic, but I thought Taylor connected better with the emotion of each song he sung more than Chris did. Chris was a bit too expressionless I felt as well.

    I liked David Cook so much more . I think he’s so much more talented than Chris is!


  28. Louise,

    That article you linked was quite interesting. However, I sincerely hope that this idea about Scotty not performing his best so as not to embarrass Lauren or show her up because of her vocal difficulties, is simply not true. I know that this guy didn’t say that it was, in fact he said that it was just a feeling he had when he rewatched the finale.

    I did notice that Scotty wasn’t himself that night, but I chalked it up to fatigue and nerves. I really would hate to think that he might diminish the quality of his performances in order to help Lauren. He did say at his homecoming that he would do all that he could to win it for them. I can see Scotty being concerned for Lauren. They have become very close. He was a true southern gentleman in letting her make the choice after he won the coin toss. I am sticking to my original gut feeling, because it’s never been wrong.

    I was please to see that this person has now been able to see what so many of us saw from Scotty all along.


  29. Mindy,
    I can’t really see Scotty purposely not performing his best. I think any less than stellar performances from Scotty should be chalked up to nerves being in the finale, plus just plain exhaustion. He also had to sing two songs that were new to him. At the same time, I’m sure Scotty did feel badly for Lauren so he was probably a bit unnerved by her dilemma. I believe him when he says they’re good friends. Did you see Lauren interviewed on Regis and Kelly yesterday? She said that they’re friends and someone dared her to kiss Scotty after he won. But she wouldn’t say who that was! Regis asked if Scotty was going to kiss her if she had won, and she said that he’s too shy!!!


    I agree with you completely about Elliot. I LOVED most of his performances on Idol during Season 5. Even when I was voting non-stop for Taylor, I was throwing a few votes in for Elliot too!!! I tried to go to an Elliot concert a year later, but ended up having an allergic reaction and had to go to the ER before the show began. My friends and daughter stayed for the show and said he was great. I’ve been hoping he would come back to my area sometime, but no such luck!

    And my co-workers didn’t like Taylor either. One preferred Chris, and the other preferred Kat.


  30. Rosanne,

    Scotty and Lauren are sure getting alot of exposure in Nashville! They played softball with other music celebrities to raise money for cancer victims. They also were both at the CMA Festival, Scotty sang with Josh Turner and Lauren with Martina McBride. One of the songs Lauren is recording for her album, Carrie Underwood co-wrote, and wasn’t included on Carrie’s album because there wasn’t enough room! How exciting for Lauren!!

    You know, Scotty and Lauren were not the final two I was hoping for on A.I., but I mentioned awhile back that Scotty was a breath of fresh air, and I still feel that way! I think both Scotty and Lauren are!! I’m really looking forward to what they both come up with for debut albums.

    David A. is still in Nashville songwriting!!! I’m just thrilled about that! Another person I’d love David to write with is Amy Grant. I think she’s wonderful, and I’ve been a fan of her’s forever!!


  31. Anita- I have been reading all the exciting news for our Idols in Nashville. Just been very busy with my family and hectic June activities. Will, hopefully, add more blog topics later. 🙂


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