And The American Idol Top 3 Song Choices Are? Drum Roll Please!


Well, the Top 3 Song Choices have been revealed! There are some real gems within the list and the singers should soar with some of these songs.

Here is the list and it was compiled by Idolhead Ed

Please note: I tried to confirm the list but didn’t find an official release. So, there may be changes or updates to this list.

Haley Reinhart

Judges Choice: “You Ought To Know” Alanis Morissette. Love this pick. CONFIRMED
Jimmy Iovine‘s Choice: “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. CONFIRMED
Haley’s Choice: “What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin CONFIRMED

Lauren Alaina

Judges Choice: “I Hope You Dance” Lee Ann Womack. Perfect choice. Perfect. CONFIRMED
Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “How Do I Live” Lee Ann Rimes. Another strong selection RUMOR
Lauren’s Choice: “Give Me One Reason” Tracy Chapman Inspired and surprising song choice. RUMOR

Scotty McCreery

Judges Choice: “She Believes In Me” Kenny Rogers. Extremely strong choice. Standing O material. CONFIRMED
Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “You’ll Think Of Me” Keith Urban. Not familiar with this song. RUMOR
Scotty’s Choice: “What Hurts The Most” Rascal Flatts Great choice. RUMOR

I have to say that Haley’s choices are the weakest. And very broad. Whereas Lauren and Scotty’s are more genre specific, Haley’s songs are all over the map.

However, if Haley can add her personal signature to these songs, they may work.

But my gut is telling me that Lauren and Scotty are going to deliver strong performances on Wednesday. They have been equipped with stellar song choices.

What do you think? Opinions please!

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44 Responses to “And The American Idol Top 3 Song Choices Are? Drum Roll Please!”

  1. interesting!

    I would love Scotty to do a Paul Brandt song!!! I like the picks for Lauren. You are right, Hailey’s choice/picks are everywhere…not one specific genre…this could be good or bad. Do they want a diverse artist or a genre-specific? I think we all know what they want, but we shall see. 🙂


  2. MCL,

    I heard about these song choices last night. Someone on MJ’s blog picked it up on twitter. However, since they were not confirmed, I didn’t e-mail you. I am glad that you were the one to make the decision.

    I was surprised by Haley’s song choice. Adam did the Muse version of “Feelin Good” and it was not one of my favorite performances from him. I think that was the week he was in the bottom two. I also agree that it is kind of tired. I initially wasn’t crazy about the Alanis Morissette song. I remember Crystal singing it with her on last year’s finale show. They had to change up some of the words, because they are explicit. I am not sure what she can do with it, but we will see.

    The one that really puzzles me is Jimmy’s pick of “Sweet Dreams”. That is an Annie Lennox song through and through. I don’t see it as a good fit for Haley at all. She had some great songs that would have suited her more. Also, doesn’t she risk being compared to the great Annie? This was a signature song that is very closely identified with her. Haley may have to change it up, but that could be risky. Jimmy certainly gave her a challenge.

    You should check out the Keith Urban song. I listened to it and it’s a good song for Scotty. I think he can sing it better than Keith. As far as the Rascal Flatts song, don’t you think that they will have to change the key to make it much lower for Scotty? I think he can sing just about anything and should do well with this one.

    I am so glad that you gave a standing “o” for “She Believes in Me”! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have already defended that choice on MJ’s blog. The people commenting there were all over this one as too old, too mature for Scotty. They said things like – how can he know what it feels like to love someone? So I shot back that even though Scotty is only seventeen, love is the ultimate human emotion and he should be able to connect with the song because he will want to find that special woman and experience true love! So there! I am happy that you also agree that this is an outstanding choice! I think he could blow the roof off the place with this one.

    Lauren’s song choice was very surprising to me. I would never have thought she would try to take on something like a Tracy Chapman song. I am thinking she may change it up. The other two song choices are absolutely perfect for her.


  3. Haley could have stronger choices. I’m not sure of the Eurythmics song. If she can encorporate some of the runs like Annie Lennox does at the end of the song and maybe let a track or back up singers do the “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” over and over, it could be ok. Still this song is quite limited in range in the melody line, almost monotone. I’m a little worried about it.

    Alanis Morrisette should be up her alley, but what are they going to do (again) about “Would she go down on you in a theater?” and “… when you f— her?” Haley does anger very well, but the tweaked lyrics really make the song giggly so people who know the real ones. I know Steven probably doesn’t believe in censoring lyrics, but I don’t know what else the censors CAN do. AND Crystal and Alanis did this at the finale last year, right? Hmmmmmm.

    Feelin’ Good. MCL, I see your point. I’m just hoping that her jazz background serves her well and she can really make it her own. Maybe she’s been consulting with her parents and Casey?

    I love the Growler, but she should only release it in the direst of situations, so to speak.


  4. The only Feelin’ Good performance I have ever loved was Michael Buble singing his version of this song. So, I worry about Haley singing this song if indeed she is, in fact, singing this song. She will need a wonderful arrangement


  5. I agree, Jessica. The Eurythmics song is really linear, very repetitive. Not a great pick.


  6. I love the Michael Buble version of Feelin’ Good, so I hope Haley does it well. And I have always loved Sweet Dreams and Annie Lenox, but it just doesn’t seem like a song that can showcase Haley’s voice. She’s going to have to kill on all of these songs to make it to the final.


  7. One quick thought! (I was going to include more, but I’m too wordy! =P)

    I really like Kelly Clarkson’s live tour version of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” where she takes the melody up an octave in the middle (points for difficulty!).

    Perhaps if Haley did this (or added some runs, etc., as per Jessica’s suggestion), she’d be able to overcome the limited range and movement of the original. If she completely turned the song upside down, that’d be better yet. We haven’t seen enough song re-invention this year.

    Haley’s going to need to pull all the right creative stops in tweaking the melody and song arrangement to make this work, but I am hoping for the best! 😉

    (P.S. Sorry for being absent in discussions! 😦 I’ve been visiting regularly, but I’m going through some personal difficulties, so I’ve been too busy to comment. Anyway, I love you all! ❤ New article coming soon, for certain!)


  8. Also, I don’t know if anyone’s watched the homecoming videos on MJ’s Big Blog, but I am super excited to see the edited versions on Thursday!

    I won’t spoil anyone who wants to wait till then, but Scotty’s homecoming was priceless! Awww, his reactions were so genuine. In case I’d forgotten, the way Scotty carried himself is such a reminder that he is a humble, sincere young man, a teenager who’s soaking in the whole experience. This is someone who’s enjoying every moment, and he’s not putting on an act. What a breath of fresh air.

    I also love that Haley’s band consisted of her family members. 😀 I haven’t finished watching the other videos yet, so that’s why this comment is weighted towards Scotty, but I have to say: I love this season’s top four! (You might be surprised by my “favorite”… or not. I’m not sure I have one.) I honestly like all of these contestants as people and as singers. 😉


  9. J,

    I loved Scotty before I watched his hometown visit…but after watching; I love this kid all the more. I cannot wait to follow his post idol career.


  10. Interesting choices if they turn out to be true (from what I understand, only the judges choices are definite). Regarding the judges choices, I think they are good picks for each of the singer, pretty much right in their lane, so to speak, and they all should be able to shine with them. My only concern is that I Hope You Dance is a bit trite and Lauren will really have to put her own signature on it.

    If true, Jimmy’s choices seem a little bit odder. Lauren should be able to do Lee Ann Rimes very well, so good choice for her. Keith Urban has a much higher range than Scotty so he will have to change it up to make it work. I love Sweet Dreams but I can see the judges criticizing song choice.

    Really suprised about Tracy Chapman as Lauren’s choice (didn’t think she would really be familar with Tracy Chapman) but I think it will work.

    Not familar with the specific Rascal Flatts song Scotty reportedly chose, but again, just like Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts lead singer has a much higher range than Scotty so he will have to work some changes. Would much rather have seen something like a Zach Brown song (Colder Weather).

    Bit familiar with Haley’s choice.


  11. I will try and provide my un-educated take on the song picks!

    Haley Reinhart

    Judges Choice: “You Ought To Know” Alanis Morissette. ~ I don’t know this song so I really can’t comment on it! Hope it goes well…!

    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “Sweet Dreams” Eurythmics. Haley singing Annie Lennox? Not a good choice Jimmy! Why didn’t you pick a Stevie Nicks song…the one she sings about her dad would have been awesome…but Annie has such a different voice than Haley; I dunno, maybe she can make it work, but if you are an 80’s bird like me and loved the Eurythmics and that era of music, eh!!!!!! Also a Nora Jones song would have worked for Haley too, more current!

    Haley’s Choice: “Feelin’’ Good” Assorted artists. Nope, Nada, no, please don’t sing this! After Adams version??? Just gonna be compared! Please prove me wrong!!!

    Lauren Alaina

    Judges Choice: “I Hope You Dance” Lee Ann Womack. ~ Now I love this song…but Laurens fear of high notes???

    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “How Do I Live” Lee Ann Rimes. ~ They certainly are feeding her with Confetti Bath songs aren’t they!

    Lauren’s Choice: “Give Me One Reason” ~ too bad she didn’t pick a confetti bath song for herself!!!

    Scotty McCreery

    Judges Choice: “She Believes In Me” Kenny Rogers. I’m not a Kenny Rogers fan; but I think Scotty could definitely make this song work in his favor! Odd choice though, there are so many great songs out there that they could have picked for Scotty, I would have loved for him to sing “Rodeo” by Garth Brooks.

    Jimmy Iovine’s Choice: “You’ll Think Of Me” Keith Urban. ~ Not familiar with this song, but am familiar with Keith Urban.

    Scotty’s Choice: “What Hurts The Most” Rascal flats ~ Okay Scotty, I’m trusting you on this one; are you sure you wanna sing a Rascal Flats song; you know, with the higher register and all???????? Scotty! really? Are you sure son? You still have time to change your mind and do something in that sweet baritone voice of yours! Scotty! Scotty! Can you hear me child?


  12. Just went and listened to the judges song choice for Haley ~ “You Oughta Know”…what in the world are they thinking? The lyrics to that song are horrible, they surely are not doing her any favors!


  13. Went and listened to Jimmy’s pick for Scotty…Yep! I do know this song…don’t know why I didn’t remember that I knew it; must be some of the choices I made as a teenager effecting my old age memory Or it could be that my mamma dropped me on my head more times than she told me about!

    But anywho! Good song choice, Scotty’s going to be able to tell a story with this song!


  14. What is it with song choices this year? Good Lord, nobody seems to have any good ideas anymore. I was appreciating most of Jimmy’s insights this year, but “Sweet Dreams” for Haley? This could end her run. And “You ought to know” chosen by the Judges? Makes me think she pissed somebody off. I realize it’s not saying much, but her choice of “Feelin’ Good” might be one of her better ones – if she does it in the Buble style.

    Have to disagree with most of the other opinions here – the judges choices for both Lauren and Scotty are almost as bad as Jimmy’s choice for Haley. Kenny Rogers” Really? It’s borderline corny. Now I’m a fan of country music and even have that track on my music player. But I usually skip it when it randomly comes up. And “I Hope you Dance” – I was hoping I wouldn’t have to hear that song anymore. I might have to set my alarm to wake me up when these two performances are over.

    As for Lauren’s choice – interesting at least. Time will tell. Scotty’s choice? Not sure how he’s going to pull that one off. He’ll need some major re-arranging and key changing.

    I’m a fan of all three and I’m looking forward to the show – I just wish the song choices were better (all season for Haley).


  15. Chris – except for the Judges’ Choices the other songs were a rumor via Twitter. So I am waiting for confirmation of the other numbers. Don’t know if we will receive it prior to the show tomorrow night, though


  16. J,

    Thinking of you and praying your difficulties will pass, sending love right back at ya!

    “(P.S. Sorry for being absent in discussions! I’ve been visiting regularly, but I’m going through some personal difficulties, so I’ve been too busy to comment. Anyway, I love you all! ❤ New article coming soon, for certain!)"


  17. I prefer to hear songs that no one has ever done on Idol. Adam Lambert did that and was brilliant every week, adding his signature to each performance. “Feelin Good” was done by Adam, then by Katie last season. And “What Hurts the Most” was done by Gokey. In fact it’s on the AI compilation CD from Season 8. I guess I want to see and hear some “artistry”. Really, if we want to separate the singers from the karoke players, they should have them sing one of Adam’s recorded songs like “Time For Miracles” or “Soaked”. On second thought, I would probably throw my TV through the window.


  18. I have decided to hold off on any further judgements of the other song choices until we know that they are confirmed. These could be totally wrong. I can’t see the show revealing the other picks before the performances.

    The only ones I am relying on are the published judge’s picks. I think Scotty is capable of telling a story with any great song, be it new or old. I think he can breathe new life into the Kenny Rogers song. Look at what he did with “You’ve Got a Friend”. That was the performance that fulfilled the potential I always saw in him. It could have been a trainwreck, a disaster, or to use one of Simon’s favorite words, karaoke. Instead he gave his best performance. Scotty has an old soul and can handle anything they throw at him.


  19. Mindy, the difference is that “You’ve got a friend” is a great song – a timeless classic. Can’t really say that about “She believes in me”…


  20. Chris – She Believes In Me is a classic. It is a gorgeous song and, actually, an inspired song choice. Just you wait 🙂


  21. Hello everyone!

    News flash! MJ’s blog has revealed the real song choices for Haley. Apparently, her parents spilled the beans. The other information that was tweeted or twittered was wrong.

    Here they are –

    Producer’s pick – Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.

    Haley’s personal choice – What Should Never be by Led Zeppelin

    I just wanted to rush over here and get this information out as quickly as possible. Wow! That’s a big difference!

    They make much more sense.


    I hope you are okay with this. I didn’t want to wait and e-mail you. I thought people would like to know the correct information about Haley’s songs. I will keep an eye out for any other leaks about the songs for Scotty and Lauren.


  22. MCL,

    I just saw your response to Chris. Thanks for saying what I was going to say. You and I are in agreement that this is a truly great song choice!

    Thanks! 🙂


  23. Anyone who has doubts about Haley doing Led Zeppelin should only watch and listen:


  24. Thanks Mindy. Will update it now!!


  25. Well, those picks for Haley are better and worse. Rhiannon is certainly better than “Sweet Dreams”. Not sure “What Is & What Should Never Be” is a very good choice though.

    I’ve been following Haley all season and she has been my fav since Top 13. Her song choices though just haven’t been very good. I believe song choice is the only reason she’s ever been in the bottom 3. Her vocal control is really good, she has great poise and stage presence. If only her song choices were better, this wouldn’t even be a competition…

    BTW, I liked “She believes in me” when it first came out – now I’ve heard it plenty. Think about who is voting for Scotty – most likely the youngest female voters. Are they going to like this song? And incidentally, to compare this song with “You’ve got a friend” is kind of ridiculous…


  26. Vonnie,

    Bless your heart! Things are looking brighter by the minute thanks to your support and Rosanne’s. 😀 ❤ Thank you for the love; I am sending it right on back!

    Also, I never properly welcomed you back! So good to see you again and glad you are doing well. 😉


    I was about to post Haley's song choices in case someone hadn't, but I love that the MCL readers are on it! 🙂 Considering how wildly off her initial spoilers were, I hope to be surprised tomorrow by the other song choices! =P


  27. Chris,

    You are entitled to your opinion, but I take great exception to your last sentence in which you said that it was kind of ridiculous to compare “You’ve Got a Friend” to “She Believes In Me”.

    Let me set the record straight. I don’t think you read what I wrote. I did not compare the two songs. I mentioned “You’ve Got a Friend” to illustrate what Scotty is capable of doing with an older song, in this case an iconic song that is owned by James Taylor to this day. He showed an ability to interpret the feelings and emotion of this song, yet make it his own.

    “She Believes In Me” will be recognizable to older viewers who well remember Kenny Rogers, myself included. I have read some comments on other sites to the effect that this is too old for a seventeen year old, that he won’t be able to sing about true love, that he hasn’t lived enough. Well, the same argument could be made about “You’ve Got a Friend” and yet Scotty got what that song was about totally.

    I know that we all have opinions and have our disagreements, but on this site we do so with respect for other posters. I would like you to give me that respect and also not misinterpret what I say and then tell me that it is ridiculous. No one’s opinions are ridiculous here. Everyone has something to contribute.


  28. Dearest J,

    Your presence here has been greatly missed. Thank you for posting and letting us know what has been going on with you.

    You have extended a helping hand to me and been generous and supportive. I would like to return the favor. Whatever is happening in your life, please know that I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts and wishes your way.

    I hope that you will feel the love that I am sending you and that it will help you to find strength in this difficult time.

    It just is not the same without your shining presence here. When you are ready and able, please come back to us. 🙂


  29. I am so much happier with the leaked song choices for Haley. The sound quality isn’t so hot on the video of her doing the song, but I think she can pull it together. I watched a live performance of Zepplin doing it live. Wow. I never really paid attention to how good Robert Plant’s voice was. And if it’s true, how cool that Zepplin (or their “people”) called her personally to give her permission and endorse her. That only one other person has done them (Adam L.), and that says a lot, methinks.

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Haley. I like Scotty, but I would like to see an “all-girl” final. Melinda Doolittle said so, too, on Idoloonies. It was nice to have her back. She keeps Michael Slezak from getting too intense. If Lauren dresses like she did on Thursday, I’ll be a lot happier, too.

    Looking forward til tomorrow with bated breath!!!!


  30. pretty sure, now that the REAL song lists have been released, haley has the strongest set of songs. “sweet dreams” and “feelin’ good” would have been pretty weak songs for her…they don’t fit her voice at all. the zeppelin and fleetwood mac tunes that she has now, as well as the alanis morisette song, will feature her voice really well and i’m excited to see what she does with them. of course, even though it’s a tentative list for scotty and lauren, their song choices will probably be the same country tunes that every country singer on idol has ever done…nothing exciting, but it’ll be fun to see how they spin the songs with their own little styles (or just sing them straight how they’re written…who knows). guess we’ll all find out tomorrow. personally, i see a scotty/haley finale coming. AI wouldn’t let a 2-female finale happen in a million years, and if they let a 2-country singer finale happen, they can expect about half of the country to tune out. personally, i like country, but there are tons of people out there who don’t…some who even say they mute the TV when lauren and scotty are on because they are so vehemently against country music…lol. i don’t think the show’s producers are ready to lose half their viewing audience for the finale, so my bet would be on the scotty/haley finale. after that, scotty will probably win – even though haley is a stronger singer in my opinion – because once lauren is eliminated, her fans will mostly go to the “other” country singer (although there are a lot of her fans that just want a girl to win….it will be interesting to see how that works out). 2 cents…over and out.


  31. Hey Mindy, sorry if I offended you. You’re right – everyone is entitled to their opinion. Actually that comment was in response to Masterclass Lady’s comment about “She Believes In Me” being a classic. That did sound like a comparison, so I responded. Obviously in my mind there is no comparison. I’m no country biggot either – love country as well as pop/rock.

    BTW, just watched Scotty’s and Haley’s media clips over at MJ’s Big Blog – loved it when Josh Turner came out and suprised Scotty! Also loved Haley singing “Piece of my heart” with her family band. I’ll be sorry to see any one of these 3 go…


  32. Chris,

    I appreciate your response. Let me just say that I don’t think there can be a comparison between the two song. “You’ve Got a Friend” is in a class by itself, as I said a truly classic iconic song that is timeless. I know that MCL loves it, too.

    I have been honest here about the fact that I am not a country music fan. That is what has been so amazing about Scotty being my favorite. However, I do remember “She Believes In Me”. I remember seeing Kenny Rogers singing it on any number of shows. I would not put it in the same class as “You’ve Got a Friend”, which is very dear to me, however I do think it will be a good choice for Scotty. It is an older song, but I think it packs an emotional punch. If Scotty connects with the song, he could have a moment.

    Maybe I took your words to mean something that they did not. I think we actually agree, when it comes right down to it! I also respect your opinion about the Kenny Rogers song. Again, we are all entitled to our opinions.

    I did see that clip of Josh Turner surprising Scotty! It was a lovely moment. I will have to check out Haley’s homecoming.

    I am in complete agreement with you about being sad to see any one of them go.


  33. Haley has her work cut out for her as she has three of the toughest pieces ever sung in the AI Top3 in that they are against all the “rules” for winning with not a sweet ballad among them. Even if Haley does not win, just performing these will be a salute to the contestants (boys & girls) who have rocked it on American Idol. I would truly love to see a GAL who ROCKED it win this once.

    Here’s a toast to some of the AI Guys & Gals Who Rocked:
    Allison Iraheta, Chris Daughtry, Carly Smithson, Elliott Yamin, Michael Johns, Siobhan Magnus, and James Durbin.


  34. So, we have new songs now!!! Ugh! all that typing for nothing. Ah well, I will just have to be suprised then.

    I won’t get to watch the show until tomorrow evening, I will be attending a Scholarship Dinner for my son, Yay! Help with college tuition!!! 🙂

    Ya’ll have fun!

    If this works Gene W…this is me doing my happy dance! If not it will just be a jumble of lines!!!

    [ ]
    / \
    ( )

    Whistle and yell for my boy Scotty, Mindy!!!

    Haley Fan’s; don’t worry about her song choices, she is gonna do fine! That girl could sing the grocery list, and make it a hit!

    Just no vote splitting and sympathy voting tonight, okay? Vote for your favorite!!! Bossy Huh??? 😉

    This is what I came back for…the Finale! May the best two make it there! Good luck to Scotty, Haley, and Lauren!!! 🙂


  35. Vonnie,

    You better believe that I will be whistling, yelling, cheering and anything else I can think of to cheer on Scotty!

    More bad propaganda on MJ’s blog today about Scotty and Lauren. It seems that someone interviewed some country radio people about their chances for success. I am not going to repeat what they said. I just posted a comment asking why this was posted, what purpose it served. There is so much Scotty hate online now that I have to be careful where I go. It’s because he has been tagged as the favorite.

    I do keep checking on MJ’s blog, only to see if there are any more song spoilers for Scotty and Haley. It’s just a shame to have to read this nonsense online.

    I want to join in the great spirit on here and wish all three the best of luck tonight!


  36. That’s too bad to hear about the Scotty bashing. I’m sure his openess about his faith has a lot to do with it. Rubs some people in Hollywood the wrong way, but it sure smacks of discrimination.

    Even though I think Haley is the most talented of the 3, I honestly can’t say who I think would or should go home this week. I only hope it’s on the basis of their performances and their music instead of this other non-sense.


  37. Chris Silvester,

    If I haven’t said yet! Hi and Welcome!!!

    Hi and Welcome!!! 🙂


  38. Thanks Vonnie – fun to be here (now that I’ve made peace with Mindy 😉

    BTW, I’m in Southern California and I won’t see the show until it airs in Pacific Time, so I’ll probably stop reading/responding to comments after 5p to avoid any spoilers…


  39. Chris Silvester,

    I’m an Eastcoaster…but have been to your beautiful Southern California! Spent a couple of weeks vacationing in San Diego, beautiful area…La Jolla was my favorite!

    Glad you and Mindy “mended” your fences!!!

    Glad to have you posting!


  40. Dearest Mindy,

    Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. ❤ I just got out of a rough patch there, but life's looking brighter by the minute. 😀 The mental and emotional fog has cleared, and I feel so much happier and at peace.

    I am incredibly thankful and indebted to your support and everyone else's. We all have our weak moments, and I feel so blessed that God put wonderful people in my life to help carry me when I need it. To know that people care is humbling and God's grace to me. Truly.



    I just wanted to quickly add that, as a UC San Diego graduate, I LOVE San Diego and La Jolla! Thanks for the shout-out. 😀 If it were up to me, I wouldn't ever leave San Diego, but alas, that doesn't seem to be God's plan for me.

    No worries; I love my hometown in the Bay Area, and I'm excited to see where else I'm headed in the future. 😉


  41. J,

    My favorite scripture!

    …”For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for harm, to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

    His plans for you in the Bay Area are for a reason, trust in that!!!

    My now hubby and I went to San Diego to visit a friend (this was before we were married) so this was in 1997.

    We went to La Jolla to jump off a cliff into the ocean!!! Not sure if you know the spot, but it was a pretty high cliff; I chickened out, the now hubby jumped a couple of times; scary!!! We had a blast while in San Diego, would love to take our son and go back out for a visit!


  42. Sweet Vonnie,

    Thank you so much! 😀 ❤ I bookmarked that verse! God's wisdom is amazing. I always find myself saying, "There's a verse for that?" Apparently, there is. What a timely reminder of God's promises for His children.

    My friend once said that in every stage of our lives, the struggle of hearts is always trusting in God. The issue might change, but we always tend to struggle with trusting in God about something, whether it's school, work, relationships, location, or something else.

    Thank you for the encouraging push. 😀

    Ooo, your adventure in San Diego sounds fun! 😉 I think I might know what spot you're talking about. Those cliffs are pretty high, but I love the view! San Diego is beautiful; nature has such a calming effect for me.

    That'd definitely be fun if you came back here with your son! I always find it fascinating to revisit a place and think of how much has changed since I last went. I always see God's faithfulness and provision all the more clearly looking back.

    As for me, I went on an East Coast tour a few years back, but I was such a different person then! I'd love to go back and experience those sights now. (Any recommendations? hehe.)

    Anyway, I'm babbling now. Thanks for your lovely comment (and sorry for the delay; I'm so slow at replying!). =D


  43. J,

    I love that scripture; it is one I go to alot, along with Psalm 91.

    “the struggle of hearts is always trusting in God”

    This is so true…I always seem to think that I can do things and plan things on my own, but when it fails, I am that little child running back to my Heavenly Father and jumping into his arms and sobbing on his shoulder.

    I am learning to let God have the control up-front; and it is amazing to watch him work…learning to listen to the Holy Spirit has been a long time in coming for me, but here lately I’m listening! And God is amazing!

    Please come back and visit the east coast…Virginia is a beautiful state! 🙂

    I hear, have not been there yet, but am planning a trip, that Savanna Georgia is a beautiful place!

    You cannot fail with the eastcoast so any where you go whether inland or on the coast you will find some breathtaking views!





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