Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 2 Finalist: Adam Lambert

I welcome all the readers to comment on Adam Lambert’s American Idol performances and share your personal and respectful vision for him in the music industry post Idol.

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30 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 2 Finalist: Adam Lambert”

  1. A SUPER STAR IS BORN!!! (sorry for using simple words). It was a great honor for all of us to have witnessed this process! And it came out of the most unexpected venue – AI!!! Who would think that this bigger than life shining diamond of a person -singer-performer would emerge out of that low level entertainment outfit? It was worth the 7 years of shalowness…

    After AI??? Nothing less than stardom a la Beatles with humanitarian spice added.
    How many people have been and will be affected by Adam’s persona, his courage, persistance, honesty, kindness, belief in himself? How many lives will His Awsome Niceness change?

    We will be supporting him!


  2. Adam has affected me like no other performer. There have been many disappointing show on previous American Idol seasons. This year, the shows are so good because Adam is there. He has breathed new life into what was becoming a mediocre reality show. American Idol producers should be worshiping him as the poster boy for what a true American Idol is.

    Adam has inspired me in so many ways I can’t count. I am drawing and writing again. Adam is all about being true to yourself and having real courage to present it to the world in a classy and loving way.


  3. In all eight seaons of American Idol I can honestly say that no contestant has impressed or affected me more than Adam Lambert. His astonishing vocal range, his ability to take on any genre and make it his own, and his personal demeanor throughout this competition have been both dazzling and inspirational.
    This man is a true performance artist and I cannot thank him enough for allowing us to accompany him on his incredible journey

    Thank you Adam Lambert, for showing all of America how exquisite “different” can be.


  4. What can I say about this extraordinary young man? Where do I start, how can I begin to explain the emotional connection I have forged with his unbelievable performances. He has made this season so very special for me.

    I rarely get excited about much these days. Being middle aged and having seen a lot of great singers, I don’t find much in today’s music that inspires and moves me. The first time I saw Adam was in the first show on the top 13. I had not intended to watch this season at all. I tuned in out of curiousity, but the moment I saw Adam on that stage, I sat upright in my chair and found myself totally mesmerized. My first thought was – early Elvis reborn! I saw the facial resemblance, but it was the way he performed that made me think of Elvis. No one has ever reminded me of Elvis until now. Adam’s sheer stage presence, his charisma, the way he owned the stage and dared you to look away – I just could not take my eyes off him. I knew that he was way out of my comfort zone musically, but somehow that didn’t seem to matter.

    It was Adam’s second performance, Ring of Fire, that showed me his remarkable voice. When I heard him soar up to the rafters and that head voice/falsetto, well I knew I was listening to someone with the gift of a truly great voice. I immediately thought of Freddie Mercury. I don’t think I have ever gotten over his death. He left us too soon and there was much more that he could have done musically. Adam is the only person who has reminded me of Freddie Mercury. That vocal range and the brilliance of his high notes, that ability to transition seamlessly from his lower register to that upper voice. I was entranced. I can’t say that I love Ring of Fire. I was a little shocked and confused, but in a good way. I knew that I wasn’t going anywhere and would be watching for the rest of the season.

    My Mom tried to explain to me why I feel such a powerful emotions when Adam sings. She spoke about the part of the brain that forges these types of sensory connections. She was also trying to comfort me about the mean things said about Adam. She said that none of that matters. The only thing is how I respond on such an intense level when he sings. Nothing else is of any importance. Trust a mother to help you get to what is real. I know now that it doesn’t matter what anyone says about him. It’s that bond I feel when he sings, as though he is singing only to me.

    Adam has inspired me to have renewed faith in life, in my future, in my ability to achieve my goals. His courage in being true to himself, never wavering, never compromising, has given me strength to do the same. He is a remarkable individual. I love his humility, kindness, generosity of spirit, sensitivity. There is so much to admire in him. He once said that he has been made fun of all his life, but he has learned to be confident in who he is. What others say doesn’t matter to him. He is comfortable with who he is. Somehow, he and my Mom know what it’s all about. I am much older than Adam, yet he has taught me some life lessons.

    I believe that he will be a huge success as a singer. There are some who doubt him, but I say never underestimate a great talent. There is no denying the power of that glorious voice to move people. He can sing many genres of music. There is no telling what he can accomplish. The possibilities are limitless. I don’t think we have heard everything in his vocal arsenal yet. There are more treasures to be discovered.

    Adam – you have given me a reason to smile, a reason to walk with a spring in my step, a reason to be glad that I am alive. I have had much sadness in my life in the last year or so. Adam has shown me the light.


  5. That was beautiful, Mindy. He started changing our lives already!


  6. Adam, you will soon be a HUGE International Super-Star. Your talent will no longer be denied. You have shown the world what an incredible, awesome fantastic singer-performer you are.

    In addition, to all this talent, you are a humble, sweet, funny, witty and genuine guy.

    Can’t wait to see you on the Idol Tour. But dying to see you headline your own concert. So please please please come EAST. NYC would be so cool.

    Love You Adam and break a leg Tuesday!


  7. Adam, you are poised to become a huge superstar!I’m thankful that you decided to give Idol a go this year, and that we’ve been introduced to your incredible talent, and the incredible person that is you. All of the hard work you’ve put in over the years is going to start paying off in a big way.

    I look forward to following your career for many, many years to come. Good luck on Tuesday and I’ll see you on the tour!


  8. Adam, from the very first moment I heard you at your AI audition, I knew you would be a contender for the crown.

    Your talent is undeniable. I look forward to what you will sing and how you will perform every week.

    My votes are for you.


  9. Adam you are already a winner. Without a doubt you’re the best thing that has ever happened to AI. I can’t wait for you to start touring on your own.
    Until then, I’ll be voting like a madwoman Tuesday.


  10. Adam, I am in awe of you. Your talent, your inner light which shines so bright it rivals the sun, your outer beauty, your sense of style, your fearlessness, your self-belief, your ownership of your sexuality – simply everything about you is perfect.
    I am so excited to see you in concert during the AI tour, but I am especially looking forward to the time when when you will be flying solo. When you are on that concert stage performing you will be holding my heart in your hand, and I know it couldn’t possibly be in better hands.
    Thank you for sharing yourself and your dreams with us. I am honored to have played the tiniest role in helping to bring your dreams to life.


  11. Adam

    You have such a special gift that pulls the audience in, makes them feel what you are singing, then leaves them wanting more.

    I have seen a lot of performers, but you are the best. You have entered the one name performers stardom. Move over Cher, Madonna, make room for Adam.


  12. Adam’s performances have been nothing short of spectacular. His vocals are always flawless and he’s dynamic to watch.I love how he changes his look to suit the era and song he’s performing.His song arrangements have been genius, “Ring Of Fire” and “Mad World ” both bear fact to his genuis.My eyes never left the screen while Adam was performing,he’s mesmerizing and ignites passion in the listener,the power of music is a beautiful thing.


  13. Like so many others, I was unexpectedly swept from my routine daily life by the magic that is named Adam Lambert. I had only watched Idol the past 2 seasons, and didn’t plan to “waste” my time watching this season. Little did I know the evening I tuned in to see the final 13, Adam’s voice, stage presence, spirit and energy would send me into a wormhole back to my young adulthood, where love of life, passion for creativity, and excitement for each moment lay buried by years of life’s burdens.

    I’ve spent more hours than I care to add up, scouring websites, blogs and reader replies, trying to understand Adam’s effect on me. He may be Elvis reincarnated, the product of great parents nurturing a young child’s passion, the universe’s message of hope, or any number of theories. I only know that I agree with other writers, that my passion for life and motivation to better myself have been reawakened!

    I thank MCL for educating me on the uniqueness of Adam’s voice and a glimpse into the years of hard work and dedication he has given to honing his gift.

    I love Adam’s outrageous talent, his confidence in taking on the good and bad of AI and still remaining true to himself, and his ability to remain a humble, generous, loving and giving human being!

    I hope we can gift him with the AI title, but he’ll be a superstar even as runner up. I’ll be attending at least 4 of the AI concerts and will be ready to grab Adam’s first album off the store shelves! I’m a little afraid to admit I’ll probably be an Adam groupie at his solo concerts! Thank you, Adam! I hope you can handle the passion and zest for life (and you!)you have awakened in me and countless others!!


  14. Adam is Tall. Kris is Short. No more needs to be said. But I will say it anyway. Kris will look just like his short, round dad and Adam will not. Adam has raw talent and tons of charisma. Adam is chocolate with huge chocolate chunks. Kris is vanilla with nothing extra. I’m not kidding about the short round thing. Just look at the two dads and see the resemblance. One is tall and handsome (Adam’s dad). One is short and round with the same funny mouth and strange crooked jaw line.


  15. Shaman Glambert #2084 May 17, 2009 at 1:05 am

    Let me know Adam when my “Shaman” can be of service to you! Everything wonderful has already been said about you. Ditto! See you Sept.1 Msp Your a genius


  16. Adam, your vocals are honey…


  17. If Adam wins the AI, it will changed other next contestant in next AI. He brought new colour in AI. But if Adam lost, the next AI will be the same as the former AI shows. What makes this season is different than other season is just because Adam Lambert is there. Otherwise, this season is nothing, dry and plain…!


  18. THE TORCH IS PASSED !!!…..take it far, young Adam…you have proved to the rocker world that you belong there along with the best!!…I’m a 62 yr. old “ROCKER” grandma and I’m so excited to witness your career rocketing toward stardom…..enjoy every minute of it,young man!!


  19. MCL, I do believe your thread has been found by the Glamberts and you’ve had an attack of Glambert Love! You’re mentioned quite often on Adam’s Idol Forums with reverence to your talents. (You might want to ‘blame’ 🙂 NYMichael’s thread that I mentioned some time back; He started it!) However, I’ll admit that I’ve referenced you too as well as J’s excellent explanation of head voice and falsetto.

    I agree with Mindy 100% but just don’t have her wordsmith skills. Thank you for explaining how I feel! I voted for Clay (my home state NC boy) but haven’t followed the series since; however, I fell upon ‘Ring of Fire’ and have been Adam-obsessed ever since (business work piling up; house a wreck). In unadulterated terms, Adam makes me feel the music like a teenager of the 70’s again and who wouldn’t want to be 18 or 21 again?

    BTW, I also heard a late-night talk show host say, “Now that Adam Lambert has arrived, Elvis has left the building!”

    I promise, there is a question here. On the site, Idol Ranges, they posted the following for Adam’s AI performances through Top 3:
    Overall lowest : C#3/Db3
    Overall highest : A#5/Bb5
    Overall range : 16 ½ steps

    *Head Voice/Falsetto
    Top 11 – Ring of Fire …. F5
    Top 10 – Tracks of My Tears …. E5
    Top 8 – Mad World …. D5

    They also give the high and low for every song.

    I’ve seen his range rated anywhere from 2 to 4 octaves and don’t know what to believe. Have any of the obvious experts here reviewed Adam’s non-AI youtube performances to determine a more definitive range because I’m clueless? MCL and her posters have taught me so much and I’m eager to learn more! Your teachings have given me much more respect for natural vocal talent and the subsequent training. I had no idea of the trials and tribulations!

    Rosanne, I hope you feel better soon and your Mom is having a good day. Snow is mid-May… WOW!


  20. Wow, what a gem of a site this is. Thanks so much Mindy for putting into words the magic that is Adam Lambert. My life circumstances have been difficult for quite some time but Adam makes me feel confident that there is indeed light at the end of dark tunnels. You too are a shining light for sharing how you feel in such a positive and heartfelt manner. You have also just made my day by letting me know that others feel exactly the same way I do (kudos to your mother too – she is one wise lady!). I sincerely hope that we are able to bestow the AI title on Adam as he does obviously want to win it not as a trophy but as a validation of everything he has worked so hard for. He is such a gutsy, classy, genuinely sweet and inspirational young man (my kudos to his parents here too)- no doubt that he is my idol and the perfect role model for my teenagers and especially the many young persons out there that are struggling for acceptance and love just as they are. You go Adam!!!!! We love you for everything you are!!!!!


  21. Shaman Glambert, are you going to see the tour at the Target center? When you mentioned September 1, it caught my eye, as I’m going down to Minneapolis to see the idols that day.

    Wow, I bet Adam would be (will be!) touched to read about how he’s touched so many people’s lives in such positive ways. I’m always so amazed at how music and those who sing the music can affect our thoughts and feelings. I also find it interesting that each person is affected by something different, depending on our personality and what pleases us. But to see one person affect so many people in such a personal way, it’s mind boggling.

    Something I consider a very positive result of discovering Adam’s music, is that I’ve expanded my definition of the kinds of music I want to listen to. Now I want to discover all kinds of music, not just the stuff I was listening to before. Not that it wasn’t good, it was just more confined. Some might say refined, but I wouldn’t. ha! So, thank you for that Adam! I’ll be voting my little fingers off for ya on Thursday! I think you’re a real honey.

    Finally, I REALLY appreciate this site. It’s so nice to come here to positivity, it’s just very refreshing.


  22. I don’t know what I can say that hasn’t already been said. You had me at your audition and my love for your beautiful voice has grown everyday since then. You have an amazing gift to draw people in and keep them wanting more.

    I will be voting my butt off on Tuesday, but no matter what the outcome you are MY American Idol.


  23. I participated in the Cyclist Charity: “Tour-de-Cure” today in GA. The DJ started spinning “Play that Funky Music White Boy” I found myself singing it with Adam’s version in mind and was very disappointed in the way the song was being done (originally). I downloaded all of Adam’s tunes because I love his style and voice. Adam, you are a Star. I love the post earlier “…that Elvis has finally left the building.” Until Adam – Elvis couldn’t leave yet. Now, all of us Glamberts can let the old king go and welcome the new one. Adam has the quality of a voice one can recognize right away – just like Elvis. Let me say also, Adam looks like the young, vibrant and sexy Elvis in his youth.


  24. Thank you for this thread!

    Adam Lambert is IT. I have been watching Idol for 8 seasons, including Canadian Idol, and he is by far the best thing these shows have seen. He has this other worldly quality about him that gives me goose bumps. Everything from his gorgeous looks, charisma and voice add up to one big YES. He only showed the tip of the iceberg on the show…there is so much more awesome on youtube!

    The brilliance that is Adam Lambert is further highlighted by the fact that he can be anything he wants to be when this show is over. He literally can sing ANYTHING. He can out diva the divas and out Mraz the Kris’ (re- Mad World & TOMT).

    Adam also lives his life creatively. It’s the entire package.

    I think Kris has an advantage to win in that he fits neatly inside the box (don’t be fooled by those creative arrangements – they’re creative within an existing realm). Adam shatters the box, but this means that he also polarizes the audience. From the competition’s point of view, Kris has an advantage. But from a career point of view, Adam wins. It’s better to have a good chunk of people as your number 1 than try to please a lot of people but maybe not move them as much (a la Kris). In short, Adam has the selling power.

    Kris is very talented, but he can be easily replicated. Lots of guys doing funky arrangements on their acoustic guitars. That said, I think he deserves to be in the top 2- he has always been my mainstream pick.

    Adam is extraordinary in that there is only one Adam for this world. He has out-sung and out-performed everyone this season and deserves to win.

    Adam’s extraordinary talent will require an extraordinary producer. Someone with vision who can make this genius all work. Kris may be easier to produce b/c it’s easier to see what he will do (as he fits into the box), but this does not necessarily mean “better”. I would go with the wildcard every single time.

    And to end, I will go with Adam’s star power. He is truly a star in every sense of the word. Yes, he has been pimped by the show, but ultimately much of the buzz around him was self-created. He is interesting, exciting and fresh. You can buy good production and songwriters, but you cannot buy charisma. It’s that elusive quality that cannot be taught or trained and that few in this world are born with.

    I’m not sure if Adam will win for some of the reasons stated above. People also love a good underdog story, including the media. BUT, Season 8 for me will always be about Adam Lambert. Best Idol ever, hands down. And if you really break it down, Kris maybe the underdog as far as editing goes, but in all honesty Adam is inherently the underdog.

    Good luck Adam! We love you!


  25. Adam con su exquisita voz y talento me hacen olvidar las 4 decadas que llevo y me hace soñar como una adolescente, realmente interpreta maravillosamente,cada semana espero el programa solo para escucharlo y que me transporte con la mùsica, es un idolo. Suerte para Adam y que Dios lo bendiga. votemos por èl.


  26. I got the gist of your post, Mary, and agree whole-heartedly!


  27. I have no idea if Adam is going to win or not; I’m every bit as big a fan of Kris as I am of Adam. I just want each of them to perform their best and for the judges to be fair and agenda-less. I’ve never liked a final 2 so much, and Adam is the most ridiculously talented vocalist I’ve ever seen on this show. He’d be a great winner.

    Anyway, I figured I’d post this here for anyone who hasn’t heard his version of Five For Fighting’s “I Just Love You.” This is everything I love about Adam’s singing:


  28. Erin –

    Thank you for posting the video of this incredibly touching performance by Adam. It’s one of my favorites and makes me cry every time I hear it. I really hope he sings something like this tonight. It will show America why so many of us have fallen in love with his glorious voice.


  29. I did not watch American Idol but, after seeing Adam preform on Good Morning America I wish I would of watched and voted for him. Why has he not tried out before now. He will go far!!!! He is absolutly the best. They need to hurry and put out his cd.


  30. I was wondering if there were actually sites online where i could get free ringtones? because everyone i have seen you have to pay for?

    thanks alot


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