Happy Mother’s Day To All My Readers

KyraNonniMothersDay3 Happy Mother’s Day to all. I am a little late, but wanted to include a picture of me with my granddaughter before she left to go home with her parents.

She is  almost 3.5 years old and doesn’t want to sit still for long, so this was best I could achieve!

I hope all of you are celebrating this wonderful time of year. If it were not for our Moms, we wouldn’t be here to appreciate all that life has to offer.

My Mom is very ill now and in her final stages of Alzheimers’ Disease, but there is not a minute that goes by that I don’t reflect on all she has done for me. Both she and my Dad ( who passed on in July 2000) were a combined source of unending love and support and I feel blessed and proud to call them my parents.

How about you? Do you have special stories about your Mom that you wish to share with us? Please feel free to do so. Let’s take a break from American Idol for a bit and celebrate mothers and grandmothers everywhere!

FYI: I will be adding an American Idol Top 3 Pre-Show Discussion Topic later on this evening.

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9 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day To All My Readers”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and grandmothers today! If your mother and grandmother are still alive, please cherish them.

    My mother was one of the sweetest, kindest, and friendliest women around and people who knew her loved her. She did not have an easy life growing up because her own father died when he was only 27-years old leaving her mother to support four very young children. Eventually her mother asked her to leave school to help to support the other chidren. Consequently, she worked very hard all of her life. I was very sad that she had to suffer from such a horrible illness before she died. But during this time, we were able to talk a lot and fortunately her memories then were of happy times. I was relieved that the bad times didn’t consume her thoughts during her final days.


  2. MCL, I forgot to add that your granddaughter is really a cutie!


  3. What an adorable picture of you and Kyra! She is too sweet! Is she excited to be a big sister?? ha!

    I don’t really have a special memory of my mom and I (actually, I love our mother-daughter shopping trips we often take) but I’m thankful for everyday she is here with me (which are the special memories). I am especially proud of her this year, as she has finally finished her MScN (Masters of Science in Nursing; a process that took her 5 years). She did this all while, working full time, taking ocassional shifts at the hospital and finding time to be a mom – she is simply the best!

    Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!


  4. Hi al1:

    Thanks for the lovely messages.

    I am off to dinner with my family, but I want to thank you for sharing your lovely and touching comments with me.

    Louise and Soccer – how proud you must be of your Mothers! Both sound like caring, compassionate and dedicated Moms who cherish their family above all else.

    Louise – i am so sorry that your Mom had such a difficult life and that she had to endure such suffering at the end of her years. But the happy memories are immeasurable and I know must bring you solace and comfort. My prayers go with you.

    Soccer – tell your Mom congrats o her phenomenal achievement. Incredible.


  5. brendaawestruck May 10, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    I echo Mother’s Day wishes to all Moms out there.

    My own Mom survived a brain anuerysm 45 years ago almost to the day. It left her in hospital over 6 months and then home to recover to become a great cook, knitter and homemaker, depite the residual double vision and balance problems. They said she might never walk, but they didn’t know her stubborn determination. How she has accomplished what she has, and still does, remains an inspiration to me. Because of various reasons we never really communicated deeply until a few years ago. It has brought me a sense of self to get to really know her.

    MCL your granddaughter is really a lovely little girl… she has come great genes too!


  6. Most people think that their mother was the greatest and I am no exception. I would share her story with you but it is too long, to leave anything out would not do her justice. I will tell you one thing, if you knew her or you didn’t, if you just happened to pass her by and look at her, you would smile. She’s gone now but those who knew her are still smiling when they think about her.

    Happy Mother’s Day to All

    MCL – Loved your picture with your beautiful granddaughter!!


  7. Hey, I posted this elsewhere on here, but I think this Mother’s Day thread would be more appropriate for it:

    “Oh, MCL, I am so sorry about your mom. Alzheimer’s is such an evil disease that it seems to utterly rob the life away from the person you love. I can honestly say that I have been blessed enough to never have to watch someone I dearly love suffer through it. I pray that I never have to. I cannot imagine how awful that would be. Just know that my prayers ARE with you, MCL. As I have said before, with God all things are possible, and I wholeheartedly believe that.

    You know, I realized something as I watched my grandma struggle three difficult years against a very aggressive cancer. A disease can attack and destroy any vital organ–your heart, brain, lungs, etc. However, a person’s spirit can never be diminished by it. No sickness (however bad it may be) can touch that. I hope I am not assuming something incorrect (or putting words in your mouth), MCL, but judging from all of your posts I have read since I first visited here, you seem to me to be someone who places a very high priority on faith. Therefore, I know that you know whose hands your dear mother’s spirit is in right now. That doesn’t make all the loss and pain any easier to bear, but it does give you something that is so very precious in times like these–PEACE.

    Anyway, God bless you (and every mom on here) today, MCL. May God bless and protect you and your family. May he show his favor and give you His Peace.”


  8. Galen – you have a way with words. Thank you so much for this soothing, inspiring comment.


  9. Thank you for the wonderful words, Galen.

    I have also expressed my feelings about your Mother and this terrible disease, Roseanne. I have supportd research for more than 15 years. The thought that one out of eight Baby Boomers will get Alzheimers’ Disease is frightening, especially when I have memory lapses.

    I took care of my Mother for four years, almost on a full-time bases. A caregiver’s role is demanding but so worth it. Mom passed on from complications of Diabetes. The last year of her life she was hospitalized 12 times. It was painful seeing her in so much pain. I lost my best friend.

    Sometimes, I wish there was a telephone in Heaven.


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