Michael Johns Eliminated From American Idol.

Michael Johns, Top 8 American Idol Season 7 Contestant I wish the judges would judge the singers on their singing ability and stop analyzing whether or not the song is appropriate for the theme. If this had been the case two days ago, Michael Johns would have been been performing on stage next week.

I am personally disgusted that one of the most promising and humble singers ever to grace the Idol stage has been prematurely eliminated. To think that he will not have the golden opportunity to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber is a travesty.

I suppose we can only imagine what the future holds for the remaining 7 singers but, after tonight’s shocker, anything is possible. No one is safe.

Feel free to discuss Michael John’s elimination when you come out of your shock-induced stupor.

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20 Responses to “Michael Johns Eliminated From American Idol.”

  1. MCL, I couldn’t have said it better myself; this is completely disgusting. He is such a talented musician and I pray that he will continue his musical journey; I know I will be in line to purchase his CD :)!

    I can only agree with you that no one is safe on this show and that anything is possible.

    On the bright side (as I always look on), he made it 8th out of 1,000,000+ contestants who tried out…could always be worse and I am sure that Idol has only helped him get noticed and hopefully get his music out there.

    I think it will take me a day or two to emerge from my shock-induced stupor……


  2. I am pretty shocked, too. I didn’t think he would win but I definitely didn’t think he’d be gone this early. It just goes to show you that no one is safe & that anything can happen. I cannot let David A. get eliminated…CAN’T. I am going to triple my votes for him next week to make sure he wins the title.


  3. So sad isn’t it? The show truly will not be the same without him.

    And I just tried to add my Vocal Masterclass article and I am experiencing format issues once again. Patience is a virtue, but I am on a short leash with this virtue tonight. 😦


  4. I think Syesha should have gone. I was so sure she was going home tonight after singing a song by an Idol winner which is considered suicide on the show.


  5. Yup. I can’t believe he’s gone. Yesterday I posted on here that the judges over-stated the negative stuff. Michael has a beautiful tone and I thought he was pretty good last night and think the judges were wayyyyyyy off. Paula was the only one to get it right last night.

    In fairness to the judges though, they looked genuinely sad to see him go and Simon said that he would be missed. I think maybe they were swaying him toward the Bluesy stuff because he was really good at it, and also because they probably knew David C was getting most of the rock votes. This way they would maybe have a better chance of keeping both David C and Michael for the long haul. Who knows?

    The other thing that may have happened is that David C fans often voted for both Michael and David C, but because David C had an off night, they probably threw all their votes at David C.

    At any rate, this was a big mistake. Michael should still be in the competition. My top 3 were David C, Michael and Carly. I’ll now move David A in there.


  6. I missed the results show and am almost glad I didn’t see this happen, from what I heard Ryan was very cruel in handling the elimination, which is just wrong. Bad enough they are getting cut from the show, don’t do it in a way that is going to hurt them even more.

    Michael did deserve more time and I’m really, really sorry to see him go. American got it wrong!


  7. Yes- Ryan did indeed handle the situation in a less than polite manner. The way he worded it, I though for sure that none of the Idols were to be eliminated. He gave Michael a second of false hope and then it was over.

    Why – after such a compassionate thematic week that featured Idol Gives Back – was Michael treated so shamefully? He deserved better – he is a real sweetheart and a genuine talent.


  8. Still shaking my head. His tone is so delicious and he always looked good on stage. This is a huge loss.


  9. I’m floored … just floored. WHAT just happened?!?!

    We have Shysha, who is fine, but just can’t seem to get the fact that she has to be her and not a past diva.

    We have Jason, who is a doll, but I don’t feel is really in it to win it … he’s just kinda floating along.

    We have Carley, who is so bloody desperate every week and sand in such an angry, nasty manner (IMHO) for Inspiration Week.

    We have what’s-her-blond-name that looks like she’s riding her horse and waves her left hand like it’s detached from her body each week (but picks ridiculously perfect songs each week).

    And Brooke, who is my reality-TV-best-friend, but America’s not in a folk-resurgence and she needs to sound like herself, not karaoke.

    And even with all those mentioned above, Michael is gone?!?!



  10. what a shock! yeah is he really gone? i didn’t have a cable tv and have to wait for tonite to watch the Idol’s result. oh my god…! he’s one of my Top 3, other than David A & that cute & cool Jason, please american vote for David A now. i can’t vote for him coz i’m from malaysia…



  11. you should have voted for michael johns if don’t want him to leave the idol stage. after all, the show is about text and call votes. go david cook!


  12. Still in shock…

    Zap…unfortunately, many of us who blog on here are Canadians and are therefore illegibile to vote for American Idol!!!


  13. Wow, I never expected Michael to go before Kristy or Syesha. I actually thought Carly might be the “surprise boot” I really thought Michael was starting to shine. (But what was up with the ascots? Put that in the same file as Carly’s tattoo as a good trademark. ;P )

    I do vote (as I have in the past) but as I’m dialing for about the fifth time, I start to think, “This is taking way too much time”. And then about the viewers who are willing to dial and text for HOURS. Too much competition for me. I guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy the music and watch the chips fall where they may.


  14. I saw michael interviewed on the reality channel. He said the idol stylist wanted to bring back the ascot therefore he kept dressing michael in one.

    I was truly shocked. He was my fav. I think a lot of his fans thought he was safe and were trying to save David Cook. I saw a lot of messages saying that on various boards.

    The judges and producers irk me the way they manipulate to get their chosen one in the final. I think going in first place didnt help and will be interested to see if all of them go first. I think the judges nit picked him because they wanted him out and David Cook in the finals. Every season I see the judges throw out critiques and I wonder if they heard the same song I did. Vonzell gave an outstanding performance in season 4, all judges but simon praised it , randy called it perfect vocal. Simon said it wasnt and he was afraid she was in danger that night. That was ridiculous after the way she sang and performed that song.


  15. i feel sorry for all of your michael johns fans out there. yeah, i believe his performances were great and his one good person too as what simon said. i guess AI is making some controversial and surprising decisions again to create noises and so more people will watch AI.


  16. Yes indeed – I do believe that AI always has an agenda. Michael was gaining momentum and he was upsetting the cart. They have a vision of who they want in the Top 2 or 3 and so they start manipulating the minds of the viewers.

    But, I truly feel that Michael will have a tremendous career. He is extremely talented. I just wish he could have sailed through to the Top 4 – at least – but, what’s done is done.


  17. I’m still sad about Michael…I also agree that AI tries to manipulate the voters and persuade them to vote for certain constantests…it’s unfortunate, but what can we do?

    I actually hear on the radio today that Dolly Parton had phoned Michael to say how sad she was that he was gone; she also offered to, one day, record a duet with him….AI was defintely only the beginning for him!!


  18. I know – this is great news for Michael, isn’t it? I will miss him tomorrow though.


  19. “I do believe that AI always has an agenda”

    @masterclasslady, that’s what I think so too. they say this show is rigged.


  20. “I do believe that AI always has an agenda”

    @masterclasslady, that’s what I think so too. some say this show is rigged.


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