Lee DeWyze Is Shunned By American Idol.


Well, that’s just all kinds of rude.

Last evening, Season 9 American Idol winner, Lee DeWyze, tweeted that American Idol has not included him in tomorrow’s Finale. What? Is he not country enough?

Here is what Lee had to say via his tweets: “Hey guys, no I’m not performing at the Finale. I wasn’t asked to . A lot of questions so I thought I’d fill you in. Talk to you soon :)”

Well, that was beyond diplomatic, wasn’t it? He must be hurting. Every season, the reigning winner is always asked to return to the Finale to perform and pass the torch to the new winner.

And here I was thinking that all the winners from the past nine seasons would reunite to celebrate Season 10 of American Idol. Talk about wishful thinking!

Please tell me, at the very least, that Kelly Clarkson, winner of Season 1, will be there. Please! Didn’t she record a duet with Reba? Doesn’t that count? She’s sort of country, right?

This upsets and saddens me. It really does. How about all the Lee Dewyze fans? Let’s hear from you and, together, we can stop this madness. We have 24 hours to rant and stop this madness.

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28 Responses to “Lee DeWyze Is Shunned By American Idol.”

  1. While not the most talented of Idols, it is his right, I believe. Reprising “Falling Slowly” with Crystal would be appropriate and would fit reasonably with the country theme. But Crystal is touring. I would love to see her, too.

  2. Makes ya wonder who’s in charge at Idol, huh?

    Isn’t this like some idol protocol, that last seasons winner comes back???????

  3. Vonnie – the only protocol they follow is their own. They make up rules “on the fly”.

  4. I think your right MCL…not a very good way to run a show!

  5. so disappointing and upsetting. He should be there….no questions asked! I wonder what “excuse” idol is going to use for him not being there!


  6. That’s SO rude!!! I can’t believe he wasn’t invited to be on tonight’s show. I am really annoyed with Idol for that lapse. What did he do to tick them off? That’s even worse than they treated Taylor.

  7. LOYALTY has never been a trait exhibited by the producers of American Idol.

  8. Very disappointing and sobering. There is no excuse for this oversight and I will not support a show that does not have any ethics. It is bad enough that we have to watch the guest stars that are not worth watching. One of the judges is certainly not a role model. Too bad the two finalists that appear to have a lot to offer are involved with people of this caliber.

  9. I agree with Lee, for goodness sake what happened here!!! We should all support Lee and let the AI people know what’s going on. Thanks for the info.

  10. This is absolutely ridiculous. I will not be watching the idol finale because of the complete disrespect shown by idol. Ugh. At least I’ll be seeing lee in concert this summer.

  11. Shame for american idol, lee is a true artist for a change amog those all country and pop singers, he is a singer songwriter that create great music, i guess thats the treatment that true artist get, i bet adam lambert will be on the show ofcourse , thay promot him nonstop <_<

  12. i’m just SO SO sad about this. i love lee dewyze; not only his incredible music, but his genuineLEE big heart and sweet personality. lee is such an amazing artist, especially live. lee is good to everyone and he never speaks a bad word about anyone. he always handles himself with dignity, class and grace and i feel that american idol has not only disrespected lee (who not only won, but was the heart of the show last year), but they’re also saying screw you to all the loyal fans who kept the show going, who watched every week, voted every week until their fingers fell off (for lee of course) and who bought EVERY single piece of lee’s music. lee is the only thing keeping me watching last year. this is a sad, sad for lee, the fans and the show. ryan seacrest said lee was nicest guy to ever be on idol, if that’s how they treat the nicest guy ever then they are terrible, terrible people and i want nothing to do with this show EVER again! NOT COOL!!!! shame on them BIG TIME!!!!

  13. Lee is humble and gracious and has always been grateful to Idol for giving him this opportunity. His fans on twitter are beyond unhappy and disappointed but will always support this talented guy :) A lot of fans were only going to watch the finale to see Lee….

  14. I feel so bad for all the Lee fans. He is a wonderful musician and a good person and this should not be happening to him. I guess Lee wasn’t their chosen Idol. Heaven forbid that Idol took a chance and promote a genre other than country.

    Thank you for your heartfelt, passionate comments. We can only do what we can here. Let our voices be heard!

    Hopefully, Idol will gain a heart transplant and reverse position on Lee’s involvement.

  15. I stopped watching Idol when I realized the negativity and ‘fan wars’ that goes on after it’s over, especially if a persons favorite didn’t win! But I fell in love with Lee for the genuine, humble person he is and his beautiful, lighthearted songs with his passionate performances that touch my heart! American Idol is first and foremost concerned with the ‘show’and yet again prove that these artists who give so much of themselves are a dispensable commodity!!

  16. I was never a fan of Lee DeWyze; he wasn’t even the best in a boring season.

    But this really bites; one thing Idol fans like is tradition.

    Would there be no one to crown the New Miss America?

    I think not. Lee should be there.

  17. WOW! All this Trauma and Drama on a Finale Evening!

  18. Very disappointing! I am done AI. They should be embarrassed that they are insulting someone who represented them with class and never said a negative thing about them. They don’t deserve the loyalty. Lee needs to distance himself from AI – maybe that will be the start of better things for him.

  19. Fan of Lee or not, Lee should be at the Finale!!!!

    Lee wasn’t given publicity as much as the previous winners.Lee might not have those “styles” and “gimmicks’ that are so IN today. But believe me, he has the ULTIMATE passion and love for music MORE than anyone else. And his attitude towards fans is UNBELIEVABLE!!and if anyone who isn’t a fan would just take time to hear his music and lyrics, you can relate on his words.. and it is his writings, not just songs he sings written by others.

    lee just tweeted..telling fans see you at the Finale..but not clear whether he will be physically there only, or if he will perform or he’ll be just somewhere around near.

    I won’t beg on IDOL to change mind and let him perform because Lee deserves more than an AI Finale..and well, fans of Lee like me were already hurt..terribly..

  20. This is so sad. Lee is giving a masterclass in how to be a class act.

    I hope IDOL will reconsider.

  21. I was not a fan of Lee’s music; however, this is really a bad move. Idol is focusing on all these special guest performers. Well, I want to see all 10 Idols singing a song together. Plus, Lee should have his special moment.

    Nigel does read Twitter, so I am about to send him a message! Poor Lee… reminds me a bit of what they did to Taylor after he won.

  22. what a shame on Idol! It’s Lee’s right to be there. Why? Cause he’s not country enough? Come on guys, he’s the reigning champ. He should be there!

  23. Well of course they couldn’t squeeze Lee for the finale after all it’s vital that Steven Tyler be allowed to perform. Where did we get the idea that this show is about the contestants – everyone knows this year it’s all about the judges. Lee has always been a class act and apparently he will be at the finale according to his last tweet. He’s a better person than me, I think I’d tell Nigel to shove it.

  24. Please tell me, at the very least, that Kelly Clarkson, winner of Season 1, will be there. Please! Didn’t she record a duet with Reba? Doesn’t that count? She’s sort of country, right?
    – I was thinking this, too! I keep on looking at the Idol finale rumors, but I don’t see any mention of Kelly! :(

    Kelly has definite country ties! In fact, she performed country duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean earlier this season.

    Maybe with that single already promoted, the producers didn’t see a reason to ask her back, but that still makes zero sense to me because the former Idol winners often end up singing other people’s songs anyway. (e.g. the Beatles medley season 6, “The Impossible Dream” season 3).

    ??? This is one of the few moments where I’m going to admit to being baffled and not attempt to dig for any more eloquence than that.

  25. AI is “thinking” big Finale time squeeze costs ok its business. Still doesn’t make a lot of sense, announcing New Idol winner without last year’s winner Lee DeWyze. Similar 2 a relay race + not pass the symbolic baton, appropriate with well wishes + celebration 2 kick start Idol (Artist’s) musical career. Seasoned Judges taking priority makes show (“Idol”) self serving ,less credible,cheapens the show. No honesty, authenticity appearing insensitive, irreproachable, unprofessional + uncessary.

  26. I was so disappointed that Lee did not perform on the AI finale tonight. He is so talented and I love his music. I’m so upset about this decision. I think this is the end of Idol for me.


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