American Idol Season 12 Premieres This Week! Are You Ready?

Are you ready? For Season 12? Of American Idol? On Fox Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 P.M?

I am! I am!

I honestly feel, deep in my belly, that this is going to be a great season.

Why you ask? Well, for many reasons actually!

American Idol has an eclectic judges’ panel, it faces stiff competition from The Voice and, most important of all, they have their ace in the hole, the indomitable Ryan Seacrest

However, there are other factors that have always worked in Idol’s favor. Each season begins in mid-January when people are looking for something to do and watch after the holiday season festivities have faded.

Also, it is The Original singing competition and, for that reason, has cultivated zillions of fans over the past 12 years and produced innumerable stars. You can’t argue with their level of success and successful it is – in spades.

So, another season is here and I look forward to some lively and exciting discussion here in the MCL community.

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24 Responses to “American Idol Season 12 Premieres This Week! Are You Ready?”

  1. Yay!!! I am ready!


  2. Masterclass Lady January 16, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Yay Vonnie! Yay!! Can’t wait for this season to start!!


  3. Hey everybody!

    You guys know that I’ve been a number one fan of Idol since day one, but I hate to be a kill-joy, but for me …especially after last seasons x-Factor. I’m just nor feeling these shows anymore. I’m sure there’ll be some good talent , but for me, to keep me a fan, I’ve got to start seeing unique or I think I’m done and I just think we’re going to see more of the same old “sound-a-likes” and “reminds me of”. I just can’t do the guitar folks another season. It just seems like the same old talents just with different faces. I want to see something different. Truth is … aside from the crazy auditions (which I love about these shows) the only thing thats REALLY pulling me back this season is to see the fire works between the new judges. I think we’re going to hear more talk about them then the actual contestants. I’m sure there’ll still be some great talents (there always are) …but will we see unique? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  4. Masterclass Lady January 16, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    BrotherKarl – I wholeheartedly agree with you. But it would be a nail in their coffin if they didn’t elevate the talent. With The Voice Season 4 looming in the horizon, they have to prove they are capable of finding diverse singers who can, well, SING!! Sick of guitars!


  5. Hi Brotherkarl…Yep! I agree!


  6. Hi folks! I went to the theater premiere held at 11 theaters last week, so I did see several of these contestants before. So far, I really like Christina. Good voice, nice looks, and she seems down-to-eartth. I haven’t seen any real problems with the judges; however, things might be different when we have the live shows. For me, the less tension between Mariah and Nicki – the better! I care about the contestants. Keith seems like a really sweet guy. I hope things do get better as time goes by.


  7. kariann, what do you mean the theater premiere? idol is at a theater???


  8. Masterclass Lady January 17, 2013 at 10:55 am

    I absolutely loved the last singer, Ashlee!! Twenty years old with a husky yet rich voice!! And 17-year-old Sarah, the country/rap singer was exceptional


  9. I wasn’t aware that Idol was starting last night until my husband was surfing the channels. I was expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised. I completely expected to really dislike Nicki Minaj, but thought she was actually kind to the contestants. I appreciated that about her. There were a few contestants who I enjoyed as well, including the two mentioned by MCL. I’m hopeful that this will be an enjoyable season.


  10. Louise…I’m kindof liking Nikki too, she’s funny!

    I really like Kesban(?) the street singer “fire Lady”


  11. Vonnie . . . the “fire lady” was really good–a little strange as a person, but really talented. Some others were very talented tonight too–can’t remember any names. I’m enjoying it so far!


  12. I was completely prepared to dislike Idol (I found all the pre-show hype boring) but I’m pleasantly surprised! I like Nicki and Keith – a lot and overall, I think the show has a little more heart and a little less meanness than it did in the past. I’m genuinely interested to see what I few of the contestants will do during Hollywood Week.


  13. janey,

    I like Keith too, actually I like the whole table right now; Randy is still trying at times to not be very nice but the other three do seem to have alot of compassion. I think, finally, the judges table actually have artists who really can give advice and who actually have singing careers!


    Lol, yeah! she is a little quirky, but man can she sing! I liked the little girl who sang “your cheating heart” too; I’m like you, there were a few more that I liked, but wasn’t jumping up and down over…


  14. Masterclass Lady January 18, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Hey everyone. I recorded last night’s episode so will post my comments later. I just can’t sit through the commercials. Drives me nuts! Sounds like I am in for a great ride. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Keep them coming!


  15. I think Idol still has some good life left to it. The judging panel is still working on the chemistry. Would be great if it was like Dancing with the Stars or The Voice. So far, this looks like a terrific season. I’d watch the show, no matter what! Several contestants interest me already! Kes Ban cool – or is it Kez Ban?

    So far, Nicki’s not bothering me and she has been funny but also accurate on most of the contestants! I am liking this season, but the feuding with Nicki and Mariah is unnecessary!!


  16. Masterclass Lady January 19, 2013 at 12:53 am

    Finally watched the second episode and was very impressed. Nikki impressed me the most. Who knew she was so knowledgeable? But she should stop asking the guys if they have a girlfriend. It’s not high school! Haha

    I did love the banter between Mariah – who is a real sweetie – and Nikki. They have ignited the panel in a good way. Keith is excellent as well and Randy is Randy. Holding down the fort. Loved how they could banter with the singers as well. Very friendly and genuine.

    One of my former students had a stuttering problem and sang flawlessly and beautifully. So, I could really appreciate and connect with the last performer featured in this segment.

    Ryan is the best. The Best!


  17. Hunter, I wanted to get back to your question! There was a premiere showing at 11 theaters last Wednesday 1/9/12. I made reservations and it was free. Here’s what I wrote:

    The Season 12 Premiere Screening was awesome! There were folks addicted to Idol like I am, and also casual fans. We waited in line about 1 1/2 hours, but it went by quickly. I happen to be in line with 16 year-old Aprille who tried out in Season 10. She and her Mom gave me some information I didn’t know. Someone asked her to sing, and she broke out in song! Cool! She has a really nice voice, is a sweet young lady, and will be trying out again this year. There also was a young lady named Kari Lynn who has gone far in this year’s competition. She got a lot of attention and was interviewed by the local TV station.

    I was disappointed at first because they presented everything we have already seen on TV, plus threw in a few commercials. If you watched, then you know what a terrific voice the guy that stutters has. I’ll have to look up his name. There was footage of Phillip which has been on TV. We were shown footage from Teena Torres, Ashlee (large family), Stephanie, and Griffin Peterson. I was most impressed with a girl named Sarah who has a terrific voice. For her second song she sang Nicki’s Rap song, “Super Bass.” WOW! I will be shocked if she’s not in the TOP 10!!

    Mariah’s dress was just so-so; however, Nicki looked very fashionable. Nicki will be on a fashion watch list. I did get the impression that the two gals didn’t get along that well; however, they adore Keith!! Who doesn’t? Randy is what he always has been but is in a leadership role. They showed a few of the bad auditions and the judges reactions. Some were very funny!

    My biggest surprise was how good Nicki is in judging – and very funny! Now, these are edited clips. If the judges are as good as they are in these clips, Idol Season 12 will be a success! Fox News interviewed people and they provided popcorn, water and pop for us. When leaving, we were given a green “American Idol” tee-shirt or hat! I really enjoyed the evening and socializing with other Idol fans. The Idol staff for the Detroit showing were very nice. Now, I really am energized for the premiere of Season 12!!

    So far, it has been really good!


  18. Isn’t it funny how we OR at least me wete dreading Nikki being a judge and she has turned out to be very good…kindof like Howard Stern on AGT.

    I’m thinking this may be the year for a girl winner!!!


  19. sure do wish we had an edit button…WERE 🙂


  20. Wouldn”t it be nice if they were to show us this year all of the audition clips for the one’s that they have chosen for the top 24?


  21. Masterclass Lady January 20, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    Yes, Vonnie, I agree. That would definitely be a first. And they should. It’s only fair.


  22. Did you hear Kelly Clarkson perform at the Inauguration? I thought she did a spectacular job–I felt quite proud that this performance came from an American Idol! She made me cry.


  23. Masterclass Lady January 21, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Louise – so busy here. I missed it. Will have to add a topic about it. She is one of my faves!!


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