Masterclass Discussion Thread For America’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists: Group One

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Tonight’s first  America’s Got Talent Semi-Final Show is finally here and not a moment too soon.  I was hoping to find a list of the Group One performers, but, unfortunately, came up empty.

Tonight’s 12 performers will compete for a position in the Top 10 Finals of America’s Got Talent.

That’s a ton of exposure for these artists and they are fortunate to have received the opportunity of a lifetime to expose their talent to millions of viewers.

The production quality on this show is tremendous and adds so much to the excitement and presence of each act. It’s  an indication of what one can expect from a Las Vegas show, bringing the glamor and excitement of Vegas into our living room every week.

I will update this blog topic later today once more information is released.

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11 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion Thread For America’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists: Group One”

  1. hi.

    i was not overly impressed by the acts tonight.

    i though anna and patrick were excellent as usual.

    i think the cystic fibrosis girls act has been played out. its a great story but they dont compare to the top singers nor do the compare to the other kid acts (jackie, anna and patrick). i seriously hope the sympathy vote does not get them to the finals. 😦

    the kite flier story is the same thing.

    No one is gonna pay to watch that for an hour and a half, not in vegas, not anywhere. Lets get real here america.

    Antonio the illusionist was sold as usual. Not spectauclar but on an awful night i think it was enough to carry him into the next round.

    arcattack. howie is right. this stuff doesnt play well on tv. i liked there original audition but even though this might be vegas material you need voters watching TELEVISION, not voters watching it in STUDIO.

    Micheal Grimm. What the hell? a 3 minute spot where we give him the excuse to go out and blow it (alledged strep throat) and then he goes out and sounds like he always does. PIers: You should be sick more often. Yeah and jackie gets accused of faking the song…….was this a BS sympathy ploy? from what i understand Grimm is one of the favorites. Why i dont know. he’s good but not great. To bm, on this show, if your a singer you have to be lights out great.
    And how many doctors let tv cameras in while examining patients? I cry horse manure on this whole act tonight.

    The other singer whos name i forget, played the piano and then sung. I thought he did an excellent job, but like piers noted, he looked nervous as hell. But if you can have nerves or stage fright like that and still nail your performance i give you major kudos.

    Prince poppycock…..singing to bohemian rapsody (i think) by queen. I found it weird that he went to what really is a rock song posing as an opera song……..and i didnt like fact that he had the actual track of queen’s song playing in the background either. Still, his performance was really good inspite of that and i think him and jackie are neck and neck from where im sitting.

    ascendence. totally bored me and did nothing for me. seems like they want to be a dance act that crawls walls now instead of a danger act.

    Kirstina young (one of the 4 youtube acts that were advanced). GOD AWFUL. I bet the judges are regretting not putting cam thru instead now. This might be the first time a person has been triple x’ed in this late in the competition..

    Dan Sperry (the magician advanced from youtube acts). Maybe he should have tossed dental floss again. he did this awful routine where he made it look (sorta) like he cut host nick’s arm off. the fake arm looked worse then anything you’d see at a halloween haunted house or gag shop…….it was bad. so far the youtube acts are 0-2 in delivering in the semi finals.

    So that was the first 12 acts. Next week Jackie is back (finally) along with another favorite, defying gravity. judging by the looks of week one both of these acts would have coasted this week…….how did 6 or 7 of these acts even make it this far? sure its not like there was a choice with the 2 youtube acts, but the kite flier? come on!

    If i had to pick 5 to advance this week (maybe i’d pick 3 in reality) id say anna and patrick, antonio, the sob sisters (as i call them) micheal grimm (seems like he has to, not my choice personally) and prince poppycock


  2. for some reason i didnt get a notification email 😦


  3. Scott – I too was very disappointed in tonight’s show. The production team was, as always, on top of their game but, unfortunately, the majority of the acts did not rise to the occasion.

    Now after Christina Young’s performance, I wish Cam Hodges was advanced to Semi-Finals. What a shame!

    I loved Anna and Patryk, Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Taylor Mathews and Antonio Restivo. These are my Top 5. We shall see what happens.


  4. I am with you, MCL. Those are the five I predict to go on.

    Scott, I felt the same way you did about Micheal Grimm. He’s such a good singer and quite popular, they didn’t have to script that moment. However, it is Reality TV, and that’s what TPTB do to add some drama. Totally unnecessary.

    My husband and I were both impressed with Prince Poppycock! Loving the song has something to do with it. I don’t think Queen would allow their vocals to be used on this show without a direct reference. I believe those were the background singers.

    The thing with his act is how do you top Queen? It was an awesome performance with a great song. Freddie Mercury would be proud. At this point, I see Prince Pippycock in the TOP 3. It should be fun tonight!

    (My husband is doing a bit better today.)


  5. i cant believe antonio got hosed…….for the kite flier and the girls who cant really sing that great 😦 stupid voters 😦

    this is why people like susan boyle lost……people figure its a lock and forget to vote. 😦

    other then that i agree with the choices but i still feel that grimm thing was staged, and i really dont think that was poppycocks best performance, background tape or not.

    i am still rooting hard for jackie…..

    grammie glad to hear your husband is doing better 🙂


  6. I was quite happy that Michael Grimm, Poppycock,and the dancers advanced last night, but surprised that Antonio was voted off. Personally, I wasn’t overly fond of Antonio’s performance this week–I’ve liked him more in the past–but I thought others would like him enough to vote him into the finals. All in all, I was disappointed with almost all of the performances on Tuesday night. Call me naive, but I really did believe that Michael Grimm was sick–otherwise he could have really knocked our socks off. As for Poppycock, I think he was good but also believe that he’s been better. What a unique character!


  7. Oh! But you gotta love the drama!!! 🙂

    Shame on AGT for the Michael Grimm story…he’s better than they are giving him credit for, he does not need America’s sympathy votes. His talent speaks for itself! I thought he was great, I love his voice, he is my fav for the win!

    Yeah, all in all, I wasn’t to impressed with the show on Tuesday! I love Prince Poppycock; as Louise said, “What a unique character”. He is an amazing talent! hope he makes it to the top spots!

    So what happens now on AGT? They go for four weeks taking the top 5(?) then what do they do with them…will they all compete together or will they be split up too?


    Next week we get to hear Jackie…she will not have any trouble making it through to the next round!


  8. vonnie i dont know. they say the top 10 make ‘the finals’ but i think once they get to the top 10 they cut it down to 5 and then the final 5 go head to head for the last competition. dont quote me on it though 🙂

    grimm might not have been faking but i at least think he was exaggerating……

    kinda humourous last night how they put 3 acts thru at the same time after telling 4 acts they didnt make it at the same time lol.

    yes vonnie…….its been 3 weeks since she sang. jeesh! lets go while im young! 🙂

    poppycock is obviously going to be there at the end vonnie so no worries. i think jackie/poppycock might go one/two but the order depends on who of there fans remembers to vote 😉

    like i said some people think its a ‘lock’ and dont bother to vote…


  9. ITS GAME DAY!!!!!!!

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JACKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


  10. Can’t wait to see her again, Scott, plus I do love magician Michael Grasso as well. I will add a separate blog topic about tonight’s show later on today.


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