Former ‘American Idol’ Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, Rumored To Make A Comeback

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Will he or won’t he? That is the question and it’s a good one, up for strong debate here on MasterclassLady.Com. 

And the question is: “Will Nigel Lythgoe make a timely return to American Idol Season 10 and , with him, bring higher ratings for the show “?

The departure of popular yet controversial judge Simon Cowell, followed by bandleader’s Rickey Minor’s segue to the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, has left the show noticeably bare at season’s end. 

And yet, the show is in desperate need of revitalization and, according to several news sources such as the New York Times,  it seems like there is no better time than the present.

Personally, I would like to see this show’s focus  return to the the art of singing.  During Season 7,  American Idol “got it so right” and, by coincidence or not, this was Nigel Lythgoe’s last year as producer. 

So, was Season 7’s line-up Nigel’s vision or was he dissatisfied with the line-up?  What caused him to leave, other than he was involved with “So You think You Can Dance“?  He was managing before and will continue to manage his busy schedule if the Idol negotiations are a “go” this season.    So many questions!

I remember quite clearly that Simon Cowell  was bored with the personalities of the Season 7 singers.  Really?  These young singers sold-out arenas all over North America during their tour and the Season 8 and 9 tours were pale in comparison.

And so the beat goes on as we sit patiently awaiting the announcement of the new format.

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28 Responses to “Former ‘American Idol’ Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, Rumored To Make A Comeback”

  1. “Season 8 was pale in comparison”?? Really? I loved season 7 too – but there is NOTHING pale about Adam (or little Allison) on the show OR in concert. I’ve seen David Cook live twice (I’m a huge fan), but he can’t hold a candle to either of them.

    But Nigel? I love SYTYCD, and I love the bold moves he’s taken with that show (save last week’s “wimping out” when he should have sent Jose’ home). SYTYCD is such pure joy – that selfishlyl I don’t want anything to change about; I’d rather not see Nigel leave.

    Let Idol figure it out without him.

    Crossover frenzy? Allison and LXD on the SYTYCD results show this week!! Excellent!


  2. It wasn’t Season 7 but Season 8 that broke Idol for me. They will never find another contestant as exciting and talented as Adam Lambert. So I’ve broken up with Idol forever.


  3. Masterclass Lady July 28, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    Shannon – I do agree. Adam Lambert was the only reason I was riveted to the TV screen every Tuesday during Season 8. He is simply amazing.

    However, Season 7 singers – collectively – were an astounding group with so much to offer in terms of charisma and talent.


  4. For whatever reason, I happened to have watched my video of Season 7’s appearance on Larry King Live this weekend. When asked about the talent of that season Cook said that every one of them knew who they were, what they wanted to do and brought it every night. That’s not to say there were not contestants from season 8, as mentioned above that didn’t meet that description. There just weren’t as many of them. There were even fewer, to me, in season 9.
    But, if Nigel returns it wouldn’t be (from what I’ve read) in his old position as EP/Show Runner. As the show runner he had a lot of minutia to deal with including standing on the side with a stopwatch watching for commercial placement and trying to end on time. There is, I’m sure, a million other things the show runner has to deal with and doing that for Idol and SYTYCD I doubt is in the cards. As a consultant however, he could be very helpful.

    Unlike current powers that be that seem to believe Idol viewers have been clamoring for younger contestants, Nigel seems to have set his sights on one of the real problems of the show. The judges! This season we had started with Randy. Then came Ellen. Kara followed Ellen. Finally Simon got his say. Starting with season seven and going back we had RandyPaulaSimon. As different and crazy as they were sometimes, the original judging team worked well together. This season we had four separate and frequently conflicting judges. They together were speed bumps, which offered little help to the desperate contestants.


  5. Skiffrower,
    I think you made a very good point about the original three judges working well together, even though I wasn’t sorry to see Paula leave. For me, the problems started occurring when Kara was added, but they didn’t become as noticeable until Paula left.

    As far as Ellen is concerned, I love Ellen and I appreciated the humor she added to the show. But in all honesty, I think it would be better to have three judges with musical experience.


  6. If this story is correct, Ellen will not be returning to Idol . . .


  7. I think it has also been reported that Kara has yet to be resigned for next season. She seems to have a year-to-year contract. This too still needs confirmation. I think my problem with Kara is that she she brought the business side of the industry to the fore front in her reviews. Sure we know music is a business but sometimes we just want to appreciate music as an art form and keep the $$$ out of our eyes.

    So Nigel or whomever has the chance to put together a team of judges in the image of RandyPaulaSimon who will offer constructive criticism to the contestants without over shadowing them.


  8. I just found an interesting article that is very critical of Ellen’s performance on Idol . . .

    Do you agree?

    I also found another article indicating that Jennifer Lopez will be a new judge.

    I could see JLo being a judge, but they still need to get rid of Kara!!!!!!!


  9. Robin Roberts just announced on Good Morning America that Kara won’t be returning to Idol next year! All I can say is, “Yippee”!!!!!!!!


  10. From what I’ve been reading, it sounds like Idol might be going back to three judges. I’ve read that Randy will stay because he has a contract, JLo may be replacing both women, and either Steven Tyler or Nigel himself will replace Simon. Now it will be interesting to see if there is any truth to these stories.


  11. Masterclass Lady July 30, 2010 at 10:10 am

    I love the three judges format but I am not “in love” with the prospective replacements for Simon, Kara and Ellen. J-Lo? Really? (shrug)

    Why can’t Nigel sit at the judges’ table and do his shtick similar to SYTYCD? He is articulate and considerate in his evaluations. Perhaps, he is not as versed in voice, but I am sure he is knowledgeable enough that he could give fair, intellligent critiques.


  12. The Idol staff has floated more trial balloons in the last month than the Clinton administration launched in eight years. I have no clue who will be on the panel of judges next season but I heard confirmation this morning on the Today Show of Louise’s story that Ellen will not be returning. Kara’s absence from the lineup is the best news I have heard so far!
    Harry Connick Jr. is the only name that has been floated so far that I would like to see on the panel.


  13. None of this “news”, true or not, makes me want to return to Idol this season. Unless I hear reports of someone amazing in the competition, I’m just done.


  14. Boo Yaa! No Kara? 🙂

    I am sad that Ellen will not be at the judges table, I really liked her last year!

    Simons shoes are going to be a little harder to fill than Kara’s…agreed MCL; JLo? Who’s the brains behind this operation???

    I’m with Gene…Harry is the best possible choice! Unless; they filled the table with the Jonas Brothers; the teenie boppers would definitly fill the seats and this would help with their lowering the contestant age limit…American Teen Idol!!! Could be win-win for idol and lose-lose for those of us over 14 yrs old!!!


  15. I also agree with Gene and Vonnie about Harry Connick, Jr. From a poll I saw, he is the majority’s first choice. But perhaps he’s not interested.


  16. I am so excited to see Jennifer Lopez replace Ellen/Kara for Season 10. I was watching the tape from Season 6 and how wonderfully she worked with the contestants. I think Phil had a bit of a crush on her. She tried to bring out the “sexy kitten” in Melinda. She was articulate, funny, and knew what she was talking about. I see this as a POSITIVE CHANGE for the show.

    I am not so pleased with the idea of Steven Tyler. I don’t know if he could handle the pressures and am concerned about his health. I agree Harry Connick Jr. or Chris Iaask would be better choices.

    Nihel will bring Soap Opera drama back to the show and probably focus more on the contestants. I just hope he gets rid of that JUDGES SAVE which ruined Seasons 8 & 9. Tomorrow we’ll have more info. Stay tuned!


  17. Well, it seems we all were so excited about some announcements and the only thing we do know (for sure) is that Ryan will be back on for Season 10. I think the producers just want us to continue talking about Idol until mid-September when the contestants meet with the “new” judges.


  18. Grammi Kari…Try Outs was yesterday…He made the team!!!


  19. Reading that JLo is a done deal…talks with Steven Tyler to replace Simon!!!

    Why don’t they publish a list of contenders and then; LET AMERICA VOTE! I think we could pick some really great judges, America hasn’t done bad so far with picking Idols!


  20. Forgot to add, JLo was not their first choice…Jessica Simpson was!


  21. I don’t know, Vonnie, I think America has gotten it wrong more than they’ve gotten it right. Let’s see: Kelly Clarkson– okay. Reuben over Clay? I don’t think so. Fantasia– well….. okay. Carrie over Bo, okay. TAYLOR HICKS?????????? WTF????????? Jordin Sparks over Melinda Doolittle? No way. David Cook– okay. Kris Who over Adam Lambert– no effin’ way. And the man who can’t carry a tune over Crystal Bowersox? Who are they kidding. I make that 4 right and 5 wrong. With several DEAD WRONG. America chooses the lowest common denominator, not what’s really exciting.


  22. Hi Sahnnon…I love Taylor Hicks and Lee, they both were my my favs, and Yes you are right about Adam…America did not get that right! Adam was robbed!!!

    I didn’t watch the first season and only occasionally the second! I didn’t li1ke Melinda or Jordan, and didn’t care which David won, neither were my favorites, I liked Carrie, Can’t remember who was in Fantashia’s year; I’m thinking Josh Gracin and if that is so that’s who I liked. sorry! I’m not very helpful am I???

    Oh well, let’s look at it this way…they aren’t going to ask us to vote on who we think should be the judges anyways! LOL


  23. I’ve read that Jessica Simpson was Idol’s choice before JLo–yikes! I don’t think I would have been happy with her as a judge at all.


  24. Masterclass Lady August 5, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Well, it looks that Nigel wants to woo Paula back.

    I wish they would just start fresh – new judges across the board.


  25. I think that when the dust settles, it will be Harry on the left, Paula in the center, and Randy back in the “Dawg” house. All of the rumors of big names are just hype to keep us tuned in.


  26. Masterclass Lady August 5, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Gene – ya think? Please tell me you work for Fox or AI! That would be the scoop of the century. 🙂 I would love that triumvirate, actually.


  27. Gene,

    I dunno, you could be right…the article I read was one of those “sources Say” jobs about JLo!

    Ehh! I agree with MCL, let’s clear the table and start fresh; three new judges, and Harry as the vocal coach for the contestants! Now that would be cool…but who to pick as judges! I still say the Jonas Brothers, there is after all three of them, and we have three seats to fill, works for me…do I like the Jonas Brothers? Not really, but they do sell. Think of all the little screaming teenie bops in the mosh pit…send the brothers on tour with the idols and you have a sold out tour!

    This is complete crazy talk you know that right…must have something to do with that flat spot on me head!!!


  28. Rosanne,

    I have not made a comment on here since before you were ill.I’m so sorry to learn of your heart attack, and I really missed you. Have you seen David Archuleta’s new video for the single, Something ‘Bout Love? I absolutely love the song, the electronic sound, the melody, the verses, and of course, David’s beutiful voice! However, I’m a little disappointed with the video. It doesn’t have enough story lines in it for me. It’s a bit too much of people just standing around, smiling at each other. There is a scene where a young lady is helping someone elderly, which is wonderful, though. David said how pleased he was with how it turned out, which kind of surprises me when I see the video. I think the world of David, and am certainly a fan for life, but was expecting more. He also mentioned how much things have improved since the beginning, but I feel his other 2 videos were definately better!


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