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  Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox Sign Record Deals

That was fast. Less than 24 hours after winning season nine of “American Idol,” Lee DeWyze signed a record deal with 19 Recordings Limited and RCA Records, while his pal and runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, inked a contract with 19 Recordings Limited and Jive for her debut major-label album.

According to, the pacts were signed on Thursday and will have DeWyze joining the label that houses such “Idol” luminaries as Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. Bowersox will rub elbows with the likes of Kris Allen, Jordin Sparks and Allison Iraheta.


Adam Lambert Explains American Idol ‘No Show’

Adam Lambert has quashed reports that he was snubbed from the American Idol finale, stating he missed the show to ‘rest his voice’ ahead of his Glam Nation tour.

Lambert, who came second on the last season of Idol, took to Twitter to deny reports that he had been dropped from Wednesday’s two-hour results show because he failed to turn up to rehearsals – stating that doctors had advised him not to perform.


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28 Responses to “Recent American Idol News”

  1. Can’t wait to hear both of their albums. I know it must be hard to record when you’re on tour. I might even go given that I’d like to hear Siobhan, Crystal, Casey, and Lee. I think in a normal song format Casey will rock and he’ll get to show his chops on the axe!


  2. SurelyBSerious May 28, 2010 at 11:22 am

    It sure doesn’t hurt to be a runner up!!! I certainly did not feel sorry when the two were waiting to see who got to be the Idol. I knew she would do fine and most likely better….because she does have a child to take care of. Did anyone hear that she and her boyfriend broke up before Tuesday? I always wonder what happens to the spouse or the significant other…if they get jealous? Take care MLC…hope that you will do the American Got Talent. 🙂


  3. Lee and Crystal are on Ellen’s show today. I just watched the clips on line and they were terrific.


  4. I guess, congrats again!
    I’ll probably check out Crystal’s (and Casey’s if he’s signed), but I don’t really care for Lee. I desperately want Siobhan to be signed, but I have no idea what’s going to happen at the moment.

    I thought the big four this year was always Crystal, Siobhan, Casey, and Lee and would have been surprised if any of them didn’t make it to the top 4. This is my first year watching that my favorite didn’t even make it to the top 4 (Melinda, Archie, Allison/Adam, Siobhan).


  5. Since they singer-songwriters and have pre-AI material, at least Crystal does, the process shouldn’t be too difficult. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY all Crystal’s music will require is some slight tweaking in the studio, unless she or, heaven forbid, the company wants to add lots of bells and whistles. She can do what she wants to her music, she’s the artist, but I would encourage the label to force itself as much as it can to let her have as much artistic freedom as they can bear. I am waiting on pins and needles until October or November when their Albums will supposedly be released.


  6. I just watched all of the contestants on Larry King tonight. He said something about them being on his show on Monday night, so I’m not sure what that will be. If you can catch a re-run of tonight’s show, it was definitely worth watching.


  7. Louise, the Idols will be on again on Monday, and they will talk about each other. For example, who is the biggest flirt, or takes the longest to get dress, or is the class clown. Remember when the group agreed that Jason Castro was the most “laid back” Idol in Season 7. LOL!

    Did you notice all the attention Siobhan received on Larry’s show? That was great – and most deserving! Watch it, Shuki; I like her comment about Randy being constructive but not cruel (something like that). They didn’t even discuss her clothes, but if there is a clothes question… Yes, it was a good show, plus the Elvis part.

    Adam Lambert paid a very special role on the show this year; no need to be there for the Finale. In fact, he might have taken away attention from Kris Allen. I was shocked that David Cook wasn’t there.

    Jessica, I am more interested in Siobhan’s first album. I hope she gets signed quickly. J. May, I do believe Lee has recorded two albums which can be purchased now. So, both have songs to fall back on.

    SBS, Crystal does talk about the break-up on Larry King’s show, but that was the first time I heard her admit that Tony was the baby’s father. It seems to have been mutual by both, but can you imagine the pressure she was under this week? Whew!

    I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


  8. I actually regret posting the message above about Crystal’s baby. If I could take it back, I would. I shouldn’t have included something that I read about one of the contestants when it may not be true. My apologies to Crystal or her family if they read this. If you can delete the message, MCL, I’d appreciate it.


  9. Louise – I deleted your message, although I didn’t find it offensive in any way toward Crystal. You were just relaying whatever transpired on the LKL show. But, I do want you to feel comfortable, so I did what you asked. 🙂


  10. Thank you, MCL. I just felt badly about repeating something that I read about Crystal’s personal life when I have no way of knowing if it was true or not.


  11. It turns out that Crystal Bowersox has NOT signed a record contract just yet, or at least she can’t confirm that she has done so.


  12. Well, I am putting my money where my mouth is and I bought tickets for to the AI9 Live! Tour (for three as presents) AND I have downloaded Siobhan’s studio versions ( and the “live” versions for HTRS, Think, Wicked Game, Superstition, Suspicious Minds that did not have a studio cut) from iTunes.

    For your SiobhanFans – Ellen’s interview can be found here:

    Go Siobhan – don’t let the momentum from the AI9 Tour drop – Keep On – Keepin’ On.


  13. Julia, I cannot download, but I have heard such good things about the Internet show IIDD. Apparently the Idols (minus Crystal because she was sick) were on and Siobhan sang some awesome songs, and some of the guys found her “interesting”! 🙂

    I hope anyone who gets to see the Idol Concert will come back here and give us their opinions. (Repeat posts from other websites are allowed if they’re yours.) I hope you have an awesome time, Julia.


  14. Dear Grammie Kari,
    Thank you for your great response. We are going to make a day of it so I think it will work out. The way the tour has worked in the past was that the ‘Idols’ each had a setlist of from 2 to 5 song and some team or group numbers. At least that is what I have read. I had intended to attend AI7 – my favorite overall season for the breath and depth of talent. However, life got in the way that summer. I have a gut feeling that this may be the last of the ‘Traditional’ AI Live Tours and I would like to see how the members of the troup perform ‘live’.

    I am recording Larry King – they are supposed to be fielding questions from texts and emails. Take care and enjoy your summer.


  15. J.May, it would be wonderful if they let Crystal record songs she’s already written, but 19E (under whatever label) doesn’t have a good record (heh, pun!) that way. Since they are in for the short-term bucks, they usually insist on songs by known songwriters that skew “pop”-y. Here’s hoping they break with their past behavior and let both Lee and Crystal sing their own kind of music…


  16. J May and REReader,

    I hope that the producers of Crystal’s CD will realize that her fanbase is already very much aware of her original music through her recordings on youtube and would wholeheartedly support an album filled with those songs plus maybe a few additional thrown in. Any attempt to go “pop” would most likely tank her sales.


  17. Lee is a good singer and decent, friendly guy, who has his own style. Crystal is much better and original singer. Her low mood was probably caused by her break up with her boyfriend and her diabetes. In her nature she is an outgoing and joyful person, see her audition, and Hollywood week.But those problems influenced her performance. Lee appeared more energetic and his more powerful voice helped him to win.
    However when I compare them to Siobhan, they look and sound to me so pale and boring, while she is so much more lively, exciting, original, a natural performer and artist.


  18. Dear Solanjoe,

    I too wish that Lee and Crystal can make a career of their music and talents. I thought that Crystal was the most consistent vocalist of the season, but, for me, she peaked with “People Get Ready”.

    You said it so WELL here:
    “However when I compare them to Siobhan, they look and sound to me so pale and boring, while she is so much more lively, exciting, original, a natural performer and artist.”

    When Siobhan was voted off too soon, the show lost its momentum. I am attending the AI9 Live Tour and hope TPTB see what I see — when Siobhan is on, the others seem to perform better. Even Crystal (Moon) seems to reflect light and energy from Siobhan (Sun). My guess is that AI voters tend to shy away from “hot” performers and prefer the “cool” performers. However, from what I have seen, we need a healthy balance of both in a live performance.


  19. I was lucky enough to attend the Season 7 Concert tour, and one thing all must be prepared for is lots of SCREAMING for the guys! The tweens, teens, and other ladies let their love show for all the guys. I would say it was Brooke that got the most applause from the girls. Jason got a great reception, but when David Cook came on you could barely hear his first song. It was very, very loud!

    The most important part was the excitement and aura of energy at that concert. I am just not sure this year’s line-up will have that heightened energy. One thing, the name and photo of each contestant appeared on the two side screens. It’s just for an instant, but the pictures I took of the screen images turned out great. So, if you’re going be prepared if they use this method again.

    I hope Siobhan will get a wonderful reception! She certainly deserves it! I can’t wait to find out what she will be singing!

    I did NOT like the second part of the Larry King show. The way he drilled Siobhan about not having a driver’s license was downright dumb. Then, he questions her about the money they will make. The minimum is $100,000, but no contestant can verify this. She handled the questioning with grace.


  20. Dear Grammie Kari,

    Thank you for the tips about the concert. I understand that, while AI6 had low attendance numbers, AI7 was often sold out. It seems to me that AI9 will have numbers similar to AI6 so we may not get as many tween-tweeters. Although I would support the artists making more from their efforts, I do not mind if AI9 has a more subdued atmosphere. I have been to Rock (and other type) concerts in large arenas that (I think now) were too loud to truly enjoy; outdoor and relaxed settings; and in Concert Halls where (although the audience was more subdued) I could appreciate the more subtle moments.

    As for LKL, my impression is that interviewers (and their writers) base their questions on previous AI9 sessions and (IMHO) Siobhan Magnus has given thoughtful and sometimes provocative answers (perhaps more so than the others). Larry King would like to “raise the ante” and “GET the BUZZ” from the various media; therefore; the grilling that focused on Ms. Siobhan. She is also one of the most photogenic of this years team; Didi is certainly beautiful (as is Katie), but they often deliver somewhat shallower remarks. Tim is just as photogenic (if not more so); however, he also delivers restrained “Nice Guy” answers. The other ‘Beauty’ is Casey and at 28 years and with ten years of working the bar scene, Casey knows when to keep his mouth on mute or smile and say something innocuous.

    I was pleased that when King loaded the hook, Siobhan did not take the bait.

    Whatever happens in the career of our Barnstable Beauty, I hope that she has healthy and positive support networks and that she keeps her poise and awareness of what is “real” in her life.


  21. How did the Season 9 Idols sell?

    “Lee DeWyze sold more tracks than the rest of the American Idol Top 12 in the days following the show’s finale. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Lee sold 274,000 downloads last week, with an additional 44,000 for his Falling Slowly duet with Crystal.

    Crystal Bowersox sold 112,000 downloads, 49,000 of them for her first single, Up to the Mountain.

    Of the rest of the Idols, Casey James and Siobhan Magnus sold the most. All told, the Top 12 sold approximately 466,000 downloads last week.”

    * Lee DeWyze: 274,000 downloads (Beautiful Day: 95,000)
    * Crystal Bowersox: 112,000 (Up to the Mountain: 49,000)
    * Lee/Crystal Falling Slowly duet: 44,000
    * Casey James: 14,000

    * Siobhan Magnus: 5,000


  22. I don’t think I can quote the article and comments at this link here, but SiobhanFans may find the comments amusing (Crystal and Lee fans will not) — especially the out-of-tune section.

    FYI – some of my favorite singers have limited ranges (Billy Holliday), don’t always hit their marks, and often sing “out of tune”; but they emote and communicate so amazingly that I often forget that and always forgive them.

    However, I found the fantasy idol finale amusing…

    LA Times and USA Today seem to “get” Idol this year.


  23. Siobhan Magnus, Wicked Game. Siobhan had better performances during the season — Paint It Black and House of Rising Sun come to mind — but this Chris Isaak song from the semifinals was the first sign that the girl from Cape Cod just might be something special.

    Julia, “Wicked Game” had a bit of magic to it. I had thought Siobhan would get her solo with Chris Isaak. Fantasy or not, it would have been an interesting performance. I love the BeeGees but didn’t want Siobhan to share the stage with anyone. (Aaron did a nice job, though.) Thank you for the link!


  24. “Wicked Game” made me fall for this girl on week one! She sang it again at the IICD house, this is the best quality version I could find:


  25. The version I heard of the Hanson rhearsal was not clear. I don’t get the chnace to hear YouTube or other downloads much. I had hoped she would appear with them but I guess she has to wait until September. I hope she does an awesome job all the way through the tour. She needs to take care of her voice.


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