Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 7 Performance Show: Songs From The Movies


Tuesday’s Top 7 show will feature songs chosen from the movies. Whee! What a ride this will be! I can only imagine the potpourri of songs that will be showcased in this televised show. Given the theme, there should be something for everyone and all the singers should have blast with this great format. 

And, Quentin Tarantino is the guest mentor – he’s one tough cookie, so I hope the Idols are ready for his brutal expertise.

I was offline all of yesterday because of technical issues, so it feels good to be back online. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful commentary in the most recent blog topics. It is always very much appreciated and, in my absence yesterday, your presence kept this site fresh and current! 🙂 (now I’m starting to sound like Simon)

Also, I will be quite honest here, but Scott’s MacIntrye’s absence from this show will be dearly missed. His determination, his humor, his exceptional musical gifts and his extremely refined and genuine work ethic added dimension and relevance to this show’s format. I hope to write more about Scott in the next week, so stay tuned.

Enjoy the show and, if you haven’t yet done so, vist and follow my Twitter page for further updates!

Updated 7:30 P.M. Eastern: Song Spoilers!

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95 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 7 Performance Show: Songs From The Movies”

  1. So, MCL, this Quentin Tarantino guy is a tough cookie, huh? His name rings a bell with me, but for some reason I just can’t place him at the moment. From what I gathered though, it sounds like we’ll have another “Simon” on the panel tomorrow night!

    I am so excited about tomorrow’s theme! Since I LOVE both movies and music, it’s sort of the best of both worlds for me! Speaking of the “best of both worlds” (sorry, couldn’t resist LOL), I look very forward to seeing Miley Cyrus perform on the results show. I know a lot of critics in the music industry are hard on her, but her new single “The Climb” is AMAZING and one of my favorite songs of all time! I hope she sings that on the show, and I believe she will.

    The only downside of this week is that I will also miss Scott, MCL. There are at least TWO singers (I won’t mention any names) who should’ve gone home before him. The judges will regret their decision not to save him, I am sure.


  2. Here are some links to Quentin Tarantino’s previous guest spot on Idol in Season 3. . .

    comments about Diana DiGarma

    comments about Fantasia’s performance of Summertime

    comments about Jennifer Hudson’s performance of I Have Nothing

    comments about George Huff’s performance of Against All Odds


  3. MCL are there any movie theme songs that you would especially like to hear the contestants sing?


  4. Galen – Quentin Tarantino is a very well-known film director, screenwriter, and producer (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, etc.).


  5. Thank you, Louise and J, for all of that information regarding Tarantino. I’m going to check out those youtube links you posted now, Louise!


  6. Long time no talk, MCL. I wasn’t sure where to post this so I’ll do it here.

    This is Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. It’s quite a beautiful performance:

    I’m thinking of a female Josh Groban when I hear her.


  7. Check this out….Susan Boyle/Britain’s Got Talent..on utube.


  8. Also this one….Sound of Music Train Station…I found it on Yahoo viral videos but also on utube. Sorry, don’t know how to post the link.


  9. What an exciting theme. There are so many movies and songs to choose from – I wouldn’t even know where to start. I hope the contestants are wise and choose wisely. Even though they may love a certain from a movie, it may not be the best for their voice.

    I agree, I will miss Scott too. He definitely left this competition too early!


  10. …forgot the word “song” after certain.


  11. Hi MCL! I first must say I so appreciate your insight and wonderful spirit as you feed us great posts! I was very moved at Scott’s final night last week. I agree with your comment that he added SO very much to the show and group. I really hope and pray this was enough of a platform for him to launch his career. He’s such a beautiful person and inspires so many with his talents and work ethic. I look forward to hearing more from you on Scott’s abilities and what genre he would best fall in for the future. Take care! 🙂


  12. I just came across an interesting critique of Adam which I think makes some good points:



  13. Wow, Louise, that article does make some valid points. However, Adam’s skills do run above and beyond Idol because he is so adept at re-inventing so many songs from a variety of genres.

    Also, if you watch his YouTube videos, as this writer most probably did not do, you realize that Adam’s talent runs very deep – he can play a character or simply use his talented chops to sing in a very intimate, very meaningful way.

    So, yes, he will go far – there is a reason why Simon and all the judges are supporting this guy – there is a marketing plan in place as we speak. No doubt about it!


  14. I read the article and totally disagree with the point about only appealing to an Idol audience. I have returned to watching Idol because of Adam and I know fans that started watching Idol because of Adam. I also have friends and family (that do not watch Idol and have never seen Adam perform) who after listening to his studio recordings have asked when they can buy his first CD.


  15. MCL, I do agree that Adam is extremely talented, but as for Lynn’s previous message about appealing to a wider audience because she knows people who started watching Idol because of Adam, I remember hearing that same thing said from people who were fans of Taylor Hicks and he did not appeal to a wide audience after he won the title. I used to visit his fan site–Gray Charles–regularly and many, many people mentioned that husbands, boyfriends, etc. never watched Idol until they heard Taylor. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to sustain him as a big star.


  16. Louise,

    I did watch Idol off and on the year of Taylor and Daughtry. I chose Daughtry and for the life of me could not see the mass appeal of Taylor (even though I liked him). Just seemed too corny to me. Adam has the “IT” factor, appeals to all ages, and is current as Randy says. If his radio spins of his songs are any indication of his popularity, he is going places.


  17. To me, there are two singers who really stand out this year way above the rest–Danny and Adam. Adam stands out because of his over-the-top theatrics and insane vocal range, whereas Danny stands out because he is such a likeable guy and connects with his songs so fantastically. If it doesn’t come down to those two in the finale, then America will have made a mistake at some point in the eliminations. So, if they do make the Top 2, who do I think will win? Well, obviously, as a full-fledged Danny fan, I hope he takes the Idol crown, but it could go either way. I think in the end Danny is going to attract a larger and more diverse crowd than Adam though, and that just might give him enough of a boost to win.

    These are just my thoughts though. I look really forward to tonight and hope that Danny sings “You’ll Be In My Heart”!


  18. Lynn,

    I’m too old to care that someone just hinted that I’m not hip or cool!!! 🙂


  19. sorry to interrupt folks but i promised galen i would let her know when David was scheduled to appear on AI. At this time , it’s RUMORED and unconfirmed that he will be on 4/22. He was supposed to be in the UK at that time but it seems as if there has been a schedule change. Perhaps we will know for certain after tonight’s or tomorrow’s show.


  20. Adam and Taylor are nothing alike. LOL. Adam is hip and current. Taylor not so much, more classic. There is no way that Taylor would or could pull off most of the songs Adam has sung. Mad World? never!

    I’m hoping for another WTH was that performance from Adam like ROF. LOL. Now is the time to do it while the judges still have that save. Please entertain me Adam!!! Okay…so maybe not…this is a competition, but a girl can dream. hahaha. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he were to bust out with a dance song?

    Anywho, mj should have spoilers b/w 6:30 and 7.

    I love this theme. It should be a very good night.


  21. Hey, thank you, janey! That’s very cool that David is possibly scheduled to be on the show near the finale! They’re “saving the best for last!” Awesome!

    Oh, and I just wanted to let you know, janey, that I am actually a male! I know the name Galen could possibly be taken either way, but I am definitely a “he” not a “she”! LOL

    Thanks very much for the info though!


  22. Haha Simon. Nice trying to make it look like we have a competition. Adam was amazing once again. What a STAR. One of my faves by Adam.

    Allison was ok, but vocally not her best.
    Noop good vocal.


  23. Better show than last week, I thought, but some of the singers are actually getting worse. Care to venture which ones? LOL


  24. galen. sorry ! i was this [ ] close to writing he/she.

    so sorrrry 😦

    4/22 is next Wednesday, results night. David was originally scheduled to perform during results top 3 but I believe that spot is going to Jordan now.


  25. I wouldn’t venture to say that, MCL!! LOL
    For one thing, I’d probably get bashed, so I’ll refrain. 🙂

    But I do have to say how much I enjoyed Kris Allen tonight….with the exception of last week, he has improved so much each and every performance. He, IMO, is a true artist! Just gotta’ love him!
    Oh, and Anoop did very well indeed! Just think, last week, he was facing elimination; that should not be the case this week.


  26. MCL, with each passing week it’s becoming more and more obvious that ADAM is miles ahead of these contestants. You were right to point out that they need to bring in people from the outside who can help them, starting with a good vocal coach. There is only so much Debra Byrd can do and they should have someone there who has their back.

    Adam won the night once again. His vocals were incredible and what a show he put on. Flawless. There wasn’t one person seated in that theatre. Unbelievable.

    Dare I say that some of the contestants are trying things that Adam does, but aren’t being successful. Seems like they’re always one week behind. If they had someone helping them maybe they could focus on bringing out their own strengths. I don’t know. I won’t name the contestants, but seriously.

    MCL, I have to say that Adam is my fave Idol ever. In my opinion, he is the best the show has ever had. He is going to have a huge career.

    Allison has star quality, but the vocal was not so good tonight. That said, at least she wasn’t karaoke like some of the others.

    Kris was just okay for me. I love that song and he’s in my top 3, but it was flat.

    Matt and Anoop. So Anoop sounded good, yes. Matt not so much and honestly if anyone sings Bryan Adams on Idol again I refuse to watch them!

    Danny just did not sound good to me. I’m sorry, but he is so predictable every single week. No spark, nothing.

    Lil did everything wrong tonight. Right down to talking back to the judges.

    Conclusion: This is the Adam Lambert show folks. It’s becoming more and more obvious. The singing was just incredible.


  27. Oh, and thanks for that MSN article about Adam, Louise! I thought the writer had some very valid points…echoing my own thoughts. 🙂 You all know I’m not an Adam fan, so why hide it, right? lol
    I do think Adam has talent; his voice IS amazing…him? not so much…just IMO…


  28. Well, I don’t know if it was better than last week, though last week wasn’t the greatest either.
    My thoughts on this week:

    -Allison: Most recognizable of them all (meaning I actually knew the song) -dosen’t deserve the bottom 3-
    -Anoop: Not bad (better than some)
    -Adam: Flawless yet “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” (shouty-screechy)
    -Matt: not memorable (worried)
    -Danny: sang a song that ment something to him (sort of a let down) -still my fav.-
    -Kris: very heart felt (better than evryone thought I think)
    -Lil: boring (forgot what she sang already)


  29. I thought the performances tonight were disappointing all the way around–I just wasn’t inspired by ANY of the contestants tonight. Yeah, I know that Adam performed well, but to me his song sounded the same as another one he did earlier in the season. I started the season thinking this was the most talented group ever, but now I’m just a little bored. Anyone else feeling this way?


  30. Season 8 said, “Adam and Taylor are nothing alike. LOL. Adam is hip and current. Taylor not so much, more classic. There is no way that Taylor would or could pull off most of the songs Adam has sung. Mad World? never!”

    I never compared Taylor and Adam as performers–the only comparison intended was that both had/have people watching Idol who never watched before and both had/have a rabid fan base. You may have thought that Taylor was corny, but lots of people obviously didn’t or he wouldn’t have won the title!


  31. The major problem I have tonight (besides the 2 judge comment system) is that 5 or 6 out of the 7 picked ballads. It made the night a little monotonous.

    Adam gave it a wonderful intermission though. I had such bad reception that I was forced to watch live feed and it was incredibly choppy. But when I rewatched it after it was uploaded – I am once again impressed. I am not a rock/electronica (?) person at all… But I somehow still love listening to Adam Lambert – why is that? The action and the intensity of the song itself takes away some of the appreciation of his vocals. But performance is part of Adam. I think that is something inherent in him as an artist. If people find it theatrical, too bad. He’s been doing it for over 10 years; it’s part of who he is. Sorry America- he can’t change just for you.

    I am also impressed that this song is from 1969 (? date check) I’ve never heard this song before but it sounds current to me. Polarizing is the exact term to describe his performance – people may not like his high notes, coined as ‘screaming’. Those notes are innate in Adam too, not something he is going to change. No artist can be liked by every single listener.

    On smaller note, I love Kris Allen’s delivery of Falling Slowly!


  32. Louise,

    I was the one that felt Taylor was corny but likeable, and therein I believe that is why he won; the mainstream Idol watching crowd liked him and I feel that is why he never did well outside of Idol; whereas, I see Adam as having a following that is coming from a lot of non-Idol watchers and his downfall may be that he is not mainstream enough, but I believe he will be very, very successful whether he wins Idol or not.

    By the way I wasn’t hinting that you weren’t cool or hip; I would have just told you flat out if I felt that way, as I am old too. LOL

    This old grannie LOVED his performance tonight. Born to be Wild was one of my faves. He nailed his vocals.


  33. I thoroughly enjoyed Adam’s performance tonight. Born to Be Wild is a classic, and it was a favorite of mine when I was a teen in the 70s. Adam definitely did it justice.

    I also thought Anoop and Danny were really good tonight. Allison is another favorite of mine, but this wasn’t my favorite performance of hers.


  34. Although a few contestants had rough nights (Matt, Lil), this is the first week that I don’t know who will go home. All of the previous eliminations (including Scott) have felt like no-brainers. If I got my pick, it would be Lil going home, but she seems to have an awfully strong fan base. At one point or another, I’ve voted for every other remaining singer on the show – and none of the people who’ve gone, except for a few token votes for Megan – so I’m very happy with how America’s been voting.


  35. Did anyone not enjoy Adam’s performance tonight? I am just curious. Adam has tremendous vocal talent, but this performance left me cold. On a technical level, he was not shouting, but I still FELT as though I was being shouted at during the majority of the performance, and I don’t particularly want to listen to the performance again. I felt that his performance lacked nuance. Even “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction),” which similarly crescendoed to great heights, had softer parts (or at least a softer beginning) to contrast the louder parts. This performance I felt was loud all the way through. *shrugs* I thought Adam was fantastic last week, though, and he clearly is still a frontrunner in the competition, no matter what.

    I have a lot of respect for Adam; I just wanted to provide a contrasting perspective.


  36. Adam was entertaining tonight.

    Kris was moving. I got chills. It was reminiscent of Cat Stevens.

    The rest seemed nervous tonight except for Danny. Wonder what is being said to them back stage or after rehearsal.

    Allison sounded flat.
    Anoop improved by the end.
    Matt’s nerves showed; he was a mess.
    Lil, bless her heart, she tried.

    Adam…felt like I was at an Adam concert.
    Kris…I want to hear that on the radio…now.
    Danny…parts I liked. But it didn’t approach what Adam and Kris did.

    Randy … did he really believe what he said to Kris? At least Kara believed what she said.


  37. I am feeling kind of disappointed about tonight. I was expecting the contestants to pick some really amazing (and recognizable) songs from movies, and yet it came across as rather boring. There were a handful of really good performances and a lot of mediocre ones. Overall, though, I am sad to say that NO ONE had an exceptional performance. Here’s my evaluation of the show:

    1. Allison Iraheta–“I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”: Well, all in all, this performance had more positives than negatives. I LOVE the song Allison chose, but it was in no way as good as the original version. I just don’t think it really works that well with a female singer. Still, you know what I liked about this performance? 1) It was memorable (which is extremely important for Allison due to the “First Curse”), and 2) It wasn’t B-O-R-I-N-G unlike a lot of tonight’s slower, ballad performances. I believe that this performance will keep Allison from going home this week for sure, however I’m not sure she will be able to dodge the Bottom 3. For some reason, people just don’t vote enough for her.

    2. Anoop Desai–“Everything I Do, I Do For You”: This is one of Anoop’s best performances so far this season, and the sad reality is that it may not really help him much. I just kind of have this bad feeling that Anoop’s time is running out on Idol. He has spent A LOT of time in the Bottom 3 (when he sometimes didn’t deserve to be there), and I just think his time is running out. It’s sad really, because based on his performance tonight, he doesn’t deserve to go home (this week anyway).

    3. Adam Lambert–“Born To Be Wild”: Well, there’s no denying that Adam is incredibly talented and has excellent stage presence. Tonight he had one of the more memorable/enjoyable performances, but I didn’t really see anything new from him. I also know that song relatively well, and I don’t think he really made it as much his own as I thought he would. He changed it up, yes, but not enough to really wow me. Still, on a night were no one truly dominated, Adam was certainly one of the better ones.

    4. Matt Giraud–“Have You Ever Loved A Woman”: I’m definitely concerned for Matt’s well-being this week. He started out in the Top 13 as one of the stronger performers, but he just isn’t holding up as the competition progresses. To be perfectly honest, his performance is the most forgettable of the night to me, and I am positive that he will end up in the Bottom 3. The whole problem with his performance is that it was very boring. It was a ballad that was beautifully written, but in the short time given to Matt to own it, it just failed to make an impression on me. I really hope Matt is okay this week, but I have this uneasy feeling that this week may be his last.

    5. Danny Gokey–“Endless Love”: While I was not crazy about Danny’s song choice (oh, how I wanted him to sing “You’ll Be In My Heart”), he sold the performance to me using the quality I admire most about him–his ability to connect with whatever he sings. With flawless vocal technique beyond even Simon’s reproach, Danny nailed that ballad! I could tell that the song meant so much to him (no doubt relating to his wife), and the raw emotion he poured into it wafted out of him, through my television set, and into my soul. Never before on Idol have I seen someone exude so much emotion in his performances. Pure and simple, Danny becomes whatever song he sings in a way that can make his audience love the performance even if they are not crazy about the song. Now, Danny, how about something more upbeat and wild for next week?! And put those glasses back on!

    6. Kris Allen–“Falling Slowly”: I know there are mixed feelings about this performance, but to be honest I just found it excruciatingly BORING. I think I was actually “falling slowly” asleep as he sang it. Kris chose an obscure, very slow song over so many more memorable, contemporary ones to undoubtedly choose from. I really like Kris, but he is starting to loose some steam now, and he really needs to step it up for next week’s round. I have no doubt that he will survive this week’s elimination, but I have my doubts as to whether he can continue to evade the Bottom 3. Come on, Kris! Step it up a notch!

    7. Lil Rounds–“The Rose”: Honestly, Lil really should be the one who goes home this week. I actually liked her song a little bit this week, but she once again failed to truly make it her own. I also don’t think how she talked back to the judges is going to do her any favors. While she wasn’t necessarily out of line in what she said, standing up for herself on that stage with millions of people watching you can make you come off a bit arrogant. The best way to take the judges’ criticism is to humbly nod and smile. The fact that she went last, however, may end up making her more memorable than she would have been had she gone earlier in the show.

    So, whose going home tomorrow? Well, Lil needs to, but I have a gut feeling that it will be Anoop or Matt who bites the dust.

    Oh, and janey, no problem! I understand that my name can be a bit confusing. I am also excited that David Archuleta will be there next week! Thanks for pointing that out!


  38. Anoop was great tonight! I really felt Danny‘s emotion, but as MCL mentioned in the previous article, his voice is really starting to show wear and tear from the competition (i.e. his voice is starting to sound hoarse, aside from the raspiness). I also understand Simon’s comment about Danny’s lack of reinvention with his song choices. I did think his performance was missing that elusive quality that distinguishes the best performances from the rest, but as Simon said, the song clearly meant a lot to Danny, so kudos to him for what he did.

    I will venture a guess that Allison is one of the ones who faltered tonight (at least she did in my opinion). The way she changed up the melody in certain parts ended up sounding as though she were dodging high notes, rather than being creative. Yes, she managed to throw in some “higher” notes (although Allison’s high notes all fall squarely in the middle range, around D5-ish), but she got shouty and unmelodic at parts. And by shouty, I do mean “shouty” in the technically inefficient sense.

    Kris‘ performance was beautiful. Wow! I usually like slightly more refined singers, but Kris has such great artistry and manages to produce much more solid vocals than most people at his current technical level would be able to. In other words, Kris manages to pull it off somehow against the odds! I actually feel that he was not as pitchy as Randy suggested; listening to Kris, I feel that his pitch is centered through most of the song.

    Ah… Lil. I wish she didn’t cut off Simon’s comments; I wanted to hear what he was going to say. To her credit, Lil did have some “moments” in this song that were actually quite good, but I think the fundamental way she produces her tone just makes her sound nasal and thin, especially in her lower notes. And as the people above implied, for some reason or another (I don’t know what it is: her phrasing?), she is simply not very memorable or exciting. I admire her attempt to make the song R&B and “her style,” though. She just lacks the “it” factor, the “wow” factor, or whatever you want to call it.


  39. I am so happy to see that Anoop is receiving so many great comments on the Internet forums! His song was just beautiful, and I hope “Everything I Do” will be part of the tour playlist. I believe he has found his signature song. YAY!

    I saw this comment on MJ’s forum which is exactly what I would say:

    “Adam obviously got the deluxe rockstar lightshow package and had the flashiest performance of the night.” There have been a few male contestants that came close to being a rock star, but Adam is in a class by himself. Both outrageous and awesome!


  40. Here is an interesting review!

    I agree with a lot of the ideas. The comment on Adam is particularly good. I never thought about it the way the writer mentions, but it’s true that Adam’s performances tend to go back and forth between two extremes. If Adam managed to find a middle ground between the two, that could really be something!


  41. I must have been hearing a different Kris performance than everyone else. He seemed pitchy throughout – and that really disappointed me. ‘Falling Slowly’ is one of my favorite songs. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform it beautifully – so emotional. You’d think it would be perfect for Kris.

    Now – there were true moments when he was spot on – and I had a glimpse of what it could have been – but for the most part I thought he was off. What do you think, Rosanne? How did you hear it?

    And Kris wasn’t the only one. The usually perfect Allison picked a song that focused on her lower register – and that wasn’t very strong tonight. She seemed lost – barely able to push out those notes. Anoop’s vocals might have been fabulous – but he seemed detached. I understood Tarantino’s criticism. Anoop needed to find the emotion in the lyric. Still – it was probably the best vocal he’s had in the competition to date.

    The only performer that really electrified the stage was Adam. Not my favorite performance of his (‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Satisfaction’ were yards better) – but he really lit up the stage – yards better than anyone else – and that says something, I’m afraid. Everyone else seems to have given up.

    As for Lil…..can you say train wreck? Off-key from note one. She never found her groove – and you could see it. She cut off that last word – and the look on her face. Poor thing. She knew it was a bad performance. I think she’s heading home this week – and I don’t think the judges will save her.


  42. i was rooting for Adam but i thought Anoop stole the show tonight IMHO. his voice sounded flawless in my ears and i looove the changes he made with the song. I think it’s time for me to check out his previous studio recordings and take a second look 😀


  43. Ah yes, as TFLS said above, “Everyone else seems to have given up.” After I wrote my comments last night about the performances being boring, I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s like the contestants are demoralized because they know they can’t compete with Adam. No matter what they do, it’s just not good enough to compete with him. I had this strange feeling that Danny was thinking, “let’s just get this over with!”

    As for Lil talking back to Simon, normally I don’t like a contestant doing this at all, but somehow I had the feeling that Lil thought it was going to be her last night and she just had to let out her frustrations because it seems like nothing she ever does pleases the judges, especially Simon. I thought there were problems with her performance, but at least you could tell she was trying to not sing the song as a karaoke performance.

    As for MCL’s question above about who is getting worse, I have no vocal training, but I’d have to say Lil, Allison, and unfortunately, even Matt and Danny.


  44. Louise, I have to agree with you. This was not a good week for most of the contestants. Some seem to be losing their voice. I don’t have vocal training either.

    I do think this was Anoop’s BEST performance of the season. Quentin provided some good advice and Anoop came through. I played his performance about 6 times and he was looking good, too!

    Adam does an exciting performance each week and I do feel sorry for the contestant that FOLLOWS his performances. There is no way they can compete with him. So far, the bad mouthing and gossip (by the media) has not worked.

    Simon was involved in selecting Lil. Compared to previous R&B Divas, she lacks the vocals to go much further.


  45. MCL, I don’t know how to Twitter and am not sure my dial-up service can handle it. I don’t have Facebook or MySpace either. Such a dull life, I lead. LOL!


  46. galen, confirmed. David will be on AI next Wednesday, April 22 🙂


  47. Hey everyone!

    I think part of the problem last night was all the ballads these kids sang. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. It’s funny that when they all come out boring, Adam tears up the stage and brings the house down. I don’t think anyone was seated after Adam performed, and it was for good reason. Incredible stage presence. Incredible vocals. The moves!!!! Outrageously good. That kid was definitely born to be wild and is a true star.

    On the other contestants giving up…I’m not so sure they’ve given up, per se. I just think that Adam is so good that the others are being overshadowed. As we get down to less contestants the gap is becoming even more salient and obvious. He’s exciting, takes risks, mixes it up and can SING like no tomorrow. Born to be wild, definitely. LOL. Keep bringing down the house Adam!


  48. There’s a few quotes I would like to comment on, and just give my opinion on them.

    TFLS wrote: “I must have been hearing a different Kris performance than everyone else. He seemed pitchy throughout – and that really disappointed me.”

    I agree with you, TFLS. I really am surprised that a lot of people on here really enjoyed Kris’s performance. I guess seeing him perform quite remarkably over the past few weeks has made me come to expect better from him. Still, I guess it just comes down to each person’s opinion in the end. As for me, I wasn’t a fan this week.

    J wrote: “I really felt Danny’s emotion, but as MCL mentioned in the previous article, his voice is really starting to show wear and tear from the competition (i.e. his voice is starting to sound hoarse, aside from the raspiness).”

    Now, J, you’ll have to forgive me, but I just don’t get what you are saying here. I respect your opinion, but if there was anything amazing on Danny’s performance last night, it was his flawless vocals. Simon even commented on how he could not find fault vocally with the performance. Hearing Danny sing a slower ballad overflowing with emotion made me realize just how amazing a singer he is. Quite frankly, he hasn’t had voice lessons, and he doesn’t need them. His voice is a God-given gift and I don’t see the “wear and tear” in it at all. Still, just my two cents I guess.

    Louise wrote: “It’s like the contestants are demoralized because they know they can’t compete with Adam.”

    You know, I kind of sensed that too, Louise. It really annoyed me a bit when after Allison’s performance, Paula said that she has been championing Adam’s vocal skills, but “oh, yeah, you can sing good too,” or something along those lines. Adam wasn’t even on stage, and yet he was brought up and exalted as usual. It has to be tough for the other contestants to compete with Adam each week knowing that no matter how hard they try or how amazing they perform, Adam’s performance will always be labeled by a majority of the people as the “best of the night.” As I said before, I root for the underdog, and I think that underdog this year is Danny. I still also think that all of Adam’s hype could hurt him in the long run.

    Well, those are just my thought on these issues.


  49. Hey Galen. 🙂

    I respect your opinion, but I have to disagree with you on Adam. The judges do love him and tell him so, but for the most part Adam creates his own buzz. The judges won’t be able to stop this train if they tried!!

    Another thing…Simon gave Adam some neg comments last night, but I doubt he meant it. I saw it as him trying to make it look like we have some semblance of a competition here, but it didn’t really work….especially with the way the audience reacted. The audience reaction was madness.


  50. Oh, and janey, thank your confirmation concerning David! I look forward to next week for sure!


  51. Hey, ILoveIdol, there’s nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree, as we of course must do now.

    You respectfully wrote: “Another thing…Simon gave Adam some neg comments last night, but I doubt he meant it. I saw it as him trying to make it look like we have some semblance of a competition here, but it didn’t really work….”

    I don’t know if I necessarily agree with that. Simon is A LOT of things, but a liar isn’t one of them. He says what he feels and doesn’t sugar-coat it, as he has proven time and time again over the course of Idol history. And I do very much believe there is definitely a COMPETITION! Adam has not won it all yet. Anything can happen.


  52. I would have liked to hear Kara’s comments on Lil’s performance, but unfortunately Lil’s lot fell to Paula and Simon. Kara is less confrontational. Simon says, “That was terrible”, while Kara says, “That was off and here’s why.” Simon is opinionated in a mean way but Kara is opinionated in a nice way. It appears as if Simon grates on Lil’s nerves and honestly I don’t blame her. For instance, I don’t think it’s entirely fair that Adam gets NO CRITIQUE AT ALL week after week. Even both Davids last year got critiques some weeks, but not Adam. He does deserve the praise, but still.

    I didn’t think Lil’s performance was that bad. It was way better than any of her recent weeks. She did try hard, and all she got from Simon is “I’m frustrated with you.” I feel bad for her.

    As for the show going over last week, I wasn’t upset at all but apparently other people were. I would have really appreciated hearing from all four judges, particularly on Lil’s performance.


  53. I would have liked to hear Kara’s comments on Lil’s performance, but unfortunately Lil’s lot fell to Paula and Simon. Kara is less confrontational. Simon says, “That was terrible”, while Kara says, “That was off and here’s why.” Simon is opinionated in a mean way but Kara is opinionated in a nice way. It appears as if Simon grates on Lil’s nerves and honestly I don’t blame her. For instance, I don’t think it’s entirely fair that Adam gets NO CRITIQUE AT ALL week after week. Even both Davids last year got critiques some weeks, but not Adam. He does deserve the praise, but still.

    I didn’t think Lil’s performance was that bad. It was way better than any of her recent weeks. No, it didn’t blow me away, but she did try hard, and all she got from Simon is “I’m frustrated with you.” I feel bad for her.

    As for the show going over last week, I wasn’t upset at all but apparently other people were. I would have really appreciated hearing from all four judges, particularly on Lil’s performance.


  54. Galen, I have to disagree with you – I thought Danny was off last night. He hit the notes, but sounded unsupported and too breathy (like he has been pushing his voice too much without enough support behind it), and I couldn’t stand the smiley mouth and pronunciation on “yewwwwww”. Ugh.

    I thought Kris did a great job, but the time limitations did him no favors.

    Adam was fabulous, as usual. I can’t believe the vocal control he has!!


  55. The interesting thing about Adam having “this contest won” and Danny “being the underdog”, is that Danny has never, ever, been the underdog. He has received as much, if not more pimping from the judges than Adam.

    It is Adam himself thru his performances and amazing vocals who has created the buzz. And it is the media who has renamed AI to “The Adam Lambert Show”…

    The media seems to think Adam has this in the bag, but the voting public thinks otherwise and Danny has been the #1 vote getter (per Dial Idol) almost every, single week.


  56. And from MJ’s blog, this re Danny’s performance:

    “….It seemed fairly calculated to me that the wedding ring that has been missing for weeks made its reappearance last night, the ever present trademark glasses were removed so that we could clearly see the delicate little tear, and that heaven’s own instrument- – a freaking harp – – stood center stage as he lifted his gaze towards the heavens right on cue at the end…”

    And they think Adam is too theatrical, Ha !


  57. It seems to me that Idol has turned into the “Adam Lambert” concert experience, and that Idol itself is all “well and good” with that concept. No doubt Adam is a showman, and Idol is playing every bit of that for what it will bring them, which can be summed up in one word, MONEY! However, there are 6 other people involved, and I think that each one of them, in their way, is being made to pay a price for what Idol is doing with Adam. And I think that’s wrong of the Idol folks.

    Now having said that, let me say too that I personally felt this was Adam’s best performance to date, not necessarily his best vocal, but best performance in that it’s the first time he’s made me feel that he really believed in what he was singing as opposed to just coming out and “putting on a show” in one fashion or another.

    I actually believe he believes he was “Born To Be Wild” and that he truly, truly did FULLY relate to what he was singing. However, once again, I have to say, there were too many unnecessary elements added to the performance that did not need to be there, which to me took away from the performance rather than adding to it. Now mind you, these are only opinions, and I’m NOT judging Adam as a person.

    I think it’s very possible that people who have real talent get caught up in thinking that they owe us more than they do. I think it’s possible that they might think we EXPECT and will settle for nothing less than a “full blown musical experience” with each and every song they sing. So even when they tone it down it can still seem overdone. I have come to think this may also be part of the reason why I might be having such a hard time believing Adam’s performances are 100% authentic and genuine. To me anyway, they all have seemed at their minimum, at least slightly overdone.

    As for the others, I feel very sorry for them. It has to be extremely hard to try to get it out of your head that you are competing with someone who, for lack of a better choice of word, just “outshines” you in almost every way imaginable, and then to see the Idol “gurus” make that even worse for you by putting him up on his own little “pedestal.” It’s almost as if we are witnessing the phrase “what happens when the irrestible force meets the immovable object” come to life before our eyes, and to have to compete with that, can you imagine? It would be like having to compete with Elvis or The Beatles in their day. A daunting task to say the least. No wonder their voices are suffering. It’s a wonder that’s all that’s happening.

    And I don’t like the “tag team” response method, at all!!!!! Particularly because Simon and Paula got to critique all the front runners, (Allison, Adam, and Danny) and Randy and Kara were left with “the rest.” I think Randy and Kara have just as much to offer as Paula and Simon, and I also happen to think both of them are much more impartial than either Paula or Simon, so I would like to hear what they have to say as well. Why not just tell them, you have X amount of time to state your feelings to each singer, and that’s it. Why do we have to settle for half the story when we can get the whole story?

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Why do I feel like someone, somewhere is pointing a loaded gun at me? 🙂


  58. Allison really disappointed me this week. When I found out about her song choice I already knew it was going to be very bland and rough. When she was singing the verses it seemed she had trouble to even produce any sound at all. On top of that, the arrangement was very strange, both musically and vocally. Not a good night for her, but I’m glad she got the undeserved praise for once, because she does have a very distinct artistic quality about her that should be preserved in this competition. I just hope she won’t lose her voice because she is forcing it way too much. The tour this summer will be a big test for her.

    Anoop chose another ballad, which can be expected after his few uptempo performances that all fell flat. Vocally he is always excellent, but he is not able to “own” the stage and it doesn’t seem to get any better as the weeks go on. Tonight he did sing really well again, especially the second half, and the song really showed how beautiful his tone is.

    Adam was in my opinion once again in a league of his own. I do want him to find the middle ground between delicate, soft ballads and powerful, loud rock songs, but on a night where everyone else picked snoozers this was a welcome and much needed change. Vocally it was another masterclass. My only critique is that I didn’t particularly enjoy the “born to be wild” chorus, but that is my issue with the song more than with Adam.

    Matt’s mistake this week was to play the piano. He chose a beautiful song that should suit his voice well. But the piano made the song lose its Latin touch and he put too much force into his vocal delivery. The song is best sung with nuance and control and he failed to do that, his voice quivering all over the place and the arrangement being far too busy.

    My problem with Danny is that it seems like he is singing the same thing every week. When he started singing I was hopeful we would get a more tender, soulful performance, but he once again started shouting the lyrics without much musicality behind it. And when he did sing softly, the notes were unsupported and it felt like he was talking rather than singing, the way he was starting and ending the words so abruptly. I did enjoy this performance more than his last few ones, but I still fail to hear the supposed vocal brilliance that the judges mention each and every week. I also think that if he didn’t have the back story, the viewers at home would not feel that emotional about his performances.

    I liked Kris this week, he is one of my favorites, but he’s had better performances. It actually was a little boring, and I think he should’ve played the guitar himself, without any other instrumentation. That way it would’ve made more of an impression on me. Vocally it seemed fine, maybe just a little bit rough in parts. The falsetto in the middle didn’t sit right with me.

    I did not like what Lil did with the song. It was just another poor song choice and her voice was all over the place. I get what she was trying to do, but I think forcing her to be more of an “artist” is not the right thing to do, cause she’s just not very good at it.


  59. Kirsten – Adam was blasted for ROF

    I absolutely LOVED Adam’s performance last night. His vocals are spot on..


  60. Skid,

    I don’t think Adam thinks he owes us a full blown musical experience in every performance. It is truly who he is. He has stated in his confessionals that he actually does not choreograph each step, that it just comes out when he is on the stage. He also said that from little on he was such high energy and could not sit still. He is just a natural born performer.

    I do believe that once the competition is narrowed down, we will see Adam pull back and become more middle of the road. But then again who knows, he never ceases to surprise.


  61. Question for MCL:

    Did you hear a “reverb” effect for Adam? Did anyone else have that for their vocal performance?

    If Adam is the only one with the reverb, isn’t that skewing things in Adam’s favor?


  62. Oh come on peeps. I love you and all, but seriously now. Reverb on Adam? The kid can sing his face off!!!! LOL…Isn’t it obvious??? Haha. One of the best singers this show has seen.

    And on “what Idol is doing with Adam”. Come on now, no one is telling the press to write all these stories about Adam. The kid is quite simply larger than life and creates his own buzz. LOVE YOU ADAM!!!! Keep on rocking that stage!!!


  63. To me, everyone sounded exactly like they’ve sounded all season.

    Allison: a tad pitchy, too much chest voice in the higher notes.
    Anoop: pretty much in tune, good resonance, pushes for the big notes.
    Adam: loves the big Broadway belt performance. In tune, mouth a bit wide on the vowels, imo. Reverb!
    Danny: raspy (nodes in waiting?)
    Kris: sincere yet has vocal production issues.
    Matt: Manipulates the melody, swings for the fences.
    Lil: Wrong song, again. Strange choice to go gospel. Argues with Simon! Thought she looked pretty, though.


  64. I didn’t say anything about Adam’s performance in the reverb question. It’s strictly a technical effect that I couldn’t hear for anyone else. That’s why I asked MCL for her opinion on the effect, not the performance.


  65. Adam was going for a techno effect with the song. Why would any other contestant want reverb?


  66. Joyceanna,

    It is true that the judges got on Adam for ROF. Still, it didn’t feel like a blast to me. It was moree about what he did with the song than with Adam himself. Maybe I’m wrong, but from what I remember it was all “the song” and not “Adam”.

    With some of the other contestants, I feel that they get blasted on every aspect, not just song choice. The judges are very much on the Adam train. He deserves it. I guess it’s just a different situation this year, having Adam so far ahead, even in the judges’ eyes, this early in the competition.


  67. They use reverb all the time on Idol. I’m positive the contestants are free to add it if they want and also the strength of it.


  68. Masterclass Lady, I have a question for you and am hoping you can help me understand. I am tone-deaf, love music for the melody, beat, the way it makes me feel, but I struggle with hearing and understanding lyrics. However, certain vocalists like Celine Dion, for example can bridge this. When Adam Lambert sings, he articulates the words for me and even though I have heard a song 100 times, when he sings it, I can hear the words for the first time. From an expert,is this his articulation or voice quality that makes the difference for me?


  69. Just take a look at Adam’s fan maps, it speaks volume. He has some serious international presence…
    The other one you can simply google the keywords “adam lambert fan map” and it’s the first hit.


  70. I was extremely impressed by Adam last night. I have loved him evey week, but I was really ready for something like this. He totally rocked! My 63 year old mom called me raving about how great he was…and she normally doesn’t like “loud”. It’s about time we got someone like this in the competition! He is mezmerizing to watch, and his voice is out of this world, no matter what he sings!! I like and respect all the contestants, but honestly, they are a bit on the boring side….and I love that Adam isn’t afraid of being bold. Looking forward to some Adam Lambert cds and concerts!!


  71. Thanks, Kworb, for your answer. I thought that maybe it was a producer’s choice without any input from the idols.

    I’m not loving the arrangements this year. I have no idea how much is due to the musical director or the idol. Doesn’t matter- the show just feels like it needs more up tunes from more singers.


  72. I actually heard reverb all night Katherine! Maybe the voices are starting to sound tired – reverb can eliminate some negative qualities in a singer’s voice, but can’t hide the essence of the vocal sound emanating from the singers. Maybe there is a “head voice” setting on the control panel? haha


  73. ILoveIdol – even Adam’s voice sounded more transparent this week. I don’t know if it was the reverb or just a healthy approach to his singing, but, in the end, he has consummate vocal skills. His natural vocal talent always shines through.


  74. Sojourn31 – Adam articulates his words extremely well. He has powerful communication skills and can really articulate those consonants! He has been impeccably trained.


  75. Seriously Surely April 15, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    “Born to be Wild” was the band’s second and most successful single, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine placed “Born to be Wild” at #129 on the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. In 2009, it was named the 53rd best hard rock song of all time by VH1.[3]


  76. Seriously Surely April 15, 2009 at 1:42 pm


    I am deaf, but with a hearing aid, I only hear vowels, and totally deaf in the other ear. I can hear beat and enjoy music (Rock and Roll the best, I am a baby boomer) I enjoyed Born to Be Wild, I recognized the beat but I never knew the lyrics. Although I have closed captioned on my TV; so for the first time, I was able to read the lyrics. BUT the point is…I CAN HEAR ADAM! He sent chills whereas to the hearing people (some of them) may think it is screeching and screaming. And also, folks, I am very visual, and I go for the visual performance.


  77. Kirsten

    You may be right…trying to remember. He didn’t critique his voice but I think possibly the actual performance. There were a couple of sexual insinuations. Maybe too much for the GP audiance.

    Well that being said, for 99.9% of the time, Adam’s vocals are spot on so Simon can’t be critical.


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  79. Katherinesmom – I agree with your analysis – especially as regards Danny. Initially (way back at the beginning of all this), I thought he had a little phlegm caught in his throat. Then, when that phlegm never went away – I began to fear nodes was his problem. All singers are susceptible to nodes – doesn’t matter how old they are or how long they’ve been singing. Were I him – I’d have a doctor check that out.

    You know – I was much more into Danny at the beginning. He and Adam were my favorites. That kinda evaporated last night with the appearing/disappearing wedding ring, and the missing glasses. It seemed manipulative. I understand how tragedy informs a person’s artistic expression. I’m a writer, and I write about my life and experiences all the time – good and bad. But last night, Danny felt wrong. When he was crying at the end, I’M the one who felt manipulated – and I didn’t like it.


  80. Quite frankly, he hasn’t had voice lessons, and he doesn’t need them. His voice is a God-given gift and I don’t see the “wear and tear” in it at all. Still, just my two cents I guess.

    Galen, from reading MCL critiques these past years, I think she might disagree with you. Unexperienced singers can ALWAYS benefit from vocal lessons.

    They need to learn proper breathing techniques; learn special exercises to warm up their throats; learn posture and where to place the upper part of their body on a glory note; learn how to take care of their voices (what to drink), especially when they are going hoarse, etc.

    Galen, I have to disagree with you – I thought Danny was off last night. I know he’s your favorite, and I hope he will read MCL’s summary of performances.

    MCL, I know there are other reasons for vocal training, but I have forgotten them. 😉


  81. In reference to TFLS’s following comment about Danny, ” . . . That kinda evaporated last night with the appearing/disappearing wedding ring, and the missing glasses. It seemed manipulative. I understand how tragedy informs a person’s artistic expression. . . . But last night, Danny felt wrong. When he was crying at the end, I’M the one who felt manipulated – and I didn’t like it.” I guess it’s all in our personal interpretation, because I didn’t feel that way at all. I just feel that people have been judging Danny much too harshly when they say that he is using his wife’s death to get the sympathy vote. I find it VERY difficult to believe that he would do that. It took me a long time to get over the death of my mother, and I can only imagine how difficult this has been for Danny to lose the woman he loved. It hasn’t even been a year, so it’s very easy to see why he would want to sing that song to her. Danny’s life experiences influence his performances just as Adam’s life experiences seem to influence his performances.


  82. Seriously Surely April 15, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Danny was crying? I think his wife only been dead 4 or 5 months. BUT perhaps I think he had tears from wearing contacts. Cannot assume, naughty, naughty!


  83. Seriously Surely April 15, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    Is Anoop Dawg another Barry Manilow? or that Englebret dude? Frank Sinatra? always slow ballads? do u fall in love with Anoop when u hear him? I am just wondering how it feels when you listen to Anoop Dawg. dat’s all.


  84. As much as I dislike Danny’s singing, he is only partially to blame for the way he has been portrayed and for discussing his personal life. It’s 50-50 between him and the show. The show is ultimately about ratings and telling a story so of course they decided to run with it, but I wouldn’t place all the blame with Danny (in bad taste IMO). Danny may be the oldest of the bunch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he has experience with PR, and nor does this make him a bad person. Someone more savvy would have known not to talk about it. David Cook was smart to never talk about his brother and people respected him for it. At the end of the day Danny both benefitted from and was hurt from the way he was presented. It’s a double edged sword. He got the most pre-competition exposure, but there was some backlash. He seems like a good guy, so I am sure he will be fine. Still don’t like his singing though!


  85. Adam’s performance last night was nothing short of spectacular. He floors me every week with his vocals and his stage presence. He’s made the smartest song choices of anyone who has ever graced the Idol stage,and his brilliant interpertation of each song simply amaze’s me.


  86. In response to what L wrote: “Galen, I have to disagree with you – I thought Danny was off last night. He hit the notes, but sounded unsupported and too breathy (like he has been pushing his voice too much without enough support behind it), and I couldn’t stand the smiley mouth and pronunciation on “yewwwwww”. Ugh.”

    If you believe that Danny has so many vocal problems, that is fine, L, but it would seem me and Simon agree that it was flawless. I mean absolutely no disrespect to you, but having Simon share my opinion makes me feel quite confident in it.

    Listen wrote: “The interesting thing about Adam having “this contest won” and Danny “being the underdog”, is that Danny has never, ever, been the underdog. He has received as much, if not more pimping from the judges than Adam.”

    I hope you’re not talking about the whole sympathy for his wife thing, because that is certainly not fair. Adam has received a lot more press than Danny this season. With Adam in the competition, EVERYONE else is an underdog.

    Listen also wrote: “The media seems to think Adam has this in the bag, but the voting public thinks otherwise and Danny has been the #1 vote getter (per Dial Idol) almost every, single week.”

    Wow! Thank you! That’s very encouraging to me as a Danny fan!


  87. When I first hear that Adam was going to be doing a heavy metal song, I cringed. I hate heavy metal music just about as much as hip hop and rap. (Nothing against those genres of music, but they’re just not my personal preference.) However, I loved Adam’s performance. The vocals were astounding. The performance was electrifying. This is probably my favorite upbeat performance from him so far in the competition. Sure it was over the top, but heck I liked it.

    Allison was disappointing for me. The song sounded way too low for her, and even when she got to the chorus, it still wasn’t good. She might actually be in danger tonight. Anoop was very good. “Everything I Do” is one of my favorite songs, and he totally did it justice. I actually prefer the rock Matt over the other Matt, and I liked his performance, but I believe that he too will be in danger tonight. Danny was just boring for me. He’s had better weeks. Kris was just all over the place. The song… Woah, the song was not good… And by this point the ballads that everybody (minus Adam) was singing were getting to be quite tedious. Lil was not good either. The song that she sang was pretty, but I didn’t like her performance.

    Predictions – (I’ll be a bit ambitious.)

    Bottom Three – Lil, Matt, Allison

    Leaving Us Tonight – Lil

    She will NOT be saved.


  88. TFLS, am with you completely on the manipulation thing. From the song choice through to the harp – I bust out laughing when I saw it on stage – to the wedding ring, no glasses, etc. The producers have run with this “story” over the past couple of months but the widower Gokey was the one who brought it to the table in the first place and last night obviously decided to bring it back for all it was worth. Call me cynical, but there was nothing accidental about any aspect of his performance this week.


  89. Yes. Heaven forbid Danny sing a song in honor of his recently deceased wife! And the nerve of him to wear his wedding ring too! He is so very truly evil. Give me a break . . .


  90. So where has the wedding ring been in previous weeks is my point. The guy knows exactly what he is doing and some people are being sucked in by it. More fool them.


  91. You know what, rama, no matter how I defend Danny to you it obviously isn’t going to change your enmity toward him. You seem to have it ingrained in your mind that he is some con artist trying to capitalize off of his dead wife. That is a sick thought, and I pity you for thinking it. I also really pray that you never have to lose someone close to you like he lost his wife. If that (God forbid) were to happen to you, you might change your tone towards him REAL quick.

    Danny Gokey is a good Christian guy who has been through one hell of a year. Yet through all of that horrible time, he has not abandoned his faith or stopped trying to reach for his goals. That is the kind of person who is worthy of being American Idol. That is the kind of person I would want my kids to look up to. That is who my votes are going to this year hands down. God bless.


  92. Galen, that’s fine. You buy into it. I don’t.
    Oh, and I did lose someone EXTREMELY close to me a few years ago. I do know how it feels. I dealt with it in my own way. And that didn’t involve milking it on national television.


  93. Rama, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I’ve lost someone close to me as well, and I can’t even begin to describe in words how awful that feels.

    However, Rama, how would you feel if you lost that person whom you dearly loved, decided to audition for Idol, and then got constantly accused of using your dead loved one as some sort of means to get sympathy votes. I’m sorry, Rama, I do not want to sound argumentative, but it just bugs me how you are totally convinced Danny is “milking his dead wife” for all its worth just to win some singing contest.

    Let me ask you something, Rama, and really think about it. When was the last time Danny brought up his wife? And I am not talking about the wedding ring thing. I didn’t even notice he was wearing it when he sang “Endless Love,” as I am sure most of America failed to notice as well. And if he did, so what? You are SUPPOSED to emotionally connect with your song choices each week. Obviously, Danny is going to relate the beautiful love song “Endless Love” to his beloved wife. This allowed him to give a very emotional and genuine performance.

    Here’s something you also may not know. During the week Danny sang “What Hurts The Most”, he lost his grandfather. I read this in the media, however Danny did not mention how his grandfather passed away on live TV. If Danny were out to garner sympathy votes for himself, don’t you think that would’ve been the opportune time to do it? Yet he did not.

    Sorry, Rama, I can tolerate someone not being fond of Danny’s singing. However, I feel an obligation to stand up for someone when they are accused of doing something that they are not guilty of. I think you owe Danny an apology. I’ve said my peace and I will leave it at that. God bless.


  94. Okay, here we go – drawing a line under this thread and moving on. Galen, you are right, he hasn’t mentioned his loss in many, many weeks but as I mentioned in a previous post, he very consciously brought it to the table in the first place and the producers then ran with it. Of course they did. This is reality TV after all. The Endless Love cheesefest saw him bring it back and anyone who couldn’t see that is patently naive. Re. the grandfather, yes I’m aware of that and thankfully he had the good grace not to mention it. He probably deemed it – pardon the pun – overkill.
    Anyway, clearly I am not going to convince you, just as you are not going to convince me. And given your love of David Archuleta, Miley Cyrus and movies, despite not knowing who Quentin Tarantino was, we obviously see many, many things from very differing perspectives. Okay, onto a different thread now.


  95. Very well, Rama, I suppose we are at a bit of an impasse here. You have your opinions about Danny, and I have mine. We’ll leave it at that.

    I also do believe you are right about us having very DIFFERENT perspectives on certain things. Yes, I think David Archuleta (along with Carrie Underwood) was the best singer to ever grace the Idol stage. I believe he SHOULD have won last year and can still sing circles around David Cook. As for Miley Cyrus, look I am not a HUGE fan of hers, but I can appreciate a few good songs of hers when I hear them. “The Climb” for instance is terrific and has topped the iTunes charts, so I am not alone in my view of her. As for Quentin Tarantino, I like him, but I have not seen one movie he has made. I know Kill Bill definitely hold NO APPEAL for me. I like movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. You know, the really BIG movies that everybody knows about.

    Anyway, perhaps you are right. Time to move on to a different thread. God bless and cheers.


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