Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For Top 6 American Idol Singers: The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber

American Idol Season 7 Top 6 Performers

It’s Andrew Lloyd Webber night and I have the flu. So, I will be watching the show from the comfort of my bed. I love his music and nothing – I tell you – nothing will deter me from experiencing this show.

Hopefully, the performances will cure all ills – especially mine – because I want to “Masterclass” these performances in a very big way.

I will have the Top 6 Masterclass article online late Thursday. If not, then sometime on Friday. I had to re-organize my schedule because of this annoying little virus, so please bare with me.

Here is the song list –not necessarily the order-courtesy of TMZ and MJs Big Blog. The order is now official.

Syesha Mercado — “One Rock & Roll Too Many” from “Starlight Express”
Jason Castro — “Memory” from “Cats”.
David Archuleta — “Think of Me” from “Phantom of the Opera”
Brooke White — “You Must Love Me” from “Evita”
Carly Smithson — “Jesus Christ Superstar”
David Cook — “Music of the Night” from “Phantom of the Opera”

MCL Note: I find it interesting -and it gave me a chuckle -that the two Davids both chose music from “Phantom Of The Opera”. And so the race to the Finale begins. I love it!

Comments anyone?

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38 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For Top 6 American Idol Singers: The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber”

  1. The show hasn’t finished airing yet in my time zone, but I am SO excited about David Cook singing “Music of the Night.” *squee* I was hoping that someone would sing something from Phantom. I also found it interesting that the two Davids were the ones who picked songs from that musical. =P


  2. Yay for Carly! I think this was one of her best vocal performances (her high notes were fuller), and she really enjoyed herself. And the judges were pretty positive for once. And David Cook’s vocal performance was lovely. =)

    It also must be nice for Syesha to get positive comments as well!

    I was surprised by David A.’s reworking of “Think of Me.” I wasn’t expecting that. And poor Brooke must have been really nervous, but I’m glad Andrew Lloyd-Webber got that emotion out of her. Interesting song choice for Jason. I think the judges are right that bigger voices have an advantage this week.


  3. It was an interesting night for me. I think that overall it wasn’t the best night for the Idols, but I think things will get back on track next week. The highlight of the night was the clip with ALW and David Cook, when ALW suggested that David picture that he’s singing to a pretty 17 year-old. David’s response was: But I’m 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha. Too funny. Anyway, onto the review…..

    I liked four of them for different reasons, and am finding it hard to rank them so I guess I’ll just briefly summarize them. I’ll close with the 2 that I did not like. Here goes…..

    my faves: David Cook, Carly, Syesha, David A

    David Cook: This kid knows how to seduce the camera. I swear he was giving me bedroom eyes. Hahaha. It was good, but he’s better when he brings the edge (edge is what makes him a star). He has a beautiful voice, and he showed it tonight. I loved the ending. I would have preferred it if he rocked this one up a bit. Next week I want to see confident rockstar David in full form. I think he’s the star of the show at this point….is it just me, or is the screaming getting louder for him? Haha….he deserves it….He’s a star.

    Carly: I am so happy for her this week. It was fun, even if she missed a few notes here and there AND she looked like a star up there this week. I loved this performance, and hope she’s back next week (I’m sure she will).

    Syesha: Looked fabulous tonight and I think she has broadway in her blood. The attitude was great and she sounded good too. She does NOT deserve to go home America.

    David A: Was in good voice as usual, but I think he forgot the lyrics at one point. I agree with Simon that it was a bit forgettable, but hey, it’s a tough theme, and he still sounded good. He should definitely be back next week.

    BOTTOM 2

    Brooke- Oh dear. I think it would have worked if she did not have that flub at the beginning. Simon was right though….she became very tense after it happened, and it ruined the performance. I hope she stays over Jason, but this was bad.

    Jason- I did not like this. Sorry. Jason is pretty, but this did not work for me. It would not be fair to send some of the others home over Jason just cause he’s so loveable. This is a singing competition at the end of the day and fair is fair.

    It’s getting tough now that it’s down to 6. These kids must be under so much pressure. I wish them all the best, even if they are not my favourites. I respect all of them for what they are doing.

    Good luck tomorrow!


  4. What a night! I truly enjoyed tonight’s episode, probably because I am extremely passionate towards Musical Theatre!!

    Top peformance goes to Carly! She completely rocked it tonight! I had to agree with Paula in terms of thinking the Key might have been too high for her, but in the end she pulled it off and it was great!

    David A. totally wowed me tonight…what a perfect song for him. He sang it with so much confidence; it completed suited him.

    I did not like Brooke’s or Jason’s performance tonight. Jason song selection “Memories” needs to be sung with “umph” for lack of a better word passion. Someone singing this song needs to possess a certain quality, and I felt that he just didn’t have it tonight. For some reason, I would have pictured Syesha doing this song.

    My picks for going home: Jason or Brooke.

    MCL, I hope you feel better soon, drink lots of Tea, eat lots of soup and rest up!! 🙂


  5. oops…the word “passion” is not suppose to be in there!


  6. In all fairness to Jason, it should be noted that he (as well as our beloved MCL!) is reported to be quite ill (as in “barely able to get out of bed” ill), and there are also reports that they had to have an IV in him between rehearsal and the show. And even with that–I just re-listened to his performance on YouTube, and while he’s clearly having trouble breathing, I rather liked it (as usual, I liked it better the second time than the first time I heard it); it’s certainly not a “train wreck”, even though I think there were better choices he could have made. He does manage to bring a true emotional understanding of the lyrics to his performance, which I appreciate.


  7. I happen to be a Jesus-Christ-Superstar-ophile, so I just can’t give props to Carly. She messed up numerous words in the lyrics and that just really irks me. She sounded pretty good, and I have no problem with her playing Judas … one of my very favorite performances of JCS had a woman as Judas. But it was so screechy and the lack of attention to the words just ruined it for me.

    I feel Jason was WAY off base with Memory … he just totally didn’t get that he was a female glamour-puss singing about her past and going on the Journey to the Heaviside Layer. I’m sorry he’s sick, but I don’t think that made a difference in his (lack of) understanding. How could he go to an ‘audition’ with ALW not knowing that Cats is about … well … cats??!

    Syesha was HOT!

    David A. sounded pretty and has eye balls we can now see. For me, it all sounds the same – pretty and blah. Sorry.

    Brooke – I personally liked her performance and her dress was so “Brooke”! I feel terrible for her flubbing the lyrics, but I felt she held it together fairly well. For her softness that usually flows through, I did get more emotion from her story-telling (singing) this week.

    David C. Along with Syesha, we now see the difference in singers and performers! I happen to LOVE musical theater and could feel it running through the veins of David and Syesha. I’m thrilled that any nay-sayers of David’s (only thinking he is a shouting rock-n-roller) now knows, without a doubt, the man can sing!

    Can’t wait to see the group number … guesses?!?



  8. Tonight went a lot better than expected. At least it was entertaining, for both good reasons and bad.

    Syesha – It was good. It definitely fit her better than her poor Whitney interpretations. Vocally, I thought she was solid. But to me, there is still something missing from her that I can’t put my finger on. She’s missing that one thing that makes me think, “hey, that girl is a star and she’s different from every pretty girl who can sing.”. But still, her best performance to date…very sexy and full of fun. I’m glad for her that she got her moment before her time inevitably ends on this show.

    Jason – I knew he didn’t have the chops to pull this off. I know he was sick, but heck, Archuleta had to sing with Strep throat, David Cook had to sing with heart issues…the list grows endless. “Memory” was just too big, too iconic a song for Jason to do what he did with it. His lack of diaphragmatic support and technique in general really did him in here. When a singer is sick, sometimes the technique can save you. Jason just did not pull this off and looked extremely uncomfortable all the time. I just hate the way he sort of contorts his face to hit the notes too. It’s just not right.

    Brooke – Crap. It did get worse. At least this was an entertaining trainwreck. First off…she needs to get the boot if only for pulling the stop-then-start-again routine AGAIN. She was consistently flat on the bridge/chorus and looked like she was about to fall apart the entire time. Brooke just lacks the vocal, performance ability needed to carry her further. She should be proud of herself for pulling of ‘Let It Be’, though. That was her moment.

    David A – Pulling a David Cook, Archuleta turned this yearning ballad into something else entirely. But instead of rock-grunge, we get boy-band 2.0. He sang it well. Technically, Archuleta is amongst the finest of the group and possess and range, tone, and agility to his voice that few at any age possess. But frankly, he totally lost the point of “Think of Me” with his rendition. And with that, he lost me.

    Carly S – I am so proud of her. She really let it fly on “JCS”. It wasn’t her best vocal. The song was pitched about a step too high for her and caused her to flat/graze some of the higher notes in the chorus. But I’m nitpicking here. I’m proud of Carly because she looked like she was having fun. For the first time, she looked like someone who loved to sing, not someone who was desperately trying to retain old glory. Good for her.

    David C – Cook possess better chops than even I, a fan, ever gave him credit for. I’ve done musical theatre before and I can safely say that POTO is very very difficult to sing, much less pull off. Great vowels, power in the right places, great pitch all brought this together for David Cook. It was shocking enough that he sang it straight, but when he hit those glory notes in the chorus and at the end, it became obvious, at least to me, that he is so above the level of Daughtry and many other male singers that have graced the idol stage. Unlike Daughtry, Cook embraces the dork within and doesn’t shun the cheesiness of this show. To me, that makes him interesting, real, and worthy of the title. He is truly, one of us, but an extraordinary one of course.

    Going home? God…Brooke.


  9. Hi all:

    Feeling better today – just wiped – but better.

    I thought it was a good show last evening and I loved watching ALW’s rehearsal techniques with the singers. It was what I was expecting from him and was not disappointed.

    Thanks for your analysis of the performances. It took introspective thought and talent, both of which y’all possess in abundance.

    Will begin working on my Vocal Masterclass Top 6 article today, but, be warned. I am really picky with the musical theatre genre.


  10. I thought David A was wonderful..bought the performance video on Itunes and have watched it several times…I thought he took a song for a ‘diva’ (per ALW) and made it into a contemporary heartfelt love song(last week he took a duet and created a great performance from that )…loved that he kept his eyes open..he takes the advice of the mentors well and uses it each week. His voice sounds amazingly clear and sounds better to me every time I hear him. His talent is so great and I can’t wait to hear what comes next.
    David Cook…he can rock but so much of it sounds like shouting to me…guess I just prefer a more melodic style(does that make sense?)


  11. I was not aware of Jason’s health issues. I just revisited his performance, but still stand by my previous analysis. I just did not like it at all. Good for him for choosing a song like this, but not his style at all. I still think a person singing this song needs the “it” factor, and he just did not have it. But I don’t think he will be going home tonight!

    Although Carly did mess up some of the lyrics, she was able to cover it and get right back on track….furthermore, her performance overshadowed this detail. I still think it was the greatest performance of the night.

    I was not a fan of David C this week. I’m not sure what it was that turned me away from him, but I just didn’t like it.


  12. Okay….so I just finished watching the results show and I have 2 questions:

    Did Carly really go home after having one of the better performances last night?

    What the heck does Syesha have to do to stay out of the bottom 2/3?

    ******I’m very happy for David C because he is my favourite. The cheers are getting louder and louder for him. That’s one good thing!


  13. Another ridiculous result show. Wow. What more can be said but – wow. Unbelievable.


  14. Did anyone catch Jason’s “yawn” backstage as they were giving out the results?

    Too bad he doesn’t open his mouth that wide when he sings.

    The “yawn” technique is a good one – well, if you’re singing, not if your are waiting in “suspense” to see whether or not you ar going to be eliminated.


  15. LOL Mcl @ the yawn. I noticed it too tonight and he was behaving oddly on stage.

    I now have a new favourite top 3:

    David Cook (my favourite)


    David A

    Maybe Syesha can benefit from some of the backlash.

    I don’t want to be mean, but I really, really, really hope Jason goes home next week.


  16. Well, of course Jason was yawning and behaving a bit oddly, he’s on several different medications just to get on stage at all. And he clearly believed he was going home tonight, too. And you really have to hear the studio version he did of Memory–it’s truly beautiful.

    That said, based on this week’s performances, I don’t think Carly should have gone home (I thought it would be Brooke, just out of simple humanity; she is so falling apart under the pressure, it feels cruel to keep her around). But of course, by this point in the competition the voting is never on the week’s performances, it’s on the body of work–basically, people are voting for the album they would buy. I think Carly has a lovely voice, but I have absolutely no clue as to what kind of album she will put out, and I don’t think most voters do either–so they didn’t vote for her.

    And I’m sorry for disagreeing with several commentators upthread, but I don’t want Jason to go home yet. His album I will buy–and I’m neither a teenager or a stoner, I’m a 46-year-old who has never tried drugs and won’t (I like my brain just the way it is, thank you). It’s just that every time I hear one of his songs, I like it better–he is a very, very good interpreter and puts some real, thoughtful depth into his performances. I don’t think he can win–and I don’t think he should–and he definitely needs some serious vocal training. But I want to hear what he puts out.


  17. Tonight’s results were so ridiculous. Carly deserves so much better, especially after giving one of her better performances.


  18. An update on my rant about Mariah last week. According to perezhilton.com

    To all you Perezcious readers that were disappointed by Mariah Carey at her CD signing at Universal City Walk last week — she’s arranged to do something special just for y’all!

    Mimoo left the event without signing the CDs for all the folks that had been GUARANTEED she would autograph their albums.

    If you were one of the many jilted fans….

    Take the blue wrist band that was given to you with the purchase of E=MC2 back to the Hard Rock Cafe at City Walk this Friday (April 25th) and there’ll be peeps there who’ll arrange to have a Mimi autograph sent back your way.

    Gotta give Mimi props for tryin’ to make nice!

    Posted: April 22, 2008 at 1:30 pm


  19. “I happen to be a Jesus-Christ-Superstar-ophile, so I just can’t give props to Carly. She messed up numerous words in the lyrics and that just really irks me. She sounded pretty good, and I have no problem with her playing Judas … one of my very favorite performances of JCS had a woman as Judas. But it was so screechy and the lack of attention to the words just ruined it for me.”

    It was so obvious how many times Carly messed up yet not one word from the judges?
    wadahoot, is JCS a fun song? I never felt it was a celebration, but please let me know.

    I am in the Jason camp and think he did the best he could for being so sick. No word from Ryan or the judges, though. I was a bit confused with his choice because it is such a demanding song, but maybe Paula was right in that it may have been a good choice with a different approach.

    Good for Shesya and David Cook! I was a bit disappinted with David A.’s safe choice and did feel Brooke was going home.

    I am quite pleased with this Top 5 even though I may be in a minority. LOL! I am so excited about Neil Diamond next week!!


  20. First – Andrew Lloyd Weber is my favorite mentor – ever. He was wonderful. The group sounded so, so good together during the group song last night, especially the three boys when they harmonized – just lovely. I hope they make that available to download on itunes!

    I had actually thought Carly would make it through to the top three, and was sad to see her go last night. Brooke has not done well for several weeks and I was sure it would be her night.

    I have to agree with the above posters re: Jason. I’ve purchased all of his performances from itunes and he has a wonderful recording voice – he will do very well on radio. I do hope however he listens to MCL and gets some vocal training.

    However David Cook’s itunes performance of Music of the Night gave me absolute chills. When I was done listening I had tears streaming down my face. Never since Clay Aiken has an idol’s performance affected me so strongly. Bravo to David Cook!

    Speaking of Clay it was nice to see him featured last night. I’m an ardent Clay fan and can’t wait for his new CD. Idol has been wise to spend time focusing on contestants from years past. It is encouraging to see how many of them have had career success. I think this year’s group will be no exception.

    Looking forward to Neil Diamond – now, there is a great example of someone with a not-so-perfect voice who has had HUGE commercial success. 🙂 I love Neil and his songbook will have something everyone will be able to sing and do well at.


  21. Masterclass Lady, The AI tour schedule has been announced. Can you take a moment to advise our idols on how to survive a 90 day, 45 city tour? I fear for them and their vocal cords.


  22. I am running really late this week and I apologize for this. This flu really knocked me for a loop. Hang in everyone. I’m doing my best.


  23. I am beyond words upon Carly’s elimination. She is one of the best singers to appear on AI, in my opinion. Good luck, Carly. I hope this is the beginning of good things to come in your career.

    Re: Neil Diamond and his “not-so-perfect” voice. Before he hit it big as a recording artist, he was a talented song-writer. I’ve read articles that stated that in order for Brooke/Jason to succeed is for them to prove themselves as songwriters and I think that does need to happen. I am not looking with anticipation to hearing TWO songs from all the singers next week. There isn’t even enough time to master one song and now they have to get two songs ready for the show? Yikes.

    As far as judging the singers on the anticipation of future albums, well, I’m not in the same boat. Any future recordings are just that- in the future and I like to focus on what the singers are presenting right now.

    David A.- I liked his version of “Think of Me”. I still think he needs rest!
    David C.- Pretty good but I wish he had changed it up a little more. He paled in comparison to past Phantoms (at least to me).
    Carly- Did a great job although I wish she had pitched it in a key where she could have sung the chorus’ high notes.
    Brooke- Oddly enough, the emotion worked for the character of the song even though the vocals were shaky. I agree with Paula that a pro shouldn’t take a mulligan when performing live. (A mulligan is a golf swing that you want to “do over”!)
    Jason- Are you kidding me? “Memory” needs a strong voice to make it work. Not the right song (even ALW didn’t get it 😀 )
    Syesha- Did a good job but still not lovin’ her. Sorry, MCL!


  24. MCL, please take care of yourself! This year’s flu is a stinker–I know, it knocked me out for two solid weeks. I kept saying to myself, okay, I feel not so awful, I’m gonna get up now, and then I would, and then I’d sit down really fast and say, okay, not gonna get up right now. You know the drill–analgesics, fluids, rest. Consider yourself sent some (virtual) chicken soup!


  25. “Did anyone catch Jason’s “yawn” backstage as they were giving out the results?
    “Too bad he doesn’t open his mouth that wide when he sings.

    “The “yawn” technique is a good one – well, if you’re singing, not if your are waiting in “suspense” to see whether or not you ar going to be eliminated.”

    Snap, MCL! I had to laugh out loud over this one. Was he really sick? I don’t always buy into internet reports but I was told by my vocal coach to use the “yawn” to open my throat.

    Hope you feel better soon, MCL! Drink lots of fluids and try to get good rest (what I always tell people with the flu- but it good advice at any rate!)


  26. My oh my…what happened last night? I can’t believe Carly left! As I have stated over and over, I felt that she really rocked it last night. SO what if she had a some lyric mishaps, at least she didn’t completely start over! I totally feel that Brooke or Jason shoudl have left and stand by that decision!

    I can’t remember what judge commented on the fact that Brooke looked “human” for starting over. I can’t help but feel that the American public felt badly for her and therefore voted for because of this. Imagine for a moment going to a live concert and having the performer begin their song and then all of a sudden stop and start it over, talk abotui ruining the flow of teh song…just my opinion!

    I’m just shaking my head! I truly feel that America got it wrong this time around, and quite honestly, it is turning me away from Idol….I really wich Canadians could vote…grr!

    Now I’m rooting for David A.

    MCL, I’m looking forward to your review and hope you can offer some insight as to why Carly left last night…maybe after reading your article, my mind will be somewhat changed.


  27. Well, Masterclasslady – I’ve finally found a performance where I was completely unwilling to forgive Jason’s vocal weaknesses! I can usually forgive them because I like his style and his charm. I didn’t like his performances of Michelle and Fragile, but that wasn’t due to his technique – so those don’t count.

    But I did not like his performance this week at all. I really, really couldn’t get past all the breaths he had to take. Normally, it doesn’t bother me this much. But I can’t deal with hearing a Broadway tune performed like that!

    I really only loved the performances by Syesha and Carly. What a shame that they were the bottom two! I usually like David Cook, but this week he wasn’t emotional enough for me. I didn’t see the Phantom’s pain reflected in his face or his voice. Just my opinion though, because I know a lot of people loved it!


  28. Hope you are feeling better MCL…..was I the only one who thought Carly’s high notes were all flat?….I usually love her but didn’t like that performance at all…but I’m bummed she is gone….David C showed a different side of himself which I truly loved untill the last note…LOL…..

    I know you all love little David but I just do not like the tone I hear from him…I can’t describe it just sounds to me like he always has a head cold or sinus issue….

    Syesha was in her element last night and Brooke showed everyone that they are all just people ….sometimes they make a mistake…but she is really letting the nerves get to her now…don”t know how she will hold up with 2 songs to sing

    Jason…..oh Jason….I love AI for giving us someone like him….he is the anti-Idol…but really as “trainwreck” as some people thouht that was …..he was not out of tune…he had a really nice tone to his voice…he is never “pitchy”…his articulation is very good…..and I thought the soft romantic take was very nice (the anti broadway song)….now if he could just learn how to support and breath correctly he could really go places


  29. My goodness, there is a lot of debate going on this week about Carly. For me, it has been so easy to accept since I felt she never have should been in the TOP 24. Period. OK, quit throwing the wet noodles at me (punishment). LOL!

    Just would like to know from anyone… is JCS a fun song? I never felt it was a celebration, but please let me know. It has been quite a while since I have seen it.

    I hope everyone of the TOP 5 excel in their choices for the Neil Diamond songs! I think Jason should find a lot to choose from.

    MCL, I am sorry to hear that you still aren’t feeling better! I pray it isn’t one of thos 2 week bugger.


  30. I must be missing something because I just don’t think Jason can sing..he sounds
    like Tiny Tim to me..sorry…David A can sing


  31. Just wanted to clarify my comment about Neil Diamond not having the best singing voice…..I meant absolutely no disrespect to him at all! I think he is amazing and talented, I’ve loved him ever since I was a teenager and in fact am going to see him in concert this summer. His songs are wonderful and memorable and so is his voice – you KNOW it’s Neil when you hear him sing! He has a style and sound all his own. I adore Neil Diamond and think the Idols will have very wide-ranging choices next week. Looking forward to seeing what they all do with it.

    Thinking about him got me wondering………who in contemporary music today do you think could possibly have the lasting power of someone like Neil Diamond……..over 40 years of music and still in concert. Wow.


  32. Hey evryone:

    Just finished teaching some students. Everone is sick -me , the students, but still we endure.

    Almost finished the Top 6 article – a couple of more evaluations and then it will be up for you guys and gals.

    I am lovin’ all the activity here.

    But you are right rereader, this flu virus is nasty. I mean – go away already. And the coughing. Bleh.

    Later everyone! xo


  33. I was slightly surprised to see Carly go. She actually was one of the best this week. I really thought Jason or Brooke was leaving. If they had actually done a B3, one of them definitely would have been there. When will both of them sing w/good technique? This has obviously turned into a popularity show & the only ones that clearly stand a chance at winning are the Davids.


  34. To be honest, I’m not too familiar with Neil Diamond.

    I just went to a Concert with the Whispers, Blue Magic, The Delfonics, and Melba Moore though. They all can still blow!!!

    I think it is wonderful when people can continue doing what they love.


  35. “Thinking about him got me wondering………who in contemporary music today do you think could possibly have the lasting power of someone like Neil Diamond……..over 40 years of music and still in concert. Wow.”

    This is an excellent question. If Josh Groban ever gets cross over power and makes music for all ages, particularly the young teens, he has the chance. Plus, he has charisma and a great voice.

    I hesitate to say Carrie Underwood, but maybe?

    MCL, I meant to say that I hope you don’t have the two week flu which is a real bugger. Or something like that. LOL.


  36. Hi Kariann! JCS is not really a celebration song, when you read the lyrics. It’s when Judas meets Jesus in ‘heaven’ during the crucifixion (remember how Jesus was talking to God while on the cross, so was apparently half-way there and/or hallucinating?). Judas is basically saying too bad it didn’t work out … what went wrong? … and giving him praise.

    In the show/movie, Judas isn’t the ‘bad’ guy that most Christians picture. In Sir Andrew’s story (The Gospel According to ALW, my husband likes to call it – because of JCS and Joseph!), Judas is the level-headed thinker and planner, whereas Jesus is a starry-eyed dreamer. Judas wants the best for the ‘movement’ and doesn’t quite catch on that Jesus is more than your typical good-for-the-people revolutionary. This is why Judas turns Jesus over to Caiaphas, to slow down the revolution, as he sees things getting out of control. Judas didn’t know the Priests would actually want to see Jesus ‘out of the picture’ and then kills himself with guilt for ‘betraying’ Jesus.

    Here is the song from the movie http://youtube.com/watch?v=9YPDXmEsQtQ
    Carl Anderson was an amazing man and singer, who played the role of Judas off and on (movie and stage) for 30 years!

    Hope this make some sense and helps!


  37. To tell who is going to have long lasting careers is so hard because so much can happen.


  38. Thank you, Anita! I appreciate the information. dadmonson, you are right about that. I hope the sound system is working properly for Neil Diamond’s performance. It seems the mentors don’t always sound as good as they should.


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