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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The X Factor Season One: And Then There Were 12

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this show anymore. I am thoroughly confused. Normally, I like well-produced stage shows. However, at this stage of the competition, is the “over-the-top” production masking the true ability of the vocalist? And don’t get me started on the sound effects coming through the audio mix – some […]

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Simon Cowell, The X Factor

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The X Factor Season One: The Live Shows Begin

This week’s X Factor, scheduled to air from 8:00 – 10:30 P.M. Eastern on Tuesday, October 25th, will give us an opportunity to see the 17 Finalists perform live. The telecast is unusually long because the Top 12 singers will be determined by the judges during the final segment of the show. Then, next week, […]

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Simon Cowell, The X Factor

Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The Final 2 Auditions Of The X Factor

The final two audition episodes of The X Factor air Wednesday, September 28th and Thursday, September 29th on Fox at 8:00 PM Eastern. I thought last week’s two episodes were pretty promising, although the tasteless joke auditions were overkill and unnecessary. If this is to be a singing competition, is it too much to ask […]

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Monday Morning Madness: X-Factor Gossip

Honestly, I cannot believe the lengths to which producers will go to ensure a successful show. According to the Mirror, the X-Factor executives, which includes Simon Cowell, are encouraging X-Factor judge, Cheryl Cole, to dump her boyfriend, “Dancing With The Stars” pro, Derek Hough. Well, that’s a tad rude, don’t you think? This demand is […]

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American Idol Season 9 To Premiere on Tuesday, January 12th 2010

Happy New Year one and all! I truly apologize for the lack of news and updates over the last month or so, but I had an enormously busy but exciting Christmas season. The marriage of my youngest daughter, the fun-filled family visits, the presence of my beautiful grandchildren – all during the month of December […]

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Paula Abdul from American Idol Says “Idol Future Uncertain”

WAPE Radio Talk Show Host, Mark Kaye, recently sent me a clip of his recent interview with Paula Abdul. In the interview, Paula talks about the Top 2 Finale and the future of American Idol – with or without her or Simon or Kara. It’s all very vague and, at the same time, very enticing. […]

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Masterclass Lady’s Media Blitz: Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Entertainment News Updates American Idol News Poll Results; An Intriguing New Poll; A Postcard from David; Fan … By Jenny We got to meet Kristy first got a few pictures with her and autographs, she was really nice, and right before Jason Castro came over the local FOX station wanted to interview me! I told […]

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